Republican Offers Rape Victims 72 Hours of Freedom

Republican New World Order: Get Your Checkbooks out, Boys
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Republican New World Order: Get Your Checkbooks out, Boys

It’s so discouraging to see where things are headed these days. I remember the good old days, when the coloreds were waitin’ on us and the women knew their place. Man, if a woman had the bad grace to get pregnant after a little play time, it was her problem and she knew better than to get all uppity about it. Strom Thurmond, my hero, can tell you all about it. The girls these days want rights to have an abortion if they’re raped! What next? We all know that little fetus is my legacy.

No, I kid, I kid. The Republicans have come a long way. According to Rachel Maddow, “…the Republican Party is, without actually talking about it, this year, nominating a group of candidates for top of the ticket races that are more extreme on the issue of abortion than any other slate of top-of-the-ticket candidates in any year.”

But gosh, Rachel, there is at least one super small government conservative who is being so generous as to propose giving rape victims three days to decide if they want an abortion. Three days. That’s like an eternity!

A Republican state senator, Don White, from Pennsylvania just proposed this legislation:

“Sen. Don White, R-Indiana, would prohibit private health insurance plans sold in Pennsylvania’s state “exchange” — created under the new federal health care law — from offering abortions and require rape victims to report the crime within 72 hours in order to receive an abortion…
The bill would require also rape survivors to personally report the crime and identify the assailant, if known, within 72 hours in order for their health insurance to cover an abortion procedure.
Susan Frietsche, a member of Pennsylvanians for Choice and senior staff attorney at the Women’s Law Project, said Pennsylvania courts have already ruled “that it’s unconstitutional to make rape survivors jump through the kind of insulting and burdensome hoops this bill would create.”

Nothing says small government like having the government legislate morality. Nothing says pro-life like expecting the victim of a violent crime to make up her mind in three days from said attack about the baby she may or may want to carry to full term. No time for counseling – we’ve got morality to impose on you, sister!

I wonder if anyone told the Senator that if you ask most rape victims on day one or two or three if they want to keep that baby, they’re probably going to say no. They were, after all, just brutally attacked and violated. They may not be in the most likely frame of mind to forgive said attacker and carry his baby for 9 months. I dunno….I’m just thinkin’ out loud here.

There are a few more small problems with this proposed legislation. Like, say, that rape is a highly unreported crime. And when it is reported, it is often way after it took place. And then there’s the simple issue of ….well, a woman who was just raped probably isn’t in the mood for further probing. But heck. This is real progress, like I said.

Because compared to this guy, we have the whole band of Teapublicans who think a woman should be forced to carry the fetus of a rapist to full term, to “make lemons out of lemonade” as Sharron Angle put it.

A spokesman for Mr. White said other states have enacted similar laws and that the senator felt “the time was right” for this legislation.

Yes I’m sure the gentleman from Pennsylvania does think the “time is right for this”. I’m sure if we asked Don, he’d be willing to give up his life for the next careless emission he makes. I mean, you know, if it took. And I think it’s only fair for men who propose legislation like this to show us all how much they stand behind it by walking their talk.

Because I simply could not agree with Don more. I think the time is also right for him to propose the corresponding legislation: All feti will be financially and socially protected from now on. This means that all men will have their sperm tested and catalogued. When a fetus is found to have come from that sperm, an automatic government withdrawal into said man’s bank account will be made for the next 19 years to support said fetus. Furthermore, half of said man’s time will be governmentally mandated to care for said fetus.

This is necessary because according to statistics, most single mothers do not get the child support they are supposed to receive, and we see no reason for the tax payer to have to fund this kind of welfare program for careless emissions. And lastly, we all know the terrible effects of not having a father figure and the number one concern regarding “family values” , so it’s only natural to legislate that biological fathers will have to actually take physical care of their children. This is what God wants. It’s the only moral thing to do. And we all know that morality should be legislated. Why, that’s how we got here in the first place.

This is, after all, small government at work, boys. We don’t want to regulate the air that’s killing you, but we’re highly engaged in regulated any emissions that come from your body. It’s sort of a semi-life stance, if you will; we’re anti-life for live women and pro-life for feti.

I’m just darn proud of the feminist, small government Right for sticking with their principles on this one. Conservatives: telling you what to do every time you turn around and if you won’t do it, they’ll use the government to force you to do it.

New World Order: Get Your Checkbooks out, Boys
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45 Replies to “Republican Offers Rape Victims 72 Hours of Freedom”

  1. Hraffy, when she begins with “I remember the good old days, when the coloreds were waitin’ on us…”, then all credibility is lost. No need to go further. Check.

  2. The Republicans don’t seem to realize there are issues beyond abortion rights. There are many problems and many issues facing our nation, all of them more important and more compelling than stopping women from having abortions. We have the economy (which they ruined), we have wars (which they started)…the list goes on. Reasoning people need to speak out and we need to derail this freedom-threatening process.

  3. this is very similar to what Rand Paul is spouting. He wants to do away with old people. These people just want to make sure they impose their morality on you and then foist you onto society.

    this is no different than the absolutely insane drivel put out by DeMint when he categorizes sexually active women and lesbians by stating they should not be able to teach but totally ignores the men who belong in the same categories.

    If Mr. White wants to do something about abortions, why does he not start a bill that gives life in prison for a rapist? Automatic life in prison. For pedophilia and for men who abuse women whether through rape or abuse.

    the more I read of some of these people the more I realize the Republicans must be done away with through voting. I can understand a certain small amount of the population backing this type of stuff but the majority of Americans cannot be this stupid to suck down this type of witch hunt morality.

  4. This kind of intrusiveness would prevent any effective governing by the Party of No, if enacted, and would only alienate even more people. Anyone foolish enough to go along with this nonsense would get a whole lot more than he or she ever bargained for, and frankly, anyone who votes for these idiots deserves whatever they get. They seem to get worse and worse everyday, and it’s like every stupid statement one of them makes emboldens someone else to try topping them in their rank stupidity.

  5. hahaha. Yeah. No, what’s truly sad is that when she opened like that, we all knew immediately whom she was referring to.

    That is what you should be ashamed of, but you’re too busy pointing the finger at everyone else and refusing to debate ideas.

  6. Anne, the electorate now realizes their progressive stupidity putting the Party of Hopey-Changey in power 2 years ago.

    Thank God the hangover will be cured next month.


  7. you just keep on trucking in spite of reality. way to go smarg. that must be what it takes to be a Republican these days.

  8. The “hangover” will be much worse than anyone imagined if any of these lunatics come to power. I say it serves the establishment GOP exactly right. They wanted to win at any cost, and now they are saddled with candidates that at least some of them must privately view as a major embarrassment.

  9. It’s truly a joy to see you able to post your dissenting views without getting nasty, Smarg. As Jason said, you are welcome here so long as you follow the rules.

  10. Yes, but we can’t discuss the issue, Hraf, lest they get called out on their Plague on America which would cause our deficit to grow by leaps and bounds. Nor do they want to discuss privatizing social security or any of the other things they would need to do in order to cut spending and that doesn’t even touch the deficit left by their continuation of the irresponsible and unpaid for Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. Even Reagan would have been against their current fiscal approach.

  11. Clearly if you have to come up with a reason to oppose rape/incest victims from having an abortion you’re either a) the rapist/creepy incestual bastard b)you’re so hung up on being a republican you can’t let go of your’ “wedge” issue’s or c) you’re so god damn out of touch with human empathy that you should hardly be allowed to live.

  12. This seems like a very concerning issue, however the snarky presentation of the article’s author was so off putting that I didn’t finish the text. Time to act like a grown up.

  13. The ignorance about Rand Paul is amazing. Apparently few who oppose him care to actually think about what he is saying but instead get all emotional and refer to him as a nut or whatever. I don’t know why so many lefties are afraid of smaller government. Oh yes I do, they don’t like the idea of personal responsibility nor the idea of people being unequal in some areas, you know like income, education, and other things. Funny though they have no problem being unequal in taxation to make everyones income more equal…

    I don’t know why everyone is so surprised by the Tea Partiers. If America can elect Obama they certainly can elect the Tea Party candidates…

  14. In one or two sentences these so called liberals touched on the issue, then said they don’t want to go there. That is the issue, when does life begin, and that is extremely clear today. Scientifically, when the sperm enters the egg, a new unique individual human being is created. Whether you believe this or not, it’s the truth as far as what we know about reproduction today. And, calling this single cell unique individual human being by another name does not change the fact that I, and you, came into existence at that point.

    That said, what I find fascinating is that you so called liberals think it’s totally within the woman’s rights, but not a man’s rights to have the brains of their baby sucked through a straw by an abortionist willing to perform the execution.

    So, you so called liberals want to talk about rape, let’s talk. So, if a man is raped, or his sperm is stolen, or a woman lies to get pregnant by him, does he have the exact same reproductive rights as the woman? Can he terminate his child at his whim by having a straw inserted into his child’s head to have it’s brains sucked out? Can she be forcibly held down so the abortionist can perform the execution in the first trimester? Second trimester? Third trimester? First three months after birth? Second three months after birth? Exactly when can he enforce his reproductive rights NOT to have a child?

  15. I understand your concern about the abortion in three days but that isn’t what the policy or the senator is saying. If you read closely and read the recommended policy, all that must be reported is the rape in 72 hours in order for it to be covered by insurance. This does not mean you need to get it on day 3, just that in order for it to be covered you are required to report it in that time frame. And personally, I think you should have to report it. If the person who is raped doesn’t report it, that means we’re putting more people at risk. The only thing I fear is that this will lead to more false accusations of rape in order to ensure it’s covered under their medical plan. But that’s another matter.

  16. What do you not get about three days or it’s not covered- you don’t even know by three days! And many rape victims don’t have an extra 1500 lying around for a rape kit courtesy of the GOP and then another 900 for an abortion, sans anesthesia, which you might want to know about before you act like it’s no big deal.

  17. No kidding. And some of these commenters– men, saying women have three days what’s all the complaining? This explains why we have these problems.

  18. You are not seriously whining about male reproductive rights as if they must be solved first, are you?

    Let us know when Republicans are saying you don’t have a right to live if some subhuman rapes you and you have the bad luck to get pregnant.

  19. Way to not read. This article is not about Rand Paul. FAIL.

    and Obama has a degree in constitutional law and was the head of the Harvard Law Review.

    He is nothing like the morons in the tea party.

  20. Way to fear monger here, it says nothing about choosing to have the abortion in 72 hours in your excerpt, it says you must report the rape in 72 hours otherwise your health insurance doesn’t need to cover it. Not that I necessarily agree with how this law is written either, as is stated in the comments, many women wait to report this kind of crime for a variety of reasons and shouldn’t be restricted like this. This is the exact problem with journalism today, you aren’t selling the story, your selling your opinion and hacking the story to do it, Fox does this, MSNBC does this, and obviously Sarah Jones does it as well.

  21. By your logic, the act of shedding or cleaning up blood or skin flakes amounts to an attempted abortion. Just because something has human DNA does not guarantee a right to life.

    You say “Scientifically, when the sperm enters the egg, a new unique individual human being is created.” This is incorrect. The most an objective scientist would say on this issue is that: a new permutation of DNA has been synthesized using paternal and maternal genetic code.

    Your science is utterly baseless. Your arguments embarrass me, as a male.

  22. read much?

    “Sen. Don White, R-Indiana, would prohibit private health insurance plans sold in Pennsylvania’s state “exchange” — created under the new federal health care law — from offering abortions and require rape victims to report the crime within 72 hours in order to receive an abortion…
    The bill would require also rape survivors to personally report the crime and identify the assailant, if known, within 72 hours in order for their health insurance to cover an abortion procedure.”

  23. Sounds like somebody doesn’t know the difference between a journalist and a pundit. Sadly, it seems like most of America follows your lead.

  24. Yeah, clearly they don’t get satire or sarcasm….which means they are conservatives who know they’ve been insulted but can’t quit figure out how.

  25. I guess he missed the “liberal politics” announcement, though how this changes the fact that this law does both things he is pretending it doesn’t do I have no clue.

  26. No Steven, sorry but you are wrong. The proposal is designed to restrict access. That’s the point. To make sure that tax payer money is not used to pay for abortions. Here is the P-G headline, “Proposed state legislation would restrict abortion access”

    Don White is my state senator. I live 2 blocks from his office. I will gladly walk over there, talk to him, and get an official statement. You are absolutely and completely wrong. You have no idea what you are talking about. Since you don’t live here. It is not surprising that you would not have a clue. It is pretty simple the proposal uses a report requirement as a mechanism to deny access to abortion, so please, spare us the spin.

  27. I don’t think that is really the whole point.

    What many men don’t get is that being the victim of rape is a nasty stigma. You cannot erase this stuff easily once you are branded as such. Why do you think rape is often used as a weapon in war, especially genocidal ones. (Why kill the other side when you could just make their women undesirable as reproductive vessels? [sic])

    For men to talk about this stuff as if they knew all the ins and outs is just down right ridiculous. I’m sure you would love to have a female doctor just nonchalantly suggest that your cancerous testicles be removed. What? Why do you care? You still have your little tool to play with! We’re not cutting THAT off?!

    Let’s face facts. Few men have any clue what kind of social constraints women are under. That is why they expect female executives to be tough negotiators and still dress in super skimpy skirts and tight low-cut blouses.

  28. Some of us have liberal modes of operations and conservative modes of operations, and when I am getting my conservative groove on, people like Smarg really get my goat because it must feel the same to the real Tea Party fiscal conservative try to get a word in edgewise, but the idiot who keeps chanting “keep your government hands off my Medicare” gets all the camera time.

    Why do the idiots get all the press … Palin, Malkin, PETA, etc … Some of us see the world in all of its complexity and all of its history and baggage, and do not believe in black and white solutions to anything. When do WE get a say?

  29. Can you read, here from your very quote:

    “report the crime within 72 hours in order to receive an abortion”

    HMMM, nowhere does it say you have to choose to have the abortion in 72 hours, just that you have to report the crime within that time frame.

    “report the crime and identify the assailant, if known, within 72 hours in order for their health insurance to cover an abortion procedure”

    Again, nothing about a time frame for the decision for an abortion, just that you must report the crime…again…funny

  30. Look, you want to make the comment that she is a pundit as opposed to a journalist, fine, but do you really want your pundits to lie to you and/or not be able to produce quotes to back up a position. The quotes clearly state you mus report the crime within 72 hours, not that you have to make the choice of an abortion in 72 hours, you want to be enraged by what is actually said in the proposed law, fine, you want to rile yourself up because some pundit can’t read quotes she is using and trying to make some point that isn’t at all backed up by said quote, then I hope you don’t vote.

  31. So you are saying the “Liberal politics” announcement means that reality has left the building….OK.

  32. Proposed state legislation would restrict abortion access
    Saturday, October 02, 2010
    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    New state legislation that would sharply restrict abortions in Pennsylvania was condemned on Friday by a statewide abortion rights group, Pennsylvanians for Choice.

    Under the law, any health insurance plan that contracts with the exchange must create a system to ensure no federal funds are used for abortion coverage — including the collection of two separate payments from the beneficiary, one for abortion coverage and one for all other health care coverage.

  33. You guys have no idea what happens outside the USA. China and other 3rd world countries make the USA look like child’s play when it comes to rape and getting pregnant from it. Although I agree with what you are trying to accomplish I don’t think that its a big problem compared to everything else that is happening in our country.

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