Sharron Angle: The Republican Party Has Lost its Principles

An expert on the lack of principles

By now most people are aware of the antics of Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle. Every time she opens her mouth it is news, from her denunciation of the department of education to her absurd claim that rape victims should make rape lemonade. Her ongoing battle with Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has led her to pull her website and its controversial contents and replace it with a tamer, more mainstream site, while Reid’s campaign has responded by reposting her original insight, leading her to claim he is mispresenting her somehow by using her own words.

Angle is her own problem and her own worst enemy.

Now she has stepped in it again. While claiming to be an agent of change, an outsider determined to make changes, she is at once claiming the Republican Party has not supported her and at the same time claiming she has “juice” in Washington. You see, she’s afraid a true outsider, Scott Ashjian, who is running as an independent, threatens her chances and gives Reid a better chance of winning.


And she told Ashjian so. “I go to Washington, DC and want to see Jim DeMint, he’s right there for me. I want to see Tom Coburn, he’s right there for me. I want to see Mitch McConnell, he’s there.”

Unfortunately for Angle, Ashjian recorded the conversation. And now he has made it public.

Angle offered Ashjian access to Republican senators “whatever juice I have” to make him understand he was harming Tea Party interests. “Anything I can deliver personally I am glad to,” she told him.

Ashjian is unlikely to be convinced since he has already triumphed over several attempts to have him removed from the ballot. He said he is here to stay and it seems he means it. At the moment, Red and Angle are neck and neck, so it is easy to understand why Angle would want him not disturbing the waters. Ashjian has 5 percent of the votes according to those same polls. In such a close race, that could make all the difference.

The real embarrassment here for Angle is her criticisms of the Republican Party. She has their juice but “The Republicans have lost their standards, they’ve lost their principles…..Really that’s why the machine in the Republican Party is fighting against me…..They have never really gone along with lower taxes and less government.”

“We have them in a box” she told Ashjian.”

Angle: “The one thing you said about the machinery that has endorsed me, they have no choice… …it’s me or Reid…that’s what they got…. also this is such a national race…so really we have them in a box…they are coming to us and saying, ‘We know we got to support you.’ ….In some ways, it’s exactly where we wanted that good old boy thing is in the box…(She then begins using an analogy about David and Goliath, and David shedding his armor.) ‘You gotta get my armor off and let me pick up this slingshot’…..that’s where I am right now, get them to leave me alone for long enough so I can…. go after this guy…. you (Ashjian) have tapped into it, the essence of America….and the essence of America is we are tired of politics as usual… only thing that’s different between you and I is I guess I was pragmatic enough to know…that third parties can’t get traction….so I said all right, I’ll work with it. just show me what the rules are and I’ll work with it…the rules are there are Democrats and Republicans…so I moved myself up within the Republican ranks….they have no choice, I’m the only game in town…. There was no one more shocked than they were when I won that primary, when I went back to Washington DC, they were still moaning and groaning and weeping and gnashing teeth over Sue Lowden…And I said I am what ya got, this is it.”

She’s really feeling her oats now. Yessir, she went to Washington, D.C. and they were all “moaning and groaning and weeping and gnashing teeth” and she gave it to them with both barrels: “I am what you got.”

She also defended her decision to run as a Republican as a means of shaking up the two-party system.

There you go Mama Grizzly!

Problem for Angle: Ashjian ain’t taking it and he leaked the tape to journalist Jon Ralston. As Ralston reported, the tape reveals some interesting things:

—-Angle’s open disgust with her own party’s leaders and principles (or lack thereof)

—-James’ obvious abandonment of Ashjian’s candidacy and insistence that Angle will lose unless he withdraws and that there is still time to get his name off the ballot

—-Some brief trashing of Sen. John Ensign by Ziser and Ashjian

—-Ashjian’s claims of physical threats and of being followed

—-Angle’s agreement with him that both major parties are “corrupt”

—-Angle’s claim to have taken over the Washoe County Republican Party and having her “guys” in the Clark County GOP

—-Her promise to deliver to Ashjian “anything I can personally,” including an apology from the Tea Party Express after the election.

Ralston said of the tapes revelations: “I can just hear it now: The woman who calls the majority leader “Let’s Make a Deal Harry Reid” becomes “Let’s Make a Deal Sharron Angle”

Ashjian comes off as the more principled here. He could have sold out to her promises and agreed to go along with her but he refused to sell out. Angle promised that if she was elected she would help him achieve his goal of shaking up the two-party system but Ashjian was having none of it. He said Angle in a nice person but her offers are exactly what is wrong with politics today. “She has given up her principles for the election.”

“Sharron expressed what many working families in Nevada and across the country are feeling,” Angle campaign spokesman Jarrod Agen said. “They are angry with Harry Reid. They are angry with Washington, D.C., and they want blunt plain-spoken leaders who are willing to shake things up.”

Shake things up, Jarrod, or sell out?

All this is a godsend for Harry Reid, and he is already trumpeting the conversation.

To listen to the original recording, go here.

30 Replies to “Sharron Angle: The Republican Party Has Lost its Principles”

  1. Nevada’s unemployment is dismal, but you remember that Ms. angle has stated that she would not have helped unemployed people nor sought help in keeping jobs in Nevada. That’s dismal. Nevada’s unemployment is more a picture of the national environment that it is Harry Reid’s doing.

  2. Good points, Shiva. And it should be noted that FOX and Rasmussen’s numbers always make Democrat chances appear more dismal than they in fact are.

  3. how quickly Sharron Angle would become what she is so much supposedly against. She is just another backroom person that has said a bunch of really stupid stuff.

    The real embarrassment to this is that she is within one point of Harry Reid. And Harry Reid has done far more for Nevada than Sharron Angel could or would ever do.

  4. I find it quite funny that another Tea Partier in Nevada, Ashjian, is staying in the race in spite of her entreaties that he drop out. It’s truly entertaining to see these buffoons turn on each other. Angle’s statement that the GOP has lost its principles is probably the only honest and sensible thing she’s said since she started running for the Senate.

  5. I know that Harry Reid and the tea party are within a point or two. Generally I would go to real clear politics to get a reading on polls. Either that or

    I never take one poll as gospel

  6. None of these so-called “outsiders” wants to remain an outsider; they all want to become part of the establishment they claim to despise. I agree 100% about their relative accomplishments.

  7. the GOP never had the principles that it claims to have had. The last time that the GOP acted conservative and fiscal matter was during the Eisenhower administration.

    Since then the only conservative thing they have done was supported waging war. Now in order to get elected part of the GOP is supporting gay rights and part of it isn’t. And it’s doing the same with other issues as well. The Republicans really have no platform at all

  8. And they somehow imagine that waging war is what the Founding Fathers wanted, despite eschewing a standing army as a danger to the republic.

  9. Hey Tea Partiers, is this what you meant when you said you were going to change the way things were done in DC and bring in outsiders? Angle sure looks like every other politician only less sane and utterly incapable of getting anything done.

  10. They misquote the Founding Fathers all the time. They take words out of context and actually make up things, such as all of the FFs were very religious. They are not educated about the country’s history or much of anything else.

  11. DC, the “hopey-changey” thing is Barry Soetoro’s, not Angle’s.

    Don’t worry, next month Barry will be crippled until the 2012 election, whereupon he will be ejected.

    Many of us can’t wait! Hee!

  12. Well, the dopey and delusional “change” the Tea Partiers are offering is turning off more and more people. I say, let them keep talking and exposing themselves in all their unadulterated idiocy. They certainly have a role model for that behavior in Sarah Palin. All of them prove the saying of a long-dead Republican president, namely Lincoln, that it is better to be silent and be thought a fool than it is to open’s one mouth and remove all doubt. Every day brings a new form of lunacy, which would be a form of “free entertainment” if they weren’t running for positions of national power.

  13. It should indict her more that she is so ignorant as to have had this meeting and said these things while being recorded than even what she said. When Tea Partiers say they are not DC insiders, what they mean is they don’t know how to get things done — not that they aren’t corrupt, self-serving demagogues who got where they are due to hiding from the media and falling off the right wing cliff of insanity.

  14. “right wing cliff of insanity”?? Sarah, you are funny. It’s amusing seeing all the different adjectives you liberals use. :D

  15. These adjectives happen to be accurate, and every time one of these loons opens his or her mouth, they prove it. I’m quite sure that there are some conservatives who will hold their noses while voting for these fools.

  16. And there are still those conservatives who are social liberals who won’t vote for them at all.

  17. Boy, you guys sure are piling on the Tea Party. All three of you. And I don’t see any real substance except the usual slander. Typical, you libs will always show their true colors. And the saddest part, you are clueless as to what Harry Reid has actually done to LV as well as the US. I suggest you pay just a little attention to what is really happening instead of blindly following Rachael Maddow. She’s the most one-sided pathetic analyst out there. And she is out there. You people shouldn’t be, and yes, it is pathetic.

  18. speaking of no content.

    You may have noticed that this article is about the things that Sharron Angle has said. And the things she said are so tastelessly stupid as to make a person wonder why she is running for office. If you are her supporter, give us some content back up the things she said.

  19. Well, when people like Angle, Miller, Rand Paul, O’Donnell, and Nikki Haley say manifestly stupid things, they give others (including some Republicans) ammunition to use against them. They seem to have a lot of misdirected anger, and what are they supposed to be taking this country back from? Any individual or movement seeking credibility needs to come across as well-informed and showing empathy for people who are in financial binds. Who in their right mind would even consider voting for people who want to eliminate such things as the minimum wage, or the Department of Education? The day they start sounding and acting like they have some sense will be the day that many of us will stop looking at them as foolish and dangerous people to vote against. I get a good laugh out of the fact that the GOP is stuck with these people, whom they endorsed in their bid to win at any cost. Even if they were to win in November, there would be long-term ramifications that would make the “victory” a pyrrhic one. Because of that, I temper my laughter with a sobering reflection of their destructive stupidity.

    Wow….just… That’s like saying isn’t partisan.

    You need to quit drinkin’ the Kool-Aid, man. Get outside and see the world for what it is instead of sitting around watching the tube and getting angry at liberals all day.

  21. I take that back, I just a tea party person for meaningful content that I know will not be forthcoming. please forgive me Hraf

  22. the tea party tells these people that they want to eliminate the Department of Education because it interferes in their children’s education. But what the loyalty party minions don’t understand is that means the each state will be free to put in any type of education that they want in the same manner that Texas is trying to do. Absolutely no weight on education and a great deal of weight on religion. Their children’s futures are at stake and all he can do is support the fact that the tea party wants them dumbed down

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