Honoring 9/11? NY Republicans Prefer A Ground Zero Strip Club

A new Public Policy Survey of New York Republicans shed some light on the paradoxical behavior of the GOP. It turns out that the self titled Party of Family Values would rather build a strip club on Ground Zero than a mosque. 21% of Republicans supported the strip club, and only 4% supported the mosque.

The Public Policy Polling survey of New York contained some basic and unsurprising results. Only 32% support building the Park51 project, while 55% oppose, but New Yorkers thought by an overwhelming margin of 59%-30% that the developers had the right to build their project on private land. According to the survey, a majority of New Yorkers are telling the developers that you can build your project, but we don’t have to like it.

PPP then took their questioning to the next level and asked New Yorkers whether they would support building a strip club two blocks from Ground Zero, and the answer seemed to mirror the results of the mosque question, 28% supported and 54% opposed, until pollsters looked at the crosstabs for New York Republicans, who expressed the preference for a strip club (21% support) over a mosque (4%).

I thought this was supposed to be the year of the Republican woman, and the rise of the Mama Grizzlies, but it seems that the male dominated GOP would prefer their Grizzlies looking pretty and humping a stripper poll than actually discussing policy. Of course Republicans will defend this by pointing out that strippers did not attack us on 9/11, but neither did the Americans who practice the Islamic faith who want to build a community center blocks from Ground Zero.

Not only are Republicans cowards who are still shuddering in fear awaiting al-Qaeda’s next attack on America, but they also have no problem with the demeaning objectification of women for their own personal pleasure. In short, this is one screwed up political party. They aren’t the party of family values, because they obviously love them some strippers, and they aren’t the party of national security because they wet their collective pants every time al-Qaeda is mentioned.

The flaw in the PPP survey is that they asked New Yorkers how they felt about a “Ground Zero Mosque.” They didn’t ask New Yorkers the accurate question of how they felt about a community center being built, because there is no Ground Zero mosque. Park51 is a community center where the worship area has been open long before this fake Right Wing media controversy ever began, but I wonder how Republicans would have responded if they were told that the strippers they were supporting were also Muslim. Would they have labeled them part of the G-String Jihad against our freedoms?

Irrational hatred of another faith, check, and the treatment of women as second class citizens and objects, check, the desire for our government to be based on their religion, check, and governing by fear. Please explain to me how the new purer Republican Party is any different from the Muslim extremists that they hate so much? Upon close examination it is clear that the bigger threat to America is not a community center blocks from Ground Zero but the theocratic dreams of the American Taliban.

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