Palin’s Need for a Private Jet Bankrupts a Republican Campaign

Remember when “common sense conservative” Sarah Palin went to Georgia to campaign for Karen Handel in her runoff with Nathan Deal? You better believe the Handel campaign does because they are still literally paying for Palin’s visit. Palin’s demand of a $92,000 private jet and a $13,000 hotel room left the campaign $83,000 in debt.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, “Handel’s campaign paid an Ohio jet charter service nearly $92,000 and her latest campaign finance report shows it was for the Palin event. Handel also paid an additional $13,000 in expenses to the InterContinental Hotel in Buckhead for the event. Handel’s quarterly report shows her campaign committee to be $28,000 in debt, with another $55,000 in outstanding expenses.”

Here is the important thing. Handel lost. Sarah Palin bilked the Handel campaign out of over $100,000 and left them defeated and in debt. In a race that Handel lost by only 2,579 votes, do you think the campaign is second guessing their decision to spend six figures on a jet and hotel rooms for Sarah Palin? That money could have been used to aid the get out the vote effort on Election Day instead of meeting Sarah Palin’s need to be treated like an A-lister?

The big question is why didn’t SarahPAC pay for this? Why did Palin force the Handel campaign to foot the bill? She was campaigning for a Republican candidate, which is exactly the kind of expense that a PAC can legally pay for. The answer is that Palin didn’t want to pay the bill because then she could not get the first class treatment that she feels entitled to. She did not want private jet and expensive hotel to be on SarahPAC’s disclosure report, so like any good crook, she ENRONed it up, and moved her elitist tastes off her books.

The issue isn’t that Palin used a jet, or stayed in a nice hotel. It is the fact that this so called “common sense conservative” didn’t think twice about running up a huge bill so that she could live the high life. The $100,000 spent to pamper Palin did nothing to help Handel. In fact, it might have cost her the runoff. If Palin cared about helping Handel win, she would have never billed her personal expenses to the campaign. You better believe that Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee aren’t charging a hundred grand to Republican candidates for air fair and hotels. It is a safe bet that Palin’s greed and her lack of results did not go unnoticed in Republican campaign headquarters around the country.

It is obvious to all except the most die hard of her Kool-Aid drinkers that Sarah from Wasilla has gone Hollywood. How much time do you think she spends on her private jet, or in her five star hotel rooms thinking about the unemployed, and all of her fellow Americans who are struggling in this economy? Palin is no longer a real or regular American. She is a millionaire elitist who is out of touch with all the “Joe and Jane Six Packs.” She is a fraud and a parasite that is bleeding campaigns and her supporters dry to maintain her diva lifestyle, but as more of these stories reach the light of day, the myth of Sarah Palin will continue to crumble at her feet.

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  1. All true. It will be difficult for her to claim the mantle of common sense conservative with all her spending ways. This is not new. Believe I remember her remodeling the Wasilla mayor’s office to the tune of $50,000.
    She did not spend SarahPac to travel to this rally, but she did spend Sarah Pac to travel to be on DancingWithTheStars. How do you make sense of this?

  2. The question becomes how much of this has been going on that we don’t know about? The RNC is paying her 250,000.00 of legal expenses, yet she still has her Sarah Palin Trust Fund (the second coming of the Alaska Trust Fund, found to be illegal) to pay her “legal fees” (although said trust fund says money can be spent for any purpose). She’s taking from everyone dumb enough to give to her. It’s almost funny, but it sure won’t play well to anyone with a brain.

  3. The Alaska blog, The Immoral Minority also revealed last week that the RNC is paying Palin to stump for candidates around the country. It’s truly a shame that Palin bilks those whom she said she planned to help by resigning from her job in AK last year, but what is even more unfathomable is why she is allowed to get away with doing this by members of her own political party. I recall reading on the same blog that one of Palin’s supporters expressed a willingness to feed her children “rice all month” in order to be able to contribute more money to Palin’s legal defense fund.

    What none of the supporters of this woman realize is that nothing she does ever reinforces her claim to be a “devoted” Christians. I’m still reading the Book of Matthew, and it just so happens that this AM I read where Jesus told his disciples not to take extra clothing/food with them when they traveled to spread the Word. He also told them to take no money with them.

    Palin is a liar, a hypocrite, and a grifter. None of this information in the Atlanta Journal Constitution will change the hardcore conservatives opinion of her. I know this about them because none of the unsavory, un-conservative, he broke as many rules as he wanted to revelations have caused them to not vote for Nathan Deal. I’m voting for Barnes because he’s a proven winner and has none of the ethical baggage that Deal has. If Deal wins the governor’s race, when the poop hits the fan on his un-ethical behavior, I don’t plan to listen to the members of the rw whine about how the liberal/lamestream media/President Obama are responsible for their failure to hold Deal accountable BEFORE placing him at the head of our state.

  4. The RNC is paying her because she can raise money, and they can’t raise a dime right now. So for them, it makes sense because she is the only potential candidate in the GOP that can raise cash. Remember, she is also doing several fundraisers for the RNC later this month, so they will make money on the deal.

    It makes NO sense for Republican candidates to pay her expenses to stump, when she has a PAC that can legally pay for it, and there is no benefit financial or otherwise to a candidate to have her appear. The overall point to all of this is that Sarah is in it for Sarah. She could care less about candidates or the party.

  5. “The overall point to all of this is that Sarah is in it for Sarah. She could care less about candidates or the party.”

    A point the right should try to learn and remember.

  6. Isn’t this a case of all of us not being grateful that she IS doing these types of things? Frankly I don’t care how much she bilks people out of, it is their own fault. The RNC is paying her? Good for them. Give her all the money she can get – just don’t donate to any Republican causes. We don’t.

    Sarah Palin is a gift. She is absolutely a loser. I don’t care what she does nor do I care if she has screwed up values, morals and ethics. It’s THEIR problem (her donors and the RNC) not mine. She endorses people who are either guaranteed to win in their District – or she manages to endorse people who should be institutionalized and medicated.

    Maybe someday the RNC and their candidates will realize who and what she is. People in Alaska already know. She’s always been only about the money. And if people are stupid enough to give it to her .. well. And don’t overlook the fact that she can’t bring in an audience anymore – 250 people in a hall that holds 6,000 for example. She is “same old” – no new speech – dog whistles and soundbites. No substance. She has literally nothing to say.

    Look at her this way. She is a symptom of how sick our political system is. She whips up hatred and violence and gets paid for it. But she is a Republican and they are stuck with her as their insignia. They are now not even a reflection of a true political party. Just don’t support them – and vote.

    Sarah will go down. All people like Sarah go down and they end up paying for their egregious actions. I hope she does run in 2012. The RNC will squash her like a bug. She isn’t FIT to be President.

  7. Who do you suppose paid for Sarah Palin’s $1,200/night stay at The Breakers, the posh West Palm Beach hotel where she met with the head honcho of and Ronald Reagan’s ne’er-do-well RWNJ adopted son Michael?

    Yeah, rather hypocritically (since she vilified Pres. Obama and Michelle Obama for the same thing in their DUTIES as Pres. and First Lady), she spent Other Peoples’ Money – OPM.

    I challenge any Palinbot to prove Sarah Palin or an of her family ever spent their own money on something more significant than a latte, a Crunchwrap Supreme, or a huge plate of nachos at Rum Runners.

  8. Steele, knowing he’s going to get hoofed in January, is teaming with Palin I’m sure and would have been the cheerleader to have her sign the fundraising letter.

    I recall sometime back when Palin and Steele were the speakers at a right to life group event in Idaho or somewhere. they both have the need to pimp their books. The both are scammers of their donated funds. Like two peas in a pod.

  9. For all Palin’s demonizing of “elitists,” being part of the elite is exactly what she has aspired to. I have to laugh when I read one of her followers say that President Obama had an elite upbringing, while she had an average one. Only someone blindly loyal and in denial would keep making that kind of charge. Like a lot of others before her, she ropes her lemmings in with a “populism” that’s as phony as a $3 bill, and they enable her to indulge in her champagne tastes while she pretends to be “just like them.” I understand that a Republican in Georgia said she needed to
    “butt out” of their business, and I’m sure Karen Handel is regretting the day she and Palin ever crossed paths. The GOP, mainly McCain, created this Frankenstein, and now they have to live with her.

  10. If they did remember that, she wouldn’t be successful as a grifter. Using their brain to have an original thought isn’t something most fans of Palin would ever do.

  11. Well defined study of Palin. She is a fraud, no doubt. hate her guts, my greatest fear, it only takes a minute to see the damage she’s showering on the political equilibrium in this country, is the scourge she brings to Alaskans. The miller brand is against every concept of humanity yet expressed.

  12. You should really send this to Keith and/or Rachel. It is so on the mark and shows just how this fraud is getting away with living the high life on OPM (other people’s money).

    I’d almost bet she’d never gotten much out of AK (except for her storied “college career”) or stayed in a 5 star hotel until she conned the voters of AK and McCain foisted her on us. Now she’s gone all “Hollywood” and expects to be treated like a movie star even though she’s an ignorant rube.

  13. Ok. I just have to ask… what the hell kind of hotel stay runs $13,000? I mean, did she live there for a month or something? I know families that struggle to support themselves for a year on that kind of money… and she runs it up at a hotel during another person’s campaign?

  14. “how about putting a lid on your Palin hater-ade?” = “I know my party and sarah sucks, stop picking on us cause we have no defense”

  15. Not being able to raise a dime comes from not having a anything other than verneer in their platform. Not a plank to stand on in 2 years. Not one. Nothing other than harping on Obama and Obstruction. This alone should put them out of business.

    Should but wont.

  16. Sarah Palin is so greedy she even pimps out her daughter Bristol for more money. Levi was telling the truth when he said in the Vanity Fair interview Sarah wanted to quit and cash in on her celebrity status. She quit for the money and didn’t give a damn about Alaska or Alaskans….Fraud, Con Artist. Liar, Grifter, that’s what she is!
    There was nothing honorable or noble in her quitting just EVIL GREED!

  17. After the HATE directed at my dghtr by individuals who believe it is ok to physically threaten someone because they are “one of those” – “you know, the Jew people”? On a PLANE? Saying they want to “bomb Israel and kill everyone” .. on a PLANE??? Threatening to smack her across the face? ON a PLANE?

    And why?
    Because Palin dog-whistled the “less fortunate” know, the late 60 early 70 year olds on Social Security that it’s ok to verbally express your hatred for EVERYONE. Especially if they are a minority.

    Have you ever experienced the Palin minions defending their filthy and skewed view of your faith? Have you been personally threatened by the Palin bots?

    THAT violence … !! And who started this incredibly nasty political game of “let’s hate everyone who isn’t “us””? Remember that charming little campaign of vile she ran on?

    Well as long as it doesn’t effect you .. or YOUR family right?

    …just remember … these generic racist HATERS will find something wrong with you someday. And you’ll be on the receiving end of Sarah Palins dogwhistling dirtbags.

    Good luck with that.

  18. It’s from the male hookers for Toad. They aren’t cheap ya know? Also – perhaps she had her cocaine “delivered”?

  19. Bristol is a cow. A no talent cow. I pity her – her life is already garbage and she isn’t even 25 years old….2 kids (at least) – maybe another on the way. She’s done … as is Track (school bus vandal) and Willow (breaking and entering of the Morlock home and $30,000 damage).
    What a total family of losers.

  20. Smarggy please troll harder your giving a bad name to us trolls Hater-ade really that is just weak. By god man step your game up lurk more and hit harder. I mean damn!

  21. Blah blah blah………………………………………………………….
    Yap yap yap……………………………………………

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  23. Sarah has always been out for Sarah…and the signs have always been there. People see what they want to see….

  24. Mr. Easley, I wonder if you can actually report the truth. Palin never demanded a jet for the event it was provided by Handels campaign. If there were laws requiring truth in journalism, I am sure you would be in jail with no key.

  25. Palin’s contract has been revealed and she most certainly does require a jet, she even details what brand and size. If a jet isn’t available for some reason, she requires first class airfare. This is a matter of record.

  26. Where’s the part where Palin “forced” Handel’s campaign to pay all this money? This reads to me like it is all on Handel. If you want Palin (a knock on your judgment right there, in my opinion) you pay her rate — period. Palin’s camp says this is what it’ll cost you and Handel’s camp agreed to pay it. They made a bad decision, for sure. But how were they “forced” into it?

  27. You better believe the Handel campaign does because they are still literally paying for Palin’s visit. Palin’s demand of a $92,000 private jet and a $13,000 hotel room left the campaign $83,000 in debt,

    This is what the other wrote Sarah. And every word of it is factual inaccurate. The 13G was not for a hotel room, but for a reception. Ever been to a meeting at a hotel? The author deliberately leads a dumb uneducated liberal like yourself to assume that Handels campaign did not have the money in the bank to pay for it, and it was the sole purpose of campaign going into debt. Yet the Georgia ethics website clearly shows Handel expenditures after the visit were more than 3 times the entire palin visit. In the last days for the campaign she spent 36oK. It also show that Palins trip raised more money for Handel that what she spent. Grow up

  28. Wow, a politician wasting money. I thought they NEVER did that! Isn’t it a relief to know that Palin is the ONLY ONE who ever considers it OK to extravagantly spend other folks’ cash for lobbying efforts. Our political system would run like clockwork if only she weren’t in it. In fact, it would be a miracle of efficiency and the envy of the free world! Indeed, Palin is the sole cause of everything bad with American political lobbying. If only we could turn it over to the good guys, like Hillary Clinton, Tom DeLay, and Trent Lott, we’d never have such waste and graft ever again!


    Seriously, what do you expect – why else would someone ever enter politics except to spend other people’s money? I’m not a Palin fan, but at least Handel asked her to show up. I really don’t see why this is even news-worthy. $100,000 or so is chump-change compared to what the federal government spends on a minute-by-minute basis. Get mad about THAT, because it’s costing YOU money — Palin’s expenses are just Handel and the GOP’s problem now.

  29. These type of expenses get paid by individuals and corporations who willingly make donations. What about a President who uses tax payers money to fund transport and security for outrageously expensive trips for his family in a time of huge government deficits. At least the people who support the RNC have a choice. Tax payer can only vote out those who abuse there expense accounts.

  30. bryan, are you really sure you want to sit down and compare obama’s vacation habits to your boy’s? honestly, when you talk about things that involve reality, you invite other facts to enter into the conversation. AND YOU DON’T WANT THAT.

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