SNL’s Latest Hammers the Last Nail into Christine O’Donnell’s Political Coffin

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Christine O’Donnell’s fading hopes in her US Senate race were likely completely killed off last night, when SNL perfectly spoofed her first campaign ad, with SNL’s O’Donnell saying, “I’m not a witch. I’m nothing like you heard. I’m you and just like you, I have to constantly deny that I’m a witch.”

Here is the video from NBC:

They got the tone of the ad right from the moment they opened with, “Hi, I’m Christine O’Donnell and I’m not a witch. I’m nothing like you heard. I’m you and just like you, I have to constantly deny that I’m a witch. Isn’t that what the people of Delaware deserve? A candidate who promises first and foremost that she is not a witch, that’s the kind of candidate Delaware hasn’t had since 1692, and that’s why if elected to the human senate I promise to fly straight down to Washington….on a plane, and do exactly what you would do, not spells…..I know the problems facing our nation, because I’ve been living among you since I moved to Delaware from the Black Forest of Germany almost 3,000 years ago.”

Out of all the clips that have surfaced from Christine O’Donnell’s past, I thought that the witchcraft one was the least harmful of the bunch. To me, the clips where she questions science and evolution, and admits that she picked Christianity because she did not want to become a vegetarian would have been much more politically damaging, so it is always fascinating to see what pop culture adopts and uses as a defining characteristic for our political figures.

The SNL parody of O’Donnell’s “I’m You” ad picked up on the bizarre decision by the O’Donnell campaign to have her address, and therefore validate, the witchcraft image. It would have been a much better decision to release a more generic positive ad, and then book Christine O’Donnell on Real Time with Bill Maher, which would have had the benefits of letting her address this in the proper forum, given her tons of positive free media coverage, and gotten Bill Maher to stop airing those old embarrassing clips. A ten or fifteen minute sit down on the air with Maher could have reversed this whole thing.

In my mind O’Donnell had three options for dealing with Witchcraft Gate. She could have ignored everything associated with her witchcraft comment. She could have spoken about it right away in the appropriate venue, or the worst thing she could have done was mention it in an ad, so that her entire message gets lost, as the image O’Donnell the witch is given new life, and we all know which one she chose. This image has now become ingrained in the public perception of O’Donnell. She will forever and always be known as the witch who ran for Senate in Delaware.

One of the few ways that SNL is still relevant is their ability to do political humor. They perfectly took apart Christine O’Donnell’s ad to poke fun at the absolute of absurdity of a candidate for the United States Senate having to deny that she is a witch. The fact that she felt compelled to state such a denial should disqualify her from ever holding political office anywhere in the United States of America. The true insanity was the fact she cut a get to know me ad, when she is already known by 97% of the voters in the state. After SNL last night the ad was not only a misstep, but it cemented a public image that will now haunt Christine O’Donnell for the rest of her life.

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  1. That’s what the Party of No gets for trying to push this loon on the American public. The people of Delaware saw right through this idiotic stunt.

  2. The effect of this will be a little hard to measure since O’Donnell never had much of a chance of winning the general election anyway. Her general nuttiness and financial history would have been enough to sink her.

    But whatever chance she might have had was doomed to be swept away by her general lack of common sense and competence to run a high-profile campaign. The “I’m not a witch” ad was just the form that incompetence took. And of course SNL could no more ignore such a big juicy target than bloggers could.

    It’s really too bad to see such a wealth of stupidity wasted on one person. Couldn’t she have spared some of it for other whackjobs like Angle and Paul who are doing dangerously well in the polls?

  3. This goes beyond the election though. There is little doubt that O’Donnell was trying to use this campaign to get herself a nice gig on Fox. That’s probably out the window now.

  4. As Jason notes, had she been serious about a career in politics years ago, she would have said those things and quite frankly wouldnt have been on Mahers show. If CNN or Fox called tomorrow, she would drop out.

  5. I don’t live in Delaware, but I think if I ever met someone who said they voted for Christine, my laughter would be uncontrollable. Her statements about her not becoming a Hare Krishna because of her liking for meat seem more ridiculous and damaging than the witch story. She just strikes me as some attractive, fluffy-headed woman who spent 20 years of her life drifting along with no visible means of support, avoiding work and financial responsibilities. Even one of her former campaign managers of a previous race said she was more interested in getting a job with Fox than in getting elected. She has offered nothing that would indicate she has either the intelligence or the integrity to represent the people of a state. Had she, after all her young silliness, become serious and successful at a position in any number of fields, she could get past the “youthful” stuff, but she hasn’t. There is no reason anyone could use to think she will become serious now.

  6. Here’s the thing: since the controversy with Christine O’Donnell started, she’s seen money poor into her campaign. In terms of campaign funding, it’s the best thing that’s happened to her. On a positive note, she’s currently running at 36% in the Delaware polls, and has lost a few percent in the past month. (Her Democratic opponent is at 53%.) So, it looks like she’s going to lose.

  7. Laingirl, I do live in Delaware, and I voted in the primary.

    Delaware Republicans (who are, like most delawareans, by and large socially liberal and fiscally conservative) had a choice of voting for stalking horse O’Donnell or party machine candidate Castle. By voting against Castle in the primary, we tried to give the general election to Chris Coons – the socially liberal, fiscally conservative Democract – who might otherwise been beaten by Castle.

    It was the only choice we had. Castle refused to vote against TARP, refused to vote for ARRA – his constituency told him what we wanted, and he (our so-called “representative”) refused to represent us. He had to go.

    Politics and sausages, right?

  8. The end can’t come fast enough for O’Donnell, Palin and the rest of these airheads taking turns at the emotional hotbutton board trying to get elected.

  9. I’m not sure that going on Mahers show would have been a good idea.
    Maher has a sharp mind and a sharper tongue, and she doesn’t seem to bright, he would have ripped her to shreds with a national audience watching.

  10. If the Democrats get complacent with O’Donnell, you can bet she will win simply because the Dems are stupid enough to think someone else will take care of the Tea Party problem in their state.

    If you are a Dem, get out and vote. Sitting on your a– is a surefire strategy for a loss you didn’t count on.

  11. Thanks for your comment. I certainly hope your plan works. I saw Mr. Coons interviewed on Maddow’s show and he sounded like a nice, thoughtful man. He stuck to his points, but was likeable without any arrogance. Good luck!

  12. @Anne – Actually the Republican party did not want her to win the primary election; that was the power of the tea party.

  13. oh man that would have been hilarious. i love dumb people going on his show thinking they know what their talking about and getting a harsh dose of reality.

  14. I’ve heard ppl use the “I met satanists before I found Jesus” shtick for decades. The reason there’s not really a controversy is born again christians use that line all the time.

    It’s an urban legend. Everybody knows somebody that knew satanists … and therefore > Geezus ! Irrefutable.

  15. Sorry, Crikey, but I ‘m 57 y/o and I’ve never met anyone who has said “I met satanists before I found Jesus,” or anyone who has ever known a satanist. I guess I’ve led a rather sheltered life.

  16. I’d agree with you, if you didn’t have the party of ‘NO’ in office right now. This gaggle of idiots in office have only made America 100 times worse. It seems that liberals come out of the wood works and attack female republicans left and right – but are always ready to bow to the real witch – Pelosi. Seriously? Pelosi? She is such a blow hard fool that only says lines that are handed to her by her foolish liberal democrat kin (I know what you’re thinking – that sounds like Obama)

  17. What a trite an unqualified retort. Would you care to offer some evidence for your blatant red herring (admit it, you had to look that up) or do rational requests like that just irk you?

  18. I haven’t either but it sounds like the kind of glenn beck i’ve been found baloney that the fundies love.

  19. OoOoO some fancy words in there. Rational Requests? Irk? What are you in middle school? And it was one line, how can that be a red herring? It didn’t lead any where, let alone set up for some kind of surprise. It’s called a comparison.

    YOUR post is a red herring. You didn’t talk about Christine O’Donnell at all, you talked completely about someone else’s post. You know, the one you referred to as a Red Herring.

    You want to sound smart, make a good argument. You want to sound like an idiot, try to sound smart by using fancy words, misuse those words, then try and sound high and mighty while still not actually contributing to the conversation at all.

    Anyway, whether this woman is crazy or not, the last thing she sounds like is a competent leader. I’m glad she’ll never make it to Washington, it would have actually managed to HURT it’s imagine and ability to function.

  20. lol, that is adorable “Asdf” but don’t you think you should put that chicken down and let it get some air? It’s been so good to you?

  21. Are you absolutely serious? The fact that they are female has nothing to do with it, and it’s about the staggering stupidity they exhibit–along with males like the GOP clown running for governor of New York or Rand Paul with his equally loony rhetoric. Of course, we also attack Jim DeMented of South Carolina as well. Which just goes to show that we attack people for their idiocy and not their gender.

  22. Eh… I’m not so sure about Maher’s sharp mind. He has an extremely selective sharp mind. He has great religious and sometimes good political critiques but his views on PETA and vaccinations can be some real bullshit.

  23. I bet they haven’t really either but BOY the love to say they have! Sometimes I think they get so deluded that everybody before their conversion becomes a “satanist” to them

  24. Says a guy with “heavy metal” in his name? LMAO
    Heavy metal surely doesn’t have the most conservative lyrics…

  25. They may not have wanted her to win, but in their bid to regain dominance at any cost, they enabled and financed the Tea Party in hopes of co-opting it. Now, they are stuck with the wackiest excuses for politicians I have ever seen. They painted themselves into a corner.

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