The Newer Nastier and Completely Unelectable Sarah Palin

While sitting down for a webcast with Michael Reagan for Newsmax, Sarah Palin not only revived charges of death panels, and Obama socialism, but the charm and winks had vanished and were replaced by scowl and nastiness. The real Sarah Palin has been let loose, and she is completely unelectable.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

Oddly Reagan and Palin were still trying to demonize the successful saving of the auto industry. When asked by Reagan if she still believed that Obama is socialist, Palin answered, “I believe that his policies certainly lean towards that belief that bigger government, that socialized government, that takeover of so many aspects of our economy are the right answer. Of course we know it’s the wrong answer, all you have to do is look at socialist countries, and realize no they’re failing. It doesn’t work. ”

Palin then went on to basically claim that Obama is anti-free market, socialist puppet, “It’s the free-market system that built America, that allowed us to be so prosperous and safe and generous, that will work. But he won’t apply those principles because I think he’s quite naïve. I think he’s stubborn. I think whomever it is who’s pulling his strings will not let — because the ideology involved in all of this will get in the way — they will not let him admit what we know from history, that those free-market principles will certainly work better than socialism.”

This is the same Sarah Palin who was so stubborn during the McCain campaign, the same Palin whose whole career has been guided by her puppet master husband, and the same Palin who naively thought that no one would catch to her real motives when she quit her job as governor of Alaska. The real kicker is that Palin did a webcast on Newsmax. The very same Newsmax that bought thousands of her books and gave them away to subscribers, um Sarah your strings are showing. Palin tries to have it both ways. She criticizes Obama for not getting the economy going, but she also labels the auto bailout socialism.

According to GM this “socialism,” which saved thousands of jobs will be coming to an end later this year as GM will be offering an IPO which should allow the taxpayers to rid themselves of their 61% stake in the company, according to a CNN report, the shareholders, that’s you taxpayer, could not only get their money back, but also make a profit.

Think about this for a second. According to Sarah Palin, Obama is a naïve, but stubborn, puppet. How does one become a stubborn puppet? That doesn’t even make sense. A puppet is supposed to carry out the wishes of the puppet master, but a stubborn puppet would theoretically be an insubordinate puppet, which wouldn’t really be much of a puppet at all. It seems that Palin was doing more than a little projecting when she called Obama a puppet, you minus the whole independent thought element.

Palin whose media fear has become so extreme she is now reduced to doing RWNJ webcasts, was preaching to the terrified choir. What stands out most about Palin’s recent comments and media appearances is that the winking charm and charisma is gone. Her wink and you betcha have been replaced with a scowl and venom. Palin can barely contain her bitterness. Her strategy is to inflame and capitalize on voter anger, but voters don’t like mean and angry candidates. Palin has become a spewing ball of hate, and spewing balls of hate never get elected president.

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  1. OK, I could say a lot of things, but I’d like to start with “whomever is pulling his strings….” FAIL. FAIL. FAIL!

    YES! I expect my elected representatives to be able to speak a reasonable proximity to correct English. It isn’t very hard. It’s hardly “elitist” to expect leaders and so called political analysts on TV to be able to speak English, but cue the outrage now.

    And while the occasional fudge is perfectly normal, with Palin, this is the norm. She mangles the English language like a rabid pit bull after a bone. Reading her twitter stream could make a grown man cry.

    So many things wrong with this. I fear she is trying to appear serious, to rebrand self as serious, hence the scowl. Remember: She’s a Republican. It’s all image all the time. They figure if she frowns a lot, we’ll think she’s suddenly read something other than NewsMax.

  2. NewsMax is Fox on crack for conservatives. During an appearance on Fox News Channel, Sarah Palin cited NewsMax first as one of her top news sources, and described it as “very valuable, very helpful.” I wonder if by helpful she knew she was going to use them to give away tons of her books for a “subscription” fee to NewsMax, thus driving up her sales numbers?

    So now we finally know what she reads and why she didn’t want to tell Couric.

  3. Michael Reagan has been trying for his entire life to be associated with his absent father.
    Ronald would never have taken Sarah Palin seriously.

    Blah blah blah. Idiot.

  4. I wonder where she gets this anti free market stuff from? Did she miss all the small business loans and bills? Did she miss GM ands Chrysler. Did she realize she is just lying?

    Did she miss the fact that the socialist countrys are failing in the same way we are? And that for the most part they are coming back like we are?

    And finally, did she notice that the free market is about as corrupt as can be? Put her out to pasture, let Bristol carry another baby for her, it may give her something to do delivering it

  5. Palin’s hubris is ever present, but never more starkly evident than when she calls PO “naive.”

    She’s a national embarrassment, and the polls reflect that reality.

  6. As her money train slows to a stop, it appears that the handlers, polishers and the rest of her image makers are finding other work. Her true face is coming through. Her instability, anger, pettiness and insecurity are now on display. She has been left behind for Christine “I’m not a witch” O’Donnell and she doesn’t like that one little bit.

  7. “Many have taken to calling themselves “we the people,” because it sounds rebel-ish, in a tri-cornered hat kind of way. The nation is swept up in anti-incumbent fervor, and we’re mad. We’re mad, mad, mad, mad.

    Except that, by and large, we’re not really all that mad. A Pew Research Center poll earlier this year found only 21 percent of Americans “angry” at the federal government. And the term “anti-incumbent fervor” loses a bit when you learn that, according to political scientist Michael Robinson, 98 percent of all congressional incumbents who ran in this year’s primaries prevailed. If the narratives of this election season can — GASP! — be called into question, it’s worth considering whether an upcoming comedic event might present a more serious reflection of our collective state of mind.”

  8. The fact that the oil resources in the state of AK are owned by the state’s citizens, and that some of the profits are divided among the state’s citizens in the form of yearly dividend checks is an example of socialism at work. Palin increased the amount of these dividend checks when she was governor in AK.

    Palin is a liar, hypocrite, charlatan, an ignorant corporate shill, and is a thoroughly despicable person. She was head of a state that uses certain aspects of socialism yet, pretends she wasn’t.

    Every time she cashes one of those yearly dividend checks, she is benefiting from socialism.

    Only stupid people follow other stupid people. The rest of us do a little research before jumping on a bridge to nowhere.

    The results of a study that were released a couple months ago shows that people in countries that practice socialism are very satisfied with their lives and government.

    If I were one of those highly paid advisers/consultants that her financial records show she employs, I’d hire someone to tutor her on economics, government, U.S. History, world history, foreign relations, and foreign policy, to begin with.

  9. The words “very valuable, very helpful” coming from a conservative means a softball interview, and that they can use the organization/network for fundraising.

  10. I have never thought of Palin as a nice, warm-hearted person. I have always seen her as ruthless, mean, arrogant and ignorant.

    I know people see her how it is. Sadly, the most out there, crazy and far fetched beliefs are heard because they scream the loudest.

    Now, we see that the loudest are the ones that are tuned out.

    But is it enough when the voting starts in Nov?

  11. I’m curious about Palin spending $255,000 on “consultants” last quarter yet it appears that she hasn’t learned anything. Doesn’t she do the homework? What has she learned? The appearances on Fox or in this case, NewsMax, are getting nastier and more vicious but her speech gigs are almost identical:
    FauxNews / teaparty talking points – check
    A cutesy-folksy story (like her 3400 hundred mile 3-day RV trip) – check
    Tell them about “pregnancy” which will
    Remind them that she’s a pro-life Christian – check
    Will also remind them that she’s a mother and has lots of children – check
    Talk about raising a combat veteran – check
    Insult President Obama – check
    Mention Reagan – check
    Collect the check.
    That’s it. Sarah has left the building.

  12. One of the big kicks McCains campaign people had on her was that she never did her homework when they gave her stuff to read up on. So she was never prepared to answer questions.

  13. That is no surprise. She couldn’t even tell us what the Vice President’s Job is!!!! Seriously? This woman is what republicans want for a president???

    That is scary. Very scary.

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