The Republican Way: Regulating Morality While Deregulating Corporations

During this election cycle, Republicans are repeating the conservative mantra of removing regulations on businesses, and particularly corporations, as a means to encourage economic growth. The one thing Americans can count on is that Republicans hate regulations on anything to do with the corporate world.

It doesn’t matter if it’s regulations to do with the environment, safety, or taxes on corporations, Republicans hate regulations. Even teabaggers scream that there is too much government intrusion into people’s personal lives.

The government must impose regulations to keep corporations from raping workers, the environment, and the government; in other words, to keep them  honest. Even with regulations, corporations find loopholes to get around regulations to increase their profits.

So with all the talk and subterfuge by Republicans trying to deregulate banks, corporations, and worker safety regulations, conservatives have found one area that they feel deserves stricter regulations; an area they definitely don’t belong.

Republicans and teabaggers want to regulate morality and pass laws that force archaic biblical regulations on every American. Conservatives are hell-bent on regulating what goes on in the bedroom between consenting adults, and they want to regulate what kind of person teaches in schools.

Jim DeMint says sexually active single women and gays cannot teach because their morals don’t follow Old Testament regulations. Prohibiting gays and single women from teaching is based on non-compliance with the bible and is unconstitutional, but DeMint wants the bible to be the Constitution.

Sarah Palin wants a Constitutional amendment prohibiting same-sex marriage based on the bible’s archaic standards. Christine O’Donnell doesn’t like masturbation, and one wonders if she would make laws to forbid it.

Alan Grayson’s (D-FL) opponent, Daniel Webster, wants to institute stoning as capital punishment for adultery, witchcraft, and heresy.

These are extremely idiotic propositions, but these Christian candidates in the Republican Tea Party are becoming emboldened and vocal about their religion-based views and want to pass regulations to make everyone comply.

Regulations are necessary to protect citizens from greedy corporate rapists, but the Republican Party protects corporations at the cost of working Americans. However, regulating an individual’s private life is unnecessary and very close to a Theocracy.

Of course, these moronic Christian candidates seem out of the main stream, but if Christians become emboldened enough, and reach positions of power, they will make regulations that encroach and intrude on the privacy of every citizen. They will monitor our bedrooms, reading material, and communications to discover anyone breaking biblical laws.

It’s not a conspiracy or paranoia because these idiots make these statements in public as a matter of policy, and it will lead to an Inquisition like the world has never seen. The Taliban regulates lives in Afghanistan, but they will look tame compared to the Christian extremists in America.

America is at a crossroads, and while conservatives are deregulating banks, corporations, and election laws, they are trying to regulate morals. Their vision of America is one where citizens are kept poor, uneducated, and fearful of church regulations, but businesses are allowed to freely rape the environment and American citizens.

The saddest part is that it’s 2010 and instead of progress, Republicans and teabaggers openly campaign to go back to the Stone Age where superstition and mythological fairy-tales regulate behavior. If Americans are not diligent, we are going to find ourselves under Mosaic law, and the Constitution will be replaced by the Ten Commandments.

It is not the America a sane person wants to live in, but that is the goal of conservatives. Republicans want citizens to be afraid of displeasing the church and corporations, and they want a preacher to make regulations for the masses. It will not be a nice place to live.

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  1. f these folks get their way, we can count on becoming a country where only the wealthy count and we face government intrusions we could never have imagined. It’s a sad commentary that there are so many enablers in the form of people who can be counted on consistently to vote against their own best interests. The far right counts on short memories and our national penchant for instant gratification, even when it comes to political solutions to pull ourselves out of the economic ditch we’re in. When I see polls showing that, for example, an ignorant, empathy-challenged nitwit like Sharron Angle is leading, I can only shake my head in disbelief that any sane human can vote for someone who has openly espoused policies guaranteed to shred the safety net and cause even more widespread misery. Too many of us are content to rest on what we think of as our “exceptionalism,” and the Party of No feeds into it with one hand while they use the other hand to pull the rug from under us. That complacency will sooner or later cost this country its place as a superpower if it remains unaddressed, and we are already seeing negative results of the complacency with other countries ahead of us in terms of things that contribute to the overall quality of life–such as health care, education, and infrastructure.

  2. Nicely said. As far as corporation in this country are concerned, we all are sub-humans. Someone to make money off of.
    THIS is what the #GOP supports.
    I knew when Roberts and Alito were confirmed, that we had taken a horrible turn to the right. It will be decades before the damage that has taken place in the last 10 years can ever be dealt with.
    The fact that John Roberts lied through his teeth to get confirmed made us ill.
    They were put in for a purpose, and we aren’t a part of that.
    The #GOP wants to make themselves permanent and they aren’t above BUYING that position.

  3. Yet when these deregulated corporations screw up, where do they turn for a quick bail out? Our government, our money.

    As far as morality goes, I say they need to prove they can follow their own moral codes before they try to enforce any on the rest of us. And we all know that will never happen. Heck, they can’t even do the simple things like tell the truth and do unto others.

  4. This actually scares me more than the terrorists. We have seen no evidence that any of these bible-thumping politicians and ministers are any more “moral” that anyone else. If they don’t cheat on their spouses, they lie, cheat or abuse others in many ways, misuse their campaign funds or do any number of things that are immoral, illegal, or not ethical. Very few of them, including the most devout, live by all the rules and tenets of their particular church or place of worship. Many should be praying that God is not real. Faith is a very personal thing and should not be imposed on others because, in reality, it cannot be done.

    They are also ignorant on the Constitution. The Founders did not intend for the USA to be a “Christian” country, as many claim. If they had, it would have been spelled it out in plain language.

  5. I wonder why so many Americans are attracted to the right/Republicans/Tea Party? Their position seems so horrible to me, I can’t understand why anyone would support the sorts of policies the Repubs offer. The tea party types don’t seem wealthy, yet they support parties and policies that seem so obviously to be against their own self-interest. Why is that? I can understand that a few people might get mislead, but there is so much support for the right that it appears the Repugs will gain seats in the Senate this election, and maybe even take the House. I really don’t understand why anyone at all would vote for the Repubs or support their policies. Does anyone understand the attraction?

  6. These things always get me ranting. As far as I’m concerned the difference between a Democrat and a Republican is a Republican will screw you and all you love in front of your face and a Democrat sneaks around your back to do it. Both parties lie, cheat, and make money off of us. The funny thing is everyone knows the country is heading in the wrong direction but we just keep swapping between two parties that are sending us down the same path. For god’s sake Obama was all about “change” then he turned around and wanted to re-instate the Patriot Act. Lobbyists still run our nation after his whole campaign was about cutting their numbers in Washington. Guantanamo is still up and running. Finally, as far as Regulating businesses until I hear someone talk about how NAFTA is raping our economy by exploiting slave labor, denying Americans jobs, and giving big business unfair advantages over small ones, I’m not listening to either parties. They just offer lip service and introductory statements with no real answers.

  7. The sad part is that this only inspires the divide between parties and the truth is democrats are just as guilty. Thank you.

  8. Why do I support the tea party? The answer is simple. Do you have a job? if so, then you have a set income. You know how much money you earn. First of all, the government takes a large chunk of it. What is left will then be taxed based upon what you buy and what you own. The more you make, the more they take. What is left is then budgeted. If you spend more than you earn, you have a serious problem. Yet the government wastes billions each year and has no budget. It simply increases taxes and prints more money.
    Secondly, social and moral issues should never be addressed by government – rather it is my belief that society should take care of it’s own problems. While many put down religion, most major religions support charity and good deeds, even to those with whom they disagree. If there are people who are poor, they are to be helped and shown how to help themselves get out of the position they are in. If they are old, normally these institutions will help IF they family does not.
    The problem with government is simple :
    1] It never stops growing. This means that they take more and more.
    2] It is ineffecient. They have huge wastes of money and time. 60 Billion dollars of medicare fraud. TARP money spent on wasteful projects. The theft of Social Security funds for other “projects”. The list goes on and on.
    3] It becomes more intrusive in things where it should not be. If you do not believe this, try looking and all of the laws and regulations involved with opening a new business! Everything is in play when it come to control… the size of the signs, the location, the type of building, etc. For crying out loud, NY City is even trying to tell the people in the food industry how much sugar and salt they can put in the food!
    4] Everything it does is for itself. Every major bill involves more control and more taxes. A new stadium for the local team? Paid for by the public dollars to increase the governments tax base! That new strip mall that is built after using imminent domain to forceably take their houses from them? Improves out tax base.
    5] They punish those that try to improve their lives and reward poor behavior.

    For the record, Republicans are just as bad as Democrats. Both parties waste money. As far as capitalism goes, we do not have true capitalism. We have huge companies (which the government allowed to grow to their present size) that are not allowed to fail (TARP ring a bell?). In a true capitalistic society, there is the user and the producer. If the producer sets a price too high, the user will not buy it. If it is too low a price, he may go out of business due to losses. Allowing the business to make a profit while still providing the user with a quality product is what capitalism is. BUT when companies become greedy (and huge) and the users are allowed to spend money they do not really have (essentially what credit is) and companies that make bad decisions are artificially supported, it is a common sense recipe for disaster. If you believe that Walmart or AT&T is good for the community, try starting up a competition with them. The cards are all stacked in their favor! As far as these outrageous packages that these CEOs get, IF they are making the company better (quality and price) let them make a good pay. BUT if they are driving the company under, why are they getting ANYTHING???

  9. Blah blah blah. I pay taxes, clown. Don’t talk down to me. You’re the one who doesn’t get it. You’re a puppet of your corporate masters.

  10. What an absurd diatribe.

    When you free business, they earn money. When you shackle them with government regulations, they die.

    Simple as that.

  11. We already see the results of reckless risks that Wall Street took without regulations, which affected the entire economy. We’re still “recovering.”

  12. Well I’m moving to Northern Europe, to nice socialist democratic country. Conservatives keep telling me “If I don’t like it here move”. That is the best thing I ever heard, out of a conservative. So I’m taking it. I taking my money with me…. ha ha!! And Im giving half of it to my new Socialist democratic country. These nut bars are your problem now… good luck adios..

  13. Agreed.
    Dividing the nation does nothing to help the country.
    All the party system does is allow these criminals and crooks to hide behind their party instead of actually being accountable for their actions.
    The federal government has grown too long and corrupt. States need to take back the rightful power the constitution gives them.

    RON PAUL 2012!

  14. We might have to cut off those welfare states and sequester the cons there where they can live their ayn rand dreams of a moron.

  15. The liberal/conservative debate has been raging loud and long. It has only served as a distraction to divide the American electorate while the “establishment” continues its global agenda under our bickering noses. Both Democrats and Republicans have been taking us down the road to a New World Order incrementally. Like boiling a frog, they have dropped the American people into their pot and slowly turned up the heat. A majority of politicians on both sides of the aisle put on smiling faces for the public and tell you they are working for the best interests of the country. They then take an oath of office, pledging to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, and promptly go to work for the wealthy elites who financed their campaigns. The banks, insurance companies, corporations, and the military/industrial complex could care less about the Constitution, much less the average person. Whether they are the wealthy elites pulling the strings in a capitalist New World Order or the oligarchs in control of a communist New World Order, they are still the few who rule over the many.

  16. I listened to the Democrats last two times around and voted accordingly. Look at us now. Can anyone say that anything is better? It is a shame, we may have the right philosophy, but we certainly have the wrong people. Look at the results. Four years in total control of Congress is on the Democrats nickel. No more bglaming Bush. It’s a cop out. The morality police won’t get anything passed amd anyone that thinks that they will doesn’t pay attention. Both sides have let us down. As far as I am concerned, corporations can do what they want as long as they don’t hurt their employees, their customers, their stockholders or the environment. Europen countries don’t tax corporations. The dividends paid to the stockholders is taxed as personal income. That is fair and we must remain competitive. Unfortunately, when Bush cut ALL of the income tax brackets, things started to roll. If the Democrats refuse to do this because of ideology, shame on them.

  17. Hate to be a buzzkill, but until there is a party that is pro-labor and anti-abortion, we laborers are all hosed. Please don’t kill the messenger on this one because I’m not so blind that I didn’t notice that 12 years of republicans running congress did not change one thing on abortion. They love to talk about it, but will never actually do anything about it because it’s their silver bullet in conservative states come election day.

  18. I agree with some of what you say, but in some areas you are wrong. Your income tax base right now is at its lowest point in many years. So you can scrape income taxes off the table. What you are missing is the taxes that we pay every day. Your phone and a ton of other things such as utilities.
    However you can add borrowing sums that are beyond our imaginations and running totally unnecessary wars.

    You are totally right when it comes to our brand of capitalism. It should be called monopolism. Zero competition except for the small corps who get drummed out of business by the desperate competion they face for small amounts of money. Why the republicans refuse to face that is beyond me. I agree corporations that pay vast millions to CEO’s have to be put of their minds

    I was against the bailouts because I wanted the biggest banks to fail. But guess what? This is the time we live in and the banks ARE too big to fail because of the world economy. ALL banks are too big to fail and are entertwined. Don’t pretend for a second that the Congress or the tea party can stop that. But we must try.

    No one talks about the incredible amounts of money we send to other countrys. We could trim that by 2/3rds and save trillions.

    But no matter what we do, nothing can be taken away from what we have. We will not go back to the 3rd century with the republicans and the tea party. We must join the human race and have heathcare for everyone. We will not sacrifice education so a bunch of loons can teach religion instead of science and real history. This going back to the constitution is something tealings are told to say and they have no idea what it means.

  19. “The federal government has grown too long and corrupt. States need to take back the rightful power the constitution gives them.”

    Is a bunch of garbage. Give the same powers to the states and they will be just as corrupt. Everyday we hear of corruption in the states government. Personally I like to leave the corruption in one place instead of 50. Get off the constitution thing, its merely a ploy that the Koch brothers have given you to crow about to get conservatives into power. You wont like the conservatives when they do take power.

    You need to think of these talking points that you are given before you say them

  20. Thats an easy one. 50% of Republicans always claim Bush wasn’t one of them and the other 50% deny there was a Bush.

  21. Recent polls pick France as the best place to move to. Honest. Unfortunately they have caught on and its not cheap any more.

    You can also move to Guatamala for 1o,000.00 a year and have a housemaid and food.

  22. Actually there was only one thing that started to roll when Bush cut taxes.

    The deficit. Seemed it rolled uphill. More than any president before him and since. Running 2 wars for 6 years and cutting taxes put us where we are today. Yes, you can blame Bush. Both congress’s were known for doing nothing.

  23. The democrats actually passing healthcare was probably the first time a party actually did something they said they would.

    I am 60 and as long as I can remember tax reform and abortion have been the hot topics. Not one thing has been done in 40 years on either. Gay rights have been huge over the last 20 years. Nada. Although there is a chance the dems may get something done

    We may disagree on how things should be(abortion etc), but we can agree they do nothing about anything for the most part.

    I think the republicans are doing everything they can to weaken our government to change it to what they want. Im not sure the dems know what to do about it.

  24. Very interesting. However, you forgot one thing:
    Regardless of who you vote for-
    1. nobody cares
    2. everything sucks

  25. Mr. Shiva, You are just wrong on the facts. I am no conservative, but I do check out the facts. Bush inherited two quarters of negative growth from Clinton (recession). The tax cut brought a halt to it. Nine-eleven started another brutal slow-down. Some more tax gifts to the filthy rich stopped that in its tracks. The total expenses of the two wars do not add up to the amount of the Obama stimulus bill. Facts are facts. The Obama administration has added more to the debt than all others put together – in two years. If the GNP doesn’t pick up very soon, he will break all kinds of deficit records. Tax cuts are not socially fair unless the rising tide lifts all boats. When interest rates are very low (like the last 15 years), the wealthy make riskier investments which help employment figures. When they don’t know what their tax burden will be in ten weeks hense, they do nothing.

  26. You use a term like “greedy corporate rapists” and expect to be taken seriously?

    There’s no doubt that diehard Christians are a not insignificant segment of the society, but you use a broad brush to paint over those of us that would like the government to lay off the regulations of corporations AND individuals. The vast, vast majority of corporations do nothing wrong and do many, many things right. Those companies that violate laws should get their just desserts, but why should the many suffer due to the wrongdoings of a few? That’s an immoral mentality when it comes to judging individuals, and it’s an immoral mentality when it comes to judging the entities that, ultimately, are responsible for almost everyone’s well-being.

  27. The main goal of corporations is to make money. The main goal of government is to make and enforce laws. However, government also tends to invest in projects which are not profitable but are for the good of society, such as public transportation or education. Some government spending is thus justified if not necessary since corporations will not invest in a loosing enterprise. On the flip side, if a business becomes a monopoly (see standard oil or other utilities), then it is a function of government to regulate them to keep the prices at a point we can all afford.

    If we let corporations go unregulated, then they will do more harm than good. The profit motive his much stronger when it goes unregulated. A government which is too big will obviously fail since it cannot sustain itself.

    What is needed is a compromise which is currently falling under deaf ears. We need to decrease the power of corporations and not let them become more powerful than the people who created them. Likewise with government, we cannot let just two parties control our destiny.

  28. Ha, I was thinking the same thing when I read Cory Ledesma’s quote about them getting “cheated” when people buy used games. If people couldn’t buy items used, the economy would be even worse off than it already is.

  29. Like the industry cares. If you cannot afford something, you might as well not exist as far as they’re concerned.

  30. “majority of corporations do nothing wrong and do many, many things right.”

    So you’d like to go on the record saying that the majority of companies pay their employees a living wage, don’t try to extort money off their customers and aren’t looking for the highest profits with the least quality of work?
    That isn’t the corporate America I have seen. Just take cell phone companies… I pay 100% more for each text message that I send now than I did in 2001, when I know for a fact that it costs the company less than did then to send it. Or the fact that the Coke/Pepsi coalition has put in over $16 million dollars in the state of Washington to repeal a tax on sugared beverages (sugared beverage consumption is linked to obesity and diabetes… two of the worst health problems facing the USA today) is morally good. Or the fact that insurance companies pay their CEOs with the money that should be paying for our health care (they don’t make any money off actually paying for the medical costs which they should — ie. they make their money off footing the working class with medical bills and keeping the premiums). Or maybe walmart, which doesn’t even pay it’s workers for their time and has some of the hardest workers making poverty wages, is of great moral standards. Or perhaps, the fact that in the past 4 decades the gap between the upper and lower class has grown nearly exponentially is proof that companies are compassionate.

    I have yet to see a multi-state company “do nothing wrong”

    Get a brain, the government allows the USA to function and protects us from the corporations. If anything, there should be MORE REGULATION on companies and the profits that they bleed form the public.

  31. The Republicans in particular are the biggest enablers of corporate warfare. They strain at the gnat of helping those with the least and swallow whole the camel of tax cuts for the wealthy. There is no way to deny that it is Republicans who blocked extension of benefits for the unemployed or who tried to block passage of the health care reform, and then whined about being left out.

    I find it ironic that the party which likes to boast about its alleged moral superiority seems to have a lot of politicians who figuratively get caught with their pants down in compromising situations. While politicians of both parties do it, people are harder on those who habitually run their big, flapping mouth about their alleged moral superiority and family values, LOL.
    It’s comical to see these so-called family values GOP members get hoisted on their own petard. Then there’s the irony of watching them vote against measures that help the very families they only claim to value.

    But worst of all, they gain votes by stoking fear and anger with wedge issues that have nothing to do with economic well-being. In spite of the fact that gun rights are not threatened under this president, they have riled up a lot of gullible folks with rhetoric about gun rights being eroded. They also use abortion as an issue to pretend moral superiority, although they have come out against the sex education that helps to greatly reduce the demand for abortions.

    Regardless of the fact that Democrats are far from perfect, I still would vote for the majority of them over the majority of Republicans.

  32. Wait a sec, all Civil Rights laws “regulate morality”…. Then again, Republicans had more to do with their passage than Democrats. Thanks for reminding us !

  33. It’s really easy to get caught up by the extremes here, but it’s not very useful to the debate. The truth is, the Tea Party is not about Sarah Palin or abortion or morality or religion – it’s about taxation and fiscal responsibility. When you ask actual Tea Partiers, that’s what they all agree on, that’s what their movement is about, that’s what they really care about.

    This is a view, the view that taxation should be based on fairness (e.g. everybody pays x%, so if you make more, you pay more, if you make less, you pay less, but it’s the same percent for everyone), that government has a responsibility to give people a minimum of safety, healthcare, education, etc, in order to allow them to succeed on their own, if they are willing and able, and other points like that. These are legitimate, rational views, and you know what? There are legitimate, rational, opposing views as well.

    Unfortunately though, we don’t get to hear those views very often from the “left” or the “liberals” or “progressives” or whatever you want to call them when talking about the Tea Party. All we hear is “Abortion” “Glen Beck” “Witchcraft” “Religious Laws” etc. It’s ignoring the good points that were made and just concentrating on the extremes.

  34. Maybe the extremists should get their arguments straight and not be so belligerent as to cast a shadow over tea partiers that have legitimate points.

  35. Unfortunately, the Republicans changed course with their “Southern Strategy” of winning elections by playing to the resentments of southern whites. With that, and with their record since then, they have negated any advantage they once enjoyed with blacks. For you to say that the Civil Rights Movement laws “legislate morality” is an insult to all the people–both black and white–who risked and sometimes lost their lives battling the gross injustice of racial discrimination. My parents lived under Jim Crow, as they were born in the Deep South. It wasn’t too long ago that blacks were jailed and killed for daring to vote, run businesses, enter politics, or eat where they wanted and date(or marry) someone they loved who happened to be white.
    With groups like the KKK, and many lone individuals, running roughshod over black people, the federal government had to step in. What this article points out is something different, in which the hard right wants to force regressive notions of “morality” on everyone else. They want to destroy the separation of church and state, and we only have to look at countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia to see just how bad that would be. As for corporations, we only have to study the “Gilded Age” to see that unregulated corporations are an unmitigated disaster. The current outsourcing of jobs would be a drop in the bucket compared to what life would bring with totally unregulated corporations. That is not a world I would want to live in. Additionally, comparing the protection of racial and religious minorities against flagrant human rights violations like the ones that occurred under Jim Crow with what the radical right proposes is a tremendously poor analogy because Civil Rights laws protect citizens while the hard right wants to disenfranchise all but the very rich.

  36. I love it when “broad-minded” thinkers like rmuse resort to wanton stereotypes:

    “Republicans and teabaggers want to regulate morality and pass laws that force archaic biblical regulations on every American. Conservatives are hell-bent on regulating what goes on in the bedroom between consenting adults, and they want to regulate what kind of person teaches in schools.”

    Rmuse assumes that Tea Party adherents are right wing, Christian conservative Republicans. I’m typical of many of their supporters. I’m an independent, I believe a restrained role of federal government leads to more individual freedom. I’m not Christian, I’m not conservative socially: I believe government should stay out of the private lives of individuals unless those individuals are disruptive to society. The crap Rmuse writes about intrusion into the bedroom has nothing to do with the Tea Party.

    Rmuse smears all Tea Party supporters as right wing Christian conservatives that want to control all of our lives. By doing so, he exposes his own small, narrow minded thinking. Too put it more simply, *uck off, rmuse.

  37. rmuse is a typical liberal… clueless and dumb as a box of rocks. Have you been living under a rock the last 22 months since Obama and the other idiots in power spent all that time on getting Health Care passed but didn’t do a whole hell of a lot for the economy or creating jobs. Oh wait, I forgot the 16,000 new jobs for the IRS to regulate the Health Care bull (I don’t believe any of their BS statistics about saving/creating jobs seeing as unemployment just jumped up another notch). I hate their “nanny state” ideas and their belief they need to make decisions for me… Here’s an idea for rmuse and the rest… F-Off and leave me alone, I don’t need nor want your ideas in my life, I can make better decisions for myself, by myself. PINHEADS!!

  38. 10th Amendment to the United States Constitution:

    The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

    How can one “get off the constitution thing” when it is that “constitution thing”, central to the argument in point, which determines the limitations of the federal government? The “constitution thing” is all that stands between you and slavery, you fool. That “constitution thing” is the possibly the single most significant document written in the ENTIRE history of man. The “constitution thing” represents a recognition, a pledge, a hope, a plan that for the first time in existence man is capable of establishing a government of himself, by himself, and for himself.

    Consider for a moment, you plebeian, that in the long history of mankind, freedom has been the exception, not the rule. Consider that when Orwell said “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stomping on a human face — forever ” he didn’t isolate it to the Republicans or the Democrats. Nor the conservatives. Nor the progressives. You need to understand that it doesn’t matter what or who enslaves you, so long as you are enslaved. And yet you seem to think that as long as ‘your’ side wins, the nigh-inevitable enslavement is bearable; acceptable.

    I hope you wise up and recognize the truth in the quote “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance”, as it is the only remedy for enslavement. May you live in the world you deserve.

  39. You are the people Orwell warned about and you can’t see it. Throughout history, conservatives have been wrong. Wrong about slavery, wrong about WMD, wrong about Iraq, wrong about Social Security, wrong about Medicare, wrong wrong wrong.

  40. Everyone knows about that act, as already pointed out it was sponsored by 3 republicans. Are you lying or do you not read things for yourself?

  41. So you’d like to go on the record saying that the bloated federal government is an effective means of policing morality, of providing efficient and inexpensive solutions to national concerns, of working as a unified bipartisan whole, of creating sensible laws, of resisting earmarks and passing legislation to feather their own nests? Need I continue?

    Aren’t you implying that the majority of corporations do nothing right and do many, many things wrong? You’ve pointed to some questionable scenarios, but nothing that really seems to smack of sinister or malevolent. I dare say, I can find more malevolence in the actions of the federal government in the past 5 years. And I bet you could too if you’d stop playing partisan. Yet, you think a bigger badder beefier federal government will solve it all with some regulations.

    Is this the same federal government that thinks carbon credits traded from a company that produces NO carbon pollution to a company that produces TONS of carbon pollution, thus enabling the latter company to continue to produce pollution, is a reasonable idea? The feds are doing nothing but taxing the latter company, which in turn taxes you by increasing its costs.

    Is this the same federal government that has deemed it acceptable to take your property via eminent domain because they can make more revenue from it as a mall or commercial parking lot?

    Okay, so you’ve cited some “facts”, specifically naming um….three U.S. corporations. Three. Thats not exactly a large number. How does this stand to refute the quoted comment at the top of your post?

    Why do you continue to allow yourself to be overcharged by your cell phone company? And don’t you know cell phones cause cancer?

    Why shouldn’t a company that produces sugared beverages try to diminish its tax burden? Do taxes cure obesity and diabetes?

    What insurance company is doing this? They need to be boycotted.

    Why are people working for Wal Mart for free? Why are some of the hardest workers making poverty wages….but others aren’t? What are “poverty wages”?

    One last question: If the federal government protects us from the corporations by regulating them, and the punishment for violating a regulation is a financial penalty, and the result of that penalty is a price increase (or manpower downsizing) to cover the cost, then who is ultimately being screwed by all the protection?

    You should stop posting nonsense.

  42. France is great. It’s hysterical listening to the cons bash the French because their masters have a stake in them hating the French. The French make their government work for them. Kind of like the Teascreechers say they want here, only the French are not stupid as a culture so they aren’t being sold poison by corporations and killing each other to eat it.

  43. How do you as a man justify wanting to pass a law to regulate a woman’s body? Are you willing to have your body run by the government?

  44. policing morality? why are you guys so intent on telling women what to do with their bodies and telling everyone who they can sleep with? Oh, that’s right, because you can’t control yourselves and you figure no one else can either.

  45. So now you are FOR big government. Which is it? oh, right – laissez-faire for corporations and big government interference when it comes to morality (but only religious morality and then it has to be Christian). S0, you just made his point.

    “I do not know which makes a man more conservative—to know nothing but the present, or nothing but the past. ” Notice no one ever accused conservatives of knowing the future or being headed for it.

  46. I am the people Orwell warned about? Thats incredible! You see, here I am railing against the threat of an eventual totalitarian tyrannical despotism, provided certain aforementioned eternal vigilances aren’t observed, and yet you DC have seen right through me and my clever ploy of reverse psychology! Such amazing powers of observation you have!!

    See if you can navigate this puzzle: If conservatives are always wrong wrong wrong, and I am a conservative, then I have to say that you are the smartest, most attractive, and most intellectually honest being with whom I have ever had the pleasure to have a discourse. You are unbiased, unblemished, and unmistakeably sane. Given the choice, I would rather spend time with you debating than hanging myself by the neck from the rafters. I love you.

  47. What I find amusing about proponents of “small government” is that invariably a situation occurs in which that mantra goes out the window. The BP fiasco is one of them. I laughed this summer to hear some folks who normally rant against “big government” urge the federal government to get involved. With 50 states and a population in the millions, just how “small” is federal government supposed to be and still be efficient? Even funnier are politicians who run on “small government” or the idea that “government is the problem.” Yet, they want to make it larger by one person by getting elected. The fact is that some of the Tea Partiers, like Angle, Miller, Rand Paul, and O’Donnell, have voiced their support for policies that would be even more intrusive than they claim “big government” is now. It would take the kind of big government they condemn for them to carry out the things they advocate. I also wonder how the proponents of small government feel about the fact that corporations are involved in the elections this year in a way that’s unprecedented?
    While people have a great deal of individual freedom in this country, the fact remains that we are all connected and sooner or later everything has a ripple effect throughout the country.

    As for Obama not producing jobs, we have the Party of No to thank for blocking important legislation measures in an effort to make him fail. What THEY fail to realize is that people have gotten hurt, and continue to get hurt, when they are about winning at any cost. They offer nothing but the same policies that have already been tried and found lacking. With their ridiculous litmus test about how “conservative” a Republican has to be, they have kicked out Republicans who have a proven record of legislative accomplishments–like Mike Castle of Delaware or Bennett of Utah. It took years for this country to reach the state it is in and it will take some time to get out of this state. And it will not be done when the parties don’t work together for solutions.

  48. As an issues orientated centrist, I find the bickering between the parties as the biggest obstacle for solving the problems America faces. I would prefer that news outlets, TV pundits and political magazines steer the debate to real issues, such as national defense, the economy, the infrastructure, education, etc., etc., instead of fueling the polarizing and paralyzing fight between the highly polarized extremists. The extremist’s tactics are quite similar on both sides of the aisle, with their demonization of their opponents, muck raking, and cartoon- characterizations. I am particularly insulted by the low road the politicians take with their paid TV messages prior to this election.

  49. Hi folks, you’re doing a great job of making your democrat, republican, and tea party issues clear. Actually, that’s a total lie. All I seem to see “on line” and in person is horrible and ugly conversations between the different political groups.

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