The Republican Way: Regulating Morality While Deregulating Corporations

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During this election cycle, Republicans are repeating the conservative mantra of removing regulations on businesses, and particularly corporations, as a means to encourage economic growth. The one thing Americans can count on is that Republicans hate regulations on anything to do with the corporate world.

It doesn’t matter if it’s regulations to do with the environment, safety, or taxes on corporations, Republicans hate regulations. Even teabaggers scream that there is too much government intrusion into people’s personal lives.

The government must impose regulations to keep corporations from raping workers, the environment, and the government; in other words, to keep them  honest. Even with regulations, corporations find loopholes to get around regulations to increase their profits.

So with all the talk and subterfuge by Republicans trying to deregulate banks, corporations, and worker safety regulations, conservatives have found one area that they feel deserves stricter regulations; an area they definitely don’t belong.


Republicans and teabaggers want to regulate morality and pass laws that force archaic biblical regulations on every American. Conservatives are hell-bent on regulating what goes on in the bedroom between consenting adults, and they want to regulate what kind of person teaches in schools.

Jim DeMint says sexually active single women and gays cannot teach because their morals don’t follow Old Testament regulations. Prohibiting gays and single women from teaching is based on non-compliance with the bible and is unconstitutional, but DeMint wants the bible to be the Constitution.

Sarah Palin wants a Constitutional amendment prohibiting same-sex marriage based on the bible’s archaic standards. Christine O’Donnell Advertisement">doesn’t like masturbation, and one wonders if she would make laws to forbid it.

Alan Grayson’s (D-FL) opponent, Daniel Webster, wants to institute stoning as capital punishment for adultery, witchcraft, and heresy.

These are extremely idiotic propositions, but these Christian candidates in the Republican Tea Party are becoming emboldened and vocal about their religion-based views and want to pass regulations to make everyone comply.

Regulations are necessary to protect citizens from greedy corporate rapists, but the Republican Party protects corporations at the cost of working Americans. However, regulating an individual’s private life is unnecessary and very close to a Theocracy.

Of course, these moronic Christian candidates seem out of the main stream, but if Christians become emboldened enough, and reach positions of power, they will make regulations that encroach and intrude on the privacy of every citizen. They will monitor our bedrooms, reading material, and communications to discover anyone breaking biblical laws.

It’s not a conspiracy or paranoia because these idiots make these statements in public as a matter of policy, and it will lead to an Inquisition like the world has never seen. The Taliban regulates lives in Afghanistan, but they will look tame compared to the Christian extremists in America.

America is at a crossroads, and while conservatives are deregulating banks, corporations, and election laws, they are trying to regulate morals. Their vision of America is one where citizens are kept poor, uneducated, and fearful of church regulations, but businesses are allowed to freely rape the environment and American citizens.

The saddest part is that it’s 2010 and instead of progress, Republicans and teabaggers openly campaign to go back to the Stone Age where superstition and mythological fairy-tales regulate behavior. If Americans are not diligent, we are going to find ourselves under Mosaic law, and the Constitution will be replaced by the Ten Commandments.


It is not the America a sane person wants to live in, but that is the goal of conservatives. Republicans want citizens to be afraid of displeasing the church and corporations, and they want a preacher to make regulations for the masses. It will not be a nice place to live.

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