Bill Maher Hits Christine O’Donnell with a Montage of Her Most Obnoxious Moments

Last updated on August 10th, 2014 at 04:58 pm

In an effort to console an exasperated Chris Coons, last night on his HBO show Real Time, Bill Maher served up a montage of Christine O’Donnell’s most exasperating and obnoxious moments from Politically Incorrect. The list of people she annoyed included, Al Franken, Ben Affleck, Patrick Duffy, and Penn Jillette.

Here is the video:

Maher introduced the clip by saying, “We don’t really have something else that is going to be earth shaking, but we do have something very fun, because I saw her debate this week, and I thought that she was exasperating this poor guy, and I wanted to send him this clip to show her, this is montage that we have put together of her on my show over the years, to show that she has exasperated a lot of people, Mr. Coons. Take a look.”

The clips were funny, but once again, Christine O’Donnell was not painted in a good light. My favorite parts of the montage is when Christine O’Donnell starts talking about morality and Al Franken rolling his eyes, and Penn Jillette responding to a patented O’Donnell by saying, “If she says Jews for Jesus, I’m gonna hit her.”

Let’s face it, even in this current electoral environment, Christine O’Donnell’s chances of winning a US Senate seat were slim on her best days. This did not deter Republicans and outside interest groups from correctly viewing O’Donnell for what she would have been in the Senate, an empty headed easy to control puppet of the special interests. It is never good for any candidate to have their Greatest Hits of Obnoxiousness packaged together and played on television. The result of this montage is that O’Donnell has taken another step on the fast track to becoming a national joke of Sarah Palinesque proportions.

Just think, O’Donnell could have avoided the almost weekly embarrassment sessions courtesy of Bill Maher, if she only would have appeared on his show. The Right is so afraid to appear on media that do anything other than toss softballs to them that they end up hurting themselves more with their avoidance than they ever could by appearing.

Maher probably would have bent over backwards to be nice and fair to Christine O’Donnell, who is not only a former guest, but also someone who he personally likes. O’Donnell blew it by not going on Maher’s show, and instead of endless and breathless chasing after these terrified Republicans, more media outlets should be like Maher, and before him David Letterman. The GOP’s Fox News only strategy has its limitations, and the weaknesses are being successfully exposed by Bill Maher every Friday night.

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