Grifter Nathan Deal is Georgia’s Sarah Palin

Carpetbagger Nathan Deal
Carpetbagger Nathan Deal

Remember Nathan Deal, the scandal-ridden GOP ex-congressman now gunning for the seat of Governor of Georgia against decent man Roy Barnes? What better place for Deal to hide than as executive of his state where he can put the “Department of Law” on those pesky ethics violations if they press too close for comfort? Deal is the Wasilla Hillbilly looting the federal government, running from ethics charges, and talking out of both sides of his mouth. He screams modern day Sarah Palin Republican.

And so do his tax returns. Just like Sarah Palin, Nathan Deal doesn’t think he should have to play by the same rules as everyone else. In this case, he doesn’t want to disclose his tax returns to y’all….now why would that be? Maybe because in 2007 he paid a scant 1% in taxes. According to the Associated Press: “In 2006: Deal paid 2.95 percent or $5,575 in federal taxes on $188,904 in adjusted gross income. In 2007: Deal paid 1 percent or $2,068 on $205,433 in income.” Deal has posted 29 years of cover pages for his tax returns, not schedules and other details, much like Palin did for her medical records. Cover pages? Really, Mr Deal?

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported:


“Tax records released by his campaign don’t explain how Deal’s accountant determined how much he owed. And aides to Deal said they will neither release additional tax documents nor answer more questions about the candidate’s personal finances.”

Yes, little people, in an ode to Palin, King Deal will not deign to follow the laws or explain himself to you. You evil political opponents.

The average taxpayer in Deal’s tax bracket paid about 17% . What happened to the million dollar no bid government contracts he swept into his own lap? Or how about the $225,381 in capital gains he reported in 2006 on top of his congressional salary? And he calls Roy Barnes a “king”. So cute.

Just days ago, it came to light that Deal had failed to properly disclose his status as shareholder or a partner in Wilder Outdoors , the business he bought for his grown child (his tax returns from his stint in the House show he claimed different statuses each year). Gosh they talk about trickle down and this must be what they mean! The higher you go and the more you make, the less you pay. Wait, what?

In the past month, Deal has amended his state financial disclosure report — twice. But we don’t know why or how because he won’t show us the details of his tax forms. Can you say Schedule E? Georgians sure should.

Deal is anti-stem cell research (in a state where there have been several attempts to bar embryonic stem cell research), favors continuing to sue the federal government over healthcare reform – a sure loser, purely political move hell bent on wasting Georgian’s tax dollars – and both Deal and Barnes are being courted by alcohol distributors in a move to change Georgia’s no Sunday law. None of these issues addresses the core concern of the voters — the economy. And while a Governor is much like the President, relying upon the lawmakers to pass laws, a good governor can impact the direction his or her state takes in a recession. So, it matters how Deal handles his finances.

Instead of dealing with his ideas for the economy of Georgia, the syrupy smell of hypocrisy clings to the highly self-regarded Nathan Deal’s campaign ads. His ads run the gamut from a couple of John Raese-esque ad deliberately “hickish” “geezers” sitting around a table complaining about Barnes to “smearing” his opponent as wearing an Obama crown.

Mr Deal can’t seem to articulate one single argument for himself and just assumes that smearing his opponent as Obama will be enough. I guess Mr Deal thinks all of his constituents are as racially biased and ignorant as he is, and hicks to boot.The coup de grâce is Deal putting a crown on Barnes. As if. Me thinks Mr Deal suffers from projection.

Nathan Deal is rich because, much like Palin, he doesn’t suffer any ethical or moral compunctions about breaking or bending laws. He feels entitled to your money. We are in a scary recession. Many decent Americans are out of work and their kids are starving because men like Mr Deal think the government is here to provide for them (the entitled royals) financially but shouldn’t support anyone else. And yet he has the Palin-esque obtuseness to label Obamacare as “generational theft”. We’ve seen generational theft, Mr Deal, and it came from you, winner of 4th place title “most corrupt members of congress”.

Nathan Deal: the modern day Republican conservative, living off of the government teat like a lazy welfare bum who thinks he’s entitled to our hard-earned money, but he doesn’t stop at just a government job – no, he’s grifting money from tax payers in shady no-bid contracts and then defaulting on million dollar loans and still, the man pays only 1% in taxes.

It’s said that the Republican Governors Association in Washington “would rather crawl over broken glass” than see Roy Barnes return as governor of Georgia. To this end, they have spent 3.2 million dollars through a PAC to air negative ads about Barnes, more than twice the amount spent by the DGA.

The Republican Party is full of government teat sucking cry babies who don’t even want to give a few dollars back to the source they stole it from to help maintain our schools, roads, police and heck, their very own salaries. If Republicans keep raping the federal government of money like it’s their personal ATM, we won’t have a country for much longer.

Show the good people of Georgia your tax returns, Mr Deal. If you’re going to be in charge of their budget, they deserve to know how you run your own house since your previous employment record as a government official doesn’t speak very well of your sense of fiscal responsibility or accountability.

We can’t afford Republicans in office. Nathan Deal does Palin proud the way he carpetbags his own state and the federal government while talkin’ out of the other side of his mouth. Much like Palin, he might just pocket Georgians’ taxes and go on another “early retirement”.

Mr Deal is just another GOP hustler scam artist, out to make a buck off the tax payers.

*It should be noted that Deal went after Barnes for a tax error in Barnes’ tax returns (this sort of thing happens when you actually provide 30 years of tax returns), the net result of which is that Mr Barnes is getting 30,000.00 dollars more off of his taxes than he originally reported. Nice work, Mr Deal.

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  1. Way to slap this clown down and expose him for the poor excuse for a human being that he is, Sarah. Job well done!

    I’d like to see a Republican defense of Mr. Deal that operates on facts rather than a response that attacks Barack Obama for using a teleprompter.

  2. I have noticed a definite immaturity gap in Republican vs. Democratic rhetoric. Democrats attack on the issues and Republicans smear in response, yet cry like children (I’m thinking Rove here) when a Democrat (I’m thinking Obama here) states a fact.

  3. They call facts “liberal media bias” and then hurl pooh at their opponent and duck for cover. It’s so childish you have to wonder what it’s like to try to govern with these little boys.

  4. Honestly, my 6-year-old is better behaved and has a better idea of right and wrong than most of these clowns the GOP is throwing our way.

  5. The things you point out about Deal in this post, Sarah, are the reasons I voted early on yesterday for Barnes. Many of the conservatives here in GA don’t care about facts or ethics, and still plan to vote for Deal, making them as unethical as he is. IMHO, they’re only asking for trouble. Something unsavory is sure to turn up later should Deal win the election because CREW has not dropped its ethics investigation. It was also revealed on Monday that on Friday, October 9, a federal bankruptcy judge revoked his son-in-law’s (Clint Wilder) bankruptcy because he had also filed for bankruptcy in 2001. Deal claims to have not known about the prior bankruptcy. Now Wilder is back on the hook for the loans. A federal bankruptcy lawyer was stated in the article as having said that Deal’s name should have been on the bankruptcy petition with Wilder’s since he was a co-debtor. Of course, few news outlets in GA are reporting on this latest development.

    The site below had the story on its site on Monday of this week:

  6. I covered part of that in my last Deal post — although I didn’t go through all of the history with it. Yes, he co-signed a loan for 2.3 million dollars and then his daughter and son-in-law stopped making payments on it and filed for bankruptcy again. I believe in the course of the judge revoking the bankruptcy (as it was the second filing for it in less than 8 years — fiscal conservatives, you say?) the judge determined that Deal’s name should have been included, as he was also seeking to be discharged of the debt.

    Furthermore, even though he was discharged of that debt incorrectly, his campaign claims that debt is why he paid no taxes. So, he didn’t pay the debt off but he wrote it off? WOW. No wonder he won’t show his tax returns in detail.

    Yeah, when I googled this story and the other ones I’ve done on him, it’s amazing how many sites are leaving out the relevant info, making him sound like he’s not quite the grifter he is.

  7. I had a mentor in college who would rant and rave during orchestra rehearsal (I’m a classically trained musician) “Cheeeeeeeeldren …” when she perceived a musical cluster****. I just want to go up to the hill and scream “Cheeeeeeeldren” whenever I hear repubs/teahadists spew their ignorant and factually challenged bile. I’m so tired. If I had the resources, I’d move SO FAR AWAY from my beloved country …

  8. I agree it is terribly depressing and soul-destroying to watch, amy. I feel the same way. To watch a group of people want to sink into a 13th century-level of wretchedness and take us down with them…if they want to be like the Amish and withdraw from modern society, I would certainly support them in that, but they don’t possess that level of decency, I’m afraid.

  9. Wow. It certainly is terrifying to watch this country being taken over by liars, cheats, and people with no souls. Is this really the America the Tea Party wants: the rich get richer, the middle class gets screwed, and the poor have to rely of soup kitchens to eat. And they dare to call themselves Christians and get in a huff about Muslims? I bet the Muslims pay their taxes, and don’t declare bankruptcy to get out of paying debts. These people are a curse on this country, not her saviors.

  10. Only in Georgia (and Alaska maybe) could we elect someone like Deal to the state’s highest office without blinking twice. It is shameful, DC.

  11. to vote or not to vote. humm. select the lesser of the two crooks. the little guy gets screwed every time. go figure.

  12. I would like to point out that Nathan Deal is not on the “Most Corrupted” list you referenced. So either he has been removed since you posted this article or you are contributing to the dishonestly you attempt to describe.

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