Propaganda Tool Sarah Palin Uses Pat Tillman to Glorify War

Sarah Palin Selling War and Hate
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Sarah Palin Selling War and Hate

Coward Sarah Palin Uses Pat Tillman to Glorify War

Sarah Palin spoke in San Jose yesterday, where she engaged in her usual faux-military cheerleading speechiness. Never mind that in Alaska Palin was known for being disdainful and disrespectful of many vets who served her, this is a narrative about the great Divider who waves the flag and loves blood, so naturally she has to mix God and war together. In the course of this, she felt compelled to bring up Pat Tillman since he was from San Jose.

“One of those heroes was from right here in San Jose, who gave up the money and the glamor and think what he sacrificed and his family sacrificed, giving up pro-football career to serve his country and he ultimately giving up his life for our freedom. Remember to thank god every day for Pat and for the thousands like him….”

Video courtesy of Palingates:

The problem is, Pat Tillman did not believe in God and nor does his family. His brother, Richard, expressed his disgust for people talking about God at Pat’s funeral on Bill Maher’s show just weeks ago. And Pat Tillman did not want to be used as a political weapon and most certainly not as war propaganda. His death was covered up by our military and made to look like Tillman had died “fighting for our country,” when in fact he had been killed by friendly fire.

Here is the video of Richard Tillman on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher:

Here are some quotes from the interview via the Guardian UK:

“….Richard’s courageous response (captured on video) to religious comments made by Maria Shriver, wife of California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Arizona senator John McCain as part of the eulogy delivered at his brother’s funeral.

“He’s not with God, he’s fucking dead,” asserted Mr Tillman. “Thanks for your thoughts but he’s fucking dead.” Mr Tillman, who has a low tolerance for lies was clearly offended by the sentiments, stating that his deceased brother “was not religious.””

He was clearly OFFENDED by the sentiment. Get the idea, there, Sarah? Not everyone agrees with you, Sarah. There are people who believe different things than you do. It’s a big world out there. Richard continued:

“I found it offensive. It’s like, I don’t go to a church and say, ‘This is bullshit,’ so don’t come to my brother’s service and tell me he’s with God. He’s simply not with fucking God.”

And Palin shouldn’t go to San Jose and think that just because she’s in the city where Pat lived, she can or should co-opt his death for her pro-war propaganda. Is there nothing sacred in Palin’s mind or heart? Palin thinks her religion trumps everything and everyone else, so much so that she would rather use Pat Tillman’s memory for her own purpose than to be respectful of him and his family.

Furthermore, as she should know (I realize she doesn’t read, but The Tillman Story is in theaters around the country) the Tillmans have a rather large issue with the military for the way they were lied to about their son’s death. They were originally told he died “fighting for his country” but he didn’t. He died by friendly fire.

Why would Sarah Palin go on about how he gave his life for our “freedom”? No, he didn’t Sarah. His life was stolen from him and while we do not know the circumstances, we do know that ‘blue-on-blue’ fatalities account for a significant percentage of all battlefield deaths – a tragedy, a reason to AVOID war if at all possible, not glorify it. Pat himself had decided that he would not have a military burial as he didn’t want his death to be used as a publicity tool.

Naturally, Sarah Palin took that as a sign that she should co-opt his death for her own publicity. And so she gave her usual glorifying war speech and used Pat Tillman for the local touch.

Maher asks Richard about the evidence suggesting that Pat Tillman was “deliberately attacked by his fellow troops”. Richard said, “I wish he would’ve just lit these fucking idiots up with his own gun. ‘Cause he knew that they were shooting at him. I wish he didn’t have so much character, and he would’ve shot his own guys.”

That’s what Richard thinks about the glory of war.

Palin is on video talking about how these wars are holy wars. If that isn’t glorifying war, I don’t know what is. Palin is a puppet of the propaganda machine and hence, by her very existence, she is an insult to people of integrity and thought, but in this case, an even worse insult to people dealing with having been lied to about their son’s death for the administration’s propaganda purposes.

Most people who have had to face the unrelentingly grim, gritty reality of war understand that war is a terrible thing, not to be entered into lightly. Honoring our troops for their sacrifices need not glorify war. The two are not the same, but of course, thought doesn’t sell wars. If Palin were President, she would have us at war with Iran by now. She isn’t one who can weigh disparate ideas and sift through complexities. She thinks in bumper stickers.

Sarah Palin used Pat Tillman. One can’t help but wonder if Palin is so unaware of her own reputation amongst those paying attention as a fundamentalist Dominionist that she thought she was going to get away with using Pat Tillman to make herself sound like the faithful. She couldn’t have been more deeply disturbing if she had tried.

Sarah Palin doesn’t really care about the troops. She’s a good cheerleader for war, though. There is, of course, a huge difference between the two. Palin is a moral and ethical coward who is not above using someone else’s son and brother to prop herself up a notch in the eyes of her rabid followers. She calls this loving America, but she is wrong.

Palin doesn’t love her country or the troops or she wouldn’t spend so much time dividing us (right after the Tillman freedom lie, she launches a jealousy grenade at the First Lady, driving the wedge just a bit deeper because that’s what we need in this country right now) and recklessly painting all Muslims with the brush of terrorism while our troops are trying to engage in a counter-insurgency strategy in Muslim countries.

Using Pat Tillman like she did puts Palin within shouting distance of the horrid and selfish Westboro Baptist Church. Sarah is a war coffin chaser. Anything she can drape a flag on and pose next to is game. If she missed the actual event, she’ll just use it in a speech. She’s a shameless publicity seeker, a cheap stunt, and an unworthy opponent. She insulted the Tillman family and this country with her used care salesmen platitudes and utter insensitivity to the real Pat. It’s as if she doesn’t get that these are real people, not just props for her to abuse. But why would Pat Tillman be treated any differently than Palin treats her own son?

Palin is nothing but the GOP’s latest propaganda tool, spouting off bumper sticker slogans about freedom from her $92,000 jet. Palin doesn’t know the first thing about freedom, because she suffers from an intellectual inability to comprehend what freedom really is. Freedom is not war.

And freedom certainly isn’t a bumper sticker.

Sarah Palin Selling War and Hate
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83 Replies to “Propaganda Tool Sarah Palin Uses Pat Tillman to Glorify War”

  1. The sad thing about the republican party is they are all talk. They hate the GI really. Because if they really loved them they would make sure that they would get their benefits without fighting the other party. But everyone thinks so called hero’s like McShame almost never wants to help the Vets get what they so honestly worked hard for and in many cases died for. These soldiers are brained washed. The only voice they get to hear is Limbaugh and they never get to hear the other side. What is the republican party so afraid of?

  2. Tillman was a strong man of his convictions and he didn’t buy into the hype. He was also someone who (initially) believed he should serve his country when his country needed him. People like him give me hope. I don’t care what side of the political spectrum they fall on — I just like that they are thinking and considering and searching their hearts and minds for the truth. It breaks my heart that Palin would even say his name while selling her faux patriotic bumper sticker baloney about service, full of the same sort of meaning as Drill, Baby, Drill.

    I’ve personally met many who have served and are serving. They are people, like all of us, and can’t be lumped into a box. Yes, they have earned our respect, but more than words, what about their benefits, as you point out? Words are cheap.

    There are many ways people can be patriotic and serve their country, and all of them should be acknowledged. One of those ways is by serving as an elected official, which Palin took an oath to do and then quit on the people who entrusted her with that job. She has no place bestowing “words of honor” on anyone regarding service to this country. She is a national disgrace.

  3. How can christians, like sarah palin glorify war, when one of the 10 commandments say
    “Thou shalt not kill”?
    It doesn’t say it OK in time of war, or you are able to kill anybody who is not ‘christian’.

    She is disgusting. To use another’s death to further herself is absolutely disgusting.

  4. Thank you Sarah, because all of this needs to be said about Palin. The sad part is she will never know or care what she does. For the Tillmans to really go public and bash Palin wouldn’t look good for them. People need to get familys thoughts on these things before they use them as xtian shields.

    No war is glorious. Blood drenched ground is not glorious. Iraq and Afghanistan have nothing to do with our freedoms. And thats the twist we will see if the tealings get into power. More war under the banner of our freedoms. The very freedoms that the GOP will be removing from you. More people dead for a cause that will never really be announced to Americans.

    Sarah Palin makes me sick.

  5. People like Palin like to run off at the mouth about the “glories” of war, when it’s a nasty business that involves loss of lives and the spending of money that could be put to much better use in resolving our domestic problems. The people who serve our country in this way deserve much more than being used as props by publicity hounds like Sarah Palin. There are people on both sides of the political aisle who understand that respect for veterans involves much more than uttering bumper sticker slogans. The Tillman family deserves so much better, especially since it’s clear that their loved one died by friendly fire.

    I find it ironic that in 2008, certain veterans’ organizations like the Disabled Veterans and another organization of vets from Iraq and Afghanistan gave fellow veteran Senator John McCain a D when it came to measures that are helpful to veterans. These same organizations gave then-Senator Barack Obama a B+. They understand that there’s a critical difference between BEING a veteran and actually being FOR veterans. Then we have Christine O’Donnell talking about interfering with the health care for veterans in Delaware, drawing strong protest for even suggesting that.
    The Vietnam War was particularly instructive as far as I’m concerned, concerning’ the effects of war on those who fight them. My oldest male cousin on my mother’s side fought in that war, and at that time men were drafted. Like so many others, he saw things that haunted him for the rest of his life. He was never the same after that, and had trouble adjusting to the kind of normal, everyday life most of us take for granted. He also fought in a war for which the servicemen were treated shabbily by this country. His experiences taught me that it’s important to make the critical distinction between wars and the warriors. I also learned just how vital it is to ensure the well-being of our veterans by providing them with good health care and helping them to adjust to civilian life after the time they spend in danger. They deserve so much more than shills like Sarah Palin who wrap themselves in the flag, but have problems seeing that while war may be necessary, it is anything but glorious.

  6. The Tillman story is so important in terms of how we as a country want to deal with the reality of war and this was such a perfect example of how we should not be dealing with war. I’ve been so bored by Palin lately; it’s always the same hate — no need to repeat it. But she personifies the reason we got into Iraq in the first place. Let’s hope we as a nation can have real debate over our decision to pre-emptively strike another country and the propaganda that was ordered from on high to sell this decision.

  7. Of all the nasty actions that Palin has taken in her miserable life, the use of Pat Tillman as a propaganda tool is unforgivable. How dare she. I would like to know what the Tillman family thinks of it.

  8. You are so right and I agree with you. Serving in the military isn’t the only way to help our fellow citizens. I happen to come from a family who have all served in the military through wars and retirement. Some wounded and some not but all served over 20 yrs ea. I am very proud of them. My own husband was brought here to america as an adopted child. Even he served and retired after 21 yrs. He said he felt he needed to give something back to the country. My foreign born husband felt that strongly. But serving your community also is an honorable way. Serving in the peace corp is an honorable way. Nurses, doctors, firemen, police officers and everyday people who go about their business without blowing their own horns. You bet america has allot of good in her. But somewhere along the way in 2000 we lost are way and we need to find it again. I was praying Obama would do that. Now I see it is to much for one man. It isn’t fair to put it on Obama’s shoulders. We all need to take some responsibilities. First off by not voting for people like Palin who is truly a divder and not a uniter.

  9. Waiting for the Tillman family to weigh in on this. The Tillman’s are NOT happy people and have a deep and abiding resentment of any #GOP politician who glorifies their son’s death for political reasons. They are extremely active and defensive of their sons sacrifice – and realize he was USED for political purposes.
    Here’s hoping the Tillman family comes out swinging against Sarah – with both barrels. She needs to be cut off for this stuff – right at her knees.
    If that was MY son – I’d be on the phone to ALL the MSM – they DO listen to the Tillmans.
    Sarah Palin is a political hack – with the morals and ethics of a true Republican. Using dead people to further their own career. In Sarah’s case, it’s all about the money.

  10. You’re right, SJ, Palin has become a bore in the last few weeks. Saturday’s reference to Tillman was a way of getting her name back into the MSM. That may be cynical, but it fits her M.O., itself rampant with cynicism.
    Every time we have one of these moments from her, I wonder how she’ll top it next. But she always finds a way.

  11. The hypocrisy of this woman knows no bounds.

    In late July this year, a US Air Force jet crashed at Elemendorf AFB, just outside Anchorage, Alaska. Four men were killed… that week, Palin was on Facebook and Twitter, crowing about how many followers she had, how her followers are so devoted.

    Not one mention of this military jet crashing in her own back yard in Anchorage. Not one mention. Twitter. Facebook. It would have been so easy… Nothing the following week. Or the next… or the next. Even when (former) Alaska Senator Ted Steven’s plane went down just a few weeks later in August.

    This just UPSETS ME to no end. Palin, the self-appointed grizzly momma, the self-appointed Admirer-In-Chief of the military, whose own son was in the service (it was either that or jail…), has never, EVER acknowledged the loss of THOSE military deaths… right there in Anchorage, Alaska.

    And yet, at speaking engagements such as these, she always, ALWAYS pulls the Momma-Of-A-Military-Man card. She used the memory of Pat Tillman to rationalize her message as surely as a woman-of-the-night uses her charms to entice her clients into bed. She used Michelle Obama as a lightening rod for ridicule and conflict, all to get the mob-adoration she so craves. SHE EXPLOITS COMMONALITY between herself and HER FANS.

    She is so incredibly manipulative, how do her admirers not see it?

  12. Thank you for this information. It really crystallizes the fact that Palin really does not comprehend the gravity of war or the enormous risks military personnel take on and off the battlefields. Whenever she uses her oldest son’s keep-out-of-jail military service as one of her predictable talking points, it’s worth noting that she omits or denies the reason he had to do service in the first place. She wraps herself in the mantles of patriotism and motherhood, when the image she presents is a facade in both cases. If she were “patriotic,” she would not be disrespecting the president to a degree that would be considered seditious in other countries. If she were patriotic, she would not be so blithe about the fact that so many men and women who fight our wars come back maimed in either body or spirit, while others don’t come back at all. If even one of these things had happened to her son, I suspect she would be singing a different tune. If she were even half as good a mother as Michelle Obama is, her kids would have manners and none of them would have had brushes with the law. She also wraps herself in the mantle of religion while she lies at the drop of a hat and her true “god” is money.
    As tiresome as her screechfests are, they are invaluable in providing continuous insight as to why her election to any office again would be an unmitigated disaster, especially that of president.

  13. Palingates had an excellent posting about the close ties of the Morlock family (re Jeremy Morlock) and the Palins.

    I notice Sarah Palin never brings up their ties to Jeremy Morlock and his family which go back 30 years.

    But she has the nerve to drag in Pat Tillman to her propoganda and war hype.

    That this woman should have any access to the nuclear codes would be chilling

    She has to be stopped. I hope the Tillman family speaks up, and tells her that she cannot use their son’s name for war mongering.

  14. Hi Sarah

    I couldn’t find your tweet regarding this story. Hope you don’t mind I created 2 to tweet.

    Nice article. Thank You for writing it.


  15. Ms. Jones,
    Thank you so much for writing this article! I am horrified with Sarah Palin’s tactics as a general rule, but using Pat Tillman’s death was beyond reprehensible. My thoughts are with the Tillman family as their son’s death gets used once again for someone elses political gain.

  16. As a former soldier, every time Sarah Palin uses the death of a soldier to push her sorority-girl-drop-out view of the world I feel like someone has just spit in my face.

    She should only be allowed to speak at “professional” wrestling matches.

  17. I pray plain never earns an ounce of power again as to prevent her from enacting this disgusting revision of history.

  18. From the author’s profile: “She has had a life long interest in feminism and social justice, and staunchly defends the right to free speech and open dialogue.”

    HA HA HA HA!!

    A statist who support’s free speech and open dialog. Right. That’s an oxymoron.

    The article above is filled with a blatant attempt to shut down the other side through ad hominum attacks and one sided polemics.

    Open dialog involves actually listening to the other side and having a rational counter argument. The insulting tirade above is nothing more than propaganda from a political zealot.

  19. Sam your early we shouldn’t see you until OCT 31. Well thank you for spreading you filth back to the relm of the dead with you celt deamon.

  20. I quit reading your article because of your “loaded” language.

    Quit trying to imitate fox news and be fair and substantiate your arguments with FACTS not emotions.

  21. Diane, we should be clear. It doesn’t say ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’. That is something the Catholics just made up when the reinterpreted one of the sets of the 10 commandments from the Talmud (there are two different versions). The actual text in Exodus says “You shall not murder.”

    Murder and kill are quite different things, especially in the context of the bible. Since God himself ordered the slaughter of millions of innocent women and children, one must assume that the concept of murder must only apply to people within that faith. All others are fair game.

    Or you can assume, as I do, that the bible is just the rantings of a misogynistic, homophobic, backward tribe of semitic desert nomads.

  22. Interesting concept Revyloution, I have never thought of it that way

    But then of course the 9 different christian versions of the creation story makes the Hindu one version look sane

  23. I might snap soon because it’s just getting to much to have to bare down all the Fear and Ignorance mongering that is getting promoted everywhere. Everyone do me a favor take up your own battles in your community and please please please help educate and stimulate the younger generations to think before they act, and be critical on anyone that tries to lie straight at your face through their crooked evil teeth. I mean otherwise it’ll be only a matter of time until they outnumber us. Remember the people that are driving Mrs. Palin and all of this nonsense aren’t fighting a battle year to year, they are planting seeds of destruction, and hate that won’t be reaped until decades later and by then this country “one of few” which had potential to actually unify this planet circling the sun, and return us to total darkness. Anyone who believes over ignorance over insight, and emotions over empathy is a harbinger of death and greed. Do what you have to people, but remember we are all watching.

  24. I know you’ll read this so go fuck yourself fair child people are responsible for fact checking themselves if you saw something up there that wasn’t true or hyperbole then you need to do some research yourself. Get educated, and talk more to people you disagree with, it’ll become clear

  25. Emotions? What a riot. Do you understand what commentary is? What wasn’t factual? NOTHING. You are allergic to the facts and probably watch Pox News. You sure sound like a Pox watcher.

  26. Thanks for catching Palin’s reference to Pat Tillman dying for God & Country.

    But, she’s an easy target. It wasn’t just the Republicans, the Army, and the Bush administration who were responsible for the cover-up of Tillman’s friendly-fire death. After 2006, the Democratic Congress and President Obama continued the cover-up and the whitewash of Gen. Stanley McChrystal even though he played a central role in the affair.

    For more info, see Mary Tillman’s “Boots on the Ground by Dusk” (at, the documentary “The Tillman Story,” Jon Krakauer’s “Where Men Win Glory” (paperback edition) or my “The [Untold] Tillman Story” at

  27. Thank you for that info.

    Although Ms Palin is a Republican, I chose not mention party affiliations because that is not the point of this post. This isn’t a Republican/Democrat issue. It’s a moral and ethical issue.

    Palin tends to use her religious beliefs for political purposes without regard to the individual or to very important concept freedom of religion. War has high costs and should not be entered into without trying all other avenues first. Logically, these should both be non-partisan positions, save for the extreme right war-mongers and religious fundies like Palin.

  28. Why is Sarah Palins son Track at home after less than a year of service? It surprises me no one talks about this. My son certainly could not come home so soon and neither are his friends. And what is this young man Track Palin doing with his life now? Is he in college? Working??
    There is a big cover up and someone needs to find out. It’s fair game because she uses him nonstop as a political prop.

    Palin is a mean nasty psychopath.

  29. Pat is now flying around with little angel wings, tackling tight ends and shooting talibans in heaven. He died fighting for the baby Jesus against Sadaam Hussein and his pal Osama Bin Laden in the middle east. It is nice of you to take the Lord’s name in vein and diminish the role of Jesus in our military which was founded based on Christian principles of Jesusery and to diminish the role of our HEROES who fight and die for Jesus every day in the middle east. Typical terrorist atheist loving taliban libtard sympathizers.

  30. Well, Pat Tillman would be upset that America is ruled by a kenyan born, radical muslim communist waging jihad against America. It’s time to take back our WHITE House. Obama gives so called ‘unemployment benefits’ to lazy workers (which GOP congress will stop!), while fighting against extending the Bush Tax Cuts for the Wealthy. Disgusting! Pat would have supported Sarah as she exposed Obamacare’s death panels killing our senior citizens. Hussien did a ‘chicago style shakedown’ of innoncent corporate citizen BP to clean up his oil spill and help the stupid small people. Pat Tillman would be the first to tell HUSSIEN “NO!” to this 20 billion!!! We need the GOP and Newt to stop the Obama 9/11 victory mosque being built at Ground Zero! Rep Issa will subpeona annd start the Impeachment process once GOP takes power! Once removed from office, the Supreme Court can appoint Jeb Bush President just like 2000! And with Mary Cheney VP, she will fight to keep Gays out of the Military!

  31. When you use mutually contradictory adjectives like Muslim, Communist, etc., you undermine any point you are trying to make. You have also managed to insult the unemployed who are down on their luck through no fault of their own, and have had a difficult time trying to stay afloat, which includes searching for other employment. Your insulting them is just as heartless as Bunning’s blocking of extending their benefits, or as the suggestions of Orrin Hatch and Nikki Haley that they be tested for drugs.

    If you know anything about Palin’s tenure as Alaska’s governor, you would know that over 200 senior citizens died while waiting to be enrolled in the state’s Medicare/Medicaid program. That program was so badly run that
    the federal government had to audit it and to prohibit enrollment to do so.
    It’s well known that her comment about “Death Panels” was voted the biggest political lie of 2009, and it’s ironic since she supported end-of-life counseling as governor.

    Dealing with your point about BP, they SHOULD have been made to put that $20 billion in escrow. Their criminally negligent actions upended the livelihoods of so many Gulf Coast residents, and the effects of their recklessness will be felt for a long time in the environment as well. They have a history of irresponsibility, since they are also being sued for a 2005 explosion in one of their Texas facilities that killed about 5 people. So, good for Obama!

    As far as the mosque is concerned, there were Muslim respondents and Muslim workers in the leveled buildings who died that day. Muslims who were from other countries also died on 9-11. Yet, some of the same folks who call Ground Zero sacred ground have no trouble with a strip joint being built on it. The community center, which it really is, would be a critical step toward building bridges, something Sarah Palin knows nothing about.

    Finally, as far as gays in the military are concerned, the intolerance embodied in DADT has deprived the military of badly needed experts in certain fields who happen to be gay. People are being penalized for nothing more than their sexual orientation, and as long as they fulfill their obligations in the military as part of the team without imposing their sexuality on others, there shouldn’t be a problem.

    I don’t know what Pat Tillman would say to any of these things, but his family is highly displeased with Sarah Palin and her penchant for using others as props. And it is their wishes that should be respected.

  32. (Sorry, I haven’t read the whole article, have to get to class in 10 minutes)

    I disagree with Palin’s role in politics as much as the next guy, but you seem to trash her for using Pat Tillman’s legacy for political polarization. Yet, Tillman plays a large role in this Palin- and GOP-bashing piece. Care to comment?

  33. While I agree with you that the original text forbids murder, not killing, I think it is terribly presumptuous of you to assume that anyone is “innocent”. No one is innocent. We’ve all done terrible things at some point in life- lied to someone, stolen something, mocked another person.

    But beyond that, no where does the Bible imply that “thou shall not murder” applies only to those of faith. What it is saying, is that no person has the right to take another person’s life out of hatred or contempt for them.

    Even more sad is your omission that the Bible (in fact Christ Himself) also instructs Christians to “love thy neighbor” unconditionally.

  34. The Tillman incident and resulting cover up points to the military itself and representatives of the Bush administration. Palin didn’t engineer the cover up you know so aim the anger at the correct source. However now that the cover up is public knowledge anyone seeking to advance a “god,guts,glory” agenda based on Tillman is clearly misguided. Its possible that his decision to abandon his football career in favor of military service is/was significant enough to make a great recruitment tool. but any positive value was nullified by the reality that the very military (and associated honorable values ) he sought to serve , lied and used him as a mere prop. So if you wanna be mad at Palin that’s okay but in this case there are others at which you should be more mad

  35. If you have not read the whole article then do not comment jackass! Next the only reason Tillman is brought up is because of the outragousness of Palin’s use of the fallen hero but a simpleton like yourself would not no could not understand such a concept. Again jackass no double jackass to you jackass.

  36. Jackass palin using a fallen hero for her own cause is offence enough but to link God to it when Tillman was not a man of faith did you read the article or just thought you knew what you were talking about jackass.

  37. If you want to know more about the story behind Pat Tillman, I would recommend reading Jon Krakauer’s Where Men Win Glory.

  38. I’m not surprised. I served in Iraq, and during that time I kept an open blog. One day we had an embedded reporter from Fox News show up.

    His name is Michael Yon. His tag on FNC lists him as “FORMER ARMY SPECIAL FORCES,” but that is not true. He graduated from the course, but was thrown out of the Army shortly after for killing a local drunk in a bar brawl. He never passed the peer review, was never was assigned to an Special Group, and never assigned to an SF ODA team. He has never been in combat. It’s like calling yourself a lawyer when you’ve graduated law school, but had your law license yanked for improper conduct before you could take the bar exam or actually practice law.

    I pointed this out, and made a post about how annoying he was, which was the exact same treatment I gave to other embedded reporters.

    Apparently my blog got forwarded around the right-wing blogosphere, because I was so swamped with rude comments and outright death-threats I had to take my blog down.

    When it comes to supporting the troops or conservative media props, they choose the props.

    As a side note, the other “military correspondent” FNC sent us, Matt Sanchez, was thrown out of the Marine Corps Reserve for starring in gay porn films and working as a male prostitute.

  39. Do you ever have anything intelligent to say, or do you just go around calling people a jackass?

    I don’t think you even know what that word means. Hint: look into a mirror.

    Must be fun being so smug and arrogant to think that anyone who diagrees with you or has a different worldview, is beneath you actually engaging them in meaningful dialogue.

    I thought those on the left were supposed to be open minded and tolerant…oh wait…thats a bunch of crap that you pretend to wrap yourself in just like a Republican wraps themself in a flag.

    YOU and all the group think zombies on here are part of the problem. You blame the Palinites, but are just as blinded by hatred for those who you disagree with.

    You are not smarter, better or above any flag waving redneck. You are the same thing, only on a different side.


  40. Oldsun, you’re an idiot. For one, you call someone a jackass in response to their comment on this, as well as a “simpleton,” and you can’t even use proper grammar or spelling while bashing him. No go ahead and bash me, for being a pro-military, and pro-war, because it’ll probably be full of typo’s and make you just look like even more of an idiot than you already do. I’m sure you are really going to hurt my feelings. Sad face… Learn how to communicate in a proper way before you start insulting people on stupid issues, that you are quite frankly getting way to bent out of shape about. Maybe you should thank God for people like Pat… I know I respect them for doing something! Rather than sitting back, criticizing and doing absolutely nothing besides site here and argue with people over a blog. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and unless you’re able to communicate effectively why they are wrong, without just insulting them or degrading them, please get over yourself and stop being a tool.

  41. In the future please refrain from posting such thoughtless incompetent comments. You don’t know what you’re talking about. The fact that there are Americans like you and Sarah Palin speaks volumes to how far our country has fallen. Thank God we’re moving in the right direction, so fatheads like you don’t drag us into the depths of hell.

  42. All Pat would say is Run Sarah Run!!! Stop HUSSIEN’s take over of our WHITE House! Remove the kenyan born, radical muslim communist. Pat Tillman waged War for God and Country against Obama and his jihadist cohorts! Pat believed in GOP family values and would be disgusted at the personal attacks on Senator Vitter, Senator Ensign, Senator Craig, that libturds are doing to ruin this RIGHT thinking, GOD fearing Nation!

  43. i’d have to disagree with you, Matt.

    After Exodus, when Joshua led the Israelites into Canaan (which, of course, happened many years after the Ten Commandments), the Old Testament (the Torah, actually) tells us that God set aside Canaan to be the promised land for they, his chosen people, and implored them to expel the native Canaanites. This meant the wholesale butchery of the any and all who lived there…women, children, families. i don’t know about you, but while i agree that few adults are exactly ‘innocent’, children most certainly are, and certainly don’t deserve to be slaughtered in a tiff over land. Remember Jericho?

    Deuteronomy 20:16-17 (NIV) puts it this way:
    16 “However, in the cities of the nations the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes.” 17 “Completely destroy [a] them—the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites—as the LORD your God has commanded you.”

    Apparently, the justification for this is on moral grounds; the aforementioned tribes practiced sexual rites as part of their religion, which Leviticus’ well-known Chapter 18 condemns…so apparently genocide was the will of god, and the Israelites were perfectly happy to be his instrument.

    The point of all this is that “Thou shalt not kill/murder” seems to mean in practice “…unless it’s expedient to the goals of the nation.”

  44. Furthermore, Jesus’ instruction to “love thy neighbour” came many, many years after the Old Testament. The Bible is awfully puzzling with regard to this statement. The Old Testament contains myriad statements advocating the ostracism or killing of those who aren’t wholly righteous. The Old Testament seems to exact an impossible standard of righteousness to which none could live up to. My personal theory is that, theologically, the idea of Christ’s redemption introduced the idea of compassion into what was a very rigid religion.

  45. When people run around claiming they are morally superior, they open themselves to greater scrutiny. Vitter, Craig, and Gingrich, for example, have no one to blame but themselves since they love to throw rocks from glass houses. So do GOP values including consorting with prostitutes and wearing diapers, being a serial adulterer, or trying to pick up other men in men’s bathrooms? Do they also include bilking gullible people like Palin does?
    That’s what it looks like you are implying “Republican values” are.

  46. You’re awesome Sarah, great article, you mirror my sentiments of that clueless woman in every way possible.

  47. I’m sure Sara is crushed that you aren’t reading her. I’m sorry you can’t follow along. I know there are lots of big words, but just because they’re big doesn’t mean they’re loaded. Unless you mean like Palin threatened Democrats with, in which case you are nuts. Bye bye troll.

  48. She is the most disgustingly vile human being ever put forth as a “candidate” in the history of this country.

  49. Isn’t it interesting that the people glorifying war (and using lies to promote it) claim a religion that glorifies peace! The flip side is that so many of the “Peace-niks” claim no religion, only spirituality. They do not have the convenience of “the devil made me do it” to rationalize negative actions. They are forced by their own convictions to take responsibility for their actions. All to many “christians” use god and the flag to justify atrocities that would sicken a person sincere in their religion, or for that matter, willing to think for themselves.

  50. Definitely not “all I’ve got”. What I do not have is all night to go further into my objections to organized religion and its minions.

  51. Sorry, that wasn’t aimed at you. There was a troll who got removed and it was aimed at them:-)

    I agree with you 100%. Rock on!

  52. You know, this administration has trampled on our rights just as badly – maybe more so – then the previous one. Voted to give immunity to telco companies who illegally spied on Americans? Merged activities of the NSA and Homeland security? Prevented people from suing the govt. when they want to know if they were spied on? Keeping a good majority of the old guard around when promised not to?

    I’m not a Fingerlickin or a Tastycrat, I’m registered as an independent because that offers me the best vantage point to make the best choices. Face it: all politicians are phony, unscrupulous liars, who are only beholden to the lobbying firm that pays them the most.

    I agree what was written about SP though, she is pretty bad. But let’s not give a pass to the people who we voted for. If anything we should hold them accountable *more*.

  53. My friend, a highly decorated veteran and neighbor of Sarah Palin, writes about real patriotism after being called unamerican by Palin’s tea party here in Alaska. His take on Palin’s war-mongering should be required reading: Patriots

  54. Amen Mr. anonymous. It does seem more and more that government is just the same shell game by different sharks more and more these days does it not. The fact is that this Administration has been quietly upping the ante on most of the freedom taking instruments of the Bush Administration. These that you post are just a few of the blatant ones. The fact is that power tends to corrupt, and the fact that most Americans are blind to the operations of government, or unschooled in the ways of it, just means that every party is going to continue down this road.

    The only way out of this mess is going to be if the people learn what their true self-interests are and start acting upon them. It was the focal point of Madisonian Theory and if we don’t start getting to it soon, it might either be too late, or it might be bloody, either of those things are scary if you ask me.

  55. Hey Pat, we had one for you last night at The Swiss. Miss ya buddy, I’ll drink to you again when we get back.

  56. How could you be so misinformed? Thou shall not commit murder is how it really reads and there are several parts of the Bible the advocate the killing of the enemy. Try reading the Old Testiment sometime and attempt to educate yourself before you embarass yourself posting inaccurate information

  57. First of all I’m going to use the bumper sticker reference….even though Palin gives peeps who innocently use them a bad rap…..
    Great piece of writing….thx u
    As to the posters through out this thread…..your(whom I’m directing this at u know) rhetoric bout deletion is offensive here in that try to honor and reflect the person and family in this piece…..hint…it’s not the religious zealot Palin.

  58. Amir Bar-Lev of “The Tillman Story” pointed out that Pat’s story is so uber-heroic, but not for the obvious reasons, that it seems everyone wants to claim a piece of ownership. Not just politicians but egotistical authors looking for another bestseller, underwear keyboard pontiffs, even a feral fireman. The reality check is – to most of these contributors Pat is a fantasy. Yet to some, self included, Pat is a real memory.

    I don’t recognize the man Krakauer tries to describe in “Glory”. “Boots on the Ground by Dusk” is accurate and without embellishment. The religious zealots here must have missed baby brother Richard’s interview with Bill Maher or they would realize the lunacy in their bible quotes and canonization. As for Sarah Palin? She’s just a media whore who will use anything, even the tragic death of a true hero, to advance a self severing agenda – much likeike Jon Krakauer.

    Pat would not say run Sarah run – likely he would advise, shut up you stupid bitch.

  59. Bush/Chaney

    Obviously you have never read anything about Pat Tillman, not even the Krakauer fairytale. If you had you would know how much you’re talking out your butt – like Sarah Palin.

  60. This is the most outsanding commentary I’ve ever read regarding Palin. Thanks for precisely locating the heart of what the problem is with her. Her use of Tillman’s name in a speech is exemplary of her callous disregard for the feelings of genuine people. From her constant mocking of Michelle Obama to her disregard for the citizens of the “not real” America, her insensitivity and lack of intellect has no boundaries, and has no place in public office.

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