Patriot Joe Miller Bowls Over An 8 Year Old Child While Fleeing Press

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Tea Party America

Tea Party darling Joe Miller has just about toasted his 2010 Senate hopes. After a bad few weeks during which reporters have sought information regarding his military discharge, his previous employment history and reason for termination of said employment, the truth about his many uses of federal government money for his own family and then the now infamous hand cuffing of a journalist, Joe should be toast.

Why? Let me count the ways.

First Joe took to Fox to lie about why he hired the body guards. He claimed it was part of the contract with the school. It wasn’t and the school made a statement to the press saying just that.

The Alaska Dispatch reports:

“Miller also told national news outlets that the school had required him to hire private security as part of his agreement to use the facility. But Embley said that’s not correct — there is no requirement for private security guards.”

Here’s Joe on Fox, paving a path of teaflections:

But it gets worse. Yes, it gets so much worse.

In a desperate attempt to flee the journalist asking him about his previous employment (and remember, Joe lied and said he couldn’t discuss this because the borough said he couldn’t but then the borough sued him to release his own records and clear their name), Joe shoved supporter Lolly Symbol, who happens to be a mother who was there with her young children, one of whom Joe “bowled over” in his dash for cover.

Even Sarah Palin does not run over women and their young children in public.

Then, Joe told a bunch of fibs about Hopfinger (the journalist), claiming he had assaulted Joe. The eyewitness (who was also a Miller supporter) said Hopfinger did not assault anyone and that as Joe fled, these guards descended on the blogger who kept asking questions.

Symbol spoke with the Alaska Dispatch:

“Symbol said Miller became angry with an elderly woman who asked him about his military background. “He ended up getting really huffy with her,” Symbol said.

She said she got about two words into her question when Hopfinger interrupted her, stuck a small camera in Miller’s face and asked him about his work with the Fairbanks North Star Borough. “I would say Tony was aggressive, and I would say he was rude because he interrupted me, but he didn’t do anything wrong and he wasn’t posing a threat to Miller,” Symbol said.

She said Miller tried to get away from the reporter and in doing so put his hand on her arm and pushed her aside. Her 8-year-old son, Vincent Mahoney, was standing right behind her, and Miller bowled him over in his attempt to get away. “I don’t know if [Miller] didn’t see him or didn’t care, but he didn’t say ‘excuse me’ or ‘I’m sorry’. He didn’t even turn his head,” Symbol said. “He simply did not care at all.””

Joe’s campaign made things worse by putting out a statement wherein they claimed Joe had been assaulted by Hopfinger and that their body guards did not know he was a journalist or they wouldn’t have restrained them. And yet, we have video showing them also blocking and threatening to detain ADN reporters and even threatening to hand cuff said reporters.

Joe he should be toast Miller’s campaign website:

“Liberal Blogger “Loses It” at Town Hall Meeting; Obsession with Republican Nominee leads to physical assault, publicity stunt. Anchorage, Alaska. October 17, 2010 — Joe Miller released the following statement:

“While I’ve gotten used to the blog Alaska Dispatch’s assault on me and my family, I never thought that it would lead to a physical assault. It’s too bad that this blogger would take advantage of a “Town Hall” meeting to create a publicity stunt just two weeks before the election.” The Miller campaign was required by the facility to provide security at the event………”

He’s got the whole conservative faux-victim thing down pat, but the only people who are going to buy this load of malarkey are Palin voters. We should note here that while the journalist is being smeared as a “liberal blogger” (this is akin to being Devil adjacent now), he was in fact a real live reporter for the ADN. He now owns a blog. Hopfinger is respected in Alaska, no matter what they tell you on Fox News.

You won’t be surprised to hear that Joe will be a no-show at the debate this evening.

Oh, and Joe finally admitted that he was asked to leave his previous employment after being found guilty of ethics violations. Ring, ring, ring that Palin ethics violator bell.

I’m sorry, Joe, but it should be over. Alaska can do better than you.

Symbol tried to give the police her eyewitness account, but no one would take her information. She says she was a big supporter of Joe’s, but not anymore.

“The whole thing just made me sick,” Symbol said. We agree, Lolly. We agree. Running over an 8 year old child to hide from the press is not very senatorial.

22 Replies to “Patriot Joe Miller Bowls Over An 8 Year Old Child While Fleeing Press”

  1. “She (Symbol) says she was a big supporter of Joe’s, but not anymore.”

    –That’s the best part of this whole sordid story: another lost vote.

    Miller is on the run from the press — and his own supporters, knocking down women and children in his attempt to get away. Will he gnaw off his own leg at the next public event trying to run away from the public and press?

    Questions from the press and the public are so threatening to this guy that he has hired goons illegally handcuffing and detaining reporters. What a cowardly weasel. What’s Miller trying to hide so desperately?

  2. Joe Miller is connect through the Alaska Militia that deadzone or whatever the name is…is a meeting place and has no security license! Joe Miller is a grifter of Federal funds and a liar about his dismissal at the North Star bourough, and a AIP’r like Palin!
    Basically he’s a nazi like palin!

  3. The DropZone is a Military Surplus store in Spenard (Anchorage, AK). They do sell Military items of use, not just 30 year old overstock. They only take cash, hmm. Their Security License expired 12/31/2009. I think Tony has a valid complaint against these guys who thought they could detain someone for the reason it was a Private function. It posted on @JoeWMiller ‘s facebook site to come one and all and bring your friends and family to the town hall meeting. Buh Bye Joe!

  4. Excellent post. Nail in the coffin and let’s get Miller out of politics before drives over the next kid.

  5. I love the perceived whine “Assault”! Since when is asking questions a “Assault”? I guess they forget they are supposing to be working for the “People” and not the corporations!

  6. I read on an Alaska blog that the “security” firm had a license a few years ago, but didn’t have it renewed for 2009, so this is a bunch of armed thugs providing security for Miller. I wish I could remember the name of the blog where I read this information. A person who knows the members of this “security” team also reported that they are white supremacists who make openly racists statements to people of color at a store that Fulton owns. It may have been AKMudflats.

  7. The more I learn about this bonafide goofball, the worse he looks. I’m sorry that Ms. Symbol’s son was knocked down by Miller in his bid to escape relevant questions. But now she knows why a lot of other Americans are against his bid for the Senate. He is every bit as dishonest and intellectually bankrupt as Palin.

  8. Miller bumped into the 8 year old, he didn’t knock him over. The reporter pushed a guy into a locker before he was detained. I have bumped into people in the past, and I do apologize. I can’t imagine being in a situation where people rush me, I do think that I would have expected people to be polite. Since when is it okay to forget common manners? Both parties involved were in the wrong. The security detail couldn’t have been very good to have allowed people to rush the candidate. Poor crowd control.

  9. no one rushed the candidate. In fact, the eye witness says the candidate was out of there before the scuffle started. How is it rushing to ask questions? why would you defend that? this is still america, you know.

  10. Jason/Sarah – if yu want info on the militia connection / I just sent Jason a dm. I can provide info on much stuff abt that.

  11. The DropZone has NEVER been licensed for security, only for “trade”. They are owned by William Fulton, a commander in the Alaska Citizens Militia. His hired thugs are two off duty ACTIVE DUTY military (oops).

    I have lots more if you want it.

  12. well then perhaps Miller should have hired an actual Security Firm instead of his AIP/Alaska Militia buddies headed up by William Fulton and 2 Active Duty military persons who were “moonlighting” and they have NO license. The military guys are being investigated as to whether they had “permission” from the military to be there doing what they did.


  14. No one has to make up anything about that bona fide nutcase. He is the gift that keeps giving to his political adversaries, no matter where they are on the political spectrum. Anyone who thinks a man who says the Wall of the Iron Curtain was a good idea is “wonderful” is a bag of fries short of a happy meal.

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