GOP Organization Tells Latino Voters to Stay at Home

Robert de Posada

The GOP will do anything it can to buy an election and if it can’t do that, it’s proven itself perfectly willing to steal one. Until recently we’ve been in the buying stages, as the GOP corporate machine spends millions in an effort to create a Corporate America, but with that not representing a sure road to success, the GOP seems to have moved onto the stealing stage, as demonstrated by a recent ad by a GOP-linked group called Latinos for Reform.

Media Matters calls it a “A third-party group headed by a GOP operative” – Robert de Posada – former Director of Hispanic Affairs at the Republican National Committee under Lee Atwater. Robert doesn’t want Latinos to vote. Latinos, of course, mostly voted for Barack Obama in 2008. So perhaps the timing of such a commercial immediately before the 2010 midterms will come as no surprise to you.

Here is the English-language version:

And the Spanish:

Obviously, not voting would be a egregious error for Latinos, with so much at stake. Giving the anti-immigrant Republican Party a victory is no way to show your displeasure with the Obama Administration. Yeah, that would show them!

Fortunately, people aren’t being so easily taken in. Huffington Post reports that, “The ad has quickly made waves in Nevada, prompting leaders in the Latino community to denounce the campaign’s message and to encourage stations to take it off the air” and Spanish language TV network, Univision, will not be running the ad:

Univision will not be running any spots from Latinos for Reform related to voting,” said a spokeswoman for the network, Monica Talan, in an email. “Univision prides itself on promoting civic engagement and our extensive national campaigns encourage Hispanics to vote.”

Huffington Post reports that “This effort to squelch the Latino vote may be particularly disturbing to Nevada Democrats considering a recent report showing that Latinos were more likely to vote Democratic in this year’s elections, but were already lacking the motivation to show up to the polls.”

This is a blatant and misleading attempt by the GOP to steal the election. Trick the voters not to vote. Yes, trick. Like the equally reprehensible Jews for Jesus (which is not Jews, but Christian fundamentalists) aiming at tricking Jews (who are not tricked) the conservatives have tried to co-opt the Latino vote by getting their token Latino to urge his fellow voters to stand on the sidelines.

The Latinos aren’t being fooled either. Letting the party of hate and bigotry win in order to punish the Democrats for failing to act is such an attractive option to the GOP that they let their fantasies run away with them. But then, look at the whole ACORN fantasy. You can almost see them rubbing their hands together in glee as they ready to pop their corks in an orgy of celebration.

Epic fail ladies and gentlemen. Do not pass go, do not collect your sought-after payday. We will beat you in 2010 because we do not want what you are selling. We will not go willingly into slavery for your corporate masters, we will not allow you to deprive of us social security and health insurance and minimum wage. This is our country – every American’s country – whatever their skin color, ethnicity, sexual leanings, or type and level of religiosity, and you can’t have it for your totalitarian fantasies.

I’m a Scandinavian American Heathen and I approve this message. Though it isn’t my native language, I think an Adiós! would be appropriate here.

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  1. When I think GOP, I think of a party so bereft of values and ideas that it has to trick people into voting for it….with freedom works and phony promises of culture war issues and now this. Tricks.

  2. So true, Sarah. They reach out to the gullible and try to trick the people too smart to drink the Kool Aid.

  3. IIRC, the GOP did something similar with African-American voters in 2008 by telling us to vote on the date after the November elections, but as usual, they underestimated how much interested and involved in politics that many of us are. Epic Fail is the way to describe this attempt by Latinos for Reform to suppress the Latino vote in NV.

  4. They also went about destroying ACORN, aided and abetted by some Democrats who were enablers. This was for the explicit purpose of reducing the number of poor urban and black voters, who consistently vote for Democrats.

  5. But remember, it’s us Democrats who are keeping black folks down. Seriously, Republicans would be just as happy if only rich white folks got to vote so they can rape us all the way to the bank.

  6. this is a pretty decent example of conservatives talking down to another minority. They constantly tell blacks( and I hate using that term) that Obama and the Democrats are not good for them. Now they are telling Latinos that the Democrats are against them.

    It is an attempt to isolate another minority into the corner and tell them exactly how unnecessary they are. Any Latino in his right mind has to look at the actions in the Southwest of America by the GOP or its supposedly representative’s and absolutely run pell-mell to the voting booth.

  7. That is one of the funniest things I have ever heard. They seem to think that we blacks are not observing how far they have diverged from what they were when they originated. The GOP was formed on an anti-slavery platform in 1854, and there was a time when they actually stood for something. The last decent GOP president was Dwight Eisenhower, and that was almost half a century ago. Since then, they have been targeting different groups to hate and appealing to white racism. The sad irony is that they care only about the rich, and being white does not matter to them in the scheme of things except as a tool to divide and rule. Because they have done a bang-up job of showing their true colors, we need to make ALL of their divide-and-conquer tactics an epic fail on November 2nd. Yet, with all we know about them, they have the unmitigated gall to say Democrats are enslaving us.

  8. And I think Eisenhower was as good as he was because he really wasn’t a political person, nor a natural Republican. It was the Republicans who came to him and asked him to run as a Republican; he had never up till then identified himself with either political party. He was just a decent human being that knew what needed to be done. After all, no “real” Republican could have built the socialist Interstate System!

  9. You got it, Shiva and it will backfire on them.

    By the way, I know a black gal who hates the term “African American” and I personally detest the term “white” as much as I do “Caucasian” – I am not white and I’m certainly not identified by an inaccurate 19th century pseudo-scientific term. If people need to get specific I’m Scandinavian or if they want to be more general, Northern European.

    It’s a shame we can all just be folks. That’s all I think of myself as – folks.

  10. Unfortunately, these folks don’t think of us all as just people. They use the differences among us as a club to beat us over the head with instead of acknowledging our diversity as a thing of beauty and a source of strength. They are interested only in a country in which all Americans but the very rich can be exploited with impunity. They would read returning them to dominance as an endorsement of that destructive mindset.

  11. Yes, and it’s very sad that they feel the need to view the world and its people this way. They’ve lost a lot and they’ll never know it.

  12. Latinos shouldn’t vote.

    After all, illegals don’t have that right.

    The ad is not condescending; it makes perfect sense. This site and its writers need to stop twisting simple truths.

  13. There are plenty of Latinos who have been in this country for decades who ARE legal residents or native-born citizens, just as there are illegal immigrants who are NOT Latinos but European, African, Asian, etc. So, your statement makes absolutely no sense. I say this as someone with an extended family that includes Latinos who are here legally.

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