Vote for the Constitution on November 2

The Republican Target: The Constitution

The 2010 Midterm elections are a few days away, November 2. Everybody knows what they are about, what the major issues are: abortion (the #1 Republican issue), the federal deficit (and in a broader sense the economy), and, of course, the balance of power in both houses of Congress. This means not only are we voting for what Obama might be able to accomplish in the future, but for what he has already done. We are, in effect, being asked to vote for President again. Because the Republicans have made clear that they will repeal every bit of the Obama administration’s legislation, obstruct further legislation, and appoint committees to investigate Obama and administration officials for any and every reason.

A Republican victory in the 2010 Midterms is designed to bring the United States government to a screeching halt, or to be more accurate, destroy it outright.

We stopped them in 2008. But thanks to the Supreme Court, thanks to the ruinous state our economy as a result of Republican maladministration, they get a second chance to finish the job.

But even this is not the end result. No, the true end result of all this is laying the country low enough to accept the return of the legitimate ruling dynasty, the Republicans, ordained by God to be the rightful rulers of His United States.

Few people probably realize that we are voting on the Constitution, and in particular, the First Amendments rights of freedom of choice in matters of religion.

So don’t panic, but there is a lot at stake here, and you had better recognize exactly what it is you are going to your voting places to vote for. You had better have these issues clear in your mind before you enter your ballot, because in a very real sense, there is no going back.

The Republicans intend to take us to a place from which there is no return.

You see, their fantasy America, the mythic America that was founded as a Christian nation in their re-written text books, is about to come to fruition. They are that close.

Church State separation doesn’t exist in the Republican mindset. There is no place for it in the Constitution or even in discussion of the Constitution. They simply say it isn’t there. Why? Because the words don’t appear there. And if it nowhere says “separation of church and state” then it can’t possibly be there, can it?

But it can. And it is. The First Amendment is very clear: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…

Then there is the little matter of Article 6, Section 3, which prohibits religious tests for office:

The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.

This is very clear. There can be no mistaking what is meant. Yet the Republicans keep insisting it is a myth. They do not offer any actual evidence for all their claims and what quotes they throw our way are invented quotes supposedly made by Washington. Bruce Wilson, of Talk to Action, points out that the “’George Washington’s Prayer’ even served as the printed invocation prayer for the 2001 National Prayer Breakfast…[which] Historians have known it to be fraudulent for, literally, decades.” This fraudulent prayer is held out as proof of what the Founding Father’s intended. But they like to claim that the phrase “separation of church and state” appears only in a letter to the Baptist Association of Danbury, Connecticut, and is therefore inadmissible.

It is interesting that Washington’s extra-constitutional prayer (which was never invoked by Washington) is evidence of the Founder’s intent to establish a Christian nation (Washington was present at the Constitutional Convention but did not contribute to the debates) while Jefferson’s words (he was not present at the Constitutional Convention but was a close confidante of Madison, who was) are not evidence of the Founder’s intent to establish a secular nation. The First Amendment is in the Bill of Rights, and if it is inaccurate to call Madison the Father of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights was his entirely.

But the Religious Right does not want to talk about Madison, who, significantly, was a Christian who believed in the separation of church and state, and who fought for it tenaciously. And of what Washington actually said? They don’t want to talk about that either.

When in 1789 some New England ministers took up the issue of the lack of mention of “the true only God, and Jesus Christ whom he has sent” in the Constitution, Washington answered, “the path of true piety is so plain as to require but little political direction.” This was the answer of a politician and before the Religious Right can attempt to subvert this genuine quote as well, they will need to be reminded that Washington corresponded with 22 major religious groups and attended various services: Lutheran, Congregational, Dutch Reform, and even the despised Roman Catholic. He said he was tolerant of all religions (echoing Jefferson), including Muslims and Jews.

And Washington never became a member of any church; that is, he never took communion, saying he was “no bigot…to any mode of worship.” He did not, as far as we know, even own a Bible.

This is the man the Religious Right would make their poster boy for Christian theocracy. They would use the main upholder of the Constitution to bring it down.

When Alexander Hamilton was asked why the Constitutional Convention had not recognized God in that document, he is said to have answered glibly, “We forgot.” During the convention, he dismissed Franklin’s suggestion of a daily invocation as “foreign aid” that was unneeded.

The facts are all there and in plain view. That the Republicans continue to express unsupported and unsubstantiated claims and insist that they are right in absence of all proof should send out the requisite warning bells to all voters. Voters, it is proven, do not always carefully study the issues at stake, do not want to be troubled with trying to understand them and their complexities. But this is a very simple one, because we are voting on the Constitution and its foremost principle, that the United States is a nation of true religious liberty, alien to the idea of state-sponsored religion, and to the idea that one denomination’s holy book can be legislated into law for all.

This was one of the things which we threw off when we declared our liberty from Great Britain. It is one of the things our Nation has always stood for, and which has made us strong. A Republican vote is an anti-Constitutional vote, a vote against the very fabric of our Founding document, and I hope people will keep this in mind when they go to the polls on November 2. Because we won’t get a second chance.

11 Replies to “Vote for the Constitution on November 2”

  1. The use of Washington to sell the destruction of the constitution melds with all of the Orwellian strategies they employ. This is the Big Lie, of course. Used to sell not religion — no, never religion- they are selling subservience and acceptance of your lower station to the masses.

  2. Yes, it sure does, Sarah. The Republican Platform ought to be titled “Our Totalitarian Future” because that’s what they’re selling.

  3. I could not agree more. Their objective is to create a permanent underclass of sheep who won’t question anything they do or say. And they are only interested in the parts of the Constitution that they think supports their position.

  4. And the bible. They only want the parts that support their version of things, which is why the far right “rewrote” the bible recently, along with history.

    Again, to clarify, I am don’t care what someone believes. I simply do not see that it belongs in our laws and government and I am deeply offended by the use of religion to gin up hate and fear.

  5. I’m quite sure that with their selective interpretations of both, they would set the progress for women, racial and religious minorities, and workers back by at least 100 years. It’s amazing that anyone in his or her right mind would vote for them, other than the very rich. These folks who keep crowing about the impending “GOP blowout” think they’re sticking it to Obama and the other Democrats, when they will be sticking it to themselves.

  6. I’ve long been concerned about the fundamentalists. They are very insidious and extremely dangerous. They want to rule our political process.
    We’ve already voted – a thoroughly disheartening experience in this very very red state. But we cannot NOT vote. We care too much.
    But it is becoming difficult to cast votes for people who simply won’t win because in today’s Corporate America, the elections are being bought for unqualified individuals who do not share our views as to how our country should be directed.
    The main emphasis at this point appears to be how quickly we can outsource everything to private industries – and then how to dismantle our Constitution.
    This is truly a constitutional crisis – many of the individuals running do not understand the basic concept of what the Constitution provides in this nation.

    At some point our pendulum will swing back – hopefully before the truly insane crazy people get control. But it will swing back – and the mentally ill will be back in the shadows where they belong.

    What truly discourages me is the racism and the total hatred I see and hear. It’s not what I believe in – and it makes me feel as if my country has changed – for the worst.

  7. It’s shocking. I’d never have thought so many people were so ignorant or so gullible – or so racist and bigoted. It leaves you feeling gut-punched.

  8. According to just about every poll taken in the last 3 days, whether biased or unbiased, they all very massive republican wins.

    What happened here? How is it we can take 8 years of TERRIBLE GOP rule, but 2 years, people are fed up with Obama (who actually ACCOMPLISHED many Promises!) and the Democrats? Granted, the Dems seem to be on the weak and timid (excluding Obama) but come on!

    Nothing irritates me more than to see these Right Wing Hypocrites say how bad the country is, but didn’t care when Bush ran this country and its status into the ground.

    In 9 days Rally to Restore Sanity will happen, and I hope it makes a HUGE difference. Because I cannot stand how divided this country, mostly because of what the Republicans have done, including Fox News, and its minions.

  9. What horrible leftist tripe.

    Voters will reject the wealth redistribution/reparations/anti-White racist agenda of the Odumbo administration.

    I can’t wait!!

  10. So you loved the 8 years with bush? Is that what you are saying? What did you love about his administration exactly? You do not have enough respect to actually call our President by his his name?

    Grow up.

  11. I would rather you suggest we vote for the first ten amendments to the constitution (and a couple of subsequent ones that hammered home some important points too).

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