Tea Party Follows Ku Klux Klan Ideology

Tea Party's Founding Fathers
Tea Party's Founding Fathers

For the past 21 months, and during this election cycle, there is an increase in hate and vitriol from groups like the Tea Party (led by Jim DeMint et al) that are directly tied to the Ku Klux Klan‘s ideology. There are members of the Tea Party who are not blatant racists, but for the most part, teabaggers espouse a return to a white-only America that is in direct contrast to the Constitution and freedoms it guarantees for all Americans.

Unlike the KKK, teabagger groups mask their bigoted philosophy with notions of protecting liberty and returning to the strictest interpretation of the Constitution. Regardless the teabag rhetoric, at the core is a hatred of gays, immigrants, Jews, people of color, and non-Christians, which is exactly the same philosophy of the KKK.

The “birther” movement that denies President Obama is an American citizen and the 14TH Amendment revisionist movement are a direct response to a black man in the Oval Office. Like the Ku Klux Klan, these bigots insist that America is a whites-only nation, and a black man as President is unacceptable; and in their opinion, illegal. The birther movement and the KKK share the belief that our first black president is not a real American.

There is an alarming movement in some states to deny citizenship to immigrant’s children in violation of the 14TH Amendment, and it is aimed primarily at Hispanics. The KKK hates immigrants and minorities, and now they have agents in the teabaggers who are trying to drive minorities out of the country. It is a step to denying citizenship to any person of color, and like Nazi Germany, people are getting caught up in the herd-mentality and joining the battle against non-white Americans. It is no coincidence that the KKK uses the swastika as their symbol, and it is ironic that teabaggers accuse President Obama of being a Nazi when they follow KKK ideology.

People who live in the southern United States understand that the culture of bigotry is ingrained in many from the South, and many southerners condone the KKK and teabagger philosophy. If the South had the assets, they would fight the Civil War again for the sole purpose of banning immigrants, people of color, Jews, gays, and non-Christians from being American.

Politicians like Jim DeMint, Ken Cuccinelli (VA-R), and many other Republican/teabaggers from the south are imposing their Christian morals on the American people by demonizing gays and Muslims. Teabaggers believe America is a Christian nation, and like the Ku Klux Klan, campaign to purify America by enforcing archaic biblical laws to purge non-compliant citizens from the country.

The Ku Klux Klan burns bible-crosses to glorify Jesus Christ and openly declare their hatred for Jews, Muslims, and Catholics. It is not far removed from Daniel Webster’s (FL-R) wishes to make biblical stoning punishment for heresy. In the case of Webster and the KKK, heresy is any teaching that is NOT evangelical Christian, and their beliefs are those of the Christian Reconstructionist movement.

This week the NAACP released a report showing the connection between 6 Tea Party groups and extremists like the Ku Klux Klan, supporting the idea that teabaggers are racially motivated. Observers have felt the teabags are racist based on the representation of white people at teabagger gatherings, and their hatred for immigrants; the NAACP report substantiates that belief.

With the rise in popularity of the teabag movement, the true bigoted nature of many in America is made manifest and one has to wonder just how prevalent the KKK’s influence on American politics will become. Obviously, the KKK and teabagger mentality is not confined to southern states and shows the scope and breadth of bigots all across America.

Hopefully, exposing the connection between the Ku Klux Klan and the Tea Party will alarm and anger decent Americans enough that teabag candidates and their racially motivated policies will be shunned. However, with the mood of the country becoming more hateful and bigoted toward minorities and non-Christians, it looks like very dark days ahead for everyone in America. Because just as hate and frenzy steered Nazi Germany, it is having the same effect here in America…land of the free, home of the bigot.

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  1. Thank you for bringing this to the public’s attention, rmuse. It is very sad when a minority of the population, a few hate-filled bigots, can so distort our political discourse and have such a profound effect on political views. The waters are muddied with hate, and also with blood.

  2. It is no coincidence that EVERY Tea Party candidate is an anti-gay, anti-choice Christianist crackpot. Even Scott Brown met with the extreme anti-gay hate group Mass Resistance. The whack job running for Governor in Hawaii is part of an extreme Dominionist group led by self-proclaimed prophet Cindy Jacobs. Rubio is just as nutty as Angle, Miller and O’Donnell. He just offers the crackpottery with a smile.

    There seems to have formed an unlikely symbiotic relationship between the business forces that organized the T-Party, the Arlington Group (the umbrella organization of the religious right) and their offshoot, The Council for National Policy.

    A perfect storm of mania has NOM and GOProud supporting the same slate of candidates. Ugh

  3. Thank you for a great article, Rmuse. These people need to be exposed for what they truly are. It is sickening the way they wrap themselves in the American flag and try to make themselves out to be the custodians of “morality” – seems to me they are taking advantage of their right to free speech and democracy in order to destroy those very things!

  4. Wasn’t Christ a Jew? Pretty sure he was. So isn’t hating Jews the same as hating Christ and therefor Anti-Christian in principle? The other stuff I get, I don’t agree but I do get. They hate anyone that intimidates them, I completely get it – most men with self esteem character flaws probably flock to such organizations. I just never got the Jew hating thing. Here is another example. Islamics pray to God to bless the Sons of Abraham (part of their morning prayer I believe – going off History channel here! lol). However, the sons of Abraham are the Jews. Then they wage war on the Jews. That shit just doesn’t make sense to me!

  5. Problem is…they are going to win this election.
    Maybe not everyone who votes for the nutjobs really understands what they are all about, but that does not matter if they get the votes.

    As much as I like to see what I read here, I don’t see how that helps
    the cause of the sane people. The nutjobs don’t read this and they don’t
    listen to reason.

    I’d like to see ideas about what can be done about that instead of preaching to the choir and everyone saying “yeah…look how dangerous and dumb these people are”

  6. Remember the first T/Bagger rally’s ,the Racist Posters ,the Guns,the calls for lynchings,the hate,THE REAL T /BAGGERS ???But then the T/Baggers were ordered by their overlords ,lobbyist Dick Armey and Fux”news”,to quickly get Politically Correct and to stick those racist signs,guns,ropes and jackboots back in those closets!And that’s all that they are now ,a closeted ,more careful and politically correct guise of the same old,SAME OLD, FROM Nightriders,Dixiecrats,Republicans,John Birchers,Aryan Nation,White Supremacist,Posse Comitatus,TO T/Baggers!WHAT A HISTORY???

  7. RMuse, I totally agree that the Tea Party is full of racists. Regardless of whether they may have a few token members of racial minorities in their ranks, they are anti-immigrant, anti-minority, and religiously bigoted particularly against Muslims. I never notice anything positive coming from them, only misdirected anger and hatred toward other Americans and toward the president. It’s sad, because they are puppets for people who want a corporate takeover of this country and are pulling the strings from behind the scenes. They are merely a less openly violent hate group than the KKK was in its heyday, but there is no denying that the two groups are linked. Ever since a man of visible and traceable African ancestry became president, these creeps have come out of the wood work. Aside from their obvious bigotries, they also appeal to the selfishness and narcissism of Americans who have the “I’ve’-got-mine-screw-you” attitude. I believe that even if some of them manage to win national elections, they contain the seeds of their own destruction. If they manage to get even a few of their destructive policies enacted into law, reality will set in in an extremely way for people who voted for them.

  8. I also agree that the Tea Party is racist and hatist. However, don’t lump all southerners in with that lot (please). We are not all bigoted Republicans (I’m far from it, and originally from South Georgia). Thanks for your views!

  9. Me too! Nope, we’re not all like that. Savannah just passed local rights for gay partners to receive government benefits yesterday so maybe it will start to seep over.

  10. I was born and raised in the south to parents who were southerners as were their parents. We grew up in poverty and my family never instilles hatred in me or my brother no matter their faults. The south has a large contingent of racist a-holes, but by no means are we all racist nor are well all republicans. Far from it

  11. My dad was from Charleston, SC, and unfortunately he was a racist, but I don’t recall him ever trying to instill those feelings in us boys as we were growing up. I mean it was there, and it was visible, but he never gave us racist speeches or talking to’s.

  12. I’m originally from Pineland Texas where to the best of my knowledge, white folk still call the area across the railroad tracks, across the street from Temple Inland (formerly Temple Eastex, a wood processing plant) the “Nigger Quarters” because thats where they use to force all the black people to live, back in like the 50’s I think and even in the 70’s and 80’s growing up, not ONE black family ever lived on my side of the tracks. (black people in town call it “The Hill” as I recall) and I have to get harsh with my Texas family members because they start slinging the N word around like its asking someone to pass the butter and think nothing of it. So your lucky, my experience in the south has been one of racism, intolerance and bigotry and thats with thousands of people I’ve met over the first 22 years of my life – all of the salivate with shit eating grins over this “South is going to Rise Again” mantra, its a scary thought if you really think about it. People just don’t think any thing of that kind of thing down there – the more hateful and spiteful the better, makes them feel good I guess – I think its low self esteem personally but I’m no shrink! lol. I don’t know how I turned out so different than everyone else, I mean even I use to sling the N word around when I lived down there, ashamed to admit it now but its the truth and wish I could turn back the clocks and preach a different tune now but I can’t. Guess getting the hell out of there and moving up north helped some. Here in Nebraska, I’ve rarely ran into a racist, but I’m surrounded by republicants, let me tell you! lol. funny too, both The South Platters area where I live now and most of Texas use to be Democratic – The state capitol was put in the democratic part of the state because they agreed to name it after the republican icon Abraham Lincoln, true story!, but back then the Democratic party use to be a different breed of folk I suppose. Kind of odd to me, that its the Republican’s who helped free the slaves and are now the ones who want to make something like that happen again. Sad how everything changes over time. I think we Democrats now identify with Lincoln much better than the Republicans do – Lincoln would be ashamed of them, I know it in my heart.

  13. You shouldn’t fee ashamed that you didn’t know any better. You changed and grew and you try to educate people now. It’s one thing to never be exposed to racism and think it’s no biggie but to grow up with it and reject it takes courage and thought imo. I know I’m shocked when I hear the racism but then I’m also shocked when people say it’s not the issue teabaggers have with the President. It sure is. All you have to do is talk to them and look in their eyes to know that. That smug look you talked about — I know that look. It makes them feel like big people to look down on others. It’s sad and ugly. What’s even worse is the people who don’t know any better and you can’t say a thing. But sometimes I meet someone who likes the President even though they call him the n word. That blows my mind. They think he’s doing a good job and they think the Republicans are hassling him just because he’s black. That’s pretty weird too.

  14. Trust me, I grew up in the North (Pennsylvania), and I know better than to believe that bigots reside only in the South. Although I experienced very little racism directed personally at me, I saw it directed at others and saw just how destructive it can be. While it’s heartening that most Americans have moved beyond it, the fact remains that a significant number of other Americans are still mired in that mindset. The Tea Party appeals to racial bigotry, among all the bigotries it embraces and espouses.

  15. No but I went to school with welfare thugs. Their parents were rich politicians with money to burn. Guess how they made their living? Being Repbulicant thugs with no bid contracts. GO cry about welfare thugs somewhere else.

  16. You guys are so far left and mis informed it is alarming. The Tea Party is not abunch of hate mongers and racists. I am part of the tea party and I hate no one, get your minds right and have a conversation with a tea party member before writing these hate articles Rmuse, your hateful article blows me away. How can you openly spit these lies, or are you really just that swayed by the conservative hating media? God forbid I give a dam about fiscal responsibility and the future of this country. If you coin the tea party “EXTREME” for caring about our fiscal future and long term damage to this country then your insane. Do some research (numbers, history), this does not include listening to your progressive piers and know nothing professors fill your mushy, mendable brain full of garbage. You will see the far left is heading in the wrong direction. This site is garbage, people please open your eyes.

  17. You give someone a label so you can stop thinking. Intellectual laziness breeds another kind of hate.

  18. Worrying about the fiscal future while Rome burns.
    You are a tea-bagger and if you don’t like this site, go get your white sheet and find a nice Conservative site that will let you keep believing all the B.S. you have been listening to.
    Actually I am always surprised that you guys CAN read.

  19. The fact of the matter is that the Tea Party doesn’t care about fiscal conservatism. Every policy that they support every war they push for increases debt and spending. So support a party that has actually done something to end expensive wars overseas , the party that has finally roped in shady finanial practices of large banks, and did something for everyday people. The Liberal party. The Tea Party is funded by big business for the sole purpose of making big business more money. Trace the funds, and you find corporations holding the strings. So Don’t sit on your high horse and proclaim your for fiscal conservatism and not with the tea party for thier racist, reactionary leanings, if you actually looked at the where the money goes, you’d be voting for Democrats.

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