Karl Rove Refuses to Say That Sarah Palin Would Be a Good President

We a finally found a lie that Karl Rove won’t tell. On Face The Nation, the former Bush’s Brain was asked about whether Palin would be a good president. He answered, “Well I don’t know if she is going to run or not, and if she does she will be a formidable candidate.”

Here is the video via The Page:

Rove was asked by host Bob Schieffer, if Sarah Palin was going to run for president, and if she would be a good president. Rove responded with a dodgy non-endorsement, “Well, I don’t know whether she is going to run or not, and if she runs she would be a formidable candidate, but look there are going to be several geological ages that are going to come and go before the 2012 Republican presidential nomination fight gels.”

Rove compared GOP 2012 to the Democrats in 2008, “It’s going to be like the Democrats. Who at this point in 2006 was saying oh yeah, it’s going to be that guy Obama. He’s got it, and I think we are going to face the same process on the Republican side where every one of these prospective candidates, if they decide to enter the race has strength they need to work on magnifying and weaknesses that they need to endeavor to overcome, or challenges that they need to overcome, and we don’t know that’s going to play out. It is going to be an interesting contest to watch.”

We can now add Karl Rove’s name to the list of notable Republicans who refuse to talk about Palin’s talents for the presidency. Rove joins both Joe Miller and Christine O’Donnell in dodging the Palin presidency question. Republicans are running as fast as they can away from questions about Sarah Palin. They realize that politically she is George W. Bush level toxic sludge. Anyone who associates with her runs the risk of falling approval ratings and declining political fortunes.

Last month Palin tried to use some remarks Rove made about Christine O’Donnell to challenge him for big dog status within the GOP, but as today’s remarks demonstrated, Rove is proving to be an elusive target. Rove limited his remarks to stating the obvious. In a fractured Republican Party, if she runs, Sarah Palin will be a formidable candidate. Karl Rove is not going to play Sarah Palin’s game. There will be no high profile media feud. Rove isn’t going to attack Palin.

However if Rove believed that Palin was qualified, he could have answered the question in a much different way. He could have said, “I believe that Sarah Palin, if she runs, will be one of many strong candidates who will make the Republican field in 2012,” or he could have said, “Gov. Palin has already demonstrated her popularity within the Republican Party. You can never tell how good of a president a candidate will be, but I’m sure we will have many fine candidates to choose from.”

My money is on it snowing in hell before Rove endorses Palin. Rove is a bit off base, when he compares GOP 2012 to the Democrats in 2006. Actually, by this point in 2006, the Democrats had a clear front runner in Hillary Clinton, and we were only a few months away from Barack Obama announcing his candidacy in early 2007. It was clear even before the primaries began that the Democratic field was at best a three person race between Clinton, Obama, and Edwards.

Nice try, Karl. Unlike the Democratic situation of 2006, in 2012, the most popular candidate with the GOP base (Sarah Palin) is also the candidate most likely to get trounced in the general election. Republican strategists are praying that Palin decides not to run. If she is somehow able to transform her cult of personality into the 2012 nomination, the Republican Party is screwed. Karl Rove isn’t going to forget Sarah Palin’s attempted power play against him. Unless she wins the Republican nomination, it will snow in hell before he ever supports Sarah Palin.

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21 Replies to “Karl Rove Refuses to Say That Sarah Palin Would Be a Good President”

  1. And the interesting thing is he funneled $4 million dollars through the ‘tea-party’.
    But he has to be careful, because they are losing the Moderate Republicans. She’s nothing more then a coy and subtle ‘race baiter’. (and she would not last out her first term)

  2. Sarah thinks she can play this game with Karl Rove. I love it. This show couldn’t be any better. We never got justice, but maybe Palin is their own self-created revenge. She certainly has the stomach for it. Karl, you have met your match (not in wits, but in slime).

  3. Rove is the man behind the curtain who pops out now and then to say something. He was tremendously powerful in the Bush white house. As such he still commands power in the blue suited GOP from people who still support the Bush and/or standard GOP properties.

    In that position what he says carries weight that is far heavier in the GOP that what Palin says. Thats why he doesn’t get into little peeing contests with her. At the end of the day its what Herr Rove says that makes the rounds of the GOP back rooms, not what Palin lies about. She doesnt know that. I bet Tood does.

    Sarah has set herself above the GOP. Rove remains firmly entrenched. Sarah has screwed herself

  4. I want her to stir up the base during the republican primary season, win the nomination, and run against Obama in 2012. It would give her the opportunity to face the reality that the majority of Americans do not think she’s POTUS material. So far, she’s been able to delude herself into thinking she can do the job, and her bots have done an excellent job enforcing this belief for her. Let the American people decided, and once she’s rejected, maybe she’ll slink back to Wasilla in shame. It’s already been reported that after losing in 2008, she said that the American people don’t think she’s good enough. It’s time to hammer the message home.

  5. Right now this nation is still trying to recover from the recession. This last recession is still not over. The last thing this country needs right now is further division between both parties which is flowing over to result in even greater racial and economic division between the voters.
    I would like for my country to have a chance to heal before this nutjob is turned loose to try and run for President.
    It makes me sick to see this BS of being a “Muslim is the new Black”.

  6. This creature makes my stomach turn. I want her to run against Obama so I know we can win, but I”m not sure I can handle her race baiting hatred or the inevitable violence she will stir up. She belongs behind bars in either jail or psych ward. She is definitely a danger to others.

  7. And this is precisely why I support Ms Palin for the GOP nomination for President in 2012. I don’t think she can win, but if she did the nation wouldn’t need 4 years to discover what cretins these folks truly are. Y’all make sure you VOTE Nov. 2 2010!!

  8. once rick perry announces his run for president in 2012, karl will back him, as well as becoming his chief strategist, thus propelling rove back into the white house!

  9. First is it Pres Obama he won the election he deserves the title.
    Next are you kidding he could beat anyone of the GOP they have no strong canidates to run!

  10. Hahaha. Yeah, boy, Cantor and Huckabee and Romney really get out the vote. Most of their voters will be in an old age home by then, or crazy from too much Beck.

  11. I have the feeling that while Rove is not saying she would be a good president, he is remembering the backlash he got from his remarks to the effect that Christine O’Donnell is not a good candidate to send to the Senate. Therefore, his words are a lot more measured.

  12. She hates Mr. Obama – she is absolutely fanatically OBSESSED with our President. She has never recovered from her resounding defeat. To the racist Sarah, this is the worst thing that ever happened to her.
    All the money in the world will never EVER take the sting out of her loss.

    She will continue with her latest DSMIV pathology – developing new little tics and tongue flicks – and she will NEVER EVER beat our President. All he has to do is open his mouth and speak – and she’s toast.

  13. Karl who?

    Since when does the Pillsbury Doughboy have any smack in this game?

    He’s all about the money. But unfortunately he isn’t perceived exactly as a guru anymore. Too many people see what he is.

  14. Agree – I know the comedians are literally praying for her to run.

    Frankly I don’t know how she would take the humiliation – but her mental illness and narcissistic personality disorder is still in the forefront, urging her on.

    When you find yourself in a really big hole ?? Well Sarah Palin just keeps on digging.

  15. Oh really? He did beat Senator McNasty.

    He’s going to win a second term – in a landslide.

    Then we are on to Hilary –

    The #GOP is toast. Their candidates are all nuts.

  16. My bet is that she’ll declare voter fraud and we’ll be seeing and hearing her for a long time as she has her tantrum about how she, and the “American people”, were cheated in the elections, despite the reality that the majority really doesn’t like her.

    This woman is a lot worse then what she was in 2008.

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