Fox Claims Union Members Are Being Bused in At Gunpoint for Stewart/Colbert Rally

Jon Stewart Beck1 The Fox News paranoia over Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity reached Tom Ridge terror alert level red today, as Monica Crowley claimed on Fox Business that, "Well, but there are a lot of union members who are actually being bused in at gunpoint by their union leadership."

The Fox News paranoia over Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity reached Tom Ridge terror alert level red today, as Monica Crowley claimed on Fox Business that, “There are a lot of union members who are actually being bused in at gunpoint by their union leadership.”

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

On Fox Business’ Varney and Company, Monica Crowley did her best to discredit the Stewart/Colbert rally by claiming that union members were being bused in at gunpoint to the rally. She said, “Well, but there are a lot of union members who are actually being bused in at gunpoint by their union leadership.” When Varney countered not at gunpoint, Crowley said, “In some cases yes, at gunpoint.”

Later she tied the Stewart/Colbert rally to Obama’s plot to get young people to vote on Election Day, “Obama has been targeting one group over and over again over the last two months, and that’s the kids. That’s the college students. He’s been all over campuses. He’s had these speeches broadcast nationwide to college campuses. He is targeting the kids, because the kids along with minority groups, African-Americans, Latinos last time were the core constituencies that came out for him last time.”

Host Stuart Varney later tried to correct Crowley that nobody was being bused in at gunpoint, and she took the opportunity to drive the point home one more time by saying, “But we are talking about some unions here, Stuart.” After Varney said again that it was symbolic, Crowley said, “Ok, I’ll concede the point.” This is the typical Fox News model. Crowley spent almost two minutes discrediting the rally and spreading fear about unions, and five seconds at the very end of the segment admitting that it is not true. What messages do think stuck with viewers? People are being forced to attend the Stewart/Colbert rally, and that the rally is designed to help Obama.

After former Fox News employee Major Garrett admitted that the business model of Fox News is based on keeping America divided, it is no surprise that the Fox operation is pushing back so hard at an event that is designed to reject the polarizing extremism that Fox News preaches. In the long term, if Stewart and Colbert have a half a million people attend the rally, and the seed of moderation gets planted, Fox News might find their style of “reporting” rejected.

The media keeps missing the point of this rally. The point is not political. Contrary to what Fox says, this is not an event to help Democrats. The message behind the Rally to Restore Sanity is social. Stewart’s is advocating for the return of civil moderate behavior to our national discourse. Mainstream media is missing the point that much of message of this rally is directed at them. By trying to fit the event into a constructed political narrative, they are reinforcing Jon Stewart’s point about their inability to cover any issue without polarizing it.

No one is getting bused in on Saturday at gunpoint. No one on stage is going to be telling the audience that God is speaking to them, or urging them to take their country back. This event is News Corp’s worst nightmare come to life. Hundreds of thousands of people are gathering in at the historic National Mall to reject the very environment that has allowed Fox News and other media outlets to prosper. Often comedy delivers the most penetrating social commentary. Fox News my demonize Jon Stewart, and distort the purpose of the rally, but they can’t dilute the message that America is suffering from a severe case of extremist fatigue.

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  1. Seriously.. I mean seriously.. I cannot even begin to wrap my mind around what could possibly have gone so wrong inside the Republican party to create, not just conspicuous, but ABSURD mental unbalance. If this was a member of my family saying stuff like this, there would be no hesitation on my part to get them into a hospital to keep them from harming themselves!

  2. Use a baseball bat, restore some sanity! I’m all for this rally, wish I could attend as I think this will be a hit with more than a million people showing up and many more following online!

  3. So here is one problem. There ARE people who fall for this garbage and BELIEVE it. And from what I’ve seen lately, it apparently is OK to beat people up and stomp on their head if you disagree. I thought we had LAWS that said people can’t harm others.

    First Cantor had someone who was roughed up (even tho he had RSVP’d to attend an event) and now we have the incident with Rand Paul’s thugs. Not to mention Joe Miller’s Militia Force.

    Fux news is really a very dangerous outlet – it stokes and promotes violence against individuals. It also wouldn’t know or recognize the truth. There is nothing they will not lie about. And they WANT violence against anyone who disagrees.

    It is all tied together – and they KNOW the Rally will have probably over a million people and that freaks them out.

    But I find the violence really tragic – the fact is, beating someone is STILL a crime and these people forget they haven’t killed all of our laws yet.

  4. This is even more laugh-inducing than Joe Miller’s hasty retreat from Rachel Maddow’s attempt to interview him. It is definitely the product of paranoid, delusional, and mentally unbalanced “thinking.” I wonder if these folks practice at being stupid, since they do it so well.

  5. Great post, Jason. It should serve as a tell to any thinking person that Fox is so obsessed with this rally. I especially liked your point about news outlets trying to fit this into their narrative, which is the entire point of the rally. Stop with the phony narratives.

    Anyone who trusts someone who had to be challenged three times before they concede that they are being dishonest is not very bright.

  6. That was me above:-) It said I was signed in but then posted anonymous. It’s Halloween humor, I guess.

  7. This has to be the worst Fox Propaganda lie all month long. I can’t wait to laugh at any conservative who regurgitates this on various discussion forums around the internet, and mark my words, they will regurgitate it like good little stupid robots.

  8. Great news for republicans, if it’s true. It’s great to get democrats off the streets so close to an election!

  9. fear makes people do and say silly things.

    imagine how bad it will make them feel if it draws more people than any of their corporate funded grassroots rallies

  10. Why doesn’t anyone ever ask these dingbats where they “learned” this idiotic information they’re spewing forth? Better yet, would they have an answer if anyone did? If not, then it would be obvious that they’re simply making it up as they go!!

  11. wait, my wife said.. the rally hasn’t happened yet…

    How are dem evil unions going to round people up now?

    Fox news – validating Poe’s Law every single freakin’ day.

  12. great story, very well said. one day we will look back and laugh at how we allowed news corporations to thrive by spreading lies and fear to its viewers. No money in the world can buy true happiness, and these news employees will have it coming sooner or later

  13. Fox is more comedy than news. Check this out:

    A reputed terrorist mastermind managed to escape capture from Canadian Mounted Police and could be on his way to the U.S., according to a Friday report by Fox News.

    The terrorist, known as Snidely Whiplash, apparently enjoys tying women to railroad tracks, robbing banks and attacking CMP forts in the wilderness. The information was first reported by Fox Newsmodel Gretchen Carlson on the “Fox & Friends” morning show.

    “I’m not sure what channel I was watching, it must have been a Canadian network, but this guy Whiplash sure seems dangerous. In the report I was watching, he tied three innocent women to railroad tracks,” Carlson said. “In keeping with Fox news guidelines, I haven’t bothered to verify this information before putting it on the air, but it’s time for all of you to be very afraid. After all, we’ve got an election coming up.”



  15. Great article, but I disagree that it isn’t a political rally. It is not a *partisan* rally, but it is very much political rally, in the larger meaning of the word: relating to the guiding or influencing of government policy. Those of us planning to attend to the rally are trying to have our voices heard over the clamor of the minority of extremists whose voices seem to be running the political narrative reported by the larger media.

  16. Are you people so daft as not to see that the was making a play on the documented fact of mob involvement with unions?If you held Jon Stewart to the same standard……..

  17. That comment was hyperbole as is often used in these exchanges. If you watch the whole clip Varney clarifies that point and says it’s not happening.

    A less misleading headline would not say FOX claims… but Crowley claims…

  18. “A less misleading headline would not say FOX claims… but Crowley claims…”
    One in the same she works there and said it on air which means either it was dicussed in the production meeting to be said or it was said into her ear piece during the show. They are not allowed to adlib on Fox you tow the line or get placed in the realm of Fox business these are facts!

  19. I know, first hand, that if you do not agree with union politics they can/will target you and try to get you fired. The union prsident told me that “they don’t like me and they do not want me working there, that I should go somewhere else to work. Not long after, a union employee told me they would make me look bad to the employer in order to get me fired. And not long after that, I was fired and the union refused to represent me.

  20. Really the Union president told you that, excuse me for being extremely skeptical about your statment oh the hell with it your sir are a liar. What was the Union what was your dues who was your Union rep how would another empoyee make you look bad? Quick check your pants they are on fire!

  21. Wasn’t this a cartoon from our youth? Bad guy kidnapping the damsel and tying her to the railroad tracks. And if it weren’t for the Canadian Mounty, she would be dead? lol

  22. You ask yourself how could people be so stupid, but then you realize we have had trillions and trillions of ancestors. In that vein it simply boggles the mind that the odds of people that grossly stupid could have been gathered in one room at one time. Its beyond imagination. Its bigger than space and carries more weight than all of the gravity in the universe put together.

    Worse, it happens repeatedly and daily on Fox. Defying the odds.

  23. LMBO! I can’t believe all of the people here who think she was serious. Lighten UP, people. It was hyperbole. Look it up.

  24. of course, the union lackeys will in many cases have their travel, accomodations and meals paid for – as well as their time. This is no more a spontaneous and genuine expression of the people than any of BHObama’s “town halls” or photo-ops with picked crowds.

    Wait until Tuesday…..

  25. Not near as bad as Bush’s phony rallies moron, where they threw out anyone that wasn’t a RNC member or had an opposing view- even in a public venue.
    BTW- having LESS unions isn’t exactly working out for the working class- more and more have no pensions, lousy wages, lousy healthcare or no healthcare at all, no job security, part time jobs, temp. jobs, and the wealth is being transferred to the billionaires. You say wait for Tuesday, I fear for Tuesday because all the Republicans bring to the table is business as usual and attacks on the working class.

  26. No-I mean it-it happened to me just yesterday! Some Union thug put a gun to my head and told me to get on the bus, or else. I was really, really afraid, but I prayed to Allah, and to Karl Marx, and miraculously, the Exit sign started to glow, and I was transported out the Emergency exit! I was hoping I wouldn’t have to stay on that bus until Saturday-that gun-totin’ Marxist, liberal. Socialist, union organizer didn’t even give me time to bring along clean underwear! This is happening all over America! I think they’re unionized Acorns, or Black Panther Union guys. One of them told me that Obama was forcing them to do this! I swear it’s true! It happened to me!

  27. “That comment was hyperbole” is valid until she says “In some cases yes, at gunpoint.”

    Better luck next time.

  28. Dude, you can always tell who is lying in any argument. All you need to do is look up the facts. If one side does not have ANY facts then they are lying about their results!
    To get a perspective on what I am telling you it is a pretty simple test read IDB’s editorial page “On the Right” and on the same page usually “On the Left”.
    Note both methods of reporting the same thing and notice the differences. The one on the Left does ALL your thinking for you, understanding that you are too stupid to figure out all this complexity. The Right gives you a bunch of facts and the sources where they got them and then they have their conclusion. But it up to YOU to think things through from what you have just been presented.
    Now I ask you is it better to live under slavery or is it better to live in a free society?
    No lies man, socialism is slavery, you KNOW that and yet you still think Progressive does not equate to Communism. I guess you were asleep in High School, and only awakened by your pro-socialist World History instructor first year community college. That is all I can assume. You see I even give Marx his due in what he created. No one actually follows his full system first you have a revolution from the Dictator Totalitarian or King. Then you create a society coined Communism where everyone shares and only a few people need to be in charge everyone else is a slave. Then you progress to a socialistic society were there are more privlages for the people it is less like slavery because you enslave other nations and use their treasure and workforce. eventually you change to a social-democratic nation where things work for about 60 years then the entire thing breaks down like in Greece. Eventually leading to a democracy as the ultimate goal. Yes I read Marx, he had a good idea, too bad everyone stops halfway so they can claim mastery!

    There is really nothing more to say.
    Fox News is out of their collective mind! It must be sooooo embarrassing to work there!

  30. These guys are INSANE!

    At gunpoint? Fox is this DESPERATE for control. I’m glad I don’t work for them.

  31. Shameless, evil liars. EVIL.
    There is no depth to which they will not sink in their fear that one nickel might escape their and their billionaire cronies’ and owners’ coffers (because the “missing” Afghanistan billions just aren’t enough).

    Oh, Obama is TARGETING COLLEGE STUDENTS! NS, SHERLOCK. And good for him! I just went to see Bill Clinton at a local Community College, where he informed these kids how Boehner has pledged to do away with this Administration’s advances on student aid and loans (e.g., extending the length of payback time), as well as the Health-Care Act provision for family coverage for those up to age twenty-six (indeed, the entire HCA).

    Republicans are Fascists, and using mass media for propaganda is an essential tool.

  32. “Bob Philbin”, are you part of the non-reality, a-historic crowd?
    Because you must have blanked out on the halcyon years of 2000-2008, when a T-shirt would get a woman roughed up in a Bush rally; when Bush would go to PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES and only registered Republicans could, literally, be the only ones to STEP ON THE LAWN (I saw this personally at Kutztown U. in PA); when delegates at the Republican National Convention mocked all Purple Heart veterans (Kerry, in particular) by wearing purple band-aids.
    Talk about “hand-picked” audiences.

    And BTW: You don’t think your precious Republicans go to rallies and conferences on your tax-payer dime? You ARE naive.

  33. NRiano: “I know, first hand, that if you do not agree with union politics they can/will target you and try to get you fired. The union prsident told me that “they don’t like me and they do not want me working there, that I should go somewhere else to work. Not long after, a union employee told me they would make me look bad to the employer in order to get me fired. And not long after that, I was fired and the union refused to represent me.”

    Good. Next time ask a non-union Republican to represent you.

  34. Not at gunpoint…no. They were being paid to attend…big difference. When they split to hit the local bars the only threat they faced was not getting a check for the day.

  35. Well…he’s simply an entertainer…a celebrity…has no real life experience in anything but pleasing a crowd.

    Wait…he’s just like what we have already…so why bother to change?

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