Rush Limbaugh Claims that the Rally to Restore Sanity Helps the Republicans

In what can best be described as a delusional rant, on his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh wove a tale of how the Rally to Restore Sanity helps Republicans. Limbaugh called Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, “half baked comedians,” and claimed that they tell, “Putrid jokes.” Limbaugh also predicted that the rally will draw 65,000 people.

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

Limbaugh said, “Democrats are looking to a pair of comedians to do what Obama and Bill Clinton, and dozens of other leaders have not done yet this election season, that’s get party members excited about voting, and so these two comedians Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. What? He pronounces it Colbert? It’s not Colbert? Oh. Ok. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert expect tens of thousands of fans to join them at the Rally to Restore Sanity on October 30. Three days before the election.”

He continued, “I hope you all go. I hope every Democrat in the country goes. I hope every union member abandons your precinct, abandons every bit of work you are doing on the election, and goes to Washington, sits around, gets drunk, smoke some doobies, and listens to some putrid jokes told by a couple of half baked comedians. What a brilliant scheme. If I didn’t know better I would say that Stewart and Colbert are working for the Republican, a giant rally three days before the election taking Democrats away from polling places, away from the heavy work and the heavy lifting of getting out the vote. Right on.”

Later Limbaugh claimed that Stewart and Colbert are jealous of Beck and the rally will only draw 65,000 people, “Everybody abandon your state head to Washington three days before the election and spend your time doing whatever, while the Tea Party and others are busy working to produce giant turnout on Tuesday, while you Democrats turn out on Saturday in a meaningless show of what? For a couple of comedians who simply can’t get over the fact that Glenn Beck drew over a half million people, and they’re barely going to get over 65,000, and that’s if Arianna Huffington comes through with the free buses.”

Rush Limbaugh is so out of the loop that he did not know how to pronounce Stephen Colbert’s name, and as usual when we discuss anything that comes out of Limbaugh’s mouth, a few things need to be corrected. First of all, his “fact” that Glenn Beck drew over 500,000 people to his Rally to Restore Honor is a total lie. Objective estimates place the size of the crowd at 87,000-100,000. Over a half of a million people did not attend Beck’s rally. The aerial pictures of the event are enough to debunk this right wing myth.

Secondly, Limbaugh’s claim that on 65,000 people will attend the rally was the gibberish of a delusional old man. The official Rally to Restore Sanity Facebook page lists 223,929 people who have committed to attending. There are going to be a hell of a lot more than 65,000 people there. In fact, attendance for the Rally to Restore Sanity should blow any rally the right wing has put together out of the water.

People like Limbaugh are trying to frame the Rally to Restore Sanity as a Democratic get out the vote operation, because they have to find some way to discredit the event and massive crowd that it is going to draw. Contrary to Rush’s fantasy, every Democrat is not going to D.C. this weekend. There will be plenty of them all over the country working hard to get out the vote for Tuesday.

There is no reason for Stewart and Colbert to be jealous of Beck. The ratings show that they already have more viewers than Beck, so Limbaugh is obviously projecting his own jealousy on to the Comedy Central hosts. Rush Limbaugh is so jealous of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert that he concocted this wild fantasy to try to diminish their success. On Saturday, Limbaugh and the right are going to get a taste of the future, and the future doesn’t like what Rush Limbaugh is selling.

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  1. I think Rush has a man crush on Colbert. Do not go to the Dominican Republic with Rush, Colbert! You will regret it.

  2. Spot on!
    Yeah, that crazy old fart is next in line for boycotts. He was better off not saying anything. Obviously, Restore Sanity isn’t for him or his ilk Saturday or any other day.

  3. Rushbo knows how to pronounce Colbert. Give credit where credit is due. It’s the part of the show in which he mimics the ignorance and stupidity of his fan base to play them like the fools they are.

  4. Sanity is not a word any rational, thinking person associates with Limbaugh. He wouldn’t recognize an example of sanity if it was staring him in his face. The people he appeals to are even more insane, and I’m quite sure he laughs at them behind their backs.

  5. The man made fun of starving children!! And some woman married that disgusting greedy pig! Why even mention his name. He is beneath anything or anyone. How the heck did she marry that???? I guess..MONEY CAN buy you anything!!!

  6. They are FREAKING OUT over the RESTORE SANITY RALLY. You heard Monica Crowley on FOX say union members are being bused in at GUNPOINT for the Colbert/Stewart Rally? LOL! wth? THEY ARE SERIOUSLY SCARED ABOUT THE NUMBERS!!!! They have to say that because that’s what THEY DID! They want you to forget that though. They really think we’re as dumb as their followers! They bused in their people..predominantly seniors and all the white folks they could muster –otherwise no one would of made it! Beck and palin have got to be the biggest liars in the world and its just shocking the people that actually listen to them and believe their blatant lies and vitriol. Just incredible. That is some incredibly desperate stuff FOX!! They are totally and I mean totally fricken freaking out over the number that will surely SURPASS THEIR BIGOTED & DISREPECTFUL ACT OF BECK & PALIN’S RACIST BASHING RALLY! Disgusting and totally disrespectful is what it was. And the world got to see the 70,000 or so faces of bigots that reside in our country and who support such hate and vitriol. I feel for you with such passion you just can’t imagine. But thank God there are only a handful of you.

    This RALLY is for US the other 98% of America WHO REALLY DO NOT WANT OUR COUNTRY TO GO BACK TO PRE CIVIL RIGHTS DAYS like the RACISTS REPUBS & TBAGGERS WANT. We are a diverse nation of loving people of all colors. Learn to accept it or get out of our DIVERSE AMERICA. Simple as that!

  7. @omomma
    This is exactly what I was thinking. He knew about Arianna Huffington providing buses to the rally, which she revealed on the Daily Show, but he claims he doesn’t even know how to pronounce Colbert’s last name. Him and Bill ‘O always act like they don’t know who these guys are when clearly they are keeping close tabs on them.

  8. Let’s respond the Republican way and parse and twist what Rush said for evil sound bites: “Limbaugh endorses illicit drug use in Nation’s Capital” is accurate based on the transcript.

  9. You people are sooo delutional. The arial photographs show that there were more people at Glenn Beck’s even than any recent Liberal event. Also photos taken on the ground who that after Glenn Beck’s event the mall was clean but after Liberal events the place was a pig sty! Paper, plastic and discarded food everywhere! . . . and liberals call themselves environmentalists! What a joke! You people are nothing but abunch of loud, pot smoking, smelly, disgusting, traitor, socialist, commie, party before country, slobs who are going to be full of sour grapes after tuesday. I can’t wait! So make sure you have plenty of pot for your bong hits!

    . . . and eat this: According to democratic pollser Doug Schoen a national poll shows: “43 percent say that Barack Obama has been a better president than George W. Bush, while 48 percent say Bush was a better president than Obama has been.” How do you like them beans Bush bashers! Have a good time this weekend because you won’t after tuesday and the first tuesday in Nov. 2012! You traitorous corrupt good for nothing, America hating, anti capitalist commies!

    Love, peace, Ciao!

  10. Oh by the way, if you don’t believe me, here is the Schoen website: “43 percent say that Barack Obama has been a better president than George W. Bush, while 48 percent say Bush was a better president than Obama has been.”

    Please don’t cry!

  11. Wow John believes statistics. How many people were polled? What were the demographics? John is another brainwashed Fox News fanboi

    Everything will be okay John, fear not.

    Now excuse me while I go take a bong rip.

    Oh and I just read a statistic!

    “78 percent say that Barack Obama has been a better president than George W. Bush, while 38 percent say Bush was a better president than Obama has been.”

  12. Guess what John? People like you are the reason we need a Rally to Restore Sanity! We all love America and hate what you and your fellow extremists are doing to it. It’s time our voices are heard. The hate-mongers are so loud they drown out the vast majority of us that want rational discussions and solutions.

  13. Ah, but when the aerials were zoomed, it merely showed that the Beck rally folks took up more space than normal, healthy Americans. We’ve never needed so many cots and lawnchairs — we can stand up on our own!

    Oddly, the baggers and republicants fight against healthcare reform and social security benefits for themselves.

  14. Hope everyone had a good time at the rally! I’m in agreement with Rush, however. Regardless of the number of attendees, let’s say–twenty million for the record, that was 20 million folks enjoying their own self-indulgence as opposed to campaigning for the Dems.

    P.S. I attended the Glenn Beck Rally–my group bought and paid for their own airline tickets and hotel accommodations. Buses were chartered by private groups attending the rally. To suggest otherwise only puts your lack of knowledge regarding this subject on display for conservatives to see.

    Thank you Mr. Colbert and Mr. Stewart for consuming this number of “activists” at a rally on the eve of the election!

  15. were you one of the 10 people at becks rally who counted yourself 100,000 times to get your fake one million figure. if u want to pull out facts 87,000 people showed up to that dumb rally wow your following is huge really scared. lets be serious the republicans will win some seats but wont take back none of the houses. im not even a dem. but because i dont believe your lies and fear tactics im not american enough so im a traitor? bush was a horrible president his father who was only in for one term was better atleast he had some dignity and didnt let his vice president pull the strings. the numbers from your poll was asked on what website cause i never saw the survey. no one else but bitter, racist sore losers like tea baggers and u extreme far right republicans who make the rest look like stupid idiots spend all your time looking for surveys and answer from 10 different computers to take those surveys and the best u can do is get obama to be down by a few points thats sad. as far as the races go cal boxer wins idiot and lying odonnell who went to a 6 week course and calls herself a constitution graduate is a loss in new york a loss. angle loss. you’ll pick up seats but none of the houses the republicans would need a shut out good luck with that. you yap and yap but have no real facts besides what fox news beck limbaugh and other right wing characters say to idiots who they think will listen. at least when i yap theres some truth to it. go back to your fox news website and listen to ur limbaughs and keep yourself disconnected from the country let the other 98% sane americans who have smarts speak. i don’t understand how people like you dont read your own comments and not think “how can i be this ignorant?”

  16. Nice try troll. Obama’s polling (real polling) shows his approval rating higher than Reagan’s at this time in his presidency. How’s that feel?

  17. The comments on this page are a perfect example of the ridiculous polarization from BOTH sides. Bipartisan politics is a problem. Ignorance is another. Americans are constantly bombarded with media that sways our opinions and we repeat the bullhonky we hear without checking the facts first. I wish everyone would just STFU already. I’m sick and tired of listening to the childish back and forth bickering and name calling. That is why I attended the rally.

    I’m not a Democrat. I’m not a Republican. I don’t want to claim any party. I vote on the side of reason and reason doesn’t always reside on the left and nor does it always reside on the right and it seldom meets in the middle. My votes for political candidates has become a choice of comparing lesser evils and very careful consideration of who will DO what is best for the consitituency.

    I’m also extremely disgusted by the ridiculously stupid amount of money dumped into politican campaigning that is so annoying and bad mannered, it makes me not want to vote at all. Oh and I heard arguing about litter on the mall. Who shall address the red, white, and blue litter spending months on the medians in every city in every state during election season? It’s all ugly. Take that money and put it into our failing infrastructure please. The state highway system is the LIFELINE of our economy and was not designed in the 1950’s to deal with the volume and loads it currently receive now. It’s in disrepair and it’s taken for granted: we would be royally screwed without it. Those are facts mixed in with some common sense opinions.

    COMMON SENSE. RATIONALITY. REASON. TEMPERANCE. PATIENCE. RESPECTFULNESS. Why don’t our pundits have these traits? I find most Americans do and yet THEY represent US?

    In conclusion, I respect the opinion Mr. Easley. This is his page and he is entitled to say what he will and I appreciate his allowing us to post comments on his opinions and thank him for allowing me a little place to rant. I am not going to mar it with name calling and thoughtless remarks and anyone who does should be ashamed of their behavior.

  18. Let the numbers speak for themselves.

    According to Metro, there were 825,437 on Stewart/Colbert day and 510,020 on Beck day. Average Saturday ridership is about 350,000 (both events were on Saturday).

    If you exclude the average daily riders, and assume two trips per person (one there, one back), that yields 80,010 for Beck and 237,718 for Stewart/Colbert.

    This method corresponds to APL’s analysis of 87,000 for Beck and 215,000 for Stewart/Colbert. Thus, at a minimum, it seems fair to conclude from the data that Stewart/Colbert drew three times as many as Beck.

    Kind regards

  19. That’s a very pretty chart. Very informative. Maybe you should figure this into it: Bush added 3 trillion to the national debt in the last 4 years of his presidency. Obama added 3 trillion in the first 2 years of his. So he’s just doing the same thing at twice the speed. The main difference is – Obama went into this planning to spend a crazy amount of money. Under Bush, it was spent because he made some serious errors in judgment and I’m certainly not defending him by any means. But, he didn’t become president and say “oooh I think I’m gonna spend trillions of dollars the country doesn’t have on things the people don’t even want.” And last night’s election proves they won’t want it. Don’t fool yourself into thinking we’re any better off now economically.

    Go ahead and say Fox news and Beck and republicans in general and whoever else you want are just fear-mongering bigots. Whatever floats your boat. Whatever lets you feel like you don’t need to construct a good argument. You take these generalizations that in no way represent everyone and apply them to everyone. You would get mad if someone says you’re just a socialist who hates our country, don’t you? It’s unfair, isn’t it? Just because some extreme people in your party are like that, doesn’t mean your views aren’t valid. And just because I’m a republican and I listen to people like Beck doesn’t mean you know who I am. I listen to him because I think he’s intelligent and I find his analysis interesting, but I have the intellectual ability to weed out facts from opinions. Every post on here that is anti-Republican relies on bashing Beck and Limbaugh and using big scary words like “bigot” and “fear.” But, you know what? Newsflash – Beck and Limbaugh, whatever you may think about them, are not the only 2 republicans in this country. (It’s not that hard to argue that Limbaugh is pompous and extreme. You don’t really need to pride yourselves on coming to that insightful conclusion). But not one of you has actually said why you think Obama is a good president, or why Republicans can’t run the country. Nothing.

    Anyway, the bottom line is, I watch and read a lot of news from both sides, and Republicans these days have a hell of a lot more well-formulated arguments. Even the Times is kind of lukewarm lately. The fact that a loser like Jon Stewart – who doesn’t have the balls to appear on a REAL news channel but wants to pretend he has credibility as a political analyst anyway – is the one who could evoke so much excitement is SAD. The president you voted for, the president you LOVED, doesn’t seem to get you as excited as Stewart does. This rally was, in my opinion, a way for people who blindly voted for Obama and don’t know why (and there a lot of them, make no mistake) not to take responsibility for their poor decisions. You got all excited about Obama because he sounded cool or whatever (I mean, we all know you can’t actually elect ANYONE based on what they say during campaigns JUST TO GET ELECTED – it’s all just paid advertising. Any politician of any party will say whatever it takes to win and we all know it, so judging them based on words that were strategically chosen to win a competition at all costs are not reliable). Anyway, you voted for him because you think he sounded cool and you didn’t bother actually doing any research. And now you don’t like what he’s doing, or you don’t really know how you feel because, let’s face it, you’re probably ignorant. So, instead of saying “oh, I f-ed up and he was a bad choice,” you pretend that Washington and politics in general just bother you. You take the fake neutral stance. Shouldn’t you stand by the guy who you were practically worshipping 2 years ago? You loved him SO MUCH then, so what happened?

    As Jon Stewart said, “If we had to sum up the political view of our participants in a single sentence… we couldn’t.” Really? You can’t? Because I can. Way to go Stewart, hiding behind the “I’m just an innocent comedian trying to be funny, I have no influence over politics!” again just so you, just like your rally attendees, can stay in denial. This rally is just a way to make a point that not EVERYONE who opposed republicans is a socialist or a commie, and to make yourselves seem “neutral” so you don’t lose credibility. And of course, not everyone who voted for Obama is a socialist and a commie. But no matter what your views, don’t vote ignorantly and then just stand back while the idiot YOU voted for ruins our country. Have the balls to stand by him instead of pretending not to care because you don’t want to admit that maybe Democrats DON’T have all the answers. Or, don’t make the informed, knowledgeable people of this country who actually have political beliefs based on valid arguments pay for your mistakes.

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