Sarah Palin Praises Glenn Beck for Educating Americans about History

Yesterday, Media Matters called on Sarah Palin to speak out against Glenn Beck’s violent rhetoric. Palin responded today by calling into Beck’s radio show to praise him for educating Americans about our history, you know the same kind of education that led Byron Williams to get into a shootout with police and a plot to assassinate employees of the Tides Foundation.

Here is the audio via Media Matters:

Instead of denouncing the violence, Palin praised Beck’s rhetoric, and blamed the Left, “So, you know, when I speak of your love of our Founding Fathers, and how you are helping to educate Americans about respecting our nation’s history so that we don’t lose what makes America exceptional, and the far, far left mouthpieces, they’re twisting and perverting that message. No, what I do, I go back to what Abraham Lincoln said about standing with anybody who stands right. You stand with him when he stands right; you part with him when he goes wrong. I stand with you Glenn.”

The true moment of delusional hysteria came later when Palin claimed that both she and Beck abhor violence and war, “Glenn, you know I abhor violence. I know you do. Hating war, hating civil war, and praying for peace, and wanting peace and freedom for our kids in a civil society. That is the mission here, is explaining to Americans what the threats are to our peace and to our opportunities and to our freedoms in America.”

Palin’s language about Beck the teacher sounds eerily similar to that of Byron Williams who is currently facing four counts of attempted murder in California for getting into a shootout on the freeway with police. In a jailhouse interview, Williams said, “I don’t think he’s a natural newscaster, you know what I mean? I look at him more like a schoolteacher on TV, you know? He’s got that big chalkboard, and those little stickers, the decals. I like the way he does it. He’s gotten a lot better at it.”

The point that can be taken from this is that Palin and Beck don’t care if their words cause violence. Don’t these people understand that there is money to be made off the perpetually fearful conservative masses? Palin showed how deep into Beck’s warped worldview she really is by referring to George Soros as, “The extreme left-wing king is, with many, many minions, that’s what he is.” Beck is Palin’s trusted source for news and current events. Think about that. Sarah Palin is probably going to run for the Republican nomination in 2012 and her most trusted news source is the historical fractured fairy tales of Glenn Beck.

Karl Rove recently questioned Sarah Palin’s gravitas,
and I think the problem goes even deeper than that. Republicans should be questioning her mental state. Are they prepared to turn the reins of party power over to a woman who believes the conspiracy theories that are spun by Glenn Beck? If Palin did happen to become president, it is easy to envision her turning her nose up at briefing books and tuning into Beck so that she can understand the issues.

Glenn Beck doesn’t teach history. He warps it to fit his various conspiracy theories and ideology. Like Palin, Beck is exploiting and inflaming our nation’s partisan divide for personal financial gain. If a few cops have to get shot along the way, so be it. If another Oklahoma City has to happen, oh well, what can you do? Beck and Palin not only spread the language of violence, but they profit from it. They will never denounce violence, because every violent act is another symbol of success in their war against intelligence and liberty. Palin and Beck are out to remake America one fearful, angry white man at a time, and a little bit of spilled blood isn’t going to stop them.

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  1. good gawd..should these crazy people get into any office…Between Palin’s stupidity and Beck’s paranoia… I’m speechless on this one.

  2. The ignorance and stupidity promoted by Beck and Palin among others, and the violence they stoke, should compel everybody that cares about this country to vote
    against all they represent. These mid-term elections are about the crossroads this country faces, as to where we want to go. Beck, Palin, Limbaugh, and others as well as the Tea Partiers are mired in a mythical past and want to drag the country backward. Most of Obama’s policies, if implemented, will move us forward into the 21st century. If they win, the Party of No will feel free to pursue their endless cultural wars and tie up the operations of our government with frivolous investigations. They have said repeatedly they want Obama to fail, and they will see their return to power as a “mandate” to that effect. In addition, it would confer even more undeserved status on Palin.

  3. Old John McCain must be turning over in his grave. between the one heartbeat a year he has he has to be shuddering that she could have been president 2 weeks after winning the election when he died a political death and became irrelevant.

    Folks. I dont think Beck buys into anything he(himself) says, but I sure think Palin does. And glenn has to laughing at her for being so stupid.

    And frankly I dont think todd has told her yet that her stupidity has cost her the chance to be president. So she goes on like a complete idiot with her constitutional stuff. I am thinking he will walk before next year is out.

  4. While I do agree with you in principle, Johnny McInsane is now out campaigning for Sharron Angle.
    Talk about a whore…

  5. Palin is a crazy mentally ill loon. Sorros??? She just proved to the world how deranged she is.
    Beck doesn’t respect her. God she is such a stupid white trash red neck.

    John McCain is “proud” of Sarah. Dont kid yourself. You should see the twisted sick commercials he is doing in Arizona with thick-headed John Kyl. Two stupid goons who are absolute morons and hypocrites!

    I’m disappointed in media matters. Did they honestly think Sarah would do what they asked? The woman is off het rocker insane and as right wing militant wacko fringe as a person can get. She is trash.

  6. Do you what makes me smile? Is the thought that every single Progressive is scared. You fear us because you thought you had control. How is that working for you?

  7. Yeah, it’s us who are scared, not the screaming whining swaggering little impotents dressed up in Don’t Tread on Me tee shirts. LOL. Everyone knows you KKK white supremacists are full of rage and that you aren’t man enough to really take care of a woman. There’s always help when you’re ready. btw, we did have control. We got healthcare passed. When’s the last time a Republican passed anything they told you they would? They haven’t. For 40 years they’ve been selling you sunshine up your ass and you’ve been paying for it. Abortion is still legal and gays are going to have the right to get married. They never even tried because they lied to you. You were just to dumb to know any better.

  8. Of course palin loves her beck!
    She does not know math, science, English, history. She also doesn’t read either.
    She wouldn’t know a genuine educator from a jerk.

  9. I’m pretty sure Beck doesn’t even have a degree, let alone one in history. I’ve read that several times now. So that would mean he’s a self-taught historian who preaches history from a lop sided point of view – even the people he speaks of and worships didn’t agree with his philosophy, pretty sad really. Such a sad sad little man.

    GDP Growth Image for all of you democrats (or just anti-republican’ts) to use on your posts, etc..

  10. If they win, it won’t be a victory for anyone but them. If they enact their extremist, out-of-touch-with-reality agenda, a lot of people who voted for them will be feeling the pain along with those of us who didn’t. And what GW did to undermine our image worldwide will be nothing compared to the contempt and derision we will be subjected to if such imminently unqualified people get into office.

  11. Hey everyone – here is the crowd at the Sarah Palin Rally last night for Joe Miller in Anchorage!!! They’re saying 300 and most drove in from Mat-Su (Hillbilly Heaven). She can draw HUGE crowds even if her own hometown … NOT! This IS funny!!!

    Right after her speech:

  12. It’s difficult to quantify a dry drunk/addict. If he’s even “dry” and I have my doubts.
    Beck admitted he took drunks and alcohol for 16 years STRAIGHT. He has no functioning braincells left.
    He could make a ton of money as an “after” example of “This is Your Brain on Dugs” in advertising.
    I am NOT afraid of the TBigots – but I don’t like violence. I have young grandchildren and they have been taught kindness and manners. They will not understand being BEATEN UP by racists for expressing their opinions.

    This is the legacy of Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and the racist TBaggers.

  13. oh really?
    Why would you think we are afraid of you?
    You gonna BEAT me up? Shoot me?

    Because I disagree with you?

    Did you get 10c for this post – or perhaps it’s only worth a nickel.

  14. The MASSIVE Palin Crowd in Anchorage last night. BTW there are 267,000 people in Anchorage and most of the crowd drove in from Mat-Su – estimate 300 people – some left because she was late.

    AWESOME SARAH .. they sure love you!!!

  15. No you are right. Beck really can’t stand her. He has a terrible time just being in a studio with her and trying to not laugh.
    He’s violent – she a wackjob.

  16. Hey all, there’s breaking news on the Fox News website that Harry Reid had a baby with another man, see you all there!!

    OK, now that all the teabaggers are gone we can get back to our secret socialist agenda. So far we’ve succeeded in splitting the Republican Party with the Tea Party. Boy, having these idiots in DC is gonna be a hoot! We’re right on track for our 2012 takeover and the formation of a socialist world government. Barry, you there? Great job on Jon’s show, that “but” was a shot heard around the world. Hey, who hired that O’Donnell girl? You coulda at least found someone that’s actually had a job; paper route, Avon or something. You’re Fired! Coburn, holding up that money to Haiti ‘till the inevitable epidemic was sheer brilliance. The lime and earthmovers are on station at Canaveral. Can you believe these maroons actually think there’s a party much less two? And this Tea Party thing, I gotta hand it to you Dick; you’re an Army of one! You just can’t make something like that up. So, today we’ve got 95% of the money and 75% of the real estate. You Know, I’m feeling pretty good right now. In fact, I’m kinda getting a chubby. Sharron, I’ll see you in a bit, honey, and bring that wrestling broad with you this time. She’s hot, and Fiorina is just too damn scary. OK, gotta go, the Koch brothers lost a bet on Alaska and have to shine my shoes. Oh–oh, the teahadis are comin’ back, quick, get back in character.

    Oh, you teabaggers are so dumb. How dumb are you? You’re so dumb you think the chicken crossed the road to avoid taking socialist public transportation and get his country back. LMAO

  17. Fear you, I think your absolutely hilarious!! You tahadis are just the bomb!! Can’t wait for some of you to get to DC, it’s going to be a hoot watching y’all embarrass us more in front of the rest of the world. “Uy Want Mai Cuntry Beck!!”, jeez, you just can’t make this stuff up!

  18. You smile because “we are scared?”. First, you are a deeply disturbed person to smile at that or even think that way. I feel sorry for you because clearly you are a bitter and unhappy person. We aren’t scared, we are mortified by your ignorance and vindictiveness. Let’s say we were afraid. You smile at that? Antony who smiles at another fear is a weak sadist. I’ll pray for you because you sound as evil and clueless as Sarah. You are sick in the head!

    By the way, I’m not scared! And control?? Man you need help!

  19. You know, I’m afraid of you crazy Teabaggers! I’m as fearful of you as I would be if I were watching the rise of Hitler right on my doorstep. The rabid right is being frothed up for civil combat by the likes of Beck and Limbaugh, neither of whom have a very good grasp on reality, never mind history. It’s not violence from the left we have to worry about, it’s all those crackers with their guns who are secretly thrilled at the idea that they might get to shoot someone, rather than appalled at the suggestion.

    Read Sinclair Lewis again and again, folks. And don’t let these uneducated psychos into power this Tuesday, for the sake of the rest of the planet, if nothing else! We’re just waiting for a chance to throw out our crazy right wingers up here. Harper is done and his neocons are starting to fall apart. You can tell, because on forum after forum – even conservative forums – you have posts from a plethora of individuals against his policies and government answered by a handful of individuals who repeat their venomous and ill-informed attacks again and again.

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