Selfishness over selflessness gives Republicans advantage

As this election draws nearer, there are some candidates who are standing on misguided principles instead of thinking about the good of the country. The race for one of Florida’s Senate seats is the perfect example of a candidate’s selfishness when America needs selflessness from its politicians.

Kendrick Meek was reportedly asked to step aside and throw his support to Charlie Crist to prevent the loony Marco Rubio from becoming a U.S. Senator. It’s understandable that Meek wants to stay and fight till the end, but the latest polls show him at 15% with Rubio ahead of Crist. Crist is running as an Independent and although he is a Republican, he is moderate and the polar opposite of Tea Party favorite Rubio.

In fact, there are many Democrats who are campaigning on their record of opposing many Obama and Democrat’s bills, and they are reprehensible for their voting record. However, the important point is that if Republicans gain control of either house, the political agenda will take the country back to the 1950s. It seems that reasonable people would sacrifice anything to prevent a Speaker Boehner or Senate majority leader McConnell; or DeMint.

America is at a crossroads, and there are many pundits and journalists who want revenge on disloyal Democrats, and it is understandable. But it is insane to support any Republican or Tea Party candidate who threatens to shut down the government, eliminate 90% of regulations, privatize Social Security, or take away Constitutional Amendments.

It should be obvious that when Fox News pundits began condemning Democrat’s campaign strategy as racist, or that President Obama wants to be the only black politician in Washington, they have ulterior motives and feel their boy Rubio could lose the election if Meek throws his support to Crist. Republicans do not care who represents the party in Washington or what color they are. They want the numbers so they have control of the legislature and can set the agenda.

Meek is a good candidate, but he has no chance of winning and he knows it. Does he believe it is better to stay the course, lose the election, and hand control of the Senate to Republicans,? If he had any sense, he would drop out and give Crist his support to keep Rubio from representing Florida. He said that, “I don’t sellout on the people of Florida,” but by giving Rubio the election, he has sold out Florida and possibly the country. Apparently, pride is an issue with Meek and he must think he is making a statement. He is making a statement; he’s saying it’s acceptable to give Rubio a six year stint in the Senate just to say, “I didn’t give up.”

Perhaps Meek will change his mind, but it is late in the game and he’s like the quarterback who is bound and determined to run the ball himself instead of handing off to the better player who may have a chance at scoring. Everyone expects Fox News and conservative pundits to accuse Democrats of using race to force him out of the election, but it is a mystery why a Democrat would consider giving away the country over pride.

Maybe some Democrats want to suffer conservative rule and see the end of freedom in America, but when it’s all said and done, they are cutting off their nose to spite their face. Meek will be able to say he stayed till the end, but he will have given the advantage to teabagger Rubio over a moderate Independent.

Crist is not anyone’s first choice for a Senator, but an Independent does not add to a Republican majority. Apparently, it is better to see Speaker Boehner and majority leader McConnell than to do the right thing for America. Meek is not worthy of any votes if he is more concerned with his pride than his country. He should do the right thing, but his ego won’t let him and everyone will pay for his arrogance.

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