The Rally To Restore Sanity Causes a Mainstream Media Meltdown

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Jon Stewart managed to do something with his Rally to Restore Sanity that hasn’t been done in a long time. He confused the mainstream media to the point of a near collective nervous breakdown. The media couldn’t figure out what this rally was about, and it was only when Stewart explained it to them that they realized that it was about them.

Here are CNN’s TJ Holmes and Kate Bolduan trying to describe the rally:

Holmes introduced Bolduan by saying, “Washington D.C. is gearing up for… something right now, and asked what is this thing?” Bolduan set a tone by trying to put this into the political box, only to leave confused. She said, “It seems that the rally and the people attending here are a little harder to define than many of the other rallies that we’ve covered.” She tried to tie it to the 2010 election only to have attendees tell her that this isn’t about the election.

A report on NBC’s Today show echoed the what is this thing question and called the rally and intersection of politics and entertainment:

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Over at Fox News, they asked people if this was a political statement, people said no, and Fox continued to shade the rally as a pro-liberal pro-Obama event:
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The media just didn’t get it. In fact, the whole point of the rally eluded them until Jon Stewart told them during his speech to close the event. Stewart explained that the media themselves were part of the point of the rally. Cable news’ approach is part of the problem, “But unfortunately one of our main tools in delineating the two broke. The country’s 24 hour political pundit perpetual panic conflictinator did not cause our problems but its existence makes solving them that much harder. The press can hold its magnifying up to our problems bringing them into focus, illuminating issues heretofore unseen or they can use that magnifying glass to light ants on fire and then perhaps host a week of shows on the sudden, unexpected dangerous flaming ant epidemic. ”

He continued, “If we amplify everything we hear nothing. There are terrorists and racists and Stalinist and theocrats but those are titles that must be earned. You must have the resume. Not being able to distinguish between real racists and Tea Partiers or real bigots and Juan Williams and Rick Sanchez is an insult, not only to those people but to the racists themselves who have put in the exhausting effort it takes to hate. Just as the inability to distinguish terrorists from Muslims makes us less safe not more. The press is our immune system. If we overreact to everything we actually get sicker and perhaps eczema.”

Television news was paralyzed and confused when they had to cover an event that did not fit into their polarized partisan model. The idea that a rally would be held that wasn’t about politics or supporting a particular candidate or party left them stunned. They were equally dumbfounded by the idea that hundreds of thousands of Americans would show up to an event that had no political motive. They couldn’t figure it.

The corporate media didn’t expect anyone to catch on to their role as the dissemination system for partisan polarization. The media may not be to blame for the partisan divisions in our country, but they definitely help to spread and reinforce them by tilting their coverage towards conflict and sensationalism, while completely neglecting information and rational discussion. I think this rally was reflection of the extremist fatigue that most people feel. People want to feel good and like they can come together for something.

On this one day regular people wanted to show that media may be broken, but America isn’t. The American people came calling today, and their message was loud and clear. They not only want their country back, but they want their sanity back as well. What the media could not figure out was that Jon Stewart had a message that was bigger than politics. His message was that America is fine. It is our media and hyper partisanship that is broken, and Stewart advocated for everyone to work together to solve our problems. The media won’t like it, but this rally was about how great America can be, and how much of a problem they have become.

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  1. Thank you. You hit the nail on the head! I just hope everyone else across the nation sees this rally for what it was and takes the message to heart. If we watch it, it will keep coming. When I see stories like this, I keep coming. Truth and honor!

  2. My daughter and I attended this rally, and nothing about it was political or partisan. Not one word was said about democrats, republicans, or voting on Tuesday. Best of all was the fact that no one said anything about Fox PAC, Beck, Limbaugh, Drudge, Breitbart, or any of the other members of the media. The rally provided an opportunity to come together to show the nation that there are many Americans who are fed up with the media’s failure to do its job. I’m glad to hear that the MSM had a meltdown and was so oblivious that it didn’t even know that the rally was a protest against it.

  3. It just proves that truth, rationality and tolerance do prevail over ignorance and hate.This is a lesson that should repeat itself at the polls.VOTE

  4. One more comment! We know what has happened to the fascists in the past! This time around lets not let them go any further then they already have.They’ve shown their true nature with a boot on a young woman’s head,and many many threat’s around the Country some physical but all threatening our way of life as free Americans.One example that’s been pointed out many times is the fear of Palin in her home town of Wassila Alaska . Let me put it this way “Should anyone have such fear of a politician that they wont speak their minds” Of course the answer is NO but they do in Wassila.

  5. I think you missed the point of the rally. The name calling and fear-mongering needs to stop on both sides of the political spectrum. Have a good day!

  6. Alex, you also miss the greater point that TomandLou makes: if “good” Germans had spoken up, if German trade unions had gone into the streets to protest Hitler’s appointment as Chancellor, and if the Wermacht had asserted its role as defender of German democracy, Hitler would be a footnote in German history books. Fascists and other authoritarians know that intimidation works (look at the Kentucky Rand Paul rally incident) and, if need be, can be followed by force. Not to call them out for what they are is to be a ‘good’ German.

  7. This whole rally was garbage! The media in America is fine. Minus the liberal media, which is all media outlets except Fox News. Fox is the only truth giver in the media anymore. Everything else has a leftist, communist, fascist, eco-terrorist, Obama slant.

    By the way, Glenn Beck’s nonpartisan rally totally beat this one in number of attendees. Suck on that, libtards! So much for your idolatry of Stewart and Colbert. Besides, we all know there’s only one true God–Glenn Beck.

  8. sadly the Right wing will not stop the fear-mongering – it’s their identity now, not just a tactic. sometimes the only way to prevail is to couter punch. President Barak Obama has been promoting what this rally did for years now and look at what they are doing to him…

  9. I think overall the media does ok, but it does get out of hand with some of the OMG stories that float and create areas of concern to where they do not need to be. I write about healthcare and my email box is full of stuff that is not even what I would publish as sometimes I really look hard to figure out what is informational and what is marketing too as it gets a little tricky sometimes.

    I also in my comments threw a few extra addtitions in there with having a Congress is oblivious to technology too and what is happening, but yes it was a point I think that was made well as those 2 smart fellows are more than just comedians:)

    I also commented about the new book “Proofiness” which is a term coined by Colbert about the dark side of mathematical formulas and deception – which is basically what has moved the money and focus around in the US. I used to write code and I always try to remind all there are formulas written for accurate results and those for desired results and they 2 are not always the same, ask Wall Street on that one:)

  10. you spelled her name wrong. Twice. Once right before the clip that has it spelled right right in there on the screen, once right after…otherwise, good stuff.

  11. I sincerely respect the motives of these people at the rally today. Unfortunately, they prevailed over nothing. News channels continue to spout their vitriol. The two sides of the isle are very much poised for war. And this is good! The only time people in power ever come together is to pass a patriot act that robs you of precious liberties or to limit your freedom of speech. We may be tired of the ugliness, but that is life. So long as we have people who think it is acceptable to even say something to the effect of taking “2nd amendment” options to the possibility of democrats remaining in power, we will have to counter will increasingly more powerful rhetoric. This is a cultural arms war, people. We cannot afford to lose to fascists simply because we are “tired” and feel sad over the mud slinging. Grow a set and stand up for your freedoms with words now, to prevent the need to do it with arms later.

  12. I am in heartfelt agreement with the spirit of this rally…SANITY has been short changed by the media and the politicians both! A land divided is a land defeated… and I think most rational people are aware of this. Seems the media instead of discussing and bringing the extremists back down to earth reasonably, have done nothing but fan the flames.

    Where are the great journalists of today who give us perspective, make us think, dig for the facts and feel the responsibility of getting the information to you and I… the American people??? Tom Brokaw, Bill Moyers, Walter Cronkite etc… people who cared about WE citizens.

    The only real journalist these days that I have any respect for… isn’t even American; Fareed Zakaria… who sees the big picture and states it clearly, no polarizing of anything or anybody, he’s sees the truth and reaction of every global action and follows it down to the likely result. I praise his sight.

  13. Once the news became entertainment, it was over. News divisions were notorious money drains on network budgets, but once corporations took over, profit became the numero uno over informing the public about what is ACTUALLY going on, without a bias. It’s not our fault that the facts have liberal bias. The only fix to this is if news goes back to being the ‘PUBLIC SERVICE’ it once was.

  14. when the news became entertainment and profit driven it was over. It became the medias JOB to amplify everything. This is why As much as i’m for “Freedom of the press” I’m for The fairness doctorine and regulation of the media. They need someone forcing them to give equal time to all sides of an issue and preventing them from distorting the facts. If only being found False by factcheck and other fact checking groups like snopes was ILLEGAL and subject to fines we might be on our way back to sanity.

  15. You may want to check your facts regarding the number of attendees. It’s a new thing that Fox hasn’t caught on to, yet. Checking FACTS.

  16. sorry to disappoint, but there was no vitriol. no hate. no fear… well, there was a little of that…

    if, as you say “The only time people in power ever come together is to pass a patriot act that robs you of precious liberties or to limit your freedom of speech,” you insult the founders of this country!

    No freedoms have been taken away, no one took “your” country. makes for great emotional wrangling, but there’s absolutely no truth in it.

    We are all Americans. Instead of “grow some” how about just grow up?

  17. those pesky facts. they get in the way, don’t they?
    conservative estimates from CBS news:

    87,000 = Beck
    215,000 = Rally for Sanity

    did you know it takes a lot more muscles in your face to express anger and fear than it does to smile? take a break and just vote.

  18. Uhhh…who is watching Media Matters? LOL

    Following anyone without a jaundiced eye for partisanship is like allowing trojans to be loaded onto your computer and then naively asking ‘why is my computer acting funny?’

    Media Matters is just as biased as all of the news organizations. Worse yet, propagandists walk around saying that it’s unbiased. It’s as biased as it comes.

    Use your own brain and always question the source.

  19. While i think there is some element of truth to what you are saying in this article, i think you are blowing it out of proportion. i dont think the media is that stupid, i think they got it. they got it even before the rally started. I did not see anything in these clips that showed that they did not get it. ^_^ it was a fun rally though!

  20. Thats the best piece of satire I’ve seen since the rally to restore sanit and the march to keep fear alive! well played.

  21. Right. I was interviewed twice in the crowd and they kept asking me about what I thought about this being a political rally. The strange part was I hadn’t really thought about defining it up to that point, I just new I was going to it and when the reporters said political rally, I knew it not to be. Twice I reiterated is was a gathering of not likeminded, but informed people who are sick of soundbites/things taken out of context to support hyperbolic conclusions by the mainstream media to boost ratings. What I enjoyed about the rally was those the the media refer to as folks from mainstreet (Those in Iowa or Misouri… and New Yorkers and Costal Californias ALL new why we were there without having thought about it; when Jon Stewart gave his speech at the end it just confirmed it. I liked the fact the the newsmedia museum overlooked the rally.
    The 24 hour news cycle needs to move pass the elementary school bus “cut-low” contest and THINK!!!

  22. A key example of what rally attendees were saying doesn’t help any of us. Have the conversation, just tone it down to a level where we can hear each other.

  23. Says a lot about the intelligence of the American public when it takes a television personality, a political satirist slash comedian, letting everyone know the ‘news’ we get from MSNBC, FOX, CNN and just about every news show on the boob tube is nothing but sensationalism, lies and disinformation based on the political ties and persuasion of the network owner(s). I call this “The Bastardization of Free Speech.” Truth without fact, or at the very least some facts added into the lies. Simply put, masturbation for the masses. You get my drift.

    The Nazi, Dr. Joseph Goebbels, was a master of propaganda. The fear spreader of the Third Reich. Since time began, FEAR is the central controller, the crux, of all leaders. In a nutshell… we are all scared little fools wanting more than anything to believe what we are told by those of supreme authority i.e., our Government, our newspapers, our favorite loyal newscaster spewing on our favorite media source… therefore, we ALL must endure the spoils of fools.

  24. You say: “if, as you say [“]The only time people in power ever come together is to pass a patriot act that robs you of precious liberties or to limit your freedom of speech,[“] you insult the founders of this country!”

    But, you are forgetting that MOST of the so-called founding fathers were unimaginably evil racists and slavers who had hundreds of Africa “slaves” on their plantations, including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, and even still that did not stop these white European degenerates from having sex with their African-American “slaves” and father scores of children with these “slaves.”

    Violent, dehumanization, contradictory and hypocritical behavior, and reason and logic for some but not all–these qualities have defined America since the colonialist killed, raped and stole land and the first presidents and constitutionalists created a system that enabled the European slave trade of Africans and the subjugation of the women and the poor.

    So let’s stop this appeal to the “founding fathers”: they did as much harm as good.

  25. Wow! Just the kind of crap the Rally was talking about.

    Now I am not going to school you in American history because that would take too long. BUT, Washington and even Jefferson owned slaves but both used systems of sharecroping. Indentured servitude was pretty much the only way to get over to the new country at that time. Washington and many other founding fathers had both white and black slaves. For Jefferson he even freed slaves after their indentured periods was over, including Africans. Now thats not to say they were not brought over on a very horrific pretense. Slavery was never a good idea, just as thinking all muslims are terrorist, b ut it was a part of our HISTORY. History is something to be learned from. To stop it from happen again or knowing what works. To continue the HATE and ANIMOSITY of these historical points shows a point of sanity.

    Our founding fathers may not have been angels but to put them into the category of evil men is exactly what the rally was against.

    Your comments are inflammatory and sensationalized to espouse a reaction of hate and anger. Congratulations you are one of those that you despise and criticize.

  26. I always thought that Obama’s Noble Peace Prize really should have gone to Jon, this just confirms it.

  27. It’s not their identity. It’s a label that was given to them by people with as much hatred as them. If you don’t like the message, don’t counter-punch. Just don’t listen to it. Putting ones self on the same level does nothing but feed the animosity each side feels towards each other. Instead just ignore it. Nothing destroys a message better than not listening to it.

  28. Someone who conflates slavery, indentured servitude, and sharecropping in order to erase the distinction between poor whites and enslaved blacks is not only the one in need of some “schooling” in history, but is also in need of some serious psychiatric therapy to remove his entrenched racism.

  29. Untrue. A lie, when repeated enough times, will become the truth.

    If one side does all the bashing, while the other does not react, the aggressive side will “become” the truth, in time.

  30. And like most people you seem to miss the fact that plenty of Germans did speak out, and they were all sent to the camps or outright executed for their efforts.

  31. “The only real journalist these days that I have any respect for… isn’t even American; Fareed Zakaria”

    Fareed Zakaria *is* American, regardless of how difficult it is for xenophobes to pronounce his name.

  32. More accurately, when the Leftist enemies of America have reached the point that resorting to armed force is considered as a necessary means of removing them, we’re in a sad state.

    The best we can hope for is a Conservative revolution that renders the Left no longer acceptable to the public at large. Maybe they’ll leave on their own then and save Americans the cost of the ammunition.

  33. What an interesting statement. How can you call American citizens “enemies of America”? The are Americans. They may not think like you do, but they are Americans nonetheless. You may not like their goals, but they are Americans nonetheless. It’s a democracy, and America will reflect the values of Americans. If those values don’t match yours, that’s unfortunate for you. But don’t worry, I’ll still call you an American, and will still defend your right to espouse and work for what you believe in. Until you take up arms – then *you* are an enemy of America.

  34. I’m sorry, but anybody watching Fox News or listening to Glenn Beck is very, very religiously charged. So saying that “there’s only one true God–Glenn Beck” refutes, what I assume, are your own personal beliefs in and a true religious God. I hope even a “conservative heart” knows that Glenn Beck is not an actual God. Perhaps an influential figure, but certainly not God.

  35. “no one’s checking the fact checkers, facts are not irrefutable” is their defense. Why bother checking facts if they don’t fit your agenda?

  36. I was gonna chime in with some sort of “right on!” kind of post, but then I read some other replies and… well, maybe Jon Stewart’s wrong. Maybe a large number of media outlets are partisan because we’re a bunch of petty, bickering pricks.

  37. And yet you seem to miss the point that you can head them off at the pass, before their self delusions of power congeal.

    Already in the news today, we see several articles about the GOP scaling back its’ ambitions, willing to admit it will not be a clean sweep, and conceding that a ‘smaller victory’ is still in their eyes a victory. And Michael Steele himself has said ‘we’re not even calling this a mandate.’

    That story would not have been reported a week ago, b/c all anyone could talk about (in the media) was the clean sweep, sky is falling scenario. Rather than the actual reality of our country, who by & large doesn’t want to kill each other.

    You would only get that impression if, again, you focused on the insane few who do. Of course they exist. Is that all that’s worth talking about?

  38. I wouldn’t say the rally wasn’t political. It just wasn’t partisan. Stewart is hitting on the inability of the media and politicians on either side to do anything constructive to help our country move forward. Democrats are so focused on attacking anything associated with the GOP and the GOP is focused on attacking anything associated with the Democrats. Neither side is helping the country just blurring the real issues.

    Stewart and Colbert are way more informative than our other media. They cut through the bias and get to the real heart of the issues.

  39. If Stewart wanted to tell the media to tell the truth and do honest work then
    why didn’t he say 2 years ago BEFORE the election…”MSM stop giving Obama preverbial BJ’s! Do your job, stop making a messiah out of a community organizer ”

    What he was doing today was a result of his recognizing people are very angry at the current leadership in washington and especially angry with the democrats who are in power. Since the dem’s are taking such a beating he knows that by tempering the tone down the dem’s will gain the most if the beating softens. And if he could convince Tea Party members to release some of their anger/frustrations they are just not going to be as enthusiastic to push the votes and to attend the rally’s…both of which are a very new phenomenon for most of those folks.

    Stewart is a smart guy no doubt but should avoid Ghandi’s Seven Social Sins:
    Politics without Principle
    Wealth Without Work
    Pleasure Without Conscience
    Knowledge without Character
    Commerce without Morality
    Science without Humanity
    Worship without Sacrifice

    Seems to fit perfectly, dont you think?

  40. I work in television and know the beast very well – it’s all about advertising revenue. Until you block the news nets from being to accept ad’s it’s never going to change. The fact that these “news” networks are nielsen rated should tell you something!

  41. Oh, Jeez. The IDEAS that they had for a model of government are still good: that an individual’s life liberty and property are the higest order, that a government’s powers must be separated horizontally AND vertically so that no one branch or group of people become too corrupt, and to hold the leaders to a social contract, are still sound and good. Even if they weren’t perfect in following them.

    The Ten Commandments are still a good set of rules to live by, even if the corrupt pastor preaching them is stealing from the offering plate and sleeping with the choir girls.

    Life, Liberty, and Property have been extended to African Americans. To condemn the ideas of Life, Liberty, and Property because someone 200+ years ago didn’t follow it well is to condemn one’s own existence. It’s like divorcing your own spouse because the next door neighbor’s grandparebts were cheating on eachother

  42. If the news networks were forbidden from running adds there wouldn’t be a money in it, not to repeat what was said earlier. Would it be safe to assume that wihout any possible income from Americans watching the news that the networks would more than likely be dropped completely? Personally I think that would be fantastic bit that also requires Americans to read in order to gather their information…also a scary thought.

  43. @TomandLou

    Except that the Tea Party is not fascist. I guess you missed it when Jon Stewart himself pointed to them as victims of hyperbole.

    The Tea Party’s ideas after all the rhetoric is stripped away, are fairly simple:
    (1) Uncle Sam should spend less than he makes.
    (2) Local, decentralized government works better than large, centralized government. A computer with 50 smaller but massively parallel processors is cheaper and faster than a single centralized mainframe with 50 peripherals.

    That’s basically it. Everything they are pushing falls under one of those two ideas, even their more ‘edgy’ ones. Anti Obamacare? Too expensive and it’s a state and local issue (1) and (2) both. Repeal the 17th Amendment? Squarely under Idea #2. Too much stimulus and corporate bailouts? Idea #1. Gold Standard? Gives the states (#2) a backup currency in the event of a too much debt (#1) melt down. Anti Federal Reserve? Makes #1 much tougher for uncle sam.

    You can argue that a mainframe is better than 50 parallel processors, but please don’t accuse the Tea Party of trying to program Skynet and build the Terminator.

  44. Oh, I think the media gets it. But to report on what the rally was really about would be tantamount to an admission of guilt. The media knows it sucks and knows it sold out to its corporate overlords. But what other choice do those newsholes have? Quit and start a blog? There’s no money in it and it requires, like, actual news gathering.

  45. Have you ever read something called the Bill of Rights. “ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL” Those words mean something. Those words are what make America. To me our founding fathers were even greater men because they wrote what was fair and what was right even though at the time they had slaves, and they had hypocritical behavior. Given time we released the slaves, given time we gave the women a right to vote and now everyone can go to the church of THEIR choice or not go at all.
    How about the freedom of speech, a free press, free assembly, and the right for free association. What about the rights of the accused; Confrontation Clause, speedy trial, public trial, and right to counsel. A simple one we take for granted the right of the people to keep and bear Arms.
    Tall words none the less for men who had slaves, and ones that had hypocritical behavior. But they acknowledged their own weakness and they wrote what was fair to all. They wrote with purity of heart and with the hope that given time America would be able to live up the those great words.
    They could see a time and a world beyond the one they lived in.
    My friend, those founding fathers set the foundation with their words and their rules not by their actions. They are why America is as free as it is today. They are the very reason why you can say what you say, with the freedom to say it.
    My friend enjoy your freedoms, you have the founding fathers to thank for them.

  46. I like how most people replied to this in a serious manner, when he’s obviously trolling.

    Fox news really isn’t that bad. Even if it’s worse than other major news networks (which honestly, I don’t think it is), it’s only slightly worse.

    On the subject of crowd size; being that CBS is a liberally biased network, I’d say they would probably give a lower estimate of the Restoring Honor rally intentionally. Check Wikipedia, most outlets (Washington Examiner, New York Post, NBC news, ABC news, The Daily Telegraph, and more, including a park service official) put the crowd size in the hundreds of thousands, and many of those put it over 300,000, which is more than the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. I’m not a conservative, but the fact that so many other outlets put it as being so much larger should give you an idea of how liberally biased CBS is, sort of like how Fox is so conservatively biased.

    On the actual subject of the rally, I really wish I could have gone. I really loved Jon Stewart’s speech at the end, and I like the message the rally represented.

  47. The Tea Party’s ideals are alright, it’s just the people they have running in their name are batsh*t insane. Palin, O’Donnell, Angle, etc. all should be locked up in the loony bin.

  48. Having any political belief is completely fine. However, the Party of No, the Tea Party leaders, and the polarizing MSM need to go.

  49. Uh, I think you mean the internal (tea potty) enemies of America or maybe you’re just a dumb-ass.

  50. I think that what you are saying is exactly what the rally is trying to show and stop. You are turning something that is nonpartisan and making it into just another ploy by politicians to help them get votes. I feel that it isnt what it intended, and that if it does help the liberals it is mainly because people are calming down and realizing that all the anger they had at either side is irrational and from and what i have seen, more of the irrational anger is coming from the conservatives. There is still alot coming from liberals but since there arent as many EXTREMELY inflamitory media persons such as Glen Beck for liberals to listen too that liberals tend to not have the same level of anger that a few conservatives do.
    I consider myself more center of the road but i am liberal so i may just be biased but its just my 2 cents.

  51. I keep hearing the same statement… “the rally didn’t change anything”, “the news people are still saying the same stuff the rally didn’t make it better”, etc etc etc
    Folks we have got to step away from the instant on instant off mindset that has become our way of expectation in this country. Things take time good things take effort AND time. The rally was a signal that there are many of us that feel like things are not as bad as we are told. So let the rally be what it was and do not place more of a burden on it to be THE CURE for ALL the ills in our political scene.
    Keep on keeping on stay on the topic of sanity in our dealings do not let anyone goad you into anger and if someone really does think the rally was a failure let them think so and leave them to their thoughts.
    I loved it and I hope for more such rallies and I am proud of us all for going and for making the statement we made and now make sure that no matter what happens VOTE do NOT miss your opportunity to make your feelings known VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!! That is the MOST important thing any of us can do!

  52. Ah, but… now see, I just wandered over to that there F%X news online and according to the titles on videos found there covering both rallies: “thousands turned out” for the Beck rally, whilst “throngs flocked to DC” for the Stewart/Colbert rally.

    Beck = 10,000…50,000… 100,000… 100 million thousand… who knows!
    Stewart/Colbert = throngs

    See how that works? It’s clearly obvious who drew the larger crowd.

    You’re welcome.

  53. Thanks Ray, nicely put.
    The constant lying and misunderstanding about the “Tea Party” has had a horrible effect. Way too many people repeat stuff that’s not true.

  54. computar…. you accept the polarizing (lying) MSNBC, but you leave out the fact that CNN, ABC, CBS, HuffPo, and all of the others also lie constantly. Otherwise you would realise that the “party of no” is a made up propaganda slogan. The Republicans have not had the power to stop the Democrat Party from doing anything it wanted since Obama got elected. They don’t have the numbers. As far as voting for legistlation that they and their constituents are against – why should they? And their is no such thing as a “Tea Party” leader.

  55. Media Matters?? Are you serious?
    Do yourself a big favor….
    Before you believe any website is honest start with this test. Type in the website name and add words like “lies”, “partisan”, “biased” or “George Soros.”
    When you get about an hour or so into reading all the people talking about how much Media Matters lies and makes stuff up, you might relise why so many people don’t read them. If you don’t know who Soros is, then that’s a huge part of your problem.
    Lots of money gets funnelled into websites, blogs, and organizations to look like grass-roots anger or so-called “watchdog” sites. Quotes are invented, slogans are repeated, and those of us who don’t have the hours of time to put into researching this think they’ve read something truthful. Follow the money and you follow the lies.

  56. Jan, you have either chosen to ignore context or lack the ability to discern it. I was not speaking of people who lived and died 200+ years ago. I am not a member of the tea party movement. In fact, I consider myself truly independent as I do not subscribe to any major party.

    It is good that our major parties are in contest with one another. The founders you speak of designed it this way. This gives us a wonderful balance and counter balance, keeping our elected officials from going off down any path too extreme for the majority. These wealthy elites only agree on one thing and that is their personal financial matters. When they vote together, as a cohesive legislature, it is almost always to take something from the people.

    This “let’s all be hippies and get along” crap didn’t work in the 60s and it’s not going to work now. When good people do nothing and smile like assholes, bad people come in and burn down their houses. Learn history’s lessons.

  57. Those statements were made by conservatives. (If I am not mistaken that you are referencing the “2nd amendment solutions” quote. If not, kindly disregard.)

  58. Extremely wealthy comedian tells people he wants to restore sanity by having a festival that raises his public profile.

    Got it!

    This should really help his exorbitant salary negotiations next time round. People are dumb chasing celebrity ideology.

  59. Dear God…thanks for the laugh…LOL. Fresh Stupidity is better than coffee in the morning to get the blood pumping. Thank you…sincerely! LOL….

  60. My previous comment was for “Conservative Heart,” can hardly type that without Laughing!!!

  61. You nailed it! I was at the rally on Saturday. It was the first time I had ever attended a large rally, and I was pleasantly surprised by what I experienced. I spoke with so many people who were at first complete strangers, realizing that while I’ve never met them before and likely never will meet them again, we all had so much in common. Stewart and Colbert pulled off a fantastic show, and Jon’s speech at the end was worth the trip.

  62. Sad that the mode of delivering their(Stewart and Colbert) points (satire and hyperbole) are things that most Americans can’t understand. Too many people take it all literally and over react which makes for a good laugh, but still doesn’t get a point across. Amazing how the increase in technology and ease of getting information has made this country’s inhabitants less intelligent.

  63. The point was not the number of people at the rally, although that in itself is a good sign. It was about calling the media to account for its role in aiding and abetting the polarization in this country, and that’s a goal that should not end with this rally. It’s long past time for us to fight the efforts of the hard right to silence anyone who’s not in agreement with them, and I intend to contribute to NPR’s fight against the ideologues who are making these attempts to defund them.

  64. Don’t listen to it? Ignore them? Is that what you are saying?

    These individuals want to GUT our country. They want to dumb down education and basically DESTROY our children and grandchildren’s EDUCATIONAL future. They are threatened by open discussion and clear thought.

    They are now using violence to make their point.

    And you say we need to be civil. WE aren’t the ones deliberately curb stomping a young woman with a sign and telling her “she asked for it”. Something that was obviously well planned – she was positioned the same way the Nazis did it.

    So I disagree with you – the more exposure these violent people get, the better for all of us. Their crazy loony lack of both physical and mental control makes them dangerous and no one should make the mistake of ignoring the RWNJ’s. They ARE armed and they will use those arms to KILL people.

    It’s coming…

  65. Actually the republicans can fillibuster. And they do. Recently they blocked the democrats bill that would have increased taxes on american companies shipping jobs overseas but reduced taxes on american companies bringing jobs back to the U.S.

  66. Right and thank GOD they ARE OUR future and not the Conservative Pants WeeWee-ers.
    It was awesome to see so many wonderful people having so much fun. All those young people will be the future of this country. No guns, no hoverchairs and NO DEPENDS. No nasty remarks – no demanding people be killed.
    These are our children and grandchildren whose education we support, just so they can understand that the TeaBaggers are not something to emulate, but to pity.

  67. I totally agree – it wasn’t the numbers. It was the attitude and the way it was presented. It was NOT a hate rally (the difference between this rally and the Glenn Beck hatefest). And it will filled with people who care.
    Unlike the TeaBaggers who care only about themselves and their free government dole, hoverchairs, depends and early-bird specials at Dennys, this crowd had energy and humor, manners and smiles. Signs spelled correctly. Much music and lots of smiles.
    No wonder the RWNJ’s hated it. They were waiting for an excuse to kill people and they didn’t get it.

  68. Just a wee bit overdone CH … and you’ve been on such a roll lately. Sadly your humor and sarcasm just goes over the heads of the people who don’t know the real you.
    But thanks anyway….sending you progressive hugs and hope for a happy future.

  69. Thank you for clearing that up…makes more sense now..I knew no one could be that asinine…LOL!

  70. I’m delighted to see such a healthy turnout for a non-partisan US rally. There may be hope yet for salvaging American politics and news media.

  71. I agree that CBS is liberally biased, and we can agree to disagree on Fox. However, if CBS underestimated to size of Beck’s rally, they also probably underestimated the crowds at Stewart’s rally, since the same independent agency provided both counts.

    DC Metro broke their 19 year old record for Satuday ridership, with more than 825,000 rides. The crowds were packed from 3rd Street to the Washington Mall, and spilled over on both sides. I think everyone was amazed at how many attended, even Stewart. Perhaps equally astounding was the temendous degree of civility exhibted by rally-goers, especially since so many were left packed like sardines and unable to see or hear what was happening on stage.

  72. seriously. if you’re not engaging in a conversation, don’t tell me any excited crap. i saw the light this weekend, and i am very reassured that everyone came out… i think we might just make it. there are PLENTY of reasonable people. actually more than plenty, as those who were there can tell you, and you should believe them. and we were standing close together. don’t rant at me about the bad stuff the side you’re not on does -like i don’t know. it’s your polarized support for your side that makes the other one so bad in the first place. and if what i just wrote is too hard to understand or makes you angry, then THREE WORD CHANT! THREE WORD CHANT! THREE WORD CHANT! THREE WORD CHANT! ENJOY YOUR MISERABLE LIFE, YOU OBVIOUSLY PREFER IT!

  73. First, no one is saying that the two parties need to agree on anything (although that would be nice). Second, there wasn’t any “let’s all be hippies and get along”. The point was about being able to express your opinions without throwing out ridiculous claims like “Obama is Hitler” or “Bush is Hitler” or “Beck is Hitler” when really only Hitler is Hitler. The point was that the media is so focused on showing us the extremes. Just look at the recent “documentaries” by CNN, MSNBC and Fox News about both the Tea Party and the Progressives: Boiling Point, The Rise the New Right (sounds like the Rise of the Third Reich to me), and Progressivism: America’s Cancer. The rally was about this form of extremist BS. We don’t expect everyone to get along but we do expect that most people respect others. In fact, after the rally was over I met a number of local DC folk and was able to talk with them about number of political issues. Many of them work at the capital, some work for senators, some leaned left, others leaned right. Nevertheless we were able to have heated debated without anyone referencing Nazis or Hitler, bringing up and foot-stomping incidents or anything of that nature. We were talking about policies! And that was refreshing. That is what I want to hear more about on the news so that I can make a more informed decision at the polls.

  74. So Anne and Basheert let me get this straight the “polarization of America” and the media’s role is now a crisis given that the moderate and conservative voices of FOX are available. Why wasn’t this such an issue when it was Network, NPR/PBS and the CNN/MSNBC crowd. And you are “fighting” the efforts to silence but it is clear you can’t stand those that oppose your viewpoint.
    Basheert, Can nearly always count on the left to diminish/degrade under the guise of their funny signs. TeaBaggers is a perfect example. You understand the meaning but it’s not offensive if from the left. Double standards. Were you at the Beck rally? I didn’t think so but, I bet you read alot of very objective reporting the next day on the rally. In fact, it was more of a celebration of this country and our founding principles. It resembled more of a large church meeting…but that likely scares you.

  75. The Real Agenda

    I went to the rally and listened to Stewarts arguments for sanity and Colbert’s arguments for fear and made my decision: I choose FEAR!

    My argument for fear is this:
    1. Fox News Fans only watch Daily Show because Bill O’Reilly bashes Stewart on the O’Reilly Factor.
    2. Daily Show Fans only watch Fox because Stewart bashes them on his show.
    3. Fox News is the most watched cable news show – why? Because of Stewart!
    4. Daily Show and Colbert are the most watched Comedy Central show – why? Because of Fox!
    5. Together Fox and Stewart have made the other news outlets irrelevant!

    See!? – One side can’t exist without the other! Conclusion? Jon Stewart and Rupert Murdoch are collaborating to control the media by making us choose between extreme positions (sanity vs. fair and balanced) and pitting us against each other!!! As for Colbert, he is just the demon spawn of the unholy alliance between Jon and Rup. I see through this smoke screen and it is REALLY SCARRY!

    “The world is in a great state of chaos, and the situation is excellent.” – Uncle Duke

    Jon and Stephen don’t care about us; otherwise, they would have let Yusuf and Ozzy finish – possibly leading to a mind-blowing medley of peace/crazy train!!!

    Leviticus 13:7

  76. I’m a Dem but there was definably Dem undertones but to say it was for this reason is just ignorance. As he said we should respect our differences but the one that should not be respected is ignorance.

  77. Are you serious? After 2 weeks nonstop of watching FOX Noise, I couldn’t take their negativity and hatred another day. Who is attempting to silence NPR just because they didn’t like the fact that Juan Williams was fired for violating the terms of his employment with them? Who has commentators that say such stupid things as Obama having a deep-seated hatred for white people? Who has been fomenting hatred toward Muslims, immigrants, and appealing to white fears? None other than FOX Noise, and if you think my decision to join the fight to help counter their attempts to work toward getting NPR defunded is an attempt to silence FOX, you really do have blinders. There’s a difference between silencing a network and holding it accountable for its ill-informed and inflammatory rhetoric. As far as I’m concerned, that is long overdue. If you don’t see that it is FOX trying to help silence NPR, then you must be occupying some alternative universe.

  78. This is the most intelligent, poignant and accurate account on the rally I’ve come across yet, and I’ve been reading through many including the ‘mainstream media’. With the video evidence presented, it’s impossible to rationally contest the content and articulation of the article. Brilliant!

  79. The Republicans, seemingly due exactly to their inability to win a majority without engaging anyone outside their party, have selected a strategy with no common good component: obstructionism. Vote No on anything presented by the opposing party, regardless of whether the issue at vote would actually be favorable to the citizens I represent.

    There is little place in a democracy for this type of behavior. It is destructive and power-mongering. The “Party of No” is a media label of course, but the facts of how much obtructionist activity the GOP has undertaken for the last two years are ready for you to go and check.

  80. I was thinking about not leaving a comment because I don’t have really strong opinions. But then I thought, that’s exactly what the rally was fighting against – the haters and blow-hards and sign-waving screamers dominating the message. Scrolling through these comments shows that the message is indeed dominated by the loudest and most opinionated on all sides of an issue.

    These voices never seek resolution, only further conflict. They seek victory only by complete subjugation because in fact, they don’t desire victory – Everything they say is designed to inspire more conflict. If they got what they want, they would simply fight themselves then.

    Maybe this is why systems based on conflict tend to stabilize at gridlock, exactly 50/50 on either side, because if one side were dominant, then it would attack itself and destroy its advantage through factional conflict. This explains a lot, actually.

    So Jon Stewart and his friend Stephen Colbert are geniuses, and exactly what we need. The only way to break what’s broken with this country is to mock and otherwise neutralize the cycle of anger and venom and conflict that serves only itself.

  81. In your fevered imaginings, which of those seven do you think apply to Stewart? I’d say he’s done a pretty good job avoiding Gandhi’s seven social sins without your help, thanks.

  82. No matter how many times a lie is repeated it will never become the truth. It is illogical to think otherwise. What makes a lie conceivably valid is when the sources of the information are supposed to be trusted and intelligent…and they quickly forget the importance of the integrity of responsible journalism. What happened? The truth is not a fleeting thing it only becomes trivial when it is obscured by sensationalism. Everything loses its meaning the minute there is a profit to be made. The bottom line is the only thing that matters and the gray matter in between is lost. I really don’t care about Lindsey Lohan or Paris Hilton going to jail. That belongs on Entertainment Tonight and The Soup, not CNN, MSNBC or any of the other news room who claims to bring us the “news”. Thank you Jon Stewart for having the audacity to tell them to stop the BS Insanity and the promotion of constant fear. My favorite poster from the rally is the one of Uncle Sam saying “You’re an American, act like one.” We didn’t become a nation because we were afraid…we were radical thinkers then and we need radical thinkers now….stop the insanity!!!! No Truth – Know Fear; Know Truth – No Fear!!!

  83. “An old cowboy goes into a bar and orders a drink. As he sits there sipping his whiskey, a young lady sits down next to him. … She says, ‘I’m a lesbian. I spend my whole day thinking about women. …’ A little while later, a couple sits down next to the old cowboy and asks him, ‘Are you a real cowboy?’ He replies, ‘I always thought I was, but I just found out I’m a lesbian.'”

  84. Truth has become seen as subjective, not as objective. Somehow Hollywood’s fictional Perry Mason plot lines have become confused with real live courtroom dramas like the OJ Simpson trial and people have lost sight of the concept of facts in favor of opinion strengthened into absolute belief. Faith-based belief does not allow skepticism or tolerate dissent and that is unhealthy!

  85. Ha! Thanks Terry!

    But are you saying that the cowboy was already in the bar when he learned he was a lesbian and couldn’t do anything about it or that staying there was his CHOICE?

  86. This rally was incredible to watch-lifted my spirit and made me laugh at all the craziness. I have not seen anything like all the negativity, name-calling, and childish behavior in my life-and I am talking about congress!
    It felt good to know that so many other people are tired of the game, feel that the whole system is failing yet understand why and how it is failing and that only tolerance for others and their views is the only way to fix it!

  87. Home from the Rally. I too was perplexed as to the purpose of the gathering before I arrived. How is one meant to dress, for example, for two simultaneous rallies with essentially opposite purposes? In the end I concluded that I’d go as an ordinary human being. Evidently most other attendees made the same choice. There were few outrageous Halloween costumes, for instance- most were in jeans, and I saw few truly provocative or partisan signs. “Polite Politics Please” was there, as well as “Say No to Scare Tactics”. None of us wanted to give the fearmongerers an opportunity to dismiss us as kooks.

  88. @ el brew ho. Perhaps, that is your perception and people forming opinions through faith is their perception. Does that mean that your perception is tantamount or more valid than theirs? Or is only perceptions formed by non-believers that are formed by “facts?” Believing that the Colberts or Stewarts or any of the Hollywood Elites are objective newsmen is disheartening. Listening to all sides, reading and knowing the Constitution, the thoughts of the Framers, etc; and then forming an opinion is being fully informed. Personally, when I hear that many people get their news/opinion from Stewart then I am concerned with the future of this country. Hollywood elites, SEIU, Soros, and the rest of non-elected individuals have too much influence on policies. The Insanity Rally worked: for one reason only. It was too funny to make a reality! :-)

  89. I think what bothers me the most is that people, and particularly the media, didn’t understand what this was about. I know that not everyone is a fan of these guys or supports the cause, and I know the whole thing has a layer or two of irony and sarcasm that you have to dig through. But everyone ought to be capable of understanding that there are a large number of moderates in this country who are increasingly unhappy and concerned with how far media and politics have gone in sensationalizing and overreacting to absolutely everything. Jon Stewart is a comedian, sure, and people trust him as a news source, but these days his entire source of material is the blatant absurdity that our media and many policitians spew out, on both sides of the political spectrum. If you consider that, and you still think that the fact that he’s a comedian is what you’re worried about, then you are missing the much greater problem.

  90. I don’t see how getting your “news” from John Stewart or Stephen Colbert is any different than getting your “news” from FoxNews/(insert your own hated news channel here). Isn’t this is a point that these two pundits are trying to make. These guys both are entertainers and they do not deny that, and they mock both sides of our bi partisan government. MOST individuals hold their own opinions in higher regard than another individuals’. Take into consideration that FoxNews/(insert your own hated news channel here) has thousands of devoted fans that take some of the opinions expressed by their pundits to be THE FACTS, which causes these fans to form their own opinions (based on what they may believe to be the absolute truth). ALL of the hateful, slanderous, and even murderous comments I’ve heard come from people who are devoted watchers of programs such as Glenn Becks. I am not saying that the people at these “news” stations should not express their personal opinions or fight for what they think is right. I THINK it would be nice to have civil, intelligent discourse that doesn’t cause unreasonable anger and hatred towards individuals or whole groups of people. To agree with one side of a political/social discussion (dispute?) without taking into consideration all parties involved (The legal citizens of the United States of America) seems sort of ignorant to me.

  91. I don’t see how getting your “news” from John Stewart or Stephen Colbert is any different than getting your “news” from FoxNews/(insert your own hated news channel here). Isn’t this is a point that these two pundits are trying to make. These guys both are entertainers and they do not deny that, and they mock both sides of our bi partisan government. MOST individuals hold their own opinions in higher regard than another individuals’. Take into consideration that FoxNews/(insert your own hated news channel here) has thousands of devoted fans that take some of the opinions expressed by their pundits to be THE FACTS, which causes these fans to form their own opinions (based on what they may believe to be the absolute truth). ALL of the hateful, slanderous, and even murderous comments I’ve heard come from people who are devoted watchers of programs such as Glenn Becks. I am not saying that the people at these “news” stations should not express their personal opinions or fight for what they think is right. I THINK it would be nice to have civil, intelligent discourse that doesn’t cause unreasonable anger and hatred towards individuals or whole groups of people. To agree with one side of a political/social discussion (dispute?) without taking into consideration all parties involved (The legal citizens of the United States of America) seems sort of ignorant to me.

  92. A lie repeated enough times at a loud enough volume starts being perceived as the truth. The problem I am having these days is what do you say when the truth no longer matters?

  93. @Wicked Bitch: Yes you are correct, basing your assumptions on political discourse purely or even primarily on faith makes you an idiot. Not an ad hominem you can be perfectly intelligent but it works as a rule of thumb.

    None of these boogeymen that you mentioned really exist, much less hold the place of monolithic titans that you think they do. Not to mention the fact that there are plenty of examples of right wing boogeymen (i.e. Karl Rove, Fox News, Dick Cheney, The Swift Boat Guys) that also don’t really hold the grand sweeping powers that liberals credit them with. By spewing bile about “non-elected officials influencing policy” you serve only to continue this unabashed partisanship. It is not right, it is not constructive and in the future should you find youself in a position where you might consider doing it again, don’t. Besides non-elected officials (i.e. those of us who do the voting, sweet heart) should take as much influence over policy decisions as we are able.

    God forbid we actually let politicians make the decisions and we find ourselves in this place. Politicians are lawyers, and they don’t know lead from gold, they should be the last people to actually do anything to legislation…and yet here we are again…freaking lawyers…The only thing that would make it worse would be to let the media do it themselves.

  94. I think this is the first step toward the truth. As history has shown, the truth moves in three stages. First it is ridiculed. Then it’s opposed violently. And finally it is accepted as being self-evident. That’s the truth. The media has become our worst enemy. Perhaps it should be stripped of all its hard-earned freedom? They seem more interested in maintaining steady ratings than the status quo. In Singapore the government controls all the media, and it seems to work for them. The country enjoys year on year growth, yet has no natural resources. The people enjoy first-world living, good education, little unemployment, low taxes, and a crime rate that barely registers. If TV is a reflection of society, then its time the self-proclaimed free world took a good look at what it has become. Have a nice day.

  95. “I don’t see how getting your “news” from John Stewart or Stephen Colbert is any different than getting your “news” from FoxNews…” What is this guy smoking? Perhaps ignorance is the problem. I mean, like, you know, I can’t tell the difference between George Bush Snr, George W Bush and George Washington. All were president, all called George. And there’s really not much difference between Homer Simpson and OJ Simpson. Both are American icons, both are popular, both are Simpsons.

  96. @ barni_armani You miss the point… I like how reading the first line of a comment brought you to that conclusion.

    Ignorance is bliss is it not?

  97. What a great move by Jon Stewart. I wasn’t sure what the rally was about…would’ve gone had I known. But either way, that was an incredible idea to confuse the media. The only weakness in it seems to be that there doesn’t seem to be a follow-up to it. A one-day rally with no demands doesn’t really seem to have any impact. Maybe once the public was clear on the purpose of the rally, and after seeing the successful turn-out, he might’ve planned a National No News Week where people don’t read any news. Would’ve made another point and embarrassed the media. They’d eventually realize they were delivering the news to their studio crew. We could’ve gone from there on working to build a more reliable and relevant news media.

  98. Hi deary. Ahhh once again dogma surfaces. I have noticed that once a person fails to be able to be engage discourse then the ad hominem attacks begin. Perhaps intellectual honesty escapes you. No given your little rant I think you have aptly demonstrated. Let’s attack those horrible Republican/Conservative boogeymen and believers in any faith. You state that I engaged in “spewing bile about “non-elected officials influencing policy”” and as a result [I] serve only to continue this unabashed partisanship. UMMM nothing partisanship there. Facts are facts. They influence this current administration and the political discourse in this country. Try some intellectual honesty. If you are capapble. PS: I think there are at least 2 “idiots” in this dialogue and I know for a fact that I am not one of them. I will stack my political acumen, knowledge and experience against yours any day and will emerge the victor. ;-)

  99. UMMM it is a problem because they are comedians…not journalist. DUH. Guess your probably one of them. I am glad to see so many receive such political empowerment from a couple of fools. Guess that explains your fascination.

  100. Bitch.
    When you first posted you refered only to “Hollywood elites, SEIU, Soros,”. What did you expect? You appeared partisan, you got partisan in return. Try spending a little time showing that vaunted political acumen you brag about and forget the little attacks

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