At Least 250,000 Attend Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity

Everyone knew today’s Rally to Restore Sanity would be a hit, and if the independent estimates of crowd size are any indication, Jon Stewart’s rally was the most well attended of the year as it is estimated that at least 250,000 people attended. This number easily doubles and almost triples the attendance for Glenn Beck’s Rally to Restore Honor.

A CTV story estimated the crowd size at 250,000, “In an impassioned 15-minute speech, Stewart told a crowd estimated to number at least 250,000, that their presence has restored his sanity.” Even the AP conservatively offered an estimate that the crowd size rivaled Beck’s, “Screens showed a variety of pundits and politicians from the left and right, engaged in divisive rhetoric. Prominently shown: Glenn Beck, whose conservative Restoring Honor rally in Washington in August was part of the motivation for the Stewart and Colbert event, called the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. It appeared to rival Beck’s rally in attendance.”

During the rally, the hosts of Myth Busters estimated the crowd at 150,000. No matter which estimate one chooses to go with, it’s clear that the crowd size greatly exceeded the 60,000 that Comedy Central expected when they applied for their park permit. There were reports that the crowd exceeded the designated rally area and spilled out into other parts of the National Mall, so it is a pretty safe to say that hundreds of thousands of people were there.

Right wing media has responded to the success of Stewart’s rally, not by denying his attendance numbers, but inflating Beck’s rally attendance figures. Even though independent estimates put the size of Beck’s rally at 87,000-96,000 attendees, conservative media, lead by Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and Beck himself have turned the Rally to Restore Honor into a mythic event which was attended by a half a million people. Of course, those who make these claims have absolutely no proof to back it up, and they never question the fact that these inflated attendance figures come from biased sources.

This week Beck proclaimed that unless Jon Stewart drew a million people his rally would be a failure. Beck said, “I love this. Barack Obama is going on The Daily Show. If there’s not a million people at the mall. They have Oprah. They have Barack Obama. They have The Huffington Post, all paying for these trips. There should be 300 million people on the mall, or they are absolutely the most powerless people on the planet.”

Instead of looking powerless, it seems the Rally to Restore Sanity has outdrawn any live event that Glenn Beck has ever done. The sad reality is that the argument over which rally was bigger will only serve to highlight the polarized disconnect in our country. Many who are willing to use facts will accept that Stewart’s rally was larger than Beck’s, while the right wing ideologues will hold on to their fairy tale of a half a million people at Beck’s rally, but at least for one day reasonableness became a topic in our a national dialogue. For this reason alone, no matter how many people attended The Rally to Restore Sanity was a success.

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  1. Hi Jason – nice reading your post -glad to see there are some Democrats left in Pittsburg -my sister lives in an all Republican neighborhood in the North Hills and is constantly getting into arguments with them about their choices! She attended the rally with her 14 year old son today!

  2. Pretty sad…………..I was at both rally’s…………….Beck’s crowd was 10 times AT LEAST the size………poorly reported

  3. Wow…less than 100K people at Glenn Becks rally? Laughable! The National Parks Service estimated Glenn Becks rally of at least 350,000 and Stewarts around 200,000.
    And how did Stewart manage to get that many? Buying out buses for people to take, the president suggesting people go, numerous media outlet advertising. Glen Beck had no such goading of people and one media outlet…his own. LOL… The liberals had to beg, plead and offer free transportation even get people to go…talk about busing people into an event…..You libs are entertaining if nothing else…..Get ready for depression to set in November 2nd libs!

  4. “Pretty sad…………..I was at both rally’s…………….Beck’s crowd was 10 times AT LEAST the size………poorly reported”

    So, 2.5 million people went to Beck’s rally? Wow, not even Malkin is that ballsy (or retarded).

  5. What sad is people dont get the fact that Obamas whole agenda was and is to restore sanity! To a country that has feed off the backs of working people for a long time!! Now the fear fear pushers ( Republicans) Are trying to use the size of a rally as the Barometer Of discontent!! Wow wolfs with sheep’s wool over there eyes!!

  6. A) Considering that Beck and Stewart are polar opposites, what were you doing at both rallies in the first place?
    B) Yes, I am sure being in the middle of both crowds you had the best view to estimate the size of each…

    Pretty sad… poorly thought out heckling from you…

  7. When comparing crowd estimates one has to do it apple-to-apple. The one scientificly done Beck rally estimate was based on a fairly high angle aerial photography that shows that while Beck’s crowd did go all the way beyond the trees and to the Washington monument, it was actually sparsely packed at all points but the front. Conservatives place their number estimates on the false assumption that because the reflective pool could hold 200,000 at maximum capacity, and because Beck’s rally covered an area about twice that size, therefore some 400,000+ people must have attended, ignoring the sparseness of the crowd. Curiously, this is probably the reason why the mythbusters got Stewart’s crowd to conduct the wave experiments: to show that Stewart’s crowd, unlike Beck’s was actually continuous, and packed from 4th to 14th street, with some sparseness around the Washington monument.

  8. You’ve proven you’re full of S by claiming the National Parks made estimates. The Park service stopped making estimates over 10 years ago fool.

  9. I live in D. C. and this rally was at least three times the size… but go ahead Beck-holes eat your sour grapes.

  10. The National Parks Service estimated Glenn Becks rally of at least 350,000 and Stewarts around 200,000.
    That’s some real news since the National park service hasn’t esitimated crowds sine the Million man March.
    Can you say Fabricated and Bogus.
    Great Rally Jon and Stephen
    Thank You

  11. Also Jeff, the National Parks Service stopped providing crowd size estimates over a decade ago for any event other than Presidential Inaugurations. So either you’re just making up those facts, or you’re trusting people who are lying to you when they tell you those numbers.

    What in the world kind of “media outlet advertising” are you talking about? The fact that the rally was discussed on the news? So was the Beck rally.

    Do some research. Get a clue. Independent, non-partisan estimates show the Stewart rally was bigger. Sorry to break it to you. You might want to actually try to find the truth, rather than just listening to people who lie and talking out of your ass.

  12. Actually, the anecdote comes from a republican representative (Michelle Bachmann) who said that one National Park person unofficially gave her an estimate over one million. So if anything you are distorting even your Beck’s side’s stories.

  13. Rally’s?

    And I bet Beck’s penis is like a gazillion times HUGER than any big old nasty liberal crowd!

    Just how far up and away from the light do you hide your head to be able to repeat that absurd 87,000 lie?
    Are you deluded, a liar, or just ignorant and too lazy to do your job?
    Here let me help you:
    Here are comparative photos of the Beck Rally and the subsequent “One Nation” counter rally”
    Of course the second rally was promoted and funded by over 400 organizations, many using our tax dollars and tons of union money. Many of the attendees reported that they were ordered, or STRONGLY (wink wink) encouraged to attend. They were given food and t shirts, and had pre-printed signs waiting for them. Watch the videos of the pathetically uninspired crowd. I am certain a leftard like you accepts w/o question their numbers…so have a child look at the two photos and estimate the multiplier needed to reach the Beck number. (Please remember that the areas under the trees were solid with people in the Beck rally.
    NO! Of course I don’t expect a lib to admit he has made any sort of mistake! I am not delusional! I only bothered to write this for those with personal integrity who might believe your idiocy! And you all wonder why the public is turning to the right with such a vengeance..LOL. You, and your ilk are exactly the reason. They are not nearly as stupid as you imagine and they are quite fed up with being lied to and manipulated.

  15. You do know that this article talks about the ‘Rally to Restore Sanity,’ right? How did we get to ‘One Nation’ rally at all? That was a completely different event! It wasn’t even on the same side of the Washington monument. So I’m not completely sure why are you upset at this article.

  16. First, why would an independent service lie about the crowd estimates, and they didnt even estimate the crowd size. They have a computer program that can take an aerial image and accurately count the heads in the crowd. So the count of 87,000 to 96,000 people at Beck’s rally is most likely correct. Also the term independent means they do not care how many people are in the crowd, unlike conservatives who will pump up Beck’s numbers to make their cause look better.

  17. This number does not include countless more (like me) who were stuck in traffic, stuck at the metro and finally gave up and watched the rally at a bar. I never made it to the rally but I can tell you that when we bailed from the Vienna metro at 12:30 (after arriving at 11) there was still a line to the parking lot of people waiting to get on….

  18. I rode a bus (the ticket for which I paid myself) from Michigan because I didn’t want Beck’s folks having more excuses to dismiss those who disagree with him, so I GET the competitive nature of the crowd estimates. BUT…this article uses the same sort of derogatory and inflammatory language that Beck’s crap does. “Fairytale,” among others, isn’t exactly objective and doesn’t play nice with the other kids on the playground. Objective reporting and scientific crowd sampling methods would be enough for anyone who cares about the truth. Guess no one was there to hear what Stewart was saying, huh?

  19. Hey, remember, the 20% extreme doesn’t recognize that the 80% moderates exist at all, and therefore there is no such thing as ‘independent’ in their mind. It’s 75% their side (whether left or right) and 25% people who are unamerican. So any facts and reports from ‘independent’ sources that are in their favor represent the 75% ‘reasonable’ people, while any unfavorable facts must be from the 25% ultra-wing-nuts.

  20. How were the lies Beck and Fox and Bachmann told about Beck’s rallies anything other than fantasy? It would be wrong not to say the truth. not being partisan with the truth involves taking a stand for facts. The facts are that this rally was bigger and that Beck and his gang lied over and over again because that is what they do. Anyone who thinks their reports should be reported without fact checking is high. By the way, were you there?

  21. Native Pittsburgher here, and I’d like to point out that Pittsburgh is mainly a blue city. High ethnic minorities demographic tends to do that.

    Anyway, I’ve been a Democrat since I registered in 2008, when I was 18, and I can say while riding through several neighborhoods, there were quite a lot of Obama lawn-thingies out and about.

    I salute your sister in her struggle against the Republicans in the North Hills, but let her know, in many of the less well-off neighborhoods she has many fellow travelers!

  22. The reason this rally was needed in the first place is because of people like you that cannot argue your point without namecalling and being offensive. You completely missed out on the whole issue. I feel sorry for you.

  23. I go to college at the University of Maryland, and attended the rally today. I was also in DC the day of the Beck rally, but not at the rally itself.
    I know nothing about how to estimate the size of a crowd by looking at it, but I will say that I’m entirely certain that The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear completely annihilated the Beck rally.
    Let me put this in perspective, on the day of the Beck rally, I didn’t see a single person in DC or the outskirts of the city that was there for the rally.
    For todays rally, every one of the satellite metro stops, the ones just outside of the city, had lines that were an hour+ long just to get fare cards.
    The metro trains were completely filled. Not just “standing room only” but every train was filled completely from wall to wall, with people crammed into every nook and cranny available.
    The mall was full. The surrounding streets were full. DC was full of people that had/were attending the rally. Everywhere you looked, there was guaranteed to be at least a couple people either in costume or holding a sign.
    And really, everyone who lives in DC is agreeing that this is easily the largest event in DC to happen in years, with the only exception being Obama’s inauguration.

  24. Yes, DC. I was there. I think i was clear on that. And it is my distinct wish that today’s numbers prove significantly higher than Beck’s. But come on. Truth doesn’t need adjectives and insults. Or “we” aren’t doing any better.

  25. I live in DC and was at both rallies…. I know kind of weird…. but I like a good party and didn’t like the games that were on…

    Sorry but the Beck rally was much bigger…. not that I really care… but fair if fair….

  26. Gee. I don’t know. If one actually cares whether the Beck rally or the Stewart/Colbert rally had greater attendance maybe something approximating reality should be used to figure it out instead of such interesting measures cited here like: “..the hosts of Myth Busters estimated the crowd at 150,000.” Though I’m sure we can all accept that among their Hollywood effects experience the Mythbusters can boast crowd size estimates.

    But, using that “reality” angle one could look at a picture of the Stewart/Colbert rally here:

    And see that today’s rally packed 4th – 7th streets on the West side of the mall. There is bery little bleed over shown in that picture. That fills Henry and West Seaton Parks. You can pull it up on Google Maps and you can use the scale to pretty quickly determine that the area filled with people is almost exactly 1000 ft East to West and 500 ft North to South. That’s 500,000 sq. ft.

    You can then look at the pictures of the Beck rally here:

    To see that the area on both sides of the Reflecting pool between the WWII Memorial and Lincoln Memorial are covered there. Comparing those images to Google Maps again, one can easily see that the combined width (North to Soutth) of the crowds on either side of the Reflecting Pool probably works out to about 500 ft – pretty similar to the distance measured North to South in Henry and West Seaton Parks – I’m more than willing to be argued down about 10%. Looking at Google Maps again shows that the East-West distance from the bottom of the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to the WWII Memorial is *over* 2000 ft. That’s an area of over 1,000,000 sq. ft. – over twice the area shown shown covered with attendees at the Stewart/Colbert rally. Take that 10% off I mentioned a couple of sentences back moved the “effective” area covered down to a little under 1,000,000 sq. ft. Looking closely at the photos shows that each of the fours “outside corners” of the Beck rally are both “rounded off” a bit and that the crowd thins in those areas as well. So take another 10% off the “effective” areas covered. Perhaps 850,000 sq. ft. But the crowd density (with *overhead* photos) is quite high everywhere else within the area depicted in the photos.

    So, please explain to me how a *rational* individual gets to a crowd size for Stewart/Colbert that “easily double and almost triples” the Beck crowd size other than partisan wishfulness? And dismiss the AP estimates as “conservative?” As if the AP would not be conservative in its estimates of the Beck crowd size as well?

    So, who does this opinion expressed above actually apply best to?
    “Of course, those who make these claims have absolutely no proof to back it up, and they never question the fact that these inflated attendance figures come from biased sources.”

  27. How many times has one a-hole come on here to declare that he was at “both” rallies and that he’s sure Becks’ was a lot larger? Pathetic.

  28. and they all pretend to be independents. Yeah, independents were out in droves for crazy Beck. Tell us another one.

  29. I’ll tell you whot, I was at both rallies and the smell at this one was way smellieer than Becky’s one. And I payed for both tickets so don’t grind me about that.

  30. Kevin, sorry, but you are either highly unobservant or need vision correction. I live in Northern Virginia and drove East on Constitution Avenue from the Potomac to the Capitol Building, around the Capitol Building on the North side and continued on the 6th and A Streets NE at about 10AM on the morning of the Beck rally and back out essentially the same route at about 1PM. My wife and I saw people walking to the pre-events and event (identified by signs and apparel) on the way in all the way from the Potomac to Constution and Louisiana (there are a bunch of parking garages and lots in the area North of there I am sure some were taking advantage of). And, by the way, look at the pictures of the Beck rally at this link I gave earlier:

    How’d ya miss that?

  31. Did you payed for both? Good on ya’. Clearly you weren’t at today’s rally because everyone there could spell. There was a test.

  32. Let’s say that the rallies were equal in size- (which I don’t think they were since DC police were turning people away from the Mall by 1pm because they said it was at capacity) but for argument’s sake, call them equal.
    Now add
    4 million people watching online at comedy central.
    900+ cities that had satellite rallies in over 80 countries
    Everyone who was watching on CSPAN/Comedy central TV.
    Seattle alone had at least 5000 people, Portland had 1000+ LA had thousands, Chicago had 3k+ St. Louis has 1,000, St Paul had 200, Des Moines had 55, Burlington VT had 15, etc etc.
    So, while anyone can claim Beck had more in DC, the truth is that The Rally for Sanity was a worldwide event and throughout the world definitely had a larger audience and there is absolutely no arguing that.

  33. Will you clowns please stop whining!?! No one CARES what you were told. There are scientific measures that prove you wrong. Get over it!

  34. I’ve never been to this site, but after reading the story on crowd size, I’m going to go ahead and put this in my “clown” folder.

  35. If you paid attention in school, you know that the past tense of “pay” is “paid” except in the special sense that has to do with ropes: “He payed out the line to the smuggler in the rowboat.”

  36. Wow. That’s pretty amazing William. Funny thing, though, from the website for today’s rally:

    3) Do I need tickets?
    No, the event is free of charge and open to the public. First come, first served.

    And, go figure, Beck’s rally was completely free as well.

    But, hey, I guess it’s ALL THE OTHER folks who claim they were at both rallies who have the credibility problem, right?

  37. I attended the event with my kids. We spent over one hour in the Greenbelt Metro parking lot (which filled up 3800 spots) waiting to get a ticket and get on the train. Then over 1/2 hour to get out of the metro station at the mall. We could not even get within sight of the event, walking the streets for about an hour. I don’t have an estimate but I know there were lots of us who “attended” but never really made it close enough. We were surrounded by people trying to get there. It was great fun!

  38. What sicentific measure would that be? I didn’t see one referened in the original post. Perhaps you can point to one? Or perhaps you can point out why I’m supposed to believe you and not my “lying eyes?” Did you even look at pictures of the two events? Are you even remotely familiar with the layout of DC? If not, did you even load Google Maps and compare a map of DC to the pictures?

    I’m so impressed with your scientific approach.

  39. Can you read? I said that I didn’t go to Beck’s rally. I just said that I was in DC that day. And while I may not have been at the national mall to see people sparsely dotting the grass with their lawn chairs, I know that I did not see a single person in Dupont Circle that was coming from the Beck rally. I didn’t see anyone in the U Street/Howard area. I didn’t say that no one went to Beck’s rally. I’m just saying that the idea that his rally had half a million, as some people claim, while this rally had around 100,000 is clearly bullshit.

    Please, if I’m the one that is “either highly unobservant or need[s] vision correction,” then why are you the one unable to read and properly comprehend what I wrote?

  40. Jeff can’t get estimates from a non-partisan, unbiased source because:
    A) If it doesn’t agree with what he wants to believe, it’s obviously liberal bias.
    B) To Jeff, facts have a liberal bias.
    C) Jeff doesn’t understand facts must be based upon actual reality, and probably believes that reality also has a liberal bias.

  41. Really? Who’s trying to use crowd size as a measure? Isn’t that point of this entire (liberal) post? “We were bigger than Beck by at least 2-3 times!”

  42. Like Jeff above, the same applies to frothing-at-the-mouth Mitch :
    A) If it doesn’t agree with what he wants to believe, it’s obviously liberal bias.
    B) To Mitch, actual facts have a liberal bias.
    C) Mitch doesn’t understand facts must be based upon actual reality, and probably believes that reality also has a liberal bias.

  43. No, the point is reality. Try it some time. The rally was not political. No one vilified Repbulicans or teabaggers today, like you all did at your hate fest. This was superior in that it was for ALL Americans.

  44. Except of course for the fact that the images of the Stewart/Colbert rally CLEARLY show that the crowd is contained between 4th and *7th* streets, not out to 14th street. you can clearly see that L’Enfant Square Park (between 7th and 9th) and everything West isn’t part of the Stewart/Colbert rally.

  45. We were PACKED into the metro train at 8 am. We got close, but eventually were so tightly packed we couldn’t move. I’ve seen arial pics of Beck’s rally – there was space and grass and people sitting in chairs. This was INSANE, there was not a bit of space between people from the capital almost to the monument, plus the side streets, plus the fronts of the museums.

    It was so fun and so great to see that many people wanting discussion, sanity, and compromise. It made me have some hope that the country hasn’t turned into a bunch of screaming madmen.

  46. Did you miss the point of the entire rally? “Who’s is bigger” is an absolutely meaningless discussion. Stop wasting space with this drivel: assume for the sake of argument that Beck indeed eclipsed Stewart’s numbers by an order of magnitude. Now what are you left with? A well-received rally with an inspiring comedian who made some amazingly insightful observations.

    The American population is not nearly as it sometimes seems. The country is built upon cooperation, and functions daily because of this principle. Those who are reporting on the goings-on around the world, in politics and events in general, do themselves and their nation a huge disservice when they focus on trivialities and divisiveness instead of bigger and more important issues.

    Trivialities, like the relative sizes of crowds. And more important issues, like the difference between the messages those two crowds cheered for.

  47. becks rally was much more substantive in my opinion. this one seemed to be a 20 something party. it’s easy to get 80k to show up for entertainment such as a football game. Happens at every home redskins game. Today was entertainment and an excuse to get us young people out to party. this rally will certainly not affect the elections on Tuesday. It was quite entertaining though.

  48. How is “fairy tale” and insult? You do realize that Jon S spends a lot of time debunking Fox News and the right, so I hardly think you understand his point. He is not pro-lie.

  49. Oddly enough, traffic wasn’t too bad going in and out. Metro was just insane. I don’t think they compensated for the crowd at all.

  50. The number matters because it sends a message to the MSM, which was Stewart’s entire point.It’s not trivial or petty. It is meant to say, a lot of us feel this way, pay attention!

  51. I’m going to defer to the gentleman who estimated the crowd size at BOTH the 8/28/10 Beck rally AND the Obama inauguration on 1/20/09, one Mr. Steve Doig; since his methodology was identical for these two politically polar opposite events, I’d venture to say he’ll apply the same methodology for the Stewart/Colbert event today.

  52. The National Park Servive stopped estimating rally sizes many years ago.
    So if someone told you this was a National Park Service estimate, they are lying. The only officicial estimate which I think was CNN the Beck rally with 87000. That is all.

  53. Today’s rally was easily twice as well-attended as Beck’s rally. And the attendees were MUCH nicer. Please use facts not fantasy when reporting.

  54. And you weren’t trying to get away with making everyone think you were in a location that day that might give you a reasonable possibility of seeing anyone on the West half of the Mall and not actually over a mile away and nowhere near where anyone would be parking for a visit to the Mall as you have now been forced to admit.

  55. Um, you’re really one angry, ill-informed dude. And you and your type will be the ruin of this great country.

  56. This rally made me cry-from happiness. This is OUR America. A sea of people of all colors, ages, sizes, weights and sexual orientations. A nation of people with a sense of humor and love for one another. A people who beleive that reason and coming together to solve problems makes more sense then tantrums and diatribes. This rally restores to me the honor of being an American. Stewart rallied my America and she came.

  57. Wasn’t at the Beck rally. But go ahead and assume away. Take a look at the picures for both rallies if your little reality meter can handle it.

    And, for the record, I have made ABSOLUTELY no statements about which I think was larger. I just provided photographic evidence and simple calculations which show the assertion of this post – that the Stewart/Colber rally couldn’t possibly have been 3 times larger than the Beck rally – simply isn’t supportable.

    Sorry that threatens your little world so much that you have to put me in your little imagined hate fest. What’s next – devolution to Godwin’s law?

  58. You really need glasses — and something (anything!) to help you clear the film from your heart and mind. That Beck lie-fest was a bust compared to the vast majority of Americans who consider 300,000 a larger number than 86,000.

  59. I was fortunate enough to be at the rally today, and in my opinion the crowd exceeded the 250,000 estimated. I have never in my life seen do many people in the Mall. The entire mall was packed, and I mean densely PACKED! The masses spilled onto Independence Avenue and other streets. The steps of the surrounding Smithsonian buildings were full… the available trees were full… people even climbed onto the tiered walls of the Native American history museum, which were at least 2 stories high. Put it this way: if it takes 55 seconds for “the wave” to go from front row to the very back onto the lawn of the Washington Monument, you’ve got a big, big crowd. Great day, great music, and a great message.

  60. I was actually expecting a 30 something crowd. But I was surprised to see people of all ages fairly represented. There was a somewhat youthful bias, but I saw no evidence of any greater depth than the other rally. However you do have a point that it will not effect the elections. None of the rallies will. They are at best barometers of the political winds.

  61. “A lot of us feel this way, pay attention!”

    Yes! Let this be the rallying cry!

    But what does it mean if twice as many people showed up for the Beck rally? Does that mean more people agree with everything Beck says? Does it mean those in favor of sanity and reasonableness don’t get a voice? If twice as many showed up to Stewart’s, does it mean the same things in the opposite direction?

    The more we ignore the explicitly manufactured “debate” over rally-peen sizes, and focus instead on the glaring differences in the messages between those two rallies’ main speakers, the better off we will be.

  62. The irony of the Beck rally was that he is a Mormon with a very different understanding of both God and Jesus than Evangelicals and yet he cynically played this God card, using their faith to rope them in, when what he beleives would be considered heresy by any real Evangelical. Beck is an entertainer pretending to be more while Stewart says he is just an entertainer but is the one who is actually so much more. The Stewart rally is the one we will all remember with pride. Stewart makes no pretense to hear God’s voice, but he much more surely does so than Beck who claims to.

  63. It was most definitely not a “20-something” party. I’m 60. I traveled with a 67-year-old friend. We were exhausted but exhilarated. The crowd was diverse — except that we shared a wonderful sense of hope and a belief in this country that is sorely lacking on the right.

  64. Thanks, this seems to be an independent source that actually makes an effort to calculate the numbers accurately. I’ll look forward to his estimates.

  65. I was at the Stewart/Colbert rally, and am no stranger to events on the mall. I can tell you it was NOT contained between 4th and 7th streets, at least not when Colbert or Stewart was speaking. I have never seen as densely packed a crowd, nor have I seen spillover onto Constitution Avenue and the areas north of the mall like I saw today. Take whatever comfort you want from denying that probably a quarter million people showed up to take a stand for bipartisanship.

  66. You, sir, are what we in Texas would call a liar. You were not at that rally today in DC and my guess is that you have not attended any other events in DC in your entire life.
    I was at the largest demonstration ever in the US back on April 24, 1070, in DC. It was a demonstration against the war in Vietnam. Estimates were 1 million plus.
    I was a student marshall and my post was on the steps of the capitol. I advised peaceful demonstrators when they were about to trespass to keep them from being arrested.
    My point is, the crowd estimates provided by the DC police and Metro were both in the millions and I had a great vantage point. I saw the Beck rally on TV(right where you saw it) and there were nowhere near the crowd numbers that Comedy Central had today.
    Despite 24 hour promotions by Fox and Clear Channel, the teabagger rally did not draw 1/4 of what the sane people drew. Read it and weep!

  67. I’m with you Hanna and Peg. And not only was there a great crowd in Washington D.C., there were satellite events all over the country (even Wasilla, AK), and some out of the country! It was great seeing the “real” America in a peaceful, entertaining, uplifting rally. It is sad that so many must criticize, demonize and belittle anyone who doesn’t share their same beliefs. The rally should not have been offensive to anyone. Even in funny, less serious and satirical moments, the message rang loud and clear that we should be civil to each other, work with and help our fellow Americans even if we have (political) disagreements. Great job Jon Stewart!

  68. Truly even better than I had hoped. Reason, please prevail! That is who we are as Americans; we are not smirky demigogues who hate our fellow citizens as Beck would have the world beleieve.

  69. Ok we can stop being so aggressive, I think William Pepper was being satirical as in spelling, lying and W.P was an attorney for MLK. I kinda got it.

  70. I wasn’t there to “party” – I was there to be counted among the people who are sick of the screaming, hate-filled talking heads and politicians.
    It wasn’t meant to be “substantive” it was meant to be reasonable and sane.

    I don’t care if the media or the right acknowledges that this was meaninful. I think it was meaningful to the hundreds of thousands of us there who felt like we were the only sane people left in the country. It was heartening to see so many others who love this country and want to have calm discussions and see people work together, using reason and compromise! to solve our problems..

  71. I wasn’t there to “party” – I was there to be counted among the people who are sick of the screaming, hate-filled talking heads and politicians.
    It wasn’t meant to be “substantive” it was meant to be reasonable and sane.

    I don’t care if the media or the right acknowledges that this was meaningful. I think it was meaningful to the hundreds of thousands of us there who felt like we were the only sane people left in the country. It was heartening to see so many others who love this country and want to have calm discussions and see people work together, using reason and compromise! to solve our problems..

  72. i was at the rally today and it was a very pleasant experience. everyone in attendance was friendly and polite and despite the huge numbers of people walking and using the metro, everyone was, well, sane. even though we never got close to the stage, i’m glad we attended.

  73. so… you fault Beck, then, I assume, for “restoring honor”? His followers didn’t honor the country before his rally?

  74. I feel pride in Stewart’s America, but not the fear mongering, self hatred that has so pervaded our public life and poisoned all reasonable discourse of late. Who can feel either joy or pride in an image of one’s country as individulas who cannot reason or think but chose violent rhetoric and a threat of guns to “change things”. It is a false image as we have seen today. That is not most Americans.

  75. Gee – you could actually follow the links I provided. The Beck rally pictures were from CBS taken by and the Stewart/Colbert rally picture was from Yahoo News. But you’re probably right – I bet CBS and Yahoo News are in Beck’s pocket.

  76. It was huge – I don’t think people realize how tightly we were packed in from the capital well back past the Smithsonian metro station (I didn’t go past that point). But you could not move, and you certainly couldn’t extend your arm out to your side! And it was like that uniformly throughout that ENTIRE crowd. I was there and I know what I know, and it was inspiring!

    (I also don’t know why people are so upset about this being bigger than Beck’s rally. It wasn’t anti-Beck, it was pro-sanity, reason, and compromise. How exactly is that threatening or offensive?)

  77. …definitely not a 20 somethings party. i’m 43 and my friends that i travelled with are in their 40s as well. the ages of the crowd were as diverse as the genders, races and sexuality.

  78. Honestly, I can’t be bothered to follow any links you provide. I actually do my own research and check out a bunch of sources and figure out which are based on facts or some sort of scientific method of theorizing if exact facts or numbers aren’t known.

    I just thought it was funny that Beck felt the need to use a fake aerial photo.

  79. I agree with Vickie – never got close to hearing or seeing what was going on…but was part of the event, and it was happy, fun, and patriotic. I was glad to see the show on You Tube when I got home – looks like it was even more fun up there!

  80. I agree with you. I was there, and a crowd that size has not been seen in DC since Obama’s inauguration, and before that, since the Vietnam War era.
    Check out this article. You can see that Beck’s crowd is pretty much contained between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial.
    Wait for the aerial photos of the Sanity Rally to appear. You’ll be stunned.

  81. Dude, what they all said, the National Park’s Service stopped a while ago with the giving of estimates. The 87,000 estimate was made by CBS, who did a fly-over aerial picture than used that to estimate the true number of people in the whole crowd.

    I went to that rally again, and you know what, it DOESN’T MATTER how many people were there, or if it was more people than Glenn’s rally. Who said they were competing? Who said the whole point of this rally was to rub it in Glenn Beck’s face? It wasn’t. The point was to join together Americans of all beliefs– religious, political, and cultural– to be in one spot, and one time, declaring their love for this nation and their desire for it to return to a place where we are not told to fear everything around us simply because it is different or difficult, and to do it in a way that wasn’t intended to stick our middle fingers up to any one person or people.

    So you and Glenn Beck, do what you want. We have bigger fish to fry, and better fear-free lives to lead. ;)

  82. The Narional Park Service stopped making crowd estimates several years ago. Where you got the estimate of Beck’s rally, no one knows.

  83. Well, I was at both rallies and you couldn’t even see the jumbtron. Beck’s was easily twice as big.

    Beck even had much fresher breath.

  84. That would be CBS that gave the estimate of 76-87 thousand attendees for Beck, so you might want to go to their site and call their network a sack of dirt.

  85. I stood at the corner of 7th and Madison. I could see the crowd was back to at least the Washington Monument and 7th ave was packed as far back as I could see. Would someone with knowledge of these things please get the facts and do the math?
    Thank you.

  86. Yes, we know you were at Beck’s rally. First, you cannot spell. Second, you rely upon false numbers. Beck’s crowd was estimated from actual aerial photos. Low of 78,000, to a high of 98,000, for an average of 87,000. This has become the accepted, factual, number. As Mr. Obama has said, you are entitled to your own opinions, but not to your own facts.

  87. So, where are the links to your photos that show how the crowd sizes compare – or are you just here to argue against those you think you disagree with?

  88. I’m still in Bethesda, MD in my hotel room. DC was inundated with people. There were so many people at the rally that they couldn’t all get onto the Mall. The Capitol area was full of people because you could see the stage and the Mall from the area near the reflecting pool, and the nearby streets were overflowing with people. My daughter and I left the event around 2:00 PM, and people were still coming to it. The rail cars were over full, and hundreds were waiting on the platforms to get on the trains. My daughter and I reached Bethesda around 3:30 PM where we had to wait for our shuttle to take us back to our hotel, and people were still getting off the train at 4:30PM. There were probably more than 250,000 people at the event.

  89. I was there, too, and there were people sitting up in the Capitol area, near the Reflecting Pool which overlooks the Mall, at the National Archives building, on top of the MoveOn truck, in trees, in the areas above the Mall, on top of PortaPotties, and walking around outside of the Mall area. The streets were full with shoulder to shoulder crowds. When my daughter and I left the Mall around 2:00PM and headed toward the Capitol, and people were still coming to the rally, so I would say that there were more than 250,000 people there. The rail system at the DC Metro was so clogged that extra trains were running, and the announcer said that trains were running 2 minutes apart. I heard a cab driver near the Capitol say that he’d been picking up passengers coming to the rally since 7:30 AM, and he was still picking people up who were going to the rally.

  90. You and I saw the same things at the rally, Kevin, crowded streets, the Mall filled to capacity, a clogged subway system, etc.

  91. “I go to college at the University of Maryland, and attended the rally today. I was also in DC the day of the Beck rally, but not at the rally itself.”
    Direct quote from Kevin. I don’t see how you can say he was being misleading. You’re just trying (desperately??) to find a way to disbelieve and attack him.

  92. Here are a couple of aerial photos done by an independant analyst. They’re estimating 215,000 people.

    I know one thing. I’ve been going in and out of DC on Metro and on the roads since 1999, and I’ve never seen anything like I did today at the Springfield Metro station. There were people standing in line outside the parking garage waiting to get to the train platform. There had to be at least 1,000 people in that line.

  93. The size doesnt matter, and why are you still paying attention to 24 hour news? I mean it boggles my mind how someone who posts stuff online doesnt know a troll when he sees one. They are inflating their own numbers and saying sanities numbers are not enough SO YOU WILL TALK ONLY ABOUT THE NUMBERS. The numbers dont matter, the message matters and what you do now matters. GB could have 87 thousand or 87 million it would not change his message nor would 60k or 300k change stewarts message. The numbers does matter, the messages matter.

  94. I’m 57, and I went. I was very happy to see that there were quite a few people my age and older at the event. So, no, it wasn’t a 20 or 30 something rally. It was a rally to restore sanity in the MSM, and young people aren’t the only ones who know that the MSM no longer serves the function that the founding fathers intended it to serve. We’re tired of pundits and comedians parading as sources for “news.” I remember Cronkite, Brinkley, and Murrow who are probably rolling over in their graves at the poor state of American media today. When they were reporting, Americans knew exactly what was going on in the government, and what the legislation coming out of Congress was intended to do. Cronkite’s exposure of Nixon’s role in the Watergate Scandal and his work on informing American about the real costs of the Vietnam War are the reasons many republicans hate him to this day. Today, the pundits, comedians, and biased politicians run the show, and the number of Americans who really know what is going on in their own country are few. The focus of the media today is ratings and sensationalism, not facts, and not truth. The MSM currently has a huge credibility problem, and this is the main reason I rely on the internet for hard news.

  95. Exactly right! That’s the whole poinT. To come together with all our diversity, appreciate our differences and care about each other. Thank you!

  96. Jeff you are a liar the National Parks will not estimate numbers as they got sued so where did you get these numbers besides your ass.

  97. Mav the problem is that Beck’s rally pulled 85,000 to 100,000 the DC police estimated the sanity/fear rally at 200,000 to 250,000 however that does not take in to account the people who watched on TV and/or the Internet!

  98. Pure BS.

    Other posters: WARNING! Don’t click on the link. The entire post is pure BS. WTF is the New World Order Illuminati? It doesn’t even make sense. The post reads like Conspiracy Theory Central.

  99. I so agree. My husband and I flew in from Madison Wisconsin to be with people who truly do care about America and what we stand for. I know this sounds sappy but at one point I actually cried a little. Just proud to be with people who really love this country and accept each other and our differences. We were pressed together like sardines – very polite, considerate sardines. The crowds were fantastic. And it doesn’t matter how many came. We were there sta ding up for what America truly stands for. We can turn the anger and the negativity off by staking the high road. We will prevail.

  100. Haha..omg. These trolls are still comparing d1ck sizes. In terms of tonnage, I think Beck’s rally was definitely bigger (not including electric scooters).

    After Nov 2, the same bozos who are touting big wins from a “Tea Party Tsunami” and instead will get some scattered showers, will whine about voter suppression and fraud.

  101. That’s insane…it really is like talking to furniture. You try to restore sanity and the reply with more insanity, UFOs, and tin foil hat crap.

  102. And this is before dinner…after some good post rally KFC double downs and other diabetes enabling fun, Beck’s rally would 100 or even 1000 times bigger.

  103. It was a CBS analyst that said 87-96k for Beck. I look forward to seeing the same analyst’s count for this rally.

    Having been there, I can say this: the national mall, from the Capitol to the Washington Monument, was packed. The side streets surrounding the mall were packed. The surrounding buildings’ steps were packed. The Metro was completely overwhelmed, the streets were packed for hours after the rally. There were quite simply a mind-boggling number of people at this rally.

    But it doesn’t matter at all whose rally had more people. These rallies could not be more different, not just in message, but in tone. We weren’t angry, shaking our fists, and foaming at the mouth. We were having good, clean, non-partisan fun centered around the message, “Let’s be reasonable, compromise, and work together to make this country better. Most of all, just chill; it’s going to be okay.”

  104. English, can’t you see that Merrick is a scientist. He spent all day today counting all the heads in all of the photos from the sanity rally and compared them to the counts from the Beck rally. He has pie charts and uses Excel !

  105. I bet you think about this all day and all night. You probably lose sleep over it going over the numbers over and over and over again.

  106. sanity will prevail. I have great confidence in the will of the people. We are not hate mongers. We’ve gotten through tough times before and we will again. Have confidence. Our numbers will grow. We ended the Vietnam war. Remember those horrific days? Divisive and bitter? I do. When times get hard as they are now, some need a scapegoat to hate and blame. That is how Nazis rose to power. We need to work hard to overcome the difficulties – which we can do and will do. Stewart and Colbert have reminded us of our spirit. And whereas I disagree with everything beck says, we can’t turn him into a scapegoat either. The less attention he is given the better it will be. He is really an opportunist who says outrageous things, not because he actually believes them but because he sees a place to keep himself on stage. This entire thread has succeeded in doing just that. Let’s move on shall we and talk about what we need to do next to support Jon’s initiative today? I for one would like to keep the feeling I had today alive and help it to thrive.

  107. I honestly don’t think it’s important, but can we at least see the difference in a very visual and easy-to-understand way?

    This is based on the aerial photos of Beck’s rally, and my first-hand knowledge of the crowd at the Stewart/Colbert rally:

  108. Who cares who had more people at their rally? Thinking about this totally takes away from the point of the rally. Won’t people ever figure it out? So sad………..

  109. CBS is saying at least 215,000 but of course we know tons of people were there who couldn’t get in.

  110. not only did the rally not account for those watching it on TV, but it didn’t account for all the remote rallies going on outside of DC… Americans were not the only ones supporting or participating in this rally or the concept behind it as there were Sanity Rallies held around the US and the world as well! See

  111. I see that now and I bow in humility before his greatness. I had no idea I was dealing with an Excel Master. He has proven that Glenn Beck is God. Must go worship now.

  112. I was there. It wasn’t contained. It was a freaking parade or something. I’ve never seen so many people at one time. And I left at 1:30 and took the metro, people were leaving with us and other people were coming in. I tried to get on the train at the L’Enfant plaza station, but they had to shut it because it was too crowed so I had to walk to the other one which was seriously crowed. There were more people can I could have imagined there

  113. I wasn’t at the rally.

    I officially estimate the attendance at more than 3, but less than 15 billion.

    Beck had only more than 2….

    yay !

  114. First of all, I wasn’t given crap. And I didn’t get a free ride there. I think there was like a vip section or something in the front so they might have given those people free stuff, the one’s who were on TV. I am so confused at people who think you can buy 200k+ people’s way from all over the country. Also you are right that the crowd wasn’t that inspired because we couldn’t hear anything. People were chanting louder and 3 times a got a note from somewhere in the crowd to pass to the sound guy, lol.

  115. I was just about to comment the same. I knew the minute that the Rally to Restore Sanity was announced that it’d be a contest of “who was bigger” and it’d be a left vs right but it wasn’t as much as we’d like to think so. One was religious based and the other a call for less angry people screaming. Was there political biased, no doubt because that’s the way we function today (just my opinion).

    I can’t say who’s was bigger but I can say which rally had more of a profound affect on me.

  116. The *Rally to Restore Sanity* was nothing more than a *Rally to Restore Shitty Music and Stupid Jokes*, so it was actually a rally to restore retardation within the blissfully ignorant Obamabots and anti-American yuppies.

    As for the sane “reasonableness” behind the organization of *The Rally To Restore Sanity*, here is how some of The Daily Show’s execs really rally for sanity: (…in other words, they _DON’T_ really rally for sanity, but they’re a bunch of loony psychotic assholes.)

    In more specific terms: Jon Stewart and his crew are nothing more than disinfo agents. Stewart is not an authority on “sanity” or “reasonableness”, so you Stewartbots and Obamabots should stop dreaming and wake the fuck up.

    Just think about how Stewart interviewed Obama, on The Daily Show: Stewart went from brilliantly blasting Obama for his war-related lies and broken promises, right here — — to an issue-less 20+ minute interview [with Obama] regarding the utter fail behind Obama’s dumb campaign slogans, as if stating the obvious would erase all fail. Stewart then asked soft questions pertaining to health care reform and the economy, but he asked __ZERO__ questions about Obama’s obvious lies and obvious broken promises; Obama clearly broke laws and committed treason, in more ways than one, but Stewart didn’t bother confronting Obama on any of it.

    All things considered, bragging about how many people went to fawn over Jon Stuart Leibowitz, it’s still not getting you fools anywhere, but it’s making you look more ignorant than ever.

  117. I know plenty of people in the DC area who were out there today, both liberal and conservative and many who don’t really care for politics. But Beck actually makes a good point at the end. If you can’t attract a million people in Washington DC which is very liberal to an event full of celebrity appearances and actually is something that both conservatives and liberals can enjoy, it’s not THAT impressive to beat Becks numbers.

  118. If the number of people who attended is more important to you, then you have missed the point of the rally. In a nutshell, it’s about a responsible media that doesn’t feed into the partisan insanity. The polarization in the country is aided and abetted by a media that is more about sensation and ratings than about accurate reporting.

  119. I agree Jeff! Most of the people there are there to be entertained, and unlike the Beck’s rally where they are fighting for principles, my guess is they can’t even define what”Sanity” they were talking about.

  120. Can everyone just please turn off the tv. No more 24/7 news channels and no more opinionated ‘reporting.’ I’m all for being informed and having the choice to listen to other people’s opinion; but let’s not confuse their editorials with facts. Let’s have discussions with other people and come to our own resonable conclusions.

    Remember, that is what makes this country great and unique. We all want the same result, to leave this country better than we found it. Now we just need to compromise with each other to get there.

  121. Actually I think that quote is from Al Franken another comedian. I know he said that on the senate floor when discussing the healthcare bill.

  122. The relevance of attendance between party affiliates.

    Simple fact: there are simply more conservatives than liberals. There are more independents than liberals – despite the predominance of liberal entertainment and educational institutions, there are simply more conservative economic institutions.

    Demographically the country is center-right. Rally attendance has more to do with the time that different parties have available. Conservatives are more likely to have jobs, to have families, and to focus their efforts on materially affecting their lives through their efforts in the private sector. They are more likely to be happy. They are more likely to be successful. And as they age, people are more likely to lean increasingly conservative.

    So the attendance at these political events is a factor of the time available to each political sector’s, and attendance is not a measurement of political influence, a predictor of political outcomes, or a measure of their political popularity – attendance is simply a measure of how likely the members of different groups are to attend a rally.

    And debates about the meaning of attendance that do not refer to the statistical basis of the population are either made out of ignorance, are disingenuous, or the result of ideological passions and fantasy. The hard reality is that for every person that shows up at a conservative rally, there are more people who agree with that person than there are for those that show up at a liberal rally.

    That’s reality.

  123. I was at the Mall with the wife and some friends. We arrived at about 10:30 and it took us until almost noon to actually get into the crowd at 7th street, nowhere near the stage. We ended up leaving shortly after 1:00PM since it was just too crowded to actually hear or see anything. The way back to the metro was packed, even – it was difficult walking in the streets several blocks away, due simply to the sheer number of people.

    All in all, it was fun. If anyone saw a sign that said “Moderation in a reasonable number of things” or “There’s no second ‘r’ in ‘sherbet,'” that was me. :D

  124. Ha! This is precisely the attitude that the rally was trying to highlight–stop feeding the trolls. Most of the people, including myself, showed up to see The Roots, Cat Stevens, Ozzy Osbourne, The O’Jays, and to enjoy a free comedy show. Then at 2p.m. a lot of people did the sensible thing and left early to beat the massive amount of people getting back home via metro.

  125. Fail. There are more registered Democrats than Republicans. Many more. Which is why you find Republicans engaging in active election and voter fraud. Yes, and charged. And found guilty. Unlike ACORN.

  126. You’re right and it explains why I keep seeing a Barcalounger when I run into a Beckite. One long snooze.

  127. Sounds like a large bunch of soggy, droopy, sour grapes, buddy! Where did you get that National Parks Service garbage … FAUX News? Or has Beck already been on, making pronouncements full of phallus-ies about the relative size of his super gi-normous “rally,” vs. Stewart’s?

  128. I was at the rally and to be honest the pictures shown on the internet don’t really show the crowd size. The crowds extended past the mall and into the streets for blocks around the mall. People around the stage were packed standing room only, and I mean subway car packed. We couldn’t get close enough to the stage or screens to hear the event much less see it. It was really something, a real happening, I’m glad I went .
    I’ll catch up on U Tube and see and hear anything I missed , but I tuned into the important stuff at the rally and really felt the spirit of the people and the crowd. It was great, I hope they do it again.

  129. Friends who attended were not allowed in, as the mall was closed after reaching ‘maximum capacity’. What number of people is the maximum capacity?

  130. “The sad reality is that the argument over which rally was bigger will only serve to highlight the polarized disconnect in our country.”

    Wow. It’s like you wrote the article but don’t believe was you said. Why are you bringing the “country” into this? The Country is not divided by any significant factor. As shown at Stewart’s rally, there’s a bunch of us against a handful of people that write articles (hint?) and stand in front of cameras or microphones. Why are you giving the crazy side any credit after the idiotic claim of 500K in attendance to their rally?

  131. My experience was like yours, Boyrahett. We walked several blocks from the east end to find a place where we could finally squeeze into the crowd on the grounds. The streets around the rally area were packed — all the way up to the doors of the nearest buildings. I also had trouble hearing or seeing the happenings on stage, even with the jumbo-trons that were available. It didn’t matter though — I just wanted to be there and have my body and mind counted as one of an obvious multitude who choose to look beyond the propaganda. Strong work you humans!

  132. It was so crowded , that around the stage it was shoulder to shoulder, no shit Sherlock, go to any concert it is always packed around the stage.

  133. Really? People really can’t see by the shots from air that their were clearly hundreds of thousands at the Glen Beck rally? It’s so sad that the liberal media is so scared that they have to publish lies about a Beck rally. That is why so many people are turned off now by liberals and voting the other way. Lie after lie after lie…it’s sad.

  134. Libs! Why don’t yall rally us off another proverbial cliff. Is it really that hard to just admit that all democrats stand for is higher taxes and more government handouts. It’s just a scam and you sheep just follow along. “Wohoooo tax us more and give food stamps and ‘free’ healthcare”. Your all a joke and a disgrace to this country. God yall make it so easy to hate you.

  135. It was packed shoulder to shoulder all the way back to 7th street at least, and out several blocks to each side of the mall as well. People climbed trees and porta-potties to get up above the crowd to see. Balconies and rooftops of surrounding buildings were also packed.

  136. Actually, Jim, right around the stage it wasn’t as crowded…. apparently they had a controlled area for the elites and/or lucky… the rest of us packed in like sardines on every other available patch of land… grab an aspirin honey, I know the truth hurts.

  137. the crowd estimates are always all over the place. I notice that everyone (liberal) are taking the smallest estimate of the Beck rally and comparing it to the largest for the Stewart comedy entertainment show (thats what they call it not me note the permit was for an entertainment show not a rally). yes i know CBS had these numbers but they used an “independant” company for Beck and “estimated” for Stewart. not exactly apples and apples. If we can do that then there were 500,000 at Beck (one estimate) and only 60,000 at Stewart( the permit number).
    The only apple comparison is the National park service who routinly does this for crowds at public events who said 300,000 plus for Beck and 200,000 for Stewart. However people shouldn’t take mine, CBS the Park service or anybodies word on this, get each sides best arial picture and compare and make your own “informed decision” as to which crowd is bigger. I think that speaks for itself. Then argue your facts and not someone elses opinion.
    OK now my “conservative” position. I am sort of testing if the people attending get the sanity portion (which is a great idea) I noted signs at the rally that had republicans with Hitler mustashes and sexual comments about O’Donnell. I personally think that’s pretty dispicable but with that many people you always have some idiots. One does NOT paint the entire rally based on a couple idiots signs and actions. Liberals take note next time you note the handful of idiots that attend conservative rallys. i hope you see this as a “sane” view.

  138. I completely agree with what Boyrahet said .

    I attended it and I have to report what I’ve seen.

    I have attended over 20 large rallies in Washington since the mid 1970’s, and
    I think I’ve gotten fairly good at measuring crowd sizes.

    Yesterdays rally was even larger than the 1982 Solidarity rally, which drew over 600,000 people.

    Here is why I say this. I live in the D.C area and I take metro to work every day.

    Yesterday was the largest crowds I ever saw on the metro.

    I got on the metro at the Shady Grove, from which I commute from every day of the week.

    The lines just to get tickets for the metro extended all the way to the end of the Bus lines,
    which is a block in length.

    It took me an hour and a half to get on the metro, because of the size of the crowds, and it’s never taken more than 15 minutes to get on a metro train for a large rally
    before, and I’ve taken the metro from Shady Grove to rallies in D.C. for the past 20 years.

    On my way home, the station manager at the Shady Grove metro
    told me that over 100,000 people passed through just the Shady grove metro stop ALONE

    I taped the rally on CSPAN yesterday, and watched it last night,
    and the camera shots from the stage clearly show a sea of people
    as far as the eye can see from The Capitol building all the way passed the Washington Monument
    and beyond .

    From prior large rallies I’ve attended, I have never seen so many people, either in person,
    or from the videotape of any rally.

    Granted, I did not attend the inauguration, but 2 friends of mine who attended both the inauguration
    and the rally said that ONLY the 2 million people at the inauguration were a larger crowd than
    yesterdays crowd.

    My two friends, who attended the Inauguration rally and who have both attended many rallies before,
    both estimated that almost one million people attended yesterdays rally.

    I literally saw crowds of people wondering around trying to get to the rally who couldn’t,
    due to the size of the crowds.

    Also 2 friends of mine trying to get to the Rally from the Virginia metro station told me that they
    gave up after every train was Filled with people for over an hour.

    Based on my own experience with large rallies, and based on the size of the crowd , I am certain
    that yesterdays rally exceeded the 600,000 people who attended the 1982 Solidarity rally,
    and in all likelihood was between 700,000 and 800,000 people, once you realize that tens of thousands of
    people literally couldn’t get to the rally area, due to the metro backup and the huge size of the

    It’s a disgrace that the mainstream media channels and newspapers have distorted the size of this
    rally and have given it such pathetic and unprofessional coverage .

    Please don’t take my word for the size of the rally. I urge anyone who did not attend, to view the
    rally on CSPAN today, since I’ve heard they will be replaying portions of the rally this afternoon
    between 1:00 pm and 6:00 PM Eastern Standard time.

    Then judge for yourself, based on the camera shots and the huge crowd sizes whether “only” 200,000
    people attended this rally, as was reported by some of the mainstream news organizations,
    who seem obsessed with “taking down” Jon Stewart and Mr. Colbert, probably because they both do
    such a great job in satirizing the distortions that mainstream media crank out on a daily basis.
    Take care and Peace,
    Dave T.

  139. Which means, of course, that Beck had 5 million at his rally and only the vast conspiracy among liberals in all other countries led to the crowd estimate being so low. It sucks being one of the few who believe something that isn’t real.

  140. Beck thinks there should have been 300 million people at the mall or else they are powerless? Is he aware that the US population is slightly over 300 million? So his theory is that everyone in the country should show up or these people are powerless? We can’t even get everyone in the US to agree on how to refer to pop/soda, much less anything remotely political.

    Hey! Way to keep it reasonable there Glenn!

  141. Just look at the arial photos from both rallies. The Beck rally was on the Lincoln Memorial side with the giant reflecting pool in the middle. That area is about 6 city blocks long with a giant pool in the middle. Also, the close-ups showed people laying out with picnics and lawn chairs.

    At the Stewart/Colbert rally, the permit was for a crowd of 60k which should have fit in the mall area between 4th and 8th streets. However, the crowd was from 4th street all the way past 14th street and filled all the way across both side streets to the North and South. Even at 14th street (10 blocks away from the stage), it was still packed – standing room only. That’s about where I was.

    And please quit spreading the lie that the National Park Service estimated anything. They stopped doing crowd estimates that in 1997. Also, it’s the same indepenant company that CBS commissioned to estimate the crowd size for both rallies using the same methods and technologies.

  142. I’m not trying to start a fight, but according to they used the same company for both estimates, That’s actually who took the pictures of both rallies. They said 87,000 plus or minus 9,000 for the Rally to Restore Honor and 215,000 for the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. I couldn’t find a margin of error for that estimate, I think it may not be up yet. So it’s the same company doing both estimates. I just thought that was important to know when arguing about the veracity of their claims.

    For the Honor Rally:;lst;7

    For the Sanity Rally:

    Those are the pages I found the company name on.

  143. For the dense—YES, GB does know the population of the US. He was saying that IF obama, oprah, huffington, etc., etc. were endorsing/backing/paying for/etc that almost EVERYONE in the country should show up. He was being a bit facetious. sorry if that went over your head.

  144. I was thinking the same thing about the park service Jesse. The point is, it doesn’t matter how manny people attended. Its important that “a bunch” of people were there agreeing that people need to get off of their pomp. and agree to get along. I think it was funny and beautiful.

  145. The National Park Service does not provide crowd estimates any more. They haven’t since the Million Man March.

    So, I’m not sure where you are getting your National Park Service estimates there JimP

  146. The Rally was AMAZING. I loved the message. I thought it was very fun, and showed that we are ALL americans and ALL united. As I have previously stated, Fox News and even republicans, MOST of them, want this country torn apart. Even some Liberals.

    This Rally was MUCH needed. Loved it.

    Good job Stewart and Cobert…it was just what we needed. 215,000 strong. How can that not be a strong message?

    People Go out and VOTE. Don’t let these people undo what we have fought for.

  147. You’re wrong.

    The same person contracted by CBS for the Beck rally is providing the numbers for the Stewart/Colbert rally, and is also the same person who provided the estimate at the Obama inauguration…..

  148. OFF the record, they said it was WELL over 250,000. You may want to research about what the National Park Service said.

  149. According to the the Parks Service the cap on the Nat Mall is based on the time of year and projects that are going on that the time. base numbers are 400,000 to 500,000 for the entire Mall standing room only however the number is also based on how many rest spots (portapottys) are on hand this could bring the number down to around 10,000 to 50,000 if one or two rest spots are on hand. So there you go clear as mud.

  150. i love how it’s always you types that also can’t spell… time and time again you show your lack of education… you’re and your are two different words…

  151. What do you mean “so many people are turned off my liberals”? You mean… YOU? Because in my experience, “so many people” are turned off my people who make stupid generalizations.

  152. People like you are why our country is in the horrible state that it is in. STOP HATING! LEARN TO LISTEN TO YOUR PEERS. Just because someone doesn’t have the same viewpoint as you doesn’t mean you have to hate them. People like you make me sick. Nevertheless, I don’t “hate” you. I just feel very, very sorry for you because of the way you choose to live your life and treat others.

  153. The point is that, no matter how many people attended either rally, Beck’s rally had less people. That’s a fact. And it’s because Beck is a lunatic.

  154. First of all, that’s being a lot more than “a bit” facetious. It didn’t go over anyone’s head. It’s just a straight up ridiculous statement, like most that me makes. Besides, a lot of the people who support Obama ALSO watch Oprah and ALSO read the Huffington Post. And then there are many that don’t. You can’t just take the combined number of fans of all of them and act like they are different people. So no, it was not a reasonable statement by any means. But that probably went over your head.

  155. sorry son, nothing goes over my head like it does yours. “That’s a fact”. (sound familiar?) O.K., he was being VERY facetious…is that better? can you understand yet? try thinking, it doesn’t hurt, honest. LOL@U

  156. are you still looking up words?

    Your math is as off as your spelling. IF Obama, Oprah and Huffington Post people comprise the entire country, that would make conservatives an endangered species, which plays nicely into your victimhood complex but doesn’t fit with your notion that Fox dominates in the ratings or that Beck’s rally was bigger than big.

    Try to have logical consistency and you can give up looking for the word to explain Beck’s exaggeration. The word is crazy.

  157. the other one — looks like you’d better go look up the word “facetious”, then ask a second grader to explain it to you.

  158. “because you say so??”

    Because the number for the Stewart/Colbert rally is bigger than the number for the Beck rally. If this is a problem:

    Also, it should be noted that nobody’s making fun of Beck because he’s conservative; they’re making fun of him because he’s as sane as batshit

  159. “because you say so??”

    Because the number for the Stewart/Colbert rally is bigger than the number for the Beck rally. If this is a problem, please read

    Also, it should be noted that nobody’s making fun of Beck because he’s conservative; they’re making fun of him because he’s as sane as batshit

  160. This is why I didn’t go to the event – people like you. You contradict yourself IN THE SAME DAMN PARAGRAPH with “we are… ALL united” and then “republicans, MOST of them, want this country torn apart.” If it had really been set up to be a fun and nonpartisan event, I would’ve gone in a heartbeat. I religiously watch Colbert’s show, and think he’s a hoot, despite the fact that both he and Stewart lean left.

    At the end of the day, this rally wasn’t a comedic event; this was a partisan rally wrapped in a shiny shell of celebrities and tongue-in-cheek jabs at people who think the last two years have shown that the current political landscape needs to be drastically altered, or that individual rights and fiscal responsibility will suffer with the current Congressional makeup. I’m one of those people. Does that make me ‘insane?’ I doubt it.

    Perhaps, deep down somewhere, this event was intended to be nonpartisan, but I knew that too many folks like AmericanAlien would be there, with his message that we are all united, except for “those people” undoing “what we have fought for” (his words). That doesn’t sound like unity to me, AA – that sounds like exactly the kind of partisan politics that you claim to denounce.

  161. Hey, kevin, speaking of definitions I forgot what “Stupid” means. Could you please type some more to remind me? Thanks

  162. I like the qualifying last paragraph, “A quick word of caution. The CBO numbers are estimates; the official final number, which will be released later this month by the Treasury, is likely to be a little different. My back-of-the-envelope guess is that it will be a bit lower.” :) looks like the CBO did some election time math. Where is the latest word on this number??

  163. Look at the Glen Beck crowd closely. There is a lot of green space between the people. It was completely packed at Stewart’s rally (I was there). It’s interesting, though, how you see our side as telling lie after lie, and we see yours doing the same. Where do you think the disconnect is?

  164. After many years on BBS’s, newsgroups, blogs, etc., etc. I love how it’s always you types who think you are educated ( but actually indoctrinated) and have no valid point to make nor a valid argument to another posters point resort to attacking the spelling and/or grammar. I know some very intelligent (and well educated) people who can’t spell for crap. And then I know those who spell very well but don’t know crap. Your posts make you appear to be the latter.

  165. ok neil, here it is, just for you :)

    Definition of STUPID
    a : slow of mind : obtuse b : given to unintelligent decisions or acts : acting in an unintelligent or careless manner c : lacking intelligence or reason : brutish d : Neil
    : dulled in feeling or sensation : torpid
    : marked by or resulting from unreasoned thinking or acting : senseless
    a : lacking interest or point
    b : vexatious, exasperating
    — stu·pid·ly adverb
    — stu·pid·ness noun
    Examples of STUPID
    1. Neil
    2. She angrily described her boss as a stupid old man.
    3. He had a stupid expression on his face.
    4. I’m not stupid enough to fall for that trick.
    5. Why are you being so stupid?
    HINT: Next time you forget…just look in the mirror.

  166. The bottom line, as the article’s author stated was that, for one day at least, a humorous and rational sanity reigned. None of the hatred, fear and divisiveness of the Tea Party rallies or the sneering religio-jingoism of the Beck rally. The crowd size was far greater than 150,000. Metro recorded 350,000 riders coming into DC during a weekend when you might expect only about 50,000 in-coming workers, tourists, etc.

  167. Hey Kevin, since you’re not busy, could I ask you a favor? My son is in the Boy Scouts and for one of his badges he has to get an autograph from five actual stupids. You being the obvious choice, could you help me out?

    Another thing: Would you mind if I printed out this conversation to show his Scout Leader? I feel like he could probably get by with just your signature if the Scout Leader saw your handiwork first-hand, but I’d feel uncomfortable doing that without your permission.

    Just post your address, zip code, home phone and/or cell number and I’ll send the forms. Thanks again!

  168. I’ve seen those…a few pictures showing PART of the crowd. still not an apples to apples comparison. If I have only those photos to go on, you lose. The picture stops waaay before the Washington monument and shows the crowd thinning at almost half of that distance. I want to see the full shot. The same photo company was used for both events so I don’t know why they are not releasing the full shot unless they are hiding something.


    (you can tell those photos were taken at about the same time of day due to the shadows. the shadows are harder to see in the 8/28 because it’s darker due to clouds (most likely) or a bad shot.)

    still awaiting to find that SAME view. It’s out there, they just need to photoshop it first :)

  169. you already forgot?!?!?? here it is again HINT: Next time you forget…just look in the mirror.
    I will waste no more effort on you until you show one small bit of intelligence. You are way out of your league sweety. Go ahead, post something intelligent, I dare you.

  170. also, who mentioned fox news? none of my links lead to fox news, you gotta get outside the box sometimes, try it!

  171. kevin, If you need to believe that Beck’s rally was larger, then you just keep thinking that, no need to get all worked up.

  172. I’m sorry; I couldn’t make that out. Can you sign the forms or not? It would really be a big help. Also, could you sign some of the other kids’ papers too? We live in a very upscale community and people of your impressive dumbness are hard to come by. If you want you can sign the papers with different names so the Scout Leader doesn’t think we’re double dipping. You don’t have to worry about including a resume for the other papers; I get the feeling that your handwriting will fully express your dullness.

    Again, I appreciate anything you could do, and leave your address, your zip code, and your home/cell number if you can go through with any of this.

  173. You’re completely right, but my reasoning is that the only people trying to dispute the numbers of a perceived liberal rally are the very far-right people. For the rest of us it’s okay to take what an experienced crew of researchers being paid for their work says at face value. Since you seem to be unhappy with the estimated turnout I assumed you were pretty far on the right end of the spectrum and took the next step and assumed that you watch at least some Fox News and that you believe them.

    This seemed like a pretty solid leap of logic to be taking, but if I have to explain everything I guess I will.

    When I say “Will” I don’t mean the name “Will” as in “William” or “Bill” for short (It’s a nickname); I mean it in the sense that I am agreeing to doing something I may not have otherwise done. Nicknames are a secondary name given to someone usually by a group of peers either because they display some sort of out uncommon trait (A long thumb, great hand-eye coordination, a lot of money) or because their name is simply shorter if they go by a nickname (i.e. “Nicholas” can be referred to as “Nick.” Note the shorter letter count.) “Shorter” is a comparative word meaning that, in relation to the other object, one object is somehow smaller in a way. In humans being shorter means a height less than the other person, but it can be used other ways. “Other ways” means that, instead of the mainstream usage intended for an object (An object can be anything – a word, a school, a mailman; literally everything can be an object if you are referring to it as such) you use it in an alternative way to a different means.

    I think that clears up any issues you might have on my first paragraph; if you need any more help feel free to ask. I do have a family and a job, so I can’t answer ALL your questions, but I’d be more than happy to help with whatever I can. Good luck!

  174. Why is everyone trying to prove which “side’s” rally is bigger?

    Because both are so determined that their ideals are the ideals of the country that they cannot accept than any other rally that promotes ideals alien to their own could possibly be larger. So they bicker and nitpick and call names, spouting random unconfirmed numbers trying to prove that most of america is with them, becuase they are cowards who cannot say anything unless 300, 000 people “have their back”

    All you people who argue about numbers and attack “political” leaders are cowards. Glen Beck is not a loon, though he doesn’t help his defenders, he is just an average man who makes mistakes and doesn’t think before he speaks, he tends to talk off-the-cuff, and sometimes words do not come out right and end up biting him in the ass, your telling me that has NEVER happened to you?

    I tend to agree with Stewart more, but he is FAR more scripted than Beck is so mistakes like Becks are less likely to happen.

    Before you ask, I am MOSTLY liberal with some conservitive tendencies. For instance, I am against the so called “Fat Tax”, but I am for Gay Marriage. I am not against the Fat Tax just because it is a tax, I am against it because it is wrong and shameful, I am for Gay Marriage because I have yet to hear a counterargument that is not influenced by religious ideals. Relgion in politiccs has NEVER worked out, look at Midevil Europe and the Catholic control of the goverments, look at many middle-easters countries and the way Islamic law has been distorted and abused. You seriously think Protestant views would do ANY better?

    Some people think that being against taxes is more in line with thinking with the founding fathers cause we supposedley rebelled because we did not want taxes, which is NOT true, we rebelled because taxes were being levied against us and we had no say in the creating of said taxes, we rebelled because of lack of voice, not for raise of taxes. Need more proof? The 1790 Whiskey Rebellion was becuase some idiots belived that there should be no taxes and our founding fathers fought for taxes and proved them wrong, showed them what the rebellion (the TRUE rebellion) was REALLY about.

    As for Fat Tax, (The Taxing of Unhealthy foods), It is wrong because no government should tell their citizens how to live if it does not harm their neighbor physically, emotionally or financially, heavy-set people may be gross to look at to most people but they have rights just like us. May liberals are like “You cannot tell homosexual people who to love, but you can tell FAT people what to eat!” How is that not being a hypcrite?

    Like I said more liberal than conservitive but with opinions on both sides of the fence. Another Example is. I am against the Death Penalty, but Pro-Gun. Shocked! Appalled! I don’t care, I have learned to ignore you morons.

  175. I see you have a low comprehension level so I’ll type slowly for you. The only “question” I asked was “who mentioned fox news”…that would have been you but I guess you forgot. I really don’t care which rally was bigger but I do like facts. Sorry I am not a lemming that follows along and believes all the slant and spin put out by supposed “experienced crew of researchers being paid for their work”. I look at WHO is paying them and claims they’ve made. I was an imagery interpreter specialist (to you, I looked at pictures) in the USAF. I totally disagree with their count but that’s o.k. But NO ONE can compare the 2 rallies until they release the FULL photo of this event.
    Quoting you, “I assumed you were pretty far on the right end of the spectrum and took the next step and assumed that you watch at least some Fox News and that you believe them”…you do a lot of assuming I see. Try thinking out of the box and look for facts instead. Assuming isn’t working out very well for you. Quoting again, “This seemed like a pretty solid leap of logic to be taking”….there is something deeply flawed in your so called “logic”. Hope that was slow enough for you. If there is anything unclear, just ask your kids…no, better ask somebody else’s kid. Good luck to you!

  176. I see you have a low comprehension level so I’ll type slowly for you. The only “question” I asked was “who mentioned fox news”…that would have been you but I guess you forgot. I really don’t care which rally was bigger but I do like facts. Sorry I am not a lemming that follows along and believes all the slant and spin put out by supposed “experienced crew of researchers being paid for their work”. I look at WHO is paying them and claims they’ve made. I was an imagery interpreter specialist (to you, I looked at pictures) in the USAF. I totally disagree with their count but that’s o.k. But NO ONE can compare the 2 rallies until they release the FULL photo of this event.
    Quoting you, “I assumed you were pretty far on the right end of the spectrum and took the next step and assumed that you watch at least some Fox News and that you believe them”…you do a lot of assuming I see. Try thinking out of the box and look for facts instead. Assuming isn’t working out very well for you. Quoting again, “This seemed like a pretty solid leap of logic to be taking”….there is something deeply flawed in your so called “logic”. Hope that was slow enough for you. If there is anything unclear, just ask your kids…no, better ask somebody else’s kid. Good luck to you!

  177. BTW quoting you “When I say “Will” I don’t mean the name “Will” as in “William” or “Bill” for short…” I’ve already seen that on the internet. Good copy/paste. Now try something original. (You really should give credit when using another persons material.)

  178. I have to jump off the main topic and address something you wrote. I agree with you on a few points, and I am undecided whether a “Fat Tax” is a good fix to the obesity epidemic (although to me it is almost the same as tobacco taxes). But to say that it is not harming their fellow American’s by eating unhealthy is not entirely true. Overweight and obese people have significantly more health problems than those that do not, and that of course registers on American’s tax bills when those people cannot afford their own health costs. Plus…have you seen a lot of the children of our future…they are proof that these bad habits will perpetuate generation after generation if something isn’t done…we just have to figure out what the right way of tackling it is. But be assured it is not a harmless epidemic…it affects everyone and our future. Just some food for thought ;)

  179. Oh no… I think I have a few things to clear up. I understand my obligation to help out though and I will stick with this.

    1. “I see you have a low comprehension level so I’ll type slowly for you. ”

    A keyboard does not work that way. No matter how slowly you type, the letters will not space themselves apart. However, there is a “spacebar” key that will place a space between any two characters.

    It is rude to say I have a low comprehension level. I am helping you understand some tricky aspects of language, number theory and thought processes; if you don’t want my help just say so. If you want to get nasty there are plenty of other websites out there just for that.

    2. “The only “question” I asked was “who mentioned fox news””

    This is the only question you explicitly asked, but your previous posts are very skeptical of the number of people who attended the rally. Clearly you had/have some problems with the official head count of people who attended the rally, and I addressed those concerns and explained any parts I thought you might get caught up on. I helped answer that implied question for you by providing a site with pictures of the rally. An implied question is a question that isn’t necessarily asked, but it is strongly suggested through other means. An example would be “I wonder what the weather will be like tomorrow.” This is not a question, as there is a period at the end, but there is a clear sense of wanting to purge the unknown from the subject, in this case tomorrow’s weather, and the receiver of this message can clearly help him with his query.

    3. “that would have been you but I guess you forgot.”

    It’s bad to guess about things you aren’t sure of. If you have enough of a reason you can make an assumption (I will explain these later), but flat-out guessing is not a good thing in most situations.

    To forget means you have no knowledge of the real happenings and have substituted them with some unreality. This would mean I said you brought up Fox News which did not happen; if you scroll a little you can see that I started off my reply with “You’re completely right,” meaning at least in the technical sense, you are the correct person in this situation.

    4. “I really don’t care which rally was bigger but I do like facts.”

    This is good. A step toward becoming a logical person means appreciating the value of fact over emotion or fiction, and I am proud of you for saying this.

    Saying you don’t care about which rally is bigger is a contradiction with past things you have said, or at the very least implied. A contradiction is an idea that cancels itsself out through faulty logic or impossible reasoning. In your past comments you have asked others, upon being presented with estimations of the crowd, “This is a fact because you say it is?”, implying that you do not believe the numbers. I hardly think you would comment on something you didn’t care about, therefore you must have, in the past at least, cared about the size of the rally.

    5. “Sorry I am not a lemming that follows along and believes all the slant and spin put out by supposed “experienced crew of researchers being paid for their work”.”

    A lemming is a small mammal that lives near the Arctic. I know I have only recently warned you of the dangers of guessing what others think, but rest assured when I say that I assumed you were human.

    Søren Kierkegaard, a Danish philosopher (The Danish are people born in or belonging to Denmark), once said “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.” This is a kind of mirror statement that can be interpreted two ways: Either I am a fool for trusting CBS’ estimate, or that you are a fool for not believing them. Of course I feel that “Fool” is a little too harsh; mislead is a better word. Being mislead means that either someone has told you something false and you believed them or you came to the wrong conclusion by looking at the wrong parts of an argument or idea.

    Basically, to say that you don’t believe CBS’ estimate, that means you have found something wrong with the way they conducted the study. They asked an experienced aerial photography service,, who also did estimates at Glenn Beck’s rally, to come up with an estimate for the size of the crowd. An “Estimate” is an educated guess based on pictures, testimony, or other tests that have a factual weight to them. I know; earlier I said guessing is bad, but this is the best kind of guessing. took a big picture, by sending up a large balloon with a camera attached to it, to collect physical data. They then analyzed it and came up with the number 215,000. This number is one before 215,001 and one after 214,999. It is the crowd estimate, meaning the real attendance could be a little less or a little more than than 215,000. A number more than 215,000 is 215,001. A number less than 215,000 is 214,999. There are other numbers both higher and lower than 215,000, and maybe I’ll talk about that later, but there are other important things to talk about.

    If you have guessed (Remember, guessing isn’t good!) that someone at or CBS have somehow muddled the numbers, you can compare it to other estimates of the crowd to get at least a general sense of the truth. Privately, meaning that it is not an official estimate and that they do not promote it as such, the Parks Service estimated that well over 200,000 people attended the rally. Tony Fox, one of the organizers for the rally, estimated about 250,000 people attended the rally. Many outlets have reported that, although they did not make a formal estimate, that tens of thousands attended the rally. Tens of thousands means ten of a thousand in numerical terms. In easier terms to understand, it means that at least about 20,000, because “Tens of thousands” has an “S” on the end. An “S” means there is more than one. In fancy people language it’s called “Plural.” The problem with these estimates is that there is no upward limit to “Tens of thousands.” Technically speaking, 400,000 is tens of thousands! So is 1,000,000 and 1,215,000.

    There are also other various estimates in the article at the top of this page. If you like you can average together all the estimates. You can do this by adding all the estimates together (It only works if it’s a real estimate; “Tens of thousands” can’t quite fit this stipulation, because it’s not quite a real estimate) and then divide them by however many single estimations you’ve added together. This way you can get a number in the exact middle of all the estimates. If you need help with this, don’t be afraid to ask; I know my way around a calculator!

    Do you have any inside information to discredit If you do then I would greatly appreciate it, as I am a fellow truth hunter, and would gladly help with presenting this info to the proper outlets. If you think this is a false estimate, please provide a reason as to why you think so, and please think about whether or not your claims are reasonable or unreasonable. If you have any answers I would love to hear them!

    6. “I look at WHO is paying them and claims they’ve made.”

    CBS paid to make an estimate. They estimated that 215,000 people attended the rally, within about 10% or so. I’ve supplied some other estimates above and there are more in the article at the top of these comments. Again though, if you have some reason to not trust any of those people, let me know! I’m really interested in knowing the truth.

    7. “I was an imagery interpreter specialist (to you, I looked at pictures) in the USAF. I totally disagree with their count but that’s o.k. But NO ONE can compare the 2 rallies until they release the FULL photo of this event.”

    I don’t want to brag, which means say I’m good at something to get attention, but I have a pretty nice understanding of the English language. I appreciate you trying to help me understand your job, but I am pretty good at identifying what is what in a sentence. I really do appreciate the effort though.

    You were an image interpreter? All right Kevin! The ball’s in your court now! Go Kevin! Go Kevin!

    What are your estimates on the photos of Stewart’s rally compared to Beck’s? I know every picture of Stewart/Colbert’s rally is missing people (It seems like the camera just couldn’t capture all the people). Do you have reason to believe someone is withholding from the public a full picture of the entire crowd? If you have any information, again, please tell me! I know some guys who might could help. Given what you have to work with though, what are your estimates? Go Kevin, you’re the man!

    I’d like to say that I didn’t know the Air Force trained guys to count crowds. I guess it could be useful though, and it makes sense. I’m glad you’re good at something!

    8. “you do a lot of assuming I see.”

    In life, everyone does a lot of assuming. When you pay your bills, with snail mail (The kind that goes to your mailbox) or online, you’re assuming that the right people are getting your money and giving it to the right people. When you drive, you assume that all the signs tell you which lane is for which way, and you assume the people around you know how to drive. When you plant a tomato, you assume the dirt or soil you planted in has sufficient minerals and nutrients to sustain the plant, that there is enough soil in such a way that you don’t have to worry about erosion (The natural dissentigragion of something due to wind, water, and other natural forces), and that nobody will be building anything on top of the plant. Assuming is an important part of life, so long as you have reason to trust your assumptions!

    9. “Try thinking out of the box and look for facts instead.”

    Assuming something is definitively “Thinking outside the box”. “Thinking inside the box” means you are only relying on the bare minimum; you’re not applying any extra thought to something you’ve already got. When you assume something, you combine different pieces of fact into something related, but different. This is very clearly thinking out of the box!

    I’d like to say how proud of you I am again. I really love the “Think outside of the box” saying; it’s one of my favorites. I use it a lot. A lot means I use it more than a few times. A lot doesn’t have an upper limit; it can be many, many, MANY times or it could just be more than the usual occurance of an idea.

    10. “Assuming isn’t working out very well for you. Quoting again, “This seemed like a pretty solid leap of logic to be taking”….there is something deeply flawed in your so called “logic”. ”

    In literary terms, this is called an “Unsupported assertion.” An unsupported assertion means you present an idea, but you don’t say why you have that idea, or why that idea deserves any merit. This means you said something and you didn’t give an explanation. What I mean by that is that you never say exactly what is wrong with my logic. Is it too erratic? Is it not justified? Are my leaps too daring? Because you place the sentence about my displayed logic being flawed but then abandon an further thought on the subject, specifically examples, I’m forced to assume you don’t have any examples. It’s okay; people like to do a lot of things without real reasons. Why do I like chocholate more than vanilla? Why do I turn on light switches with the back of my hand instead of the front? Why do I park on the left side of the driveway instead of the right? If you have an example don’t be shy; tell me what it is I will explain to the best of my ability, I promise.

    11. “Hope that was slow enough for you. If there is anything unclear, just ask your kids…no, better ask somebody else’s kid. Good luck to you!”

    I know I already told you about how keyboards aren’t designed to show your words over time, but I would like to go over it one more time just in case: When you type a character on a keyboard, there is no way to tell when you type the next character. For example: If you wanted, you could type an “A” and walk away from the computer for seven days. If you type “S”, assuming the text box hasn’t been closed or temporarily abandoned, the “S” will pop up right next to the “A”. A space doesn’t form no matter how long you take between keystrokes.

    Again, there’s no need to be rude. I’m trying to help you. If you don’t want help just say so; I don’t have to help you out if you don’t want me to.

    And good luck to you too! Do you need my phone number in case of emergency? If so just ask; I’ll help as much as I can!

  180. Yikes! That post took a while to write.

    I’m flattered you appreciate my explanation so much, but I didn’t plagiarize it by any means, because I don’t have any reason to take other people’s explanations. In other mediums, people will plagiarize because of a lack of creativity or willingness to work hard, then they pass the work off as their own. When I wrote that I was trying to explain to you the exact way I meant “Will” so you wouldn’t get confused. I personally don’t have anything to gain by taking someone else’s words in this situation; I did that entirely for your benefit. If you think I took a clarification of a meaning of a word from someone, there’s not much I can do to prove you wrong, but that is a bizarre claim to make. Still, it seems you understood how I meant to use “Will”, so it did it’s part, and if you remember where you saw that particular sentence fragment before, please to tell me, if you can remember. Was it on a picture you inspected in the Air Force? I’m just trying to help jog a memory.

  181. Mitch, don’t make it harder for everyone (even if only by the smallest margin) by further widening the political chasm this rally sought to bridge. We get it, you hate the opposition, and you made a sweeping generalization. The other poster is essentially correct in that, whatever points you may have attempted to make, they have been drowned in a sea of rhetoric and an overwhelmingly “rank and file” (and firmly non-erudite) attitude, making you look like an ignorant pleb. I suggest you chill. Let us part ways and partake in beer.

  182. Your first mistake is thinking those who criticize the “whiteness” of the Tea Party are actually LITERALLY talking about color. In general, they’re not. I’m sorry if this has utterly escaped you.

  183. We cannot tax everyone who might end up in the hospital, people with diabieties, or atheletes, motorcycle riders, the list is endless. If you are not willing to instate taxes that curb the dangers of these risks and those like them, then you ARE creating this bill because of the dislike of “fat” people, otherwise this things would all be taxed as well.

  184. Admittedly, your post was slightly cute in an infantile sort of way. If you didn’t cut and paste the “Will” thing I apologize. I saw the same type of gibberish in a blog before but that was at least 10 years ago. You were probably still in diapers.
    Wow, I’m impressed. only took you 2 hours to come up with with your totally baseless reply. You obviously lied when you said you had to get up for work. Well, fact is I did have to get up this morning to go to work to pay taxes so your mom could get her welfare check to pay the rent so you could sit in her basement and stay up and type all that. As I am an adult and really don’t have time for your little games I will just say the same thing I told your little friend below…I will waste no more effort on you until you show one small bit of intelligence. You are way out of your league sweety. Go ahead, post something intelligent, I dare you.

  185. I believe the “unofficial” park services estimates. They have been doing this for awhile. I did my own “unofficial” count of the GB rally and those people cbs hired couldn’t count their own fingers but I guess they gave cbs the number they wanted. I am in the process of an “unofficial” count of this rally but prefer to find a photo that shows the entire crowd area in one shot (I’m sure it’s out there but just not released yet). It’s weird that the GB photos were released almost immediately as well as the one-nation photos but not this one. It might do good for the discourse if everyone researched the “unofficial” park service estimates for this rally AND for the GB rally. The park service does not have a dog in these hunts so a thinking person would rely more on their estimates over that of a company hired by a company with a dog in the hunt.

  186. ain’t worked up over anything… we were discussing CBO numbers, money, that kind of thing…what are you on?? you’re on the wrong page again.

  187. How does that cool-aid taste? You can’t argue with aerial photographs. It’s just that simple.

  188. 1. “Admittedly, your post was slightly cute in an infantile sort of way.”

    Thanks for liking my reply so much. Usually when I help people out like this they spend the whole time complaining about me condescending to them. Condescending is when you’re talking down to someone and explaining things you don’t need to because the other person doesn’t have enough intelligence to figure these things out on their own. I can see why they would say that, but it hurts my feelings sometimes to know that they don’t appreciate my effort. Thanks again for sticking around, and I’d be pleased if you could stick around more. When people let me help them it makes me feel good.

    Also, I was trying to make it as widely acceptable as possible, but I still don’t think infants could read this. Most kids do not learn how to read until around five or six years old; so while you saying infants could understand it is a testament to my meticulous explanations, infants probably couldn’t actually read it. Thanks for the compliment anyway though!

    2. “If you didn’t cut and paste the “Will” thing I apologize.”

    Don’t worry about the plagiarizing thing; everybody makes mistakes.

    3. “I saw the same type of gibberish in a blog before but that was at least 10 years ago.”

    I think you have misused the word “Gibberish.” “Gibberish” means a collection of words that has no value; that it was a waste of time. But that entry had a very noble intention. I was trying to help you along to understand what meaning of a word I intended to use. You’re a nice guy though, so I don’t think you meant gibberish. If you need help finding out what word you DID want to use just let me know; I know my way around English!

    4. “You were probably still in diapers.”

    I am 34 years old. 34 is a number that’s twice as much as 17 and half as much as 68. If something is half of something, it means that it takes half of itsself to equal the other value. If something is twice as much as something that means it takes two of itsself to equal the other value. The other value would in this case be 17 (Twice as much) and 68 (Half as much). When I was in diapers, the years were 1967 (The day I was born, which is when you, in a technical sense, become your own being) through around 1969. Because the internet did not really get rolling until the early to mid 90’s, you could not have been on the internet at that time. The only possible way that could have happened is if you were in a time machine. Time machines are a theoretical device that would allow people to travel backwards in time instead of only forward, but they do not exist yet. From the time I was in diapers, you would have had to wait about thirty years to get on the internet. It seems like you have made a mistake with some basic mathematics. Mathematics isn’t my specialty, but my wife is very good at it. She also teaches special needs children, so helping you out won’t feel too foreign to her, so she’d feel completely comfortable if you’d like some help from her. I haven’t asked her but I’m sure she’d be up to it!

    Still, if you have any idea where you saw “My” “Will” explanation, please tell me! Like I said, I have a lot of friends who could help me out with this kind of stuff. Even the littlest bit of info could help me find it!

    5. “Wow, I’m impressed. only took you 2 hours”

    Two hours is a long time; you’re right. And I didn’t really want to have to type all that. But I understand my obligation to help those who don’t quite understand everything, and no matter how long it takes me, I will help you. You don’t have to thank me, but if you didn’t, I admit I’ll feel a little sad.

    6. “your totally baseless reply”

    Again, I think you’ve gotten some basic vocabulary mixed up. “Baseless” means something has no foundation in being said. For example; if I said you had no legs, that would be a baseless assumption. Saying something is “Baseless” is a lot like saying something is a guess. Since everything I said was a direct response to something you said, my reply was very grounded. Again though; if you have any examples of me saying something that has no logical grounding, point it out because I would be happy to explain it.

    So I think you meant another word. “Well-thought out” is my guess, because I thought a lot about everything I said. And if that is what you meant, thanks! I take this very seriously!

    7. “You obviously lied when you said you had to get up for work.”

    You’re right. I didn’t have to get up for work. I took the day off. To help you. You might think that sounds crazy, but let me tell you something: Helping someone out like yourself is very gratifying. It makes me feel really good to know you are learning new things and seeing the world as it should be seen. I can’t really describe the feeling except by saying that it’s really, really rewarding. When I finished that long reply lastnight, no kidding, a tears of joy rolled down my eyes. It just feels so good to be making a difference, you know?

    And that’s not the only good news: After forwarding the link to this page to my boss, he said I could have the whole week off! Imagine it, you’ve got a whole week of me to yourself! You must be really happy. So go ahead, ask me anything! I’m really glad my boss gave me the opportunity to help out the community like this, and if he’s reading this, thank you! I’ll try my best sir! Very few people get this kind of opportunity!

    8. “Well, fact is I did have to get up this morning to go to work”

    To the Air Force, right? Go Kevin! It’s your birthday! It’s your birthday! Hahah, go Kevin!

    9. “to pay taxes so your mom could get her welfare check to pay the rent so you could sit in her basement and stay up and type all that.”

    Again, I am 34 years old. While I’m sure many people that age do live with their mothers, some of who may be on welfare, and many of them may live in basements, saying I do any of these things is guessing. I thought I warned you against guessing?!?! LOL. Remember: Guessing is not good. Civilized, logical people rarely guess. Don’t let it happen again!! LOL.

    10. “As I am an adult”

    I know how that feels.

    11. “and really don’t have time for your little games”

    This sounds like you’re running away. Please don’t! I’ve got all week to stay here and help you grasp things you just haven’t gotten a solid hold on. Remember, you can ask me anything you need help with. For example, if you flip a light switch and the light bulb doesn’t come on, you probably need to put a new light bulb into the socket. First, remove any cover on the outside of the light. You may need a screwdriver to do this, and replacing a light bulb will be easier if you have someone standing by to hand you the new light bulb and to take the old light bulb. Then, remove the old light bulb from the socket. You will have to turn it counter-clockwise; meaning the the top of the bulb will be rotating to the left, and the bottom of the bulb will be rotating to the right. IMPORTANT: Make sure the light switch is turned off! You could get electrocuted. Usually you can turn the light switch off by flipping the switch “Down”, or in other words, facing the floor more than the ceiling.

    Then, after putting the old bulb somewhere flat or handing it to your helper, put the new bulb into the socket. This time you’ll have to rotate it clockwise; meaning the same direction as a clock. Clocks are devices that can measure time. To turn something clockwise, the top of the object will turn to the right and the bottom of the object will turn to the left. Afterwards, replace the cover to the light (If there was one). If you needed a screwdriver to take the cover off, you will need it again to put the cover back on. If you had someone helping you, thank them, because that’s what you do when someone helps you out. Voila! Now your light works again!

    If you need any more help changing light bulbs, or anything else, please ask. I will help to the best of my abilities. And please don’t run away! I really do want to help.

    12. “I will just say the same thing I told your little friend below…I will waste no more effort on you until you show one small bit of intelligence.”

    I don’t know that person, and I hate to keep saying this, but do you have an example of me not being intelligent? You have to have examples to be taken seriously. I don’t take it against you, and I apologize if this sounds mean, but please think about things before you say them. You should only say things if you know they are true.

    13. “You are way out of your league sweety.”

    I am trying to help you. As a general rule of thumb, the person trying to help is smarter than the person being taught. I don’t mean this to put you down, but that is how teaching works, and I would appreciate it if you would stop trying to insult my intelligence. I am trying to help you.

    14. “Go ahead, post something intelligent, I dare you.”

    Again, please provide an example of where I wrote something less than intelligent and did not explain my reasoning. This is another unsupported statement, meaning you said something, then didn’t provide any reason to say it. Please provide examples and I’ll explain myself to you. I’ve got all week to help!

    “Daring” is only done when something is unusual to do or hasn’t been done before. Like I’ve said a few times before, you need an example of me saying something unintelligent to prove I have been less than smart. If you don’t have any examples, I’m forced to assume you are trying to hurt my feelings. I’m just trying to help you. Please refrain from being rude. If you don’t want me to help just ask.

    I look forward to your response, and please take some of the things I’ve said to heart. If you need any help understanding something again, don’t hesitate to ask! I’m here to help you!

  189. If you read my post correctly…I did say I was on the fence about the tax and we need to figure out the right way to battle this epidemic…so to accuse me of disliking “fat” people because I want a tax is wildly inappropriate and inaccurate.
    However, as a rebuttal, those who are overweight or obese greatly outweigh the other groups you propose…and so does their incidence of health issues. Please do not post flaming words filled with red herring remarks. I was not being inflammatory…I was just stating information about a subject that no one can deny will affect our future negatively. I am a Nutritionist and I care deeply about our country’s future health, and of course as a taxpayer that plays into my concern for our future economy…that is all.

  190. Sitting here reading all the comments from all you peace loving kumbayah liberals…..European socialist, telling and teaching us uncouth, religion loving, redneck, RACIST, anti-immigrant, FOX sheeples, lunatic Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh fans how our thinking is all wrong and will lead to the ruin of the country as we know and love it. Mr. Stewarts rally was really nice and the turnout was also impressive. I heard very little negative press leading up to the event….nothing from that great evil satan-FOX NEWS. Even Mr IDIOT Glenn Beck was talking and laughing about the Stewart rally. The left leading media did nothing but publicize the Glenn Beck rally as a collection of racist, kooks, inbred, KKK, haters. If you went to that rally, it was about love of family, God, and country…not much in the way of politics, but you peace loving liberals are going out of your way to tear his rally down….go figure.. Good to see Oprah made an appearence (Stewart promised her he would provide 3 dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts for her personal consumption)
    Mr Stewart preached common ground, the good of the American people, compromise, work together as one, unity, love, peace, etc. Yet we have the president of the united states calling half the American people the ENEMY, racists, fear mongers, lunatics, get in the back of the car (racist remark), and you have MSNBC, CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, The New York Times, Huffington Post, Newsweek, Time, any urban or college newspaper all so far left they make Hubert Humphery look like Ronald Reagan. Admit it, Hope and Change is the idea that YOU liberals HOPE the United States will CHANGE into a Socialist economy. The old nanny state….your idea of compromise and working together is see it our way or the highway….hopefully we see alot of leftleaning Pelosi Obama politicians littering that highway today. The true lovers of this country didn’t sit this election out like we did in ’08 and we didn.t need ACORN to provide us with transportation. By the way if there are any errors in my post……I sincerily apoligise and you can just E.S.A.D. (Eat poop and die)

  191. AB… we need our government to change the populations habits through taxation…what happened to the pro abortions argument that we should have control over our bodies and government has NO right to dictate what we do with our own body? Oh unless you smoke, drink, or suntan at a tanning parlor (which by the way the tanning tax is a RACIST tax on white people) I am not overweight, but will have to pay a tax because some fatties don’t know when to put down the fork. We already have controls on our toilets, lightbulbs, cars, etc., we really need our federal government to dictate what is BEST for we the people…..liberals, I was one in college, then I had to work and earn my way through life.

  192. Hello, Kevin? Are you still there? My son has to turn in the forms in a month, and I was planning on giving you a few weeks to learn how to sign your name so everything could be comfortable for you. If you’re learning your name I apologize and implore you to take your time, but if you aren’t, could you please hurry and post your address, zip code, and home/cell number? Once again, I really appreciate it

  193. For the third time…I already said I am not completely for the tax… does anyone actually read a post before the reply to it? And, using the word “fatties”….really? Very disrespectful. I will not post here anymore…I do not like arguing for arguments sake.

  194. It is not a contradiction, it is a fact. The RALLY is about unity and working together (and how we do it EVERYDAY, but the media makes it sound like we do not.), is that what the GOP did? Or did they constantly fight and say no?

    Seriously, answer the question. You may need to watch the rally to get a little perspective. Also, learn what contradiction means.

  195. Stephen Colbert showed the whole crowd via Google. I am sure if you really tried, you would see some great pics.

    Are you saying Beck had more than the size reported? Are you saying that the Rally was smaller than Becks?

    I would love to see your facts and the scientific method you used to determine this.

  196. Kevin, are you there? I didn’t mean to scare you; please write back with things you need a going over of. I’ve only got tomorrow and the weekend left! Please let me help

  197. Agreed…this is a sad bit of writting. Why does it matter who had the biggest turn out. one great part about america is that you can do what you want hang out with who you want and so on. So who care whos rally is bigger.Its a rally who gives a crap. The funny thing is The sturgis Bike Rally in the middle of south dakota has more people than both of these combined and all they want to do is have a good time. Stop arguing over usless crap…no one cares anymore

  198. Um, Voice of Obvious, I feel compelled to point out a small problem with your age and your birth year. You’re about a decade off. I’m 33, born in 1977. If you are 34, you were not born in 1967. If you ever had a fake id, I hope you did a better job of doing the math!

  199. The arguments over numbers attending the restore sanity rally are just trolling; don’t let them distract from the message of the rally and the issue surrounding it.

    I find it amazing that after 8 years of Republican rule Obama is being blamed for not fixing the problems coming from that after only 2 years in office. Patience is the watch word, you cannot fix in 2 or even 4 years what it took 8 years to screw up, at least not without radical tax hikes that the American public left or right will never accept.

  200. Who cares how many attended? The majority opinion of this nation voted. The polls are closed. We will vote again in 2 years, and I can assure you, Obama will be gone. Inflated budgets, inflated government, and inflated ego, BYE BYE. We dont want your communist, socialist bullshit. Deal with it. By the way, Jon Stewart is a freakin comedian. He has as much pundit credibility for political journalism as Bill Maher. Which equals none. The liberals own the mainstream media, and now your blaming them for not promoting Jon Stewart’s hogwash rally? They didn’t cover it because it means ZERO, Nothing to this nation’s problematic Political process. Idiots!

  201. why the big hub ub over Stewert’s numbers compared to Beck? Who gives a crap? did anyone see the numbers from the election? Turns out the TEA party is a force to be reckoned with. I think I remember the genius Stewert saying they were nothing to pay attention to. wrong.

  202. yeah that’s probably how many more people voted for the TEA party candidates vs. the linguine spines socialist progressive liberals.

  203. I had a lot of spare time and read this whole article and the comments. Its funny to see how it bounced from one stupid topic to another. The attendance, Tea party and all that good stuff. I’m not even from America but I sure as hell wished I could have attended the event, as for the Beck one, little interest. I’ve read his material, seen him talk, and I’m a centralist, but he says so fucked up stuff. As for the Tea Party, Palin. Any party that has her being the media whore is screwed. Another thing, I don’t really get the Tea party, seriously. They have a combination of some smart people, who understand the world and see that things could be done in a more effective way, but on the other hand, you have Ms. Masturbation is Adultery, which I guess makes me the worst husband in the world. No offense to any American who may read this, some of you seem to be far to political without understanding how stuff works in government. Besides, have non of you realized that voting these days is getting to the point where you ask you’re self,” Hmmm, who is going to fuck up my country less, a, or b,” All the Liberal Hating Republicans, and all the Republican hating Liberals need to seriously calm the fuck down. Its immature to see a society divided over such stupid topics, Especially Health Care and Abortion. America is a secular society, well that’s what it was supposed to be,therefore, what the hell does God have to do with Politics? Anyways, back on track, just get along, its not that hard to do.

  204. I did my own unofficial count. There were about 500k at Glenn Beck’s Rally and about 250 million at Stewart’s Rally. By my own unofficial count, Stewart wins!

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