The Devil Went to Georgia and He Wants to Make a Deal

The Devil Went Down to Georgia

It used to be that Republicans were considered the “adults”, but this is the year when counterfeit conservatives jumped the meretricious shark and the Democrats appear to be the only responsible adult in the room. A perfect example of the tatty, mangy grunge of insincerity and graft permanently adhered to the former glory of the Republican brand is the Georgia gubernatorial race.

The Tea Party Guide to Marriage

I thought I'd best just head on over to the Institute to see what old Dan Webster does believe in, since he claims he does not believe women should submit to their husbands. When the Tea Party says they want to take their country back, they mean you, too. You. Mama Grizzly. Submit to me. On your knees, woman and keep that mouth closed unless you can keep it meek and subservient.

Glenn Beck Teabags Star Wars

On his radio show today Glenn Beck and his crew claimed that the perfect movie for these teabagging times is Star Wars. Beck managed to turn Star Wars in into a Tea Party epic. Beck said, "Wow, is it a appropriate story for today. My gosh, the Republic is going down. The Empire is starting."