Conservative Christian Nuttiness Increases as Election Day Nears

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James Dobson

Election Day is upon us and Right Wing Watch is reported that James Dobson is freaking out about yet another election:

Shirley and I were married on August 27, 1960 and two months later we voted for the first time in a national election. And I’ll tell you, from that time to this – and we’ve been through a lot of elections – I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that was more significant than the one we’re about to experience, even though it’s not focused on a presidential election.

Horrendous decisions have been made during these past two years and that nation is at a crossroads right now that could bring further ruin … I don’t know how to say it differently. If I could get down on my hands and knees and beg people, if that would help I would do it because this time it’s now or never. If we take the wrong path with the issues that are on the table today, I don’t think we will ever recover as a nation.

Conservative Christians fear for this country and its future (that should be read as their privileged position in this country). They seem uncertain as to what the answer is. Do they vote? Do they pray? Do they just scream a lot and stomp their little feet?

Glenn Beck favorite David Barton has reached back into Old Testament times in his own approach, producing a 9-minute-long video to explain to Christian voters that if we want God’s blessings we better be righteous. Now will God judge our righteousness? Through our public policies, of course.

We’re to seek righteousness first, and dozens of Bible passages affirm that a nation’s righteousness is determined by its public policies, by how well those policies conform to God’s standards. We love to sing “God Bless America,” but if we really want God to bless America, we’ve got to give him something to work with.

For Christians, voting is not a right, it’s a duty. It’s a stewardship that we owe to God and it’s a stewardship for which we’ll answer directly to him. One day we’ll stand before him and he’ll say “what did you do with that vote I gave you?” And we’ll have to answer.

Righteousness must be the issue. It must be the measure to define what we’re for politically and what we’re against. And each of us will answer to God not only for whether we voted, but for how we voted, for what issues drove our vote.

If we stand before God and He says “why did you vote for a leader who’s attempting to redefine my institution of marriage and who wills the unborn children that I knew before they were in the womb?” If He asks us that and our answer is “Because that leader was good on jobs and the economy,” He’s not going to accept that.

So to votes and prayers we can add threats of hellfire and damnation. Don’t vote because you love God but because you’re afraid of him.

It’s safe to say conservative Christian figures are pulling out all the stops. But will their efforts bear any fruit?

It is hard to see how they can tip the election. There aren’t enough of them. The closer we’ve come to the election the more strident and exclusive they’ve gotten. Their hateful, bigoted attitudes shrink the GOP tent; they don’t grow it.

Chuck Colson is thinking about a new third party, for social conservatives. I think this is a good idea, a little tent for a small group that thinks the future of America revolves around a few carefully cherry-picked socially conservative positions. You will notice that while the Book of Leviticus condemns homosexuality it also condemns the eating of pork. When the Religious Right begins to make eating a BLT one of its social issues they will at least finally be displaying some honesty. Until then, it will remain the party of social hypocrisy. In either case, they will still be wrong because the Constitution says you can’t legislate religion.

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22 Replies to “Conservative Christian Nuttiness Increases as Election Day Nears”

  1. Another poignant post. Thanks for keeping us mindful of the very powerful cult forces that target our elections. These fundamentalists do vote. They are zombie-like at the polls, voting for whomever they are told God prefers. It takes a lot of sane people to counter the zombies at the polls. We all need to get on the phones today. Talk to family and friends and urge sane people to vote.

  2. They are scary because they lack the kind of critical thinking that would cause them to examine whether these policies are in alignment with the teachings of Christ.
    They consider various groups of people unworthy, and think they are the only ones favored by the God they worship. Worst of all, the cynics misleading them do not care about religion except as a wedge issue, like guns and illegal immigration. I’m quite sure they laugh at these lemmings privately.

  3. Religion is one of the hot button issues that makes people’s heads explode. That is PRECISELY why the Founding Fathers (diests) made clear that church and state ARE separate. It is also a PRIVATE matter.
    I used to consider myself Christian. Obviously like the #GOP, “religion” has been hijacked by sociopathic control freaks who make sh*t up in order to scare people.
    That works fine unless of course, you have a functioning brain and aren’t really malleable to being “FRIGHTENED” by the REAL specter of having an African American man in the White House.
    Let’s be real = Burton is a tool. He wants his 5 min of fame. The usual people will fall for his schlock. The rest of us look at him with pity.
    And BTW, religion has been responsible for more death, wars and fear than any other factor throughout the history of the world. It is a useful tool to kill people and use “religion” as an excuse.

  4. As says,

    If you don’t want rightwing billionaires to own our government, vote Democratic.

    If you want billionaires and corporations to pay taxes, vote Democratic.

    If you want a decent job with decent wages – not corporate slavery – vote Democratic.

    If you want Social Security, Medicare, public education, and environmental protection to survive, vote Democratic.

    If you don’t want rightwing thugs to stomp on your head at a political rally, vote Democratic.

    If you don’t want a woman’s body to become the property of the Republican Paty, vote Democratic.

    If you want campaign finance reform that gets billionaires and corporations out of politics altogether, vote Democratic.

    If you want Truth, Justice, and the American Way, don’t wait for Superman – vote Democratic.

    I would add,

    If you don’t want a Talibangelical theocracy, vote Democratic.

  5. Wow, Zombie’s eh. They’re not even people, let alone citizens and certainly not patriotic. And why? Because they believe in God and vote the way that seems consistent with Christian ethics. MMmmm. What a nice person you are; a real role model I’m sure.

    You know, what I find interesting as a Christion Patriot that has served my country faithfully – I revel that people like Jennifer can oppose my beliefs. I embrace the chances I have for reasonable discussions with people of all walks of life. That is what makes this country great. It never ceases to amaze me the names I’m called for that. Latest – Zombie. Good luck at the polls. DB

  6. Voting for Republicans because God told me to isn’t blind or repugnant or even theocratical. It is the most American, patriotic way to vote.

    After all, how can any self righteous American go against God?

  7. You started out sounding reasonable then digressed to the same old boring sputum. “Frightened” yes, not by a persons color but their character (color, Christ, bigotry – seems contrary to me but that’s a different argument for sure). Since our character is fashioned largely by our religiosity then isn’t it reasonable for religious people to become concerned or fearful when someone of questionable beliefs comes to power. I say yes and believe that fear and concern is a healthy check for our elected officials. I’m a Christian and believe in the teachings in the Bible so perhaps I’m biased, but after listening to Burton I found nothing that could be construed as offensive or unsound regardless of your religious beliefs. On the contrary, general political philosophy communicated and understood, I think most will vote on instinct, especially during primaries. If your instinct has been jaded, well then there’s a pretty good chance your voting decisions will be too. If your instincts are formed outside of the influence of religion, then I’m sure your vote will have little to do with God. If your instincts are fashioned by the day to day practice of God’s teachings then, at the very least, I’d think your voting decisions would remain consistent with Gods teachings. Only a problem if you don’t want to continue to do the things consistent with Gods teachings. The latter is certainly not a cause for great alarm. There’s nothing evil about God and Gods word. Don’t know, I’m scratching my head wondering what’s your real beef here? Is it the Bible and the “Sociopaths” that wrote it (most of whom really had control all right..LOL I’m quite sure, as they were being martyred for there teachings, they were getting off on how much control they had) or you just don’t like the idea that people would try to apply Christian ethics to candidates? Mmm

  8. MMmmm. You’ll have to excuse me as I try to understand your reason here – Because you’ve critically reasoned out the teachings of the Bible and the existence of God then all those that are Christians must be uneducated, non-critical, and unreasonable. Then somehow, you become more qualified to apply Gods word to rule and law than those people that study and attempt to live by that word and the teachings of Christ? I’m an educated and reasonable man but I need your help here. How does that happen? How do people that discard or refute Christ’s teaching know more about it’s application than the people that embrace them? There’s definately some scary stuff going on here Anne, but I don’t think it has anything to do with what Christians are up to. DB

  9. @Donnie:

    What are you talking about? I’m not criticizing Christians, since I am one. I am criticizing those who either pretend to be Christians or who don’t use critical thinking to examine whether those who claim to be Christians actually are being honest. People who lie, even for political gain, or who think it’s okay to step on the poor are hypocritical. So are those who think God favors people of one political party. People who demonize groups they consider “OTHER” are not following the teachings of the Bible. These aptly describe some people on the Christian right, and you cannot deny it.

  10. This nation is the amalgamation of all sorts of different people and beliefs. It’s tolerance and the freedom to voice desperate views that makes this country one of the greatest in the history of the world. Democracy insures that the rule of law stays in line with the majority of people and their beliefs. Our power (votes and dollars) protects us. Only in times of extreme apathy will a socially deviant minority gain rule. What I believe we are witnessing today and for the last couple of years is the awakening of the God fearing majority. Tomorrow, November 2nd, that awakened mass with speak volumes at the polls and, I believe, for the next 50 to 100 years the vocal minority will be sent back to the campuses and coffee shops while the majority fixes the damage caused by it’s apathy. One of the most damaging effects of the majority’s apathy over the last 50ish years is the acceptance of slander and intolerance concerning religion and God. This piece, and some of the comments associated with it, serve as evidence of that. There is nothing appropriate about villainizing someone’s personal beliefs and God. By and large those attacks are fear based and socially deviant. I haven’t heard one constructive and loving argument against a citizen applying his knowledge of Christ during his decision to elect officials applied here. Attacks and name calling yes, but nothing really constructive. I submit that a citizen is only as good as the love they can show to they’re fellow citizens and I don’t believe that has anything to do with calling people zombies or bigots. Please folks, we need reason to survive as a nation and not fear or useless dribble. Good luck at the polls. DB

  11. LOL – Where have you been. Jobs? Really?

    You left out these Democratic Party core beliefs,

    Tax and Spend. Why do democrats have such a hard time saying this? It is a proven philosophy of the Democratic party yet they will never just come out honestly and say that. Honesty…mmmmmmm Food for thought.

  12. OK Anne, I completely missinterpretted that one. I thought you were attacking the reasoning ability of Christians in general. My bad. I absolutely agree with you. Don’t I feel stupid!

  13. I wonder ? Where was God when woman couldn’t vote ? Where was He when Black Americans couldn’t vote ? I think that God is busy enough looking at the vicious element in our society that intends( If they are successful in winning enough seats in Congress and the Senate ) to do every thing in their power to turn this Country into a One class system “Those That Have”That would be THEM and Those that don’t have a Damm thing and never will ! The Repugnants want to own this Country and if they have to start a Civil War they will.Open your ears America your on the verge of a Corporate and Media takeover.

  14. I saw a sign today on a church (tax-exempt status means you have to stay out of elections) saying: VOTE RIGHT.

    Just how arrogant is the Republican Party to assume they are the party of God and isn’t that what we fought the Revolutionary War over – the notion of divine rulers who couldn’t be questioned, a right to representation for the people?

    It should be an outrage to any thinking Christian to have their church tell them how to vote. Churches don’t belong in politics.


  15. Liberals will never understand.

    Republicans are God’s chosen people. God speaks to us every day. God wants us to win in 2010. God wants Republicans in charge of Congress. And in 2012–not that I speak for God–God wants Republicans to run the White House as well.

    God speaks through the self righteous votes of Republicans.

  16. It’s my experience that your average “Christian” can’t reason–which is why they continue in the abusive relationship that is Christianity.

  17. Also, too, God exempts Republicans from the “rules” of ethical and moral conduct via being the “chosen ones”.

  18. Nothing evil about God’s word Donnie?

    Have you ever read the Old Testament, or is your Christian belief system built exclusively on the first 4 books of the NT?

  19. A proven policy of the Democrats, really, how much have your taxes gone up in the past 2 years Donnie?

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