Dear America, Why Are We Voting Against Our Own Self Interests?

While Republicans plan to shut down the government, block or repeal existing laws, and deregulate the oil industry, it is curious what they plan to do for the American people. Everyone knows what they’ve done for the past 21 months, and it’s a great big zero.

So, knowing Republicans have done nothing, and campaign on doing nothing for the next two years; why are people willing to vote for them? Republicans promise to help corporations by getting rid of regulations, but that only helps the wealthy.

Republicans will do nothing for working-class Americans, and in fact, they will undo laws Democrats passed to protect Americans who are not in the 2% wealthiest category. John Boehner said, “WE are not going to be any different than what we’ve been.” Boehner will most likely be Speaker of the House if Republicans win big on Tuesday, and intends to continue helping his corporate financiers instead of working Americans.

Financial reform was enacted to stop banks from overcharging customers, but Republicans want to change that so there are no consumer protections. Republican candidates are very open about helping financial institutions take advantage of working people so the banking industry will contribute more to the GOP.

Insurance companies cannot cancel sick policy-holders any longer, and parents can keep their kids on their health insurance policies till they are 26, but Republicans will change that for the insurance industry. Health care reform is meant to help working Americans, but Republicans will continue helping the insurance industry so they will contribute more to the GOP.

Republicans talk about privatizing Social Security and Medicare so the money can go to Wall Street for the next financial collapse. The Republican plan is to transfer Social Security money to investors so they can make money off the backs of hard working Americans. There is no protection for money lost in the stock market, but in exchange for the Social Security accounts Wall Street will contribute more to the GOP .

This list is never-ending, and there doesn’t seem to be any sense for working people to vote for Republican/teabagger candidates. Voting for Republicans who promise not to help the American people is a mind-boggling mystery, and it makes no sense.

Are Americans masochists? It appears that’s the case for a large segment of the population. Is it that nervous Americans are voting against their own self-interest as a plea for more punishment from conservatives? People who support Republican candidates must know by now that the GOP’s interest is only in corporate America and the wealthy. Every Republican supports extending the Bush-era tax cuts for the very wealthiest 2% of Americans, and still, they get support from poor, retired, and working-class Americans regardless that Republican policies only benefit the rich.

Republicans say they will do everything to block the Obama Administration and they promise more of the same. Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell said that Republicans’ job for the next two years is to block Obama so he could only serve one term. Americans know Republicans have done nothing except say no over the past year-and-a-half, and many are happy with GOP obstructionism. They will vote to give them more power to say no for the next two years to see Obama serve one term.

Some Republicans advocate shutting down the government to get their way, and that will benefit corporations because regulators will be out of business. A shutdown will also cease all social programs and hurt everyone except the wealthiest Americans. Still, there are poor and retired people who depend on social programs who will vote for Republicans; contrary to their  own self-interests.

Voting against your own self-interest doesn’t display intelligence and the  GOP is counting on voter’s ignorance. For example, Republicans claim to be the party of fiscal responsibility, but they give free money to corporations at the expense of the working class; voters hear the words “fiscal responsibility” and vote for conservatives.

Voters should reject Republicans for doing nothing for working Americans. It is astounding that voters support obstructionist Republicans for giving breaks to rich people and big business.

Americans know what Republicans have done since January 2009, and they promise more of the same for the next 2 years to help corporations, damage the Obama Administration, and cause more harm to the American people than George W. Bush. It is too bad anyone has to suffer from Republican corporate governance, and the blame will lie solely with uninformed, gullible, and racist voters who hate a black president and vote against their own interests. It is shameful that the rest of us will also suffer.

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  1. The Party of No wants President Obama to fail, so they want to do everything in their power to accomplish their goal. What they obviously care nothing about is that even if he is a one-term president, he has resources to fall back on at the end of his term. It will do nothing to impact on his personal life. But the people who would be affected by their Darwinian policies would not be nearly as lucky. The GOP would add untold numbers of Americans to the long list of those who have suffered, and continue to suffer, due to policies enacted in the last Republican administration. One of their motivations is intense hatred for this president, a sentiment shared by many of the people who plan to vote for them. The hatred on the part of these voters clouds their judgment, and many of them also feel that the “socialistic” programs they foolishly condemn as socialist benefit people they consider unworthy–like racial or religious minorities or welfare recipients. Therefore, they vote against them in spite of the fact that these programs also benefit them. Some of them also have this Darwinian, every-man-for-himself mentality, and that’s one reason some of these politicians appeal to them. They can’t see past their noses enough to see that all of us are connected.

  2. It would be great if this piece could go viral. Americans have been dumbed down to the point that the real destruction is coming within our own country by way of the sensational and misleading reporting of the main stream (corporate owned) media, the greedy and power hungry GOP, ridiculous fame seeking so-called leaders like Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, sneaky and dangerous Dick Cheney, the bigoted and racist Tea party, the Conservative corrupt supreme court and lots more. Millions and more millions are being spent on just the last few days on attack ads against Democrats to buy government seats from the house to the senate to state governments. This is unprecedented! The media is already predicting a major defeat before election day. It’s not too late. Get out and vote for our Democracy before we lose it forever! People please don’t wait. Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric. Come out and vote Democratic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a national emergency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Get a grip, the Dumocrats have owned the house and senate since 2007. They have been driving not the republicans. In 1994 when Clinton turned the country around the republicans were driving then. Time for a change. Too many haters on the left, we need to stay in the middle not Pelosi left. Tea party has it right.

  4. Limit Government!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Give Government a few things to do and demand it do those few things well!!!!!

    Democrats Republican and Independents Unite tomorrow the real change begins
    Good bye country club Republican and elitist Democrats

  5. It is true that the Republicans haven’t done anything in the last two years. It is sort of hard to do anything when you’re outnumbered by the Democrats and they have total control over what comes to a vote… and control on what passes.

    The Democrats have had two years to at least begin to turn the economy around. I have not seen the least inkling of an improved economy. What I have seen is a $600 price jump in my next years health insurance costs. You can’t blame this on the evil insurance companies, because it was Obama’s health care that was supposed to fix this sort of thing.

    As far as not doing anything.. I don’t think the Democrats can throw any stones at that glass house. Extending the (Bush) tax cuts is one thing that they haven’t done. This is going to hit ME and I’m not some rich dude either. My household income is well under $50,000 a year.

    I agree that there are some Republicans who are counter-productive. These are the people who can only be differentiated from their Democrat counterparts by the R beside their name.

    While some people focus on reining in the evil corporations, they are letting the little business man (who powers the economy) get squashed in the process.

    The problem that many people have who think that (big) government should pay for so many benefits is that they don’t put the pen to the paper to calculate exactly where the money is going to come from. They just say that the RICH will pay for it. Honey, the RICH don’t have that much money.

  6. I’m so glad we have “Progressives” like you to tell us what is and is not in our self-interest. We definitely wouldn’t want people doing crazy things like making up their own minds about their own self-interest. And god forbid anyone should vote for what they think is in the best interest of the nation-as-a-whole! I mean, for crying out loud, if people stop thinking of themselves as part of a class with distinct and opposing interests from other classes, well then they might stop sending “Progressives” to Washington!

  7. The real answer as to why Americans vote against their own interests is that Americans even though having some intelligence are for the most part ignorant and truly greedy. It’s the greed that gets them. Remember that only 20 percent of the people own 85 percent of the wealth of this country. That leaves 15 percent of the wealth for the rest of the population. To believe that the wealthy are going to give back the the rest of the 80 percent of the population is simply stupid. They forget that we are supposed to be a government by the people for the people. By people I exclude corporations whose sole purpose is to benefit the shareholders. It is easier to believe the lies of a few than do a little research. Much like John.

  8. Keep in mind, most Americans believe there is a floaty ghost in the sky that they can talk to by closing their eyes and wishing really hard.

    A significant portion of Americans believe that ghost’s son is going to come back as a zombie and murder everone, and that’s something they’re looking forward to.

    There are a lot of very, very stupid people in America.

  9. I think you are confused. Dems intend on extending the tax cuts for everyone except those making over 250,000. It will not effect you. In fact since Obama took office you have face 6 tax cuts. But you dont know it.

    Obama care cannot fix the cost of your insurance. Had they done the public option then yes. Obama care forced the companys to not turn people down nor drop people when they get sick. Your insurance has not gone up any more than it would have and has in the last 10 years. Obama has not forced them to raise their rates, in fact he gave them a chance to make bigger profits by insuring people they otherwise would not have. But he did not fix the amount they can charge you. Small Businesses have been given tax breaks for this insurance. The only people you can blame that on is the evil insurance companys who are not only evil but very corrupt.

    I am not employed and tried to get insurance for myself. It would have cost me over $1,000.00 a month for a few prescription. Thats not Obama, thats the providers.

    Your last paragraph is a right wing talking point and really is false. BTW, Many rich people pay less taxes than you do. Many corporations get money back on slick tax loopholes.

  10. Funny, the conservatives do the same thing. Did you forget that? Its what they campaign on

  11. oh sure – but not allowing legislation to go through without a filibuster because there aren’t 60 dems also seems fair right?

    So here’s the thing .. do YOU believe the #GOP will help YOU with anything?

    This is all a behind-the-beltway game being played by politicians. The American people are the pawns in the game. Both the House and the Senate are elected to “do the nation’s business”. They have done nothing and they are hurting people.

    That is not what Congress is supposed to be doing. This isn’t about us or them (Dems vs Reps). This is about people doing the jobs they were hired to do – and in the case of the #GOP, that consists of doing anything to keep Mr Obama as a one term President right? Screw unemployment, screw the jobs issues, screw the deficit, screw DADT repeal AND those two George Bush wars we are still fighting.

    So when and if the #GOP wins, we will sit back and watch as the do-nothings continue to trash the American public they were elected to help. And in 2012 they’ll put Palin the Putrid (AK-AIP) up as their candidate and the GOP will get absolutely blasted if they have accomplished NOTHING in TWO YEARS.

    Also, the TBags that do manage to get elected will be told to SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP by the “big boys”. There is no way the TBags will have any input into what happens in either the House or the Senate. They don’t have the money and they are just tools. And it will serve them right.

  12. It took EIGHT years for the Bush/Cheney cabal to wreck our economy – you want it fixed in 2 years?
    Sorry – you lose.
    And you better keep up that getting paid for blog posts because if you honestly believe that the GOP is going to fix it for you – you are in for a very rude awakening.
    So hold onto your hat – your ride is going to get really really bumpy! Let’s hope you wake up tomorrow wealthy – because unless you do, you are toast to the Republicans. The only ones that count are giant corporations. You will be no competition.
    So either way – you lose. Not my problem.

  13. I’m just tired of the lies and the grifting – the “on the take” politicians. If anyone really believes that the Senators or the Congresspersons CARE, they should all start using their mental health benefits immediately.

    Congress is a JOB. And it’s not being done. I doesn’t matter WHO is to blame – the American people are the ones who are losing – and giant corporations are buying our politicians.

    Hope you have a ton of money invested (I’d suggest oil/gas pipelines, some shipping companies, a mix of short/long term bonds – and a lot of cash – be sure when you do invest, that you buy dividend paying stocks to make a profit – 6% return is low but decent) or you’re going to find yourself on the short end of a very sharp stick with only yourself and your illogic and anger to blame.

  14. Sorry, the smartest among us know that the government is FAR too large and it must shrink for us to be able to grow. Yes, Republicans want to help big businesses because guess what, we all depend on big businesses for products, services, and jobs. Helping the wealthy -> helping everyone.

  15. I do agree with a lot of what you say – but our dumbing down of our education system is also to blame.
    I just don’t understand how any parent can sit back and want the education system be trashed for political purposes. Even if your children are grown, do you have grandchildren?
    So we have the bright people who don’t get scared and the frightened religious fanatics who are scared of their own shadows.

  16. “outsourcing”

    There are no jobs – there will BE no jobs because giant corporations get huge tax breaks for taking jobs overseas.

    Sorry you are totally wrong.

  17. To all you liberals out there, I had about 5 paragraphs I was going to post, but you’re not worth the effort. Your president’s policies are a failure and your sense of entitlement is disgusting. It’s always someone else’s fault, your mentality makes me sick. Up yours.

  18. Do you have one original thought in this article? Let’s review that the dems had a supermajority, a President who could have done anything he wanted, and well they blew it.

    Btw, all those great “consumer protections” you mentioned cost money and is the reason why I no longer have access to free checking.

    Stop whining, work hard, and balance your checkbook you welfare leeches.

  19. Good luck with that –
    Our home is paid for, as are our cars. We have no debt and we have invested wisely.

    Your problems are related from your ignorance to see the big picture.
    As I said, not my problem. None of our success came from entitlements…hate to disappoint.

    On the other hand – your ride down the next 2 years will suck and you have only yourself to blame.

  20. The bank bailout was Bush not only was it HIS BILL but HE SIGNED it before he left office.. So far most of it has been paid back. Also the deficit has been reduced.
    Join a credit union- they are free.
    And quit YOUR whining.

    Still liking shoveling all your money into Iraq and Afghanistan? Sort of a never ending hole in your wallet? Of course, the last 10 years has all been Pres Obama’s fault…

    This isn’t about Bush – it’s about our future. Well – at least I have one.

  21. When you get paid-per-post, lucidity and point is not necessary. It’s what keeps those nickels rolling in.

  22. You all take things too personal and seem to think people in Washington seem to have some sort of magical powers.
    Vote Libertarian

  23. Ironically the statement of what are the republicans going to do for you is why I’m voting republican. I don’t want or need the government to gift me my existence. I’m perfectly fine working on my own to provide for myself.

  24. Except that you’re contradicting yourselves all over the place.

    The most blatant thing that I saw is ‘screw the deficit’. If there’s one thing that hasn’t and will not stop inflating with Obama and Democrats in Congress, it’s most certainly the deficit. By increasing entitlements and shifting private debt into public hands (read: bailout), Obama’s administration is doing everything but reduce deficit spending.

    You also touch on social reform (DADT, etc). Obama has completely ignored these and other critical issues of his campaign in order to pass his main agenda: a bailout and healthcare.

  25. The problem is people with no money that expect it to come out of nowhere. Entitlements are the single biggest government expense, and the fact is that richer Americans pay for them and poorer Americans benefit. Wealth redistribution at its finest.

  26. Yeah. We will see how Obamacare treats us when my child with Strep has to wait 4 days to see a doctor, because my company opps to take the fine and swap to this so called Health Care we will receive. I’m sick and tired of the low end lazy bastards that won’t get a job and take care of their families.

  27. I love how this website goes on and on about Rpublicans this, Bush that… but is completely devoid of any real facts. Just more liberal BS propaganda. The left is set to lose big time and they are going nuts. The honeymoon is over and the wheels have fallen off the bus… and the only tactic they have left is to spew more lies in an attempt to brainwash people into believing them.

    It’s quite funny, the website says people are voting against their own self-interests. How can someone vote against their own self-interests when obviously their self-interest is to vote Republican? Polls don’t lie folks. The people are tired of the Dems in power and the downward spiral, 18% unemployment, trillion dollar deficit, passing bills that the people don’t want, etc, etc.

    Sorry, I know that’ll upset a lot of you. But I saw this stupid website linked from Facebook and couldn’t resist seeing what it had to say. But the first thing I saw was “Real Liberal Politics” on the very top and knew right away there wouldn’t be any rational thought involved.


  28. When you draw a distinction between any party or pretend that there is a difference you lose all credibility with me. Politicians are thieves and liars, tell me which “party” is which. “Party” is right… for them while we lose our jobs, homes and the respect of the world. We have become a society of “blame assessors” and arm-chair quarterbacks who vote what’s popular then switch at the first hint of the “new correct” proclaiming loudly to any who will listen about those no longer in fashion. All politicians share one motivation, self-interest, to consider that ANYONE in Washington gives a crap about you beyond what they can extort or out-right steal from you is naive to say the least. I’ll extend that sentiment to the “protected” class of Wall Street, lobbyists, the financial industry and those that can directly benefit them (politicians) most. Finally The President? Do any of you honestly think The President is more than the (willing) mouthpiece/scapegoat of any political regime? Republicans, Democrats and all the rest be damned, what we need is a smaller more responsive/responsible government – “for the People, by the People” the rest is just noise.

  29. Though it’s true that Republicans will do nothing economically positive for me as a working, middle-class American….they will keep the queers from getting married. You totally forgot the end-game in your article.

  30. ALERT:

    “The other McCain” has sent people (hi Jesse) to PoliticusUSA to create havoc. Expect trolls of the Palin variety.

  31. Government and economic policy are inventions of mankind. They are intrinsically designed to benefit society.

    Capitalism is a system that benefits the most capable of society and that includes the smart, the hard working and the wealthy. The people that benefit the most from the very successful system call Capitalism have a responsibility to acknowledge these benefits and pay back to society.

    The Tea Party seams to be populated by people that believe that all of their personal success was simply their hard work and fail to acknowledge their dependency on the system that help deliver their success. These people also fail to acknowledge fundamental advantages that they started with. Taxes are the price of a stable and just civilization.

  32. What I believe or don’t believe does not make me stupid. You can not prove that G-d does not exist, my faith ensures me that he does. Let’s leave it at that and be civil about it. Most people of faith are not right wing fundamentalists. Most, myself included, are very aware of the issues that confront us all and are actively doing something to, dare I say, “evangelize” what the Dems have been accomplishing since Obama took office…and rallying fellow Dems to get out there and vote against the GOP ticket. It’s okay for you not to believe in anything but yourself. I have no problem with that. Don’t dismiss those of us who believe differently and blame the failure on Theists. The economy didn’t fail because of G-d. It failed because of greed. I am voting against the GOP agenda because it seeks to push the middle further and further down…while using our shoulders to prop up the corporations and the elite 2%. I am voting against the GOP because their agenda will leave too many who are already on the brink of disaster, in total ruin. I am voting against their agenda because G-d told me to do so…actually I am part of the elite 10% unemployed and would like my job back. I am educated, well versed on political issues both historical and current, and I am Eastern Orthodox. I pray for clarity but it is mine to vote as my conscience dictates…and it is typically in favor of policies that will continue to support the people and their freedom…regardless of their beliefs…or lack thereof.

  33. The title of the post….there’s no “we” in self-interest.

    I am not voting against my self-interest. I am, however, quite possibly voting against your self-interest.

  34. The smartest among us also know that yes, government is far too large and we know that responsible government is not the same as small government. It is policy that makes the difference. Please point out exactly where government is too big and what it’s purpose is and whether or not it has fulfilled it’s intent. Whether there are two agencies or five that have oversight for national security has nothing to do with the economy growing. Smaller government would require radical cleansing for efficiency. President Hoover tried that during times very much like these. Every president goes into office expecting to create that efficiency…truth is you can’t shrink down the government without displacing thousands of workers…and pissing off a lot of career politicians. What you need is new policy to make what does exists more efficient and capped from further growth allowing for it to shrink my attrition as a result of the new founr efficiency. Helping the wealthy is not going to bring new jobs to the country. It has only fueled the corporate addiction to greater profit at the expense of work place reduction…and the continued export of jobs overseas as if they were a commodity. There are 10% unemployed in this country…that didn’t happen because of big government…it happened because of no government – DEREGULATION. Freedom for big business to break from all the logical and sound business models and create new ones that were too fragile to survive the slightest tick…such as market correction. It’s not big government…it’s no government. You can’t grow anything here if you keep planting it elsewhere. There must be balance…we are a little off right now.

  35. What country do you live in? Last I saw it is one nation and one nation means one president. When Bush destroyed this country’s integrity and when the economy blew up in his face and in the faces of the thousands who have lost almost everything to big buisness bullshit, he was still the preident of this country. “The” current president’s policies have not been failures…and no one feels entitled. This is our country, not just yours. Most have worked very hard and long for the little they have. Not everyone is suppoed to be a Harvard grad and retire with Golden Parachutes at the expense of the lead ballons most have been given. The average person works and tries to stay ahead of life. They are honest people who wish they didn’t have to rely on the pittle they get. But not everyone is a retired CEO or economically upper middle class member who can depend on a retirement plan…in fact some lost their retirement because of greed…no theirs someone else’s. ENRON!!!. You don’t have five paragraphs to rub together that would make any sense and/or resemble anything close to the unbent truth you propegate. My father served this country and worked for his company for 35 years. He owned his home, and still does. His retirement went with the company’s bankruptcy. He has to depend on his SS check and veteran benefits because someone stole his money. Until every last one of you who is so against the entitlements hands over the medicare card and returns the social security check, stfu!!

  36. How does that make any sense at all? Doing nothing is never better than doing something. Especially when we’re in the middle of having to rebuild our economic system that collapsed under the watchful eye of who? Oh. That’s right: Republicans.

  37. The nation needs healthcare reform. Going bankrupt because your kid gets a rare form of cancer is total and complete bullshit.

  38. So-called healthcare? You know what would keep your company—and insurance companies—in line? Regulation.

  39. Blame Obama, instead. He’s the one standing in the way of progress…

    It’s easy to blame Bush because those eight years were fucked. Anyone who doesn’t get that is just being stupid. I don’t get why it’s now trite to blame Bush but it’s still popular to regurgitate every anti-Obama thing any conservative media puts out.

  40. The Republican platform is inherently, and transparently, molded to help big companies, not average Americans. There’s no way you can argue otherwise. Like making it legal for companies to pay for political ads. Who do you think the conservative supreme court was helping there?

    Polls can easily lie.

    It’s not 18% unemployment.

    The deficit’s been high for a long time. It’s not like went from $0 to $1,000,000,000 following Obama’s inauguration.

  41. Unemployment is just under 10% not 18%. I used Liberal math to come up with the (f)actual number. Do you know what the deficit is comprised of or what it is attributed to…in its entirety? Probably not.

    I expect you wil lnot reply to this since this sight offers no rational reparte…that is French for “discussion.”

  42. Well put. I agree but some things have to be done in small measure to accomplish large things. Reduction of government without correction of policy is dangerous…also too fast can create an avalanche. It didn’t take 20 months to get to this point, it will take a lot more than 20 months to get out of it.

  43. When are people going to wake up from this Left vs Right nightmare and realize that Washington and Wall Street are invite-only clubs and we’re not invited. It doesn’t matter which pawn you put in office everything will always be the same. Not one politician or lobbyist in Washington gives a flying EF about you…. just know that.

  44. Frank and Angela…well said. I must admit, I was swayed a small bit by the article and the comments posted on this page, especially the self-entitled and arrogant comments of Teri and Basheert. Then my senses came back to me and I realized that I work very hard for my health care, retirement (my company, as well as my 457), and my food, shelter, and auto. I only have a little debt because I try to do my part and keep my money out of the hands of the big companies. I think what people need to realize instead of hoping politicians are going to change their futures is start making changes on their own that will begin to limit big businesses. Stop being a CONSUMER and start taking care of yourself and your family. I see so many Democrats that complain about not having funds and means, but also have cigarettes and a drink in their hands. Start cutting gas, energy, coca-cola, blockbuster, cigarette, alcohol, junk food consumption and start commuting, buying local, living greener, and put these companies OUT OF BUSINESS. No politician is going to help you, Democrat or Republican. We need to take this country back for ourselves and stop relying on government.

  45. Conservatives campaign on sneering accusations that their political opponents are rubes who don’t know their own self-interest? I must have missed that campaign.

  46. That’s not to say that health care reform should be ignored, merely that Obama has his own priorities.

  47. At least liberals do something for the people of this country. Hence the word, “people,” which I would say is way more than doing nothing. Isn’t this country supposed to be “of the people, by the people, for the people?” Nothing is exactly that – NOTHING, which would equate to a big NO. The Party of NO.

  48. “parents can keep their kids on their health insurance policies till they are 26”

    How is this good for America? It just burdens the industry raising cots for everyone else.

    Last time I checked one becomes an adult at age 18. I think it is time we start treating young adults like adults and quit babying them until their thirties…

  49. What you fail to realize is that true conservative voters have no expectation of the government doing ANYTHING for them, and therefore prefer inaction on the federal level to misbegotten attempts at “saving” us from ourselves. It’s the fundamental difference between the two prevailing ideologies in America today. One side believes the role of government is to oversee and aid, this side includes the vast majority of the current political class from both sides. The other side sees the role of government as laid down in the letter of the constitution, an entity that exists to present a unified face for the country and carry out a very small list of specific tasks best suited to it. This red vs. blue thing it boring, and ridiculous. Nothing changes until we realize that 90% of what the parties have us arguing about is either bull shit or irrelevant. Peel it back and do some research into the reality of our current political situation. You’ll thank yourself for the effort.

  50. Outsourcing is a good thing… cheaper products and services. Yeah, you may get paid less, but most people won’t. We’ve tried blaming free trade before – it was a massive failure.

  51. Where is government too big? Military, social security, intelligence, science funding, education, regulations telling non-polluting businesses how to run.

    Cut all that and the military by 75% and watch the economy take off like a rocket into the stratosphere. Goodbye unemployment, hello doubling of real income by everyone.

  52. I’m going by exactly what the Party of No said it would do. Only someone either living under a rock or who simply doesn’t have access to any kind of news wouldn’t know that. Where have you been the last few months, when GOP senators were holding up extension of employment benefits? What about the past year when health care reform was passed in spite of this same GOP obstructionism? They have also voted against any kind of financial reform, as well. They even voted against the Lily Ledbetter legislation for equal pay for women. And this doesn’t even include the wacky Tea Partiers who are running for office, with their bizarre ideas they want to foist on the rest of us. With this kind of record, and with the fools they want to vote in, only someone immersed in denial and self-deception could seriously believe that those of us who have followed this recent history are “projecting.”

  53. Things like health care reform, education, financial reform, and legislation to stop outsourcing of jobs are actually investments. Your Darwinian, every-man-for-himself mentality does not serve us well. I find it ironic that some people are content to pay do-nothing congressmen and congresswomen who earn a large salary for doing nothing, while they squawk at the much smaller payments for welfare recipients, for example.
    That kind of attitude goes a long way toward explaining why there are other countries that have surpassed this one in terms of the very things I mentioned above, which are accurate measures of a country’s well-being.

  54. “Republicans promise to help corporations by getting rid of regulations, but that only helps the wealthy.”

    The whole premise of this article is flawed, and frankly a bit childish.

    You see I, like most Americans, work for a corporation. In order for me to get a raise, have health benefits, or even have a job in the first place, that corporation must be successful. It is not the responsibility of the government to provide for me. It is my own. So I work and make money for this corporation, who pays me in kind. It’s just that simple.

    The GOP simply wants government to get out of the way of those people, in the form of businesses, who are making money.

  55. You already do pay for other people’s healthcare. Who do you think pays when someone without insurance goes to the emergency room? Everyone else through higher prices, which gets passed onto the insurance companies, which gets passed onto you.

  56. this article is not worth reading. First you assume that if any american votes for a republican they are voting against their own self interest. Not up for debate, just fact I guess. Why anyone that doesn’t already agree with the author’s sentiment would read past the headline is beyond me.

    Luckily when independents come across poorly constructed propaganda like this it rarely has the intended effect of converting anyone to the left.

  57. That is flat out not true and I know it from my own experience with independents who are waking up to the corporate agenda of the Republican Party and the Koch brothers owned Tea Party.

    It is a fact that the GOP does nothing for the people. Anyone spouting off the bit about making it on their own and not needing a government hand out has been brainwashed, the GOP gives hand outs to themselves (no bid contracts) (farm subsidies) (great healthcare) but doesn’t want the people to have it. When they’re not giving money to themselves, they’re giving it to corporations. That’s when they’re not banging their mistresses child or having sex with a legislative aide and claiming God exempted them from Family Values.

    You’ve been had and you don’t know it.

  58. Why don’t you people read something other than Fox WSJ? Everyone knows that the healthcare plan will lower the deficit and healthcare costs (Medicare) for this country. It creates a competition, which I would think Republicans would be FOR since they are free market proponents. Hello? Read the darn thing. Sheesh. Try the CBO reports. Read economists other than WSJ corporate tools who have an agenda. At least then you’ll be able to make a real argument for your position. But as it is now, you’re full of misinformation.

  59. Not just Democrats are poor with a cigarette in their hand. Try the rural areas of the south. Mostly all Republicans. This notion that Democrats are poor people looking for a hand out is absurd, the numbers don’t back it up at all. Look at the break down of the 2008 election by income and you will see the fallacy of your argument here.

    And just think about the Red states. They are welfare states, being supported by rich blue states.

    That means that we all pay for misinformed lazy Republicans who think they are independent and that black people want to take their crap. I’d really love to stop paying for lazy, misinformed Republicans. I pay enough already.

    And I have investment accounts, my own business, and two other businesses. My car is paid for. I am a fiscal conservative.

    I vote Democrat because they are the only people who even try to balance the budget and take care of this country by investing in it and building infrastructure.

  60. That’s cool. Now trade in your American Flag lapel and Jesus Fish car magnet, because like your party, you only care about you.

    I would be fine with the GOP if they just dropped the “patriot” and “morals” facade and sold it to me straight; “We’re for capitalism and corporate values, not democracy and Christian values.”

  61. The worse thing that can happen to the GOP is that people get jobs in the next 2 years. There goal is to make sure that unemployment does not go down or even goes up. The GOP goal for the next 2 years is make sure our country does not improve.

  62. All large bureaucracies are inefficient. It does not matter whether it is a private or a government bureaucracy. A well-run bureaucracy can make other parts of an organization much more cost effective, thus saving resources for the organization as a whole. Most bureaucracies are not well-run; they are usually filled with people who were “promoted out of the way,” political hacks, empire builders and what-not. This is why, in a corporate bankruptcy, the sum of pieces of the corporation are more valuable than the whole.

    Government bureaucracies are paid for by us and, unfortunately, are not accountable to us – only to themselves. They write and enforce their own rules with the “force of law.” Regardless of good intentions, they quickly become inflexible and then outdated by the pace of change. Notice that our financial bureaucrats (neither private nor government) did not foresee or take any action to prevent the recent financial debacle. Often, they fall prey to various forms of minor corruption. When this is unchecked, the corruption expands. Just read some of the “requests for proposals” they issue when they want to buy stuff – they are often written so that only a very few (frequently only one) bidder can qualify.

    We, as taxpayers, bear the cost of this waste. The only way to control it, is to limit what government (at all levels!) is tasked to do. There will still be bureaucracy, but limited function should keep it small, weak and, hopefully, accountable to our elected leaders. (Note: I did NOT say that event this limited bureaucracy would be free of corruption!)

  63. Jerry says”They just say that the RICH will pay for it. Honey, the RICH don’t have that much money”

    Oh really, take a look at this and tell me the rich don’t have it. The rich are doing quite well. It is the middle class and the poor that are suffering from the policies of Bush Jr. and the Republicans. Obama has cut taxes for small business over 12 times, has not raised taxes for anyone in 2 years yet all I hear is Tea Partiers saying they can’t afford Obamacare and tax increases. Health insurance rates have been out of control for over a decade, yet you only complain about them now. Typical right wing nonsense. Conservatives have no answers yet throw blame around constantly. And sure, you are middle class, but are too partisan blind to see you support politicians that are against your best interests, then blame Democrats who are trying to help the middle class.

  64. Jerry- how do you figure nothing has been done to fix the economy. Obama has been given 2 years to fix a debacle that has existed since the Bush administration. So…yeah its safe to say that something that took 8 years to crash and burn can be fixed in a quarter of the time eh? Also, were you under a rock when Obama was met with extreme opposition to the health care reform…We were supposed to be receiving universal healthcare when Clinton was in office, as Mrs. Clinton had proposed it and it was shot down by whom…Republicans…So once again, President Obama is still trying to fix what has been broken by the Republicans…Where were you and all your fervor 10 years ago, when Bush was making sure that your income would remain under $50,000?

  65. Big news for JT with or without healthcare reform you are going to wait no Dr. are in line to take over Gen Prats. because there is no money it with Helathcare reform there is an insentive for Gen Prats. the gov pays off your ed bills so I stick with healthcare reform and you go jump in a river.

  66. Too right. I’m all for the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. We don’t need a middle class. Why don’t we just crown Palin ‘Queen’ and dissolve the Constitution and Bill of Rights as obsolete. Corporations SHOULD be allowed to use their profits to pay for political ads for Republi-can’ts so that our warm, fuzzy Republi-can’ts can pass more deregulation laws that benefit them and ultimately make the CEO and board of directors more money. Come on people, we, the wealthy aristocracy of America will be happy to give you peons some of the crumbs from our dog’s bowl. Honest.


  67. And when the last job is exported, who will purchase those cheap products here in America? It certainly won’t be the serfs that make up the remaining 98% of the non-elites.

  68. “Btw, all those great “consumer protections” you mentioned cost money and is the reason why I no longer have access to free checking.”

    No, you’re paying for checking now because your bank is addicted to the profits they have accumulated by screwing you any way they can. Now that one hole has been shut off to them, they are grabbing the lube and aiming for another one.

  69. THANK YOU! Finally! Why is it that people thought the Democrats could fix the economy in less than two years when it took the Republicans EIGHT years to drive the economy into the ground for the sake of the big corporations and the wealthy elite?

    But hey, the Republicans are totally right, we should vote them back into office because I still have a few pennies that rightfully belong to the rich.

  70. I’ve been asking the same thing for years. The 2008 presidential election was particularly mystifying. How could people vote for Obama, and pretend that a product of the Chicago machine represented “change we can believe in”?

  71. The thing that i wonder is this: say the GOP wins big in this mid-term election and then happens to win the presidency as well. How long will their supporters wait until they realize that the GOP can’t/won’t/has no desire to FIX anything? How long are they going to whine about how ‘Obama ruined this country and it is taking us a long time to fix it’?

    Of course the Democrats are not miracle workers. Of course Obama (and the whimpering majority Congress that he has had) has disappointed with what they have or have not done. But you seriously think that the GOP will be better? Really? You think that by removing all regulations on business and making sure that the super-rich and corporations have to pay even LESS taxes is the answer? Really?

    What I would really like to see is how the GOP and its supporters will explain away their ridiculous failures. I am thinking that the rich people will be drinking even more expensive champaign and their supporters will be complaining about how its the fault of the ‘gays’…

  72. Funny how you say we are a “racist” nation… the same nation that put Barack Obama in the presidency? Of course there are some racists in the nation, but don’t act like that’s the reason the Democrats are going to lose this election.

  73. I’M a guy can I vote ?…..Maybe the whole point has been lost ….just as much back stabbing has occurred on both sides…Go to PBS and look up FRONTLINE and the BANKING and CREDIT CARD Industry…The message is clear, there is more money to be made as a lobbyist and more money to be given then there are people on the planet…It is cheaper to buy a country these days then it is to go to college, and if you continue school the rights to your education are owned by those who determine your future…I believe this is the old system made new again, tho a little more polished…” IT’S CALLED INDENTURED SERVANTS ” Remember the ALAMO- lets all gather around the urinal, it maybe all that’s left….

  74. His election shows we have come a long way, but as with any change, there is always resistance. A lot of the vitriol directed at him has been racist, including a lot of e-mails and signs at Tea Party gatherings. This is in addition to racist ads like Sharron Angle’s aimed at Hispanic immigrants. The GOP deserves to lose, not only because they have enabled racists like Angle and Paladino, but also because their proposed policies stand to hurt millions of Americans regardless of race. They are clearly for corporations at the expense at the rest of us.

  75. Those areas that you say are ‘racist’ are going to be places that traditionally vote Republican anyways, the south, arizona, texas, etc. Meanwhile, the seats that the democrats will be losing won’t be those, but the other races around the country – something that has nothing to do with racism. I’m not arguing for or against democrats (although I am a republican), I’m simply saying don’t cop out of this election by saying that the democrats lost because of racism. They didn’t. How can this argument even happen with a black American as president…

  76. Ha! 18% unemployment, where the hell’d ya get that number from? Trillion dollar deficit…lets see what were spending the most on…smoking out Bin Laden…and that damned bail out that mainstreet still hasnt seen a nickel of both of which were in place prior to Mr. Obama. Passing bills no one wants…I believe that I wanted Obamacare and so did many of my fellow Americans…please use caution when you post…rightie

  77. For an organization that rode on the back of change, we have seen it. The problem is we, the people, did not ask what change. We have social programs that we can’t afford and the party in power has made it obvious jobs and the economy are not the top priority. Americans will make their voices heard in the ballot box today, one way or another. Obviously, the changes made have been too dramatic in some areas (e.g. Health care) and not dramatic enough in others (e.g. Economy). If the democrats lose seats today, it will not be because of some need to whip ourselves, it will be because the administration did what it wanted without listening to the voices of the people they are suppose to represent. The holier than thou, I know what’s best for you attitude will be what killed them.

  78. To Ryan Brown: Buying vacation retreats in exotic locations for health care insurance executives by paying them for your kids cancer is the biggest bullshit of all.

  79. It was brave for the Democrats to pass health care reform. It was the right thing to do, it still is the right thing to do, even if the country still doesn’t quite get why it was the right thing to do. They will. Just wait until the Republicans start trying to repeal it.

  80. Great post, especially the part about the tax cuts people have gotten that they don’t even know about. The White House communications people have to start doing a better job of communicating — TODAY!

  81. Science funding? Really? How much of the federal budget does that even represent? And regulation of non-polluting industries? Like food products? We all want to get salmonella from our chicken, don’t we. Sorry, but you are wrong.

  82. I’m MUCH more comfortable with government redistributing my wealth downward (i.e. Dem’s) than upward (i.e. ‘Pub’s). Helping those who, through no fault of their own (and mostly the fault of Wall Street gamblers or holdovers of being held back for a century) are on hard times is a Good Thing. Helping a CEO who crashed and burned his corp get a golden parachute when “fired” is a Bad Thing.

  83. To claim Dem’s were “running” things is patently false and ignores the fact of the Senate filibuster.

  84. Actually, Capitalism does NOT reward the “hard working”, it rewards the ownership class—it says that the owners of capital deserve the increases in wealth created through the use of that capital, regardless of who does the labor. It then claims that labor is free to negotiate with the owner class for a piece of that increased wealth.

    How ownership class got that ownership could be a function of their hard work or of the randomness of their birth.

  85. Your faith is irrelevant — you can believe what you want but belief is not equal to truth. There are tons of people out there with “similar” belief systems except they believe completely different things than you do. As Arthur C Clarke once observed, “All the world’s religions cannot be right, so why should any of them be”?

    There is ZERO evidence for any deity. I have no need to prove there is no god but YOU have the obligation to prove that there is beyond reasonable doubt, particularly if you require that governments make decisions based on such a belief system.

    You cannot succeed in such a quest.

  86. I don’t understand why anybody thinks taxes went down under the Bush administration. While federal taxes might have been reduced, states and local governments had to make up for the reduced support they received from the federal government by raising local taxes.

    At the end of the day, services still need to be paid for by someone. Roads still have to be maintained, teachers still have to be paid, heat is still needed in school buildings, etc. Local libraries are not free, in spite of what Glenn Beck thinks.

    Most people who have voted have clearly voted against their own self-interests and it has mostly happened because of fear and ignornance, whether it’s from accepting media propaganda without question (so much for the “liberal media” by the way) or by being frightened by their pastor.

  87. What everybody seems to forget is that we have had 2 parties for well over 200 years
    and every couple of years we switch parties and we all continue on our merry way and nothing changes. No party can create jobs! We as a nation will see job growth when all workers around the world make the same wage. Then the Corporations that run the world will bring jobs back locally because the only savings then will be in transportation
    of their products so it will be cheaper to produce locally. Jobs are like water and flow to the lowest point(cost). If we all make a dollar an hour around the world our jobs will come back.

  88. Well, one of the facts is that the roads don’t get repaired, teachers don’t get paid, local libraries get closed. Fire departments in Philly are on rolling brownouts—they close certain firehouses each day.

  89. TO Brian Powers:
    Unemployment benefits , as well as Social Security are not ENTITLEMENTS or HAND OUTS. People have paid into such programs.
    I myself have been paying in for over 40 years now, and have been working all of my life. The only hands outs I have seen come out of Washington since Ronald Reagan arrived there in 1980 have been to Corporations, Wall Street, the wealthy and to the elite!
    What scares the hell out of me is how Conservative blow hards like Rush Limbaugh could convince a whole dumbed-down nation of individuals to vote against their own interests and put the Republicans back in power. It absolutely blows my mind!

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