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Dear America, Why Are We Voting Against Our Own Self Interests?

While Republicans plan to shut down the government, block or repeal existing laws, and deregulate the oil industry, it is curious what they plan to do for the American people. Everyone knows what they’ve done for the past 21 months, and it’s a great big zero.

So, knowing Republicans have done nothing, and campaign on doing nothing for the next two years; why are people willing to vote for them? Republicans promise to help corporations by getting rid of regulations, but that only helps the wealthy.

Republicans will do nothing for working-class Americans, and in fact, they will undo laws Democrats passed to protect Americans who are not in the 2% wealthiest category. John Boehner said, “WE are not going to be any different than what we’ve been.” Boehner will most likely be Speaker of the House if Republicans win big on Tuesday, and intends to continue helping his corporate financiers instead of working Americans.

Financial reform was enacted to stop banks from overcharging customers, but Republicans want to change that so there are no consumer protections. Republican candidates are very open about helping financial institutions take advantage of working people so the banking industry will contribute more to the GOP.

Insurance companies cannot cancel sick policy-holders any longer, and parents can keep their kids on their health insurance policies till they are 26, but Republicans will change that for the insurance industry. Health care reform is meant to help working Americans, but Republicans will continue helping the insurance industry so they will contribute more to the GOP.

Republicans talk about privatizing Social Security and Medicare so the money can go to Wall Street for the next financial collapse. The Republican plan is to transfer Social Security money to investors so they can make money off the backs of hard working Americans. There is no protection for money lost in the stock market, but in exchange for the Social Security accounts Wall Street will contribute more to the GOP .

This list is never-ending, and there doesn’t seem to be any sense for working people to vote for Republican/teabagger candidates. Voting for Republicans who promise not to help the American people is a mind-boggling mystery, and it makes no sense.

Are Americans masochists? It appears that’s the case for a large segment of the population. Is it that nervous Americans are voting against their own self-interest as a plea for more punishment from conservatives? People who support Republican candidates must know by now that the GOP’s interest is only in corporate America and the wealthy. Every Republican supports extending the Bush-era tax cuts for the very wealthiest 2% of Americans, and still, they get support from poor, retired, and working-class Americans regardless that Republican policies only benefit the rich.

Republicans say they will do everything to block the Obama Administration and they promise more of the same. Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell said that Republicans’ job for the next two years is to block Obama so he could only serve one term. Americans know Republicans have done nothing except say no over the past year-and-a-half, and many are happy with GOP obstructionism. They will vote to give them more power to say no for the next two years to see Obama serve one term.

Some Republicans advocate shutting down the government to get their way, and that will benefit corporations because regulators will be out of business. A shutdown will also cease all social programs and hurt everyone except the wealthiest Americans. Still, there are poor and retired people who depend on social programs who will vote for Republicans; contrary to their  own self-interests.

Voting against your own self-interest doesn’t display intelligence and the  GOP is counting on voter’s ignorance. For example, Republicans claim to be the party of fiscal responsibility, but they give free money to corporations at the expense of the working class; voters hear the words “fiscal responsibility” and vote for conservatives.

Voters should reject Republicans for doing nothing for working Americans. It is astounding that voters support obstructionist Republicans for giving breaks to rich people and big business.

Americans know what Republicans have done since January 2009, and they promise more of the same for the next 2 years to help corporations, damage the Obama Administration, and cause more harm to the American people than George W. Bush. It is too bad anyone has to suffer from Republican corporate governance, and the blame will lie solely with uninformed, gullible, and racist voters who hate a black president and vote against their own interests. It is shameful that the rest of us will also suffer.

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