When Did the Mainstream Media Start Working for the Conservatives?

Americans go to the polls today in spite of main stream media reports that Republicans and Tea Party candidates swept every race.  Usually it is only Fox News that tells their audience what the results of elections will be in advance of an election, but in this election cycle, real journalists are jumping on the Republican bandwagon in a big way.

There is also a disturbing trend of pundits parroting Republican talking points critical of the Obama Administration as if the RNC is reporting the news. The problem is that the pundits are not Fox News employees or commentators, and it is not just television and radio that are reporting winners in advance of the election. Print media are reporting that Tea Party candidates are in the main-stream and that they express the mood of most Americans.

In Time magazine’s 8 November issue, the cover story’s headline reads, “Party Crashers – How a new breed of Republicans tapped into voter rage and upset the Establishment – but can they govern?” The “Special Election Preview” hit newsstands on Thursday, and the cover implied that Meg Whitman, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and Christine O’Donnell had already won their respective races. The only question, according to Time was, “can they govern.”

A McClatchy newspaper in California endorsed Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman by listing the candidates’ campaign talking points as if they were facts. They also echoed teabagger sentiments about Democrats, and Obama in particular; without any references or factual information. The newspaper in question serves a very conservative area, but their objectivity has disappeared in a climate where advertisers and corporate interests have taken charge of the narrative as far as politics is concerned.

The latest outrage involves ABC’s hiring of Andrew Breitbart as an analyst on election night, and it typifies the favorable media bias that George W. Bush enjoyed for most of his presidency. It is a dangerous path when the media refuses to report the news. Pundits and commentators editorialize and it is accepted that opinion is part of commentary, but it is unacceptable when the news reports are campaign slogans and policy positions of one political party.

The media is supposed to be the one part of society that tells unbiased truth so voters can make informed decisions, but during this cycle, the media has aligned with conservatives. Is MSM reflecting the mood of the country, or following directives from the Republican Party like Fox News? There has been very little reporting on campaign financing by foreign entities, or correction and clarification when a candidate deceives the public.

Most Americans are not political junkies, and the only news they see is on television, newspapers, or magazine covers. American people are not that sharp at discerning a candidate’s qualification for themselves, so when the media reports the winners, repeats campaign slogans as endorsements, and unfairly criticizes any candidate during a campaign, something is wrong.

There are reports that many Democrats will not vote in this election for personal reasons, and one hopes that liberals are smart enough to sift through the media bias and realize that the election was not last month. In states like California, there are 2.5 million more Democrats than Republicans, but the news has already given victory to Republicans.

Americans who do vote today have been told who won the elections, so it’s no wonder there will be a small turnout. It makes sense that internet news is displacing print journalism, and it is too bad, because without real investigative reporting, bloggers and internet news outlets would not have stories.

It is a bad time in America, and the media that are so crucial to a free society are not doing their jobs. When you vote today, ignore media reports that so-and-so has already won, because the elections are today; in spite of media reports to the contrary.

50 Replies to “When Did the Mainstream Media Start Working for the Conservatives?”

  1. This makes my blood boil and my stomach sick! Every single registered democrat must vote today and if they do we will sweep the fuckers under the rug where they belong!! No way in hell is that witch from Delaware gonna win that Senate seat!

  2. I’ve been hearing reports of higher than expected voter turnout, I’m just hoping that’s higher than expected for Democrats.


  4. Why does this surprise anyone? The MSM is a for profit enterprise that makes a substantial portion of their profit from political advertising. Now which party is going to be the biggest consumer of political advertising in the post Citizens United age?

    Election reform must include public finance of campaigns AND fixed amount of free air time not including debates. Without these reforms the power elite will control the message AND the messengers!

  5. Thank you for addressing this issue, Rmuse. I voted early this morning and almost immediately I started to see stories online about a sweeping Republican victory…it’s almost as if they don’t want people to vote…oh wait, of course they don’t.

  6. Exactly. This was a great post, Rmuse and sorely needed. I grow weary of these sad little narratives the media whip up which somehow always parrot the GOP’s talking point of the moment.

  7. People want to listen to Fox News and the other stations jumped on the bandwagon. SADLY, Rally to Restore Sanity did nothing for us.

    Now we have a Republican majority and it will be bad for ALL of us.

    However, This happened to Clinton, and he did VERY well and was even re-elected.

    I still hope for some great surprises, but this is not shocking.

  8. Let’s keep voting Democrat/Socialist so we can keep borrowing and wasting $ and adding to the mountain of debt. Then, in a few more years when the debt collectors move in on us and start repossessing our properties we can blame the conservatives who have been warning of this for years. Yeah, that makes good sense, doesn’t it?

  9. “we can blame the conservatives who have been warning of this for years. Yeah, that makes good sense, doesn’t it?”

    Seriously???!? Were the conservatives warning us when they started a war with the wrong country, turned a huge surplus into a record deficit while handing out fantastical tax rebates to the richest Americans, noncompetitive contracts to sugardaddy corporations and left the debt for the rest of us?
    I’m guessing you were in a coma for most of the last 10 years, the only feasible explanation….. Get some coffee

  10. to be honest it frightens me what is going to happen with a republican majority. we might still hold on to the senate, and we do have joe bidens vote if the senate is split but still, there will be some dark days ahead.

  11. Let me be the first to say that Republicans and Democrats, as they both currently stand, are ill-equipped to govern in the 21st century. Anyone who blindly casts a vote just because there is an R or a D next to a name deserves the kind of crap government we’ve had in the Bush and Obama presidencies.

    It’s time for a real, meaningful revolution that restores the power to the people and places the government in its constitutionally defined boundaries.

  12. When was there ever a “huge surplus”? For as far back as I can remember all I ever heard was how big our National Debt was?

  13. When are you zombies going to wake up and realize that the establishment globalists own both major political parties.

  14. There is the “debt” and then there is the “deficit”.

    I know it is hard for some people to have to know more than one concept, but there you go.

    If you don’t know the difference, it would explain your post.

  15. That may be so, but you can only get a few things done at a time.

    Now, if your rhetoric is just a veiled attempt at saying “I hate Obama, but I know I hid my head in the sand with Bush,” then apology is accepted, and let’s move on.

  16. The “establishment globalists” want short term stuff to work in their favor.

    The voters can still cross check facts and wild-ass claims and make up their own minds. But if the voters are sitting at home for “personal reasons”, then they get the government they deserve.

    Don’t blame the people who are motivated enough to get the votes out.

  17. Wow, I didn’t realize that John Boehner would be replacing Pelosi. I am absolutely sick to my stomach right now.

    PEOPLE!!!!! How can you vote this guy in?!?!?! How?

    It is absurd how blind people are and how little they know of what is really happening. We will actually vote this lying, manipulative, sorry excuse for any life-form because people want to listen to FOX NEWS and the freaking TEA PARTY!?!??!?

    I swear, some of you people are absolute Idiots, and I am not saying this to be mean, I am saying this because it is the truth, and it shows. We get a President who ACTUALLY does something, but people don’t like that he is Black.

    The party of NO is the ANSWER!?!?!? What will you get? NO ANSWER from them, that is for sure.

    Also, where is the logic in Hispanic people voting for the party that wants to get rid of them? Can anyone explain that to me? Democrats try to help them, do not succeed at the moment, so lets vote for the people who express hate and how they want us out on a daily basis. SMART.

  18. Yeah like any Dem has any room to talk about how every Union in the country is in their back pocket.
    Unions on noncompete contracts!?!? They are the KING of that. Unions would not exist if they had to compete because they drive the cost of everything up!

  19. Your user name says it all.
    Get the hell out of the Country. If you come here ilegally your ass should be kicked the hell back out.

    Whats the difference if we ship jobs across the border or people over the border to do the work here?
    If the people are here they will leach off everyone else when they get laid off, and get benefits they never put in for…

    File your paperwork and come here legally, learn english and
    I will have NO problems with you.

  20. Please folks, Name names. Who in the mainstream media actually helps the Conservatives? Name one conservative reporter at ABC, NBC, CBS or CNN? Please, just one and explain how they help the the conservatives.

  21. “Is MSM reflecting the mood of the country, or following directives from the Republican Party like Fox News?” What is this “MSM” you speak of?

  22. Hmmmm, my name says it all? Really? Do you know my name, or are you going of my screen name? The Screen name I always choose because OBVIOUSLY I am an Illegal ALIEN and am in NO WAY an avid Sci-Fi fan. <—-Sarcasm, look it up. you are associating ALIEN with Illegal ALIEN, Really? Of course you are. So tolerant.

    Does this shock anyone that this person will actually judge someone on their screen name? Probably not.

    Steve, (or also known as Estaban <—Filipino and Spanish origins, or even Stefan, which is turkish or Istfan which is arabic…wait, are you a muslim?) maybe you should educate yourself before you ask others do to this. It helps when you want to appear intelligent.

  23. Whew, at least the Democrats keep the senate…but John Boehner is going to be the speaker!?!?!?!!?

    It is just absurd!

  24. Some of us use our real names. You picked your screen name. if you are “illegal” then you are in violation of state and federal laws. Why would we care care what you think or feel. You don’t care about our laws.

  25. Some of you DO use your “real” names, and some of us use our screen names we have used for years and some of us just make up names or use anonymous.

    I love that you folks judge before anything else. PLEASE, educate yourselves. It is the LEAST you could do.

    You might want to watch Rally to Restore Sanity.

  26. They have already said their main objective is to ensure that Obama will be a one-term president. They obviously don’t care who gets hurt in the process, but I am now at the point where I can’t muster up too much sympathy for people who continue to vote against their own best interests. They call themselves sending a message, but the only one they are conveying is that they are easily swayed to figuratively shoot themselves in their feet. After reading what foreign countries think of the Tea Party, it’s obvious that these nations are in a state of head-shaking disbelief that this nation could so readily elect the most ignorant and ill-informed candidates ever. That is a giant step toward the loss of prestige abroad.

  27. You wouldn’t know a Socialist from a Communist, a Marxist from a Fascist. Don’t use words you don’t understand. Trust me, talking points don’t make you look smart, Polly want a cracker?

    If you want to complain about Socialism, when you retire I want to see you just go ahead and tear up that SSI check and you don’t need that Medicare or any of the thousands of social programs in this country, cause thats all Socialism, mean evil bad bad Socialism! Give me a break man! The effing republiCAN’TS roadblock this countries recovery for last 2 years, before that they took it on an 8 year trainwreck from a government asleep behind the wheel. Bush went back to bed when al qaeda attacked and stayed on vacation for another day while one of our major cities washed out to sea. Did I mention he never worked 1 sunday in the 8 years he was in office? Nope, not one! Self admittedly he decided to steal away mroe than 1 year of presidential time from us. Do the math. 1/7th of 8 years.
    we still have literally HUNDREDS of appointment positions yet to be filled because of anonymouse blocks in the house. Some of them very major and were necesssary to recover this economy, but NO, says the party of NO, they need to get back into power, so they hold their breath like a bunch of pre-pubescent adolescents and keep this country from recovering any faster, meanwhile people are out of work, recovery is dog ass slow but concidering we did stop the trainwreck and did it without any republican help, got this bitch back on the road to recovery AND GDP is higher now than it was pre-2008, we’re doing good.. granted, we could have used mroe jobs but as the republicans have said, its not the governments job to create jobs, oh wait, thats only for republicants to use, we dont get to use that excuse. As for the money spent, well 8 years of abuse, overspending, waistful spending and outright neglect to our country by the republicans is very effing expensive, jsut as it was in 1990 and in 1974, both times dems took blame for spending too much and hiking taxes, to cover those republican trainwrecks.. time and tmie again we keep having to dig you pricks out just to get blamed for your mess. bullshit!

  28. unions protect the people from greedy corporations. If it wasn’t for unions, your dumb ass would be out working in a field barefoot for 5 cents a day and pissing where you worked because workers aren’t allowed breaks. lunch. vacations. retirement. anything!

  29. “American people are not that sharp at discerning a candidate’s qualification for themselves”

    Quit calling us stupid. It’s those statements that make the right call the left anti-american.

    What in the world makes you think that anyway? We judge people, politicians or not, every day. We put up their qualifications, we study, and we make a decision. Happens every damn day.

  30. Obama has done more for this country than any other president in history. Not sure why the eff you’d even conciser putting him in the same sentence as Bush, holy crap man. Obama works 7 days a week, every waking hour. Bush never worked a single Sunday. Obama saved this country from a Depression; A DEPRESSION (you have no idea how bad that is! Apocalyptic is an understatement!) and all that in 18 months! good god man, what more can you ask for?? Tell the republican’ts to stop roadblocking appointments and cockblocking job creating legislature! its those R’s that screwed the country like a bunch of children, so they could get credit for saving the country and prevent those D’s from getting credit, like a 5yo mad that he didn’t get the choochoo train that the other boy did on the playground.. For 2 years they did nothing while the country kept on hurting and people went without jobs.. You teabaggers better hold them mother effing repugs accountable because we’re going to be holding your ilk accountable for everything they do wrong in next 2 years, I promise you that!

  31. Nobody is calling YOU stupid, I have a lot of conservative friends and I love them all and I understand that we have idealogical differences, but none of them would force their beliefs off on me. Religious, social or otherwise – the Republican establishment on the other hand just might.

    Problem is, so many people like yourself take us calling Republicans stupid (or whatever) personal and thus feel like we attacked you on a personal level, however that couldn’t be further from the truth; honestly that ball is in your court because we’re actually talking about Republican government and establishment, not their registered voters! lol..

    I completely understand though, same thing happened to us back in first 8 years of y2k.. We narrowly lost, weren’t in power and got called everything under the sun. Wasn’t pretty and yes, I felt down about my country some days; mainly because my fellow Americans were calling me un-American because I found it hard to believe that the country overwhelmingly elected the “Schoolyard Bully with a Napoleon Complex” as president, It was just freaking weird how so many people could be blinded by his ruse. Yeah I think people called other people stupid for voting for him, well; it was a stupid thing to do; people like that (bush) guy should never be president and verdict is in, he nearly destroyed this country.

    For the record, I want to personally apologize for anyone calling you guys stupid for that. Better? Now pass me a beer. its definitely beer-thirty. We just got our asses handed to us! lol

  32. Sure beats the narrow minded partisan politics of Pelosi. We may have hope for this country yet getting some of these arrogant self righteous Democrats to listen to more than just the liberal slant on everything. And by the way, I am a Democrat.

  33. The ONLY network news feed that even allows the more conservative viewpoint to be aired is Fox. The others, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS etc all pander to the liberal left. That is why they all complain and try to ridicule FOX only that the people are seeing through their rhetoric.

  34. With the exception of Fox, the Mainstream Media (which is just a fancy way of saying ‘Television’, since hardly any Americans read newspapers any more) are not pro-Republican or Democrat, but they are pro-drama. Networks no longer have subsidized news departments (haven’t had that for years), so their budgets are part of their Entertainment divisions. A dramatic, revolutionary, emotional victory is far more exciting (and hence, draws bigger crowds of viewers around their reports, and hence, higher ratings, and attractive to advertisers) than a typical, boring, legislative branch election (with a few governorships and one interesting ballot question – the CA legalization of pot – thrown in).

    If you watch the evening news, it’s always someone crying or shouting or marching. There is never a reasonable person talking in normal tones. Everything is chosen for entertainment/dramatic value.

    So a stunning, meteoric rise of a rag-tag group of wild-eyed sign-shaking Tea Party know-nothings is more fun to watch than another season of the less-than-enthralling round of off-year election politics. That’s what they’re doing, and it’s because that’s how they make their payroll.

    The side effect, of course, is that organizations, like Fox, who use this entertainment-centric approach with a few of the trappings of ‘Journalism’ can tell whatever stories they like, all the way up to making lies. That’s because getting the facts right is not as important as being fun to watch. The whole country watches Fox, and is too lazy to ask whether or not they are not Journalists. There is the tragedy of this. Because of some clever fellows like Rupert Murdoch, the Koch Brothers, Karl Rove and others, the US Electorate is now led by corporations, who do the same thing they did in Ancient Rome, provide the masses with Bread and Circuses.

  35. I’m in shock that people would consider for even a second, John Boehner being the new speaker of the house. This election was won by the GOP, the Tea Party, Sarah Palin and the other lying usual suspects. With this new Supreme Court ruling, along with spineless Democrats, more key red states, racist senators and like Rand Paul, what in the world will happen to the United States and the 2012 election? It looks like it will be up for the highest bidder. The main stream media pretty much just said stay at home; a GOP storm wave is coming. So why bother to vote? That was the intent. A lot of these races were extremely close. Those Democrats that sat this election out should be shamed. What a crime?!!!! America has been officially and sufficiently dumbed down with years of damage forthcoming as if we had not received enough already. A historic President who did everything he could to get through solid legislation for the people of this country is being talked about as if he’s a joke. He’s been disrespected in every possible way even by his own party. Now the real compromise starts. I’m just hoping that the people who put this group back in power can take the weight of what that truly means. I hope their blinders can be removed. And I hope our battered from within President can somehow progress in spite of this outcome and manage to find some sense of cooperation now that they have their power back. This is a sad morning to see these kind of values rewarded. Hale to Harry Reid, a true fighter for the people.

  36. Thank you for the rose colored glasses view, while unions have certainly done some good things for employees, most notably safety increases, perhaps you should join the rest of us in reality where they have also caused unknown amounts of damage to manufacturing sector of this nation.

  37. I think it might be because the mainstream media are all owned by corporations who are all involved in crazy schemes to make a profit. I know it’s hard to believe but there you have it.

  38. Sometimes I wonder if a major catastrophe that hits people personally would be the only thing to wake them up to reality.
    There are a number of Americans who seem to think their fates are not connected to those of other Americans, and they fail to understand that they have been dependent on this system that has enabled them to be rewarded for their hard work and personal responsibility.

    Our president has accomplished a lot in spite of the do-nothing Party of No and their lackey enablers within the Democratic Party. I firmly believe that some time in the future, there will be people who will look back with disbelief that they could be so easily gulled into working against themselves. I suspect that these will be the people who will get a harsh reality check as a result of handing the House over to people who played a role in bringing this country to the brink of disaster.

  39. Hey Folks, I am absolutely sick to my stomach about Boehner, It makes no sense to me, and after his numerous gaffs and lies, you would think people would see him for what he truly is.

    However, lets not forget, that this has happened before, most recently, to Clinton, and he won a second term. Obama can too, and I for one know he will not let a house majority of Republicans make him soft, he will be tougher and show us all how the “house” will not work with him. then people will see.

    Also, this is not as bad as people thought. Democrats did maintain their senate. They have majority (not that it has helped in the past) and that is a good thing. What baffles me is how people actually wanted the republicans to run the house. Why? What logical reason would people do that? Obama, no matter what people think or believe has really done well, and we are out of the slump, sure, some things still linger, but imagine if he wasn’t in there.

    8 years of Bush is ok, but 2 years of Obama actually accomplishing something is bad.

    These next two years Obama will be busting some skulls, because he knows what is right. He will not let Republicans ruin anything he has done.

  40. What i find funny is that none of you people were upset when the media were on the liberals side for the last 4 years. The article should have been call “When Did the Mainstream Media stop working for the Democrats and Start Working for the Conservatives ?

  41. Why I would put Obama in the same sentence with Bush: every single abuse of power that Bush created, that Obamba decried and promised to do away with have not only not been done away with, they have been fully embraced. Obama is just as much a despot as Bush was.

  42. Well, actually, he didn’t do everything he could have. In every single area he boxed out the progressive wing from the process in his effort to be “bipartisan” even when he should have known better. It’s like the guy doesn’t understand how to bargain! He started by meeting the ‘Publicans halfway, gave in to just about every stupidass demand they had, and still got mostly NO votes from them.

    So his “everything” was: screw progressives to get screwed by lying teabagger ‘Publicans.

  43. All of them except MSNBC. In their efforts to try to avoid being called the “liberal press” they go far out of their way to pander to the right and call that “balanced reporting”—like when they repeat ad nausium teabeagger lies as “news” and don’t counter it with the truth because it comes from the left.

    Of course, Fox is so teabagger tainted that even right-of-center reporting looks “liberal” to you guys so you call them “liberal” anyway. Which is just fine by their overlords and masters who support the ‘Publican mantra of letting corporations do whatever the want.

  44. What about their screen name says implies ILLEGAL alien anyway? I could see how you might assume immigrant from it but I would have though American4lien could be a reference to a someone who had gained citizenship, hence the “American” part. Or an American abroad, and therefor an alein in whatever country they happen to be in. And of course, there’s the sci-fi option they already brought up.

    It’s open to interpretation. The fact that you would jump on that specific one say more about you than their screen name says about them.

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