Betrayal from Within: A Tale of Democratic Disintegration

obama war monger It was surprising to read the despair and shock from the left this morning. But what hurts more than all of this, my liberal friends, is how the liberal base stabbed themselves in the back while complaining about how the Democrats never handle power well.

It was surprising to read the despair and shock from the left this morning. We knew this was going to happen. Not only is it historically predictable, but given the economy, the Democrats are fortunate that they hung on to the Senate.

The Republicans ran on repealing ObamaCares, but they cannot accomplish this without a 60 vote majority in the Senate, or a 67 vote super majority to override a Presidential veto. The Senate is the higher of the two legislative bodies, the one Americans didn’t entrust to Republicans/ GOP rebranded as Tea Partiers.

No, the Senate is not a place for crazies because the Senate matters. The House crazies will be up for reelection again in two years, right after they start investigating the “Anti-Americans” in Congress and of course, cherry on top, accuse them of getting a blow job. Will they waste our tax dollars pursuing this so Eric, Jimmy and Johnny can make tee-vee appearances every day? You betcha.

Sen. Jim DeMint told Good Morning America repealing ObamaCares is his number one priority. When asked if he would move toward scrapping the plan he said, “Oh, yeah.”

Jim knows he can’t accomplish this. He’s just saying it to pander to the morons who voted Republican last night but are anti-big banks. My god, it hurts.

But what hurts more than all of this, my liberal friends, is how the liberal base stabbed themselves in the back while complaining about how the Democrats never handle power well. I think it’s time for us all to reassess our comfort level with power, our understanding of how government works, and the importance of unified front of support for our President and elected officials, especially when they are passing something historic and difficult like healthcare.

Of course I am not suggesting that we don’t hold the Democratic leadership accountable, but are we really children where we can only see those two extremes? Liberals fault the Democratic officials for the exact same flaws they evince as the base. Liberals spent the last two years screaming bloody murder about President Obama and the Democrats letting them down.

They don’t have to worry about that so much anymore.

No more concerns about whether a bill is good enough, or whether so and so should have rights. Those options are not even on the table anymore.

Now we have to go back to fighting to keep Obama’s administration from being Clintonized. We have to fight to hang on to ObamaCares. So our petty infighting is over.

And we can once again settle in to the comforting position of being attacked daily.

I, for one, would have rather supported the Democrats and the President with all of their faults, thereby not killing voter enthusiasm months before the election, and worked toward holding them accountable to us with great investigative work like we see certain liberals engaging in—but not the endless moaning about the public option.

The public option was never going to happen. If you think it was, you don’t understand Washington. It COULD have evolved into the public option with a Democratic majority, and one day it might. But for now, we’ll be lucky if we get to keep ObamaCares.

I’ve written about this before and been besieged with angry liberals who explain to me that I am nothing but a cheerleader, because they are mature enough to criticize and they have that right. Sure, they do. But they also have a responsibility to do so responsibly and accurately or else, do not complain today when the inevitable result of the blood you took daily from the Democratic Party turns on you.

Now we have a House of Representatives who first and foremost will want to waste our tax dollars campaigning for 2012 by investigating every Democrat and President Obama and his administration. Nothing will get done.

This is the result of a bad economy and predictable midterm electoral struggles, but also a failure on our part to support our party and our President. We allowed the Right to inaccurately attack them daily. Soon after the GOP hissed their talking points in the morning, liberals would be screaming the same exact complaints in the afternoon, all the while claiming to be independent and thinking for themselves. And then they are shocked when the blood bath comes.

This blood bath could not have happened without two years of bitter, it’s not good enough tantrum throwing from the left. This has been said before, but no one wanted to hear it. We would rather parrot the Right by playing outraged and offended, but it’s the truth.

We chose not to grow up and so we lost power, as we should. Until we can govern like we mean it and until our base has the stomach and the fortitude to be loyal supporters while being fierce critics – the sort who would encircle our own when they are under attack instead of stepping aside and letting the right wing kill them – we won’t have power for long.

And so it is that we held our breath during those two years, knowing it was all we were going to get and pushing through as many paradigm shifting changes as we could before the Republicans got a bigger bull horn from which to say no.

I am a fierce liberal, in that I am bonded to the principles of equality, egalitarianism and opportunity for all but the last two years have been sobering. I see that the far Left is no less demanding in their call for purity. It’s as if these folks have never been in a relationship before, because there is no perfection of purity awaiting us.

This failure, this loss, is our own. We earned it by not growing up. Perhaps instead of grousing about how stupid Americans are for voting the same clowns who got us into this mess back into office, we can take this moment to reflect upon how we got here and what we can learn for 2012, when I do anticipate a sweeping win for Obama and a Democratic majority restored to the House.

After all, the Republicans will be reminding America of what they are all about for the next two years, and Americans will not be pleased by the gridlock, the investigations, the failure to address the People’s concerns, and the gloating frat boy atmosphere, made all the more poisonous by the freshman Tea Partiers who haven’t a clue how to govern and will soon find themselves unable to do anything they promised except glorify themselves on tee-vee as the anti-Obama hero to the far Right.

For the next two years, we will probably have a more unified Left, one that rallies to their side when under attack, because Liberals know how to be the underdog. What we need to be thinking about is how we can be leaders who hold power responsibly and effectively, starting with the base.

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  1. the only way that the president has power as when his party fully supports him. Our own party was so afraid of the tea party( and come to find out they didn’t have to be) but they ran from the president and the accomplishments that they have helped create. There are quite a few of them that I wouldn’t mind seeing disappear from Congress.

    Obama is the smartest president we have had in 10 years. The Democrats did not have to allow the Republicans to take the house. If they had been out in force telling people how about healthcare program reduces the deficit and is a good thing we wouldn’t be in this position. For every claim and lie that the Republicans used the Democrat should’ve been there in force with a rebuttal. Instead they join the ranks of the Republicans and now they get what they deserve. And the country will get what it doesn’t deserve. And the tea party will not get anything that thinks it’s going to get.

    we have the gay people who have not gotten what they want and are waving their hands around saying they’re not going to vote for the Democrats. We have many Latinos who are doing exactly the same thing. Everybody’s for themselves.

    during the 2008 elections I had the feeling that the Republicans were laying down on purpose. During these midterms I have the feeling that the Democrats lay down on purpose. Quite frankly I do not see the benefit in our government anymore as it is only misused. We can thank the George W. Bush administration in the Republican Congress for starting this.

  2. Sarah and Jason, I honestly have to say you two are very gracious in defeat and that shows extremely well in the last to blogs you have released.
    Great articles in all sincerity

  3. Thank you Sarah for expressing what I’ve been feeling for quite awhile but never quite having the words. My feeling is that the Democrats had this coming. Why the heck are they surprised? By not supporting their own party AND their own President, they took direct aim and shot themselves in the foot. They brought this on themselves and have no one but themselves to blame. When Obama was elected it was a historic moment. The Democrats AND the Republicans could have been a part of something great – an era where both parties walked their talk. Instead, the Republicans chose to oppose everything the President introduced not because of the merits or demerits of the bills, but because this President introduced it. And the Democrats, who should have taken advantage of owning the Senate and the House, chose to run and hide and not support the President. News Flash: Barack Obama is the President of the United States. He won the 2008 election fair and square. The Republicans AND Democrats should get over it and get on with the business of the United States of America.

  4. Amen, Sarah.

    A thousand cuts with small knives can kill just as easily as a few cuts with long knives. There’s a fine line between holding your party’s administration accountable, and making it a corpse. The Dems should consider getting out of politics, and into the embalming business.

    Joking aside, Democrats came out relatively well last night considering historical precedents of the midterm elections. The ironic lament of the Left is that if PO had been more aggressive and less willing to compromise that the midterms would have turned out differently. WTF! Are these people’s heads stuck in the clouds or up their arses? They should check Alan Grayson’s status as an elected official for January, 2011.

  5. A lesson learned. Good article, Sarah. I think the Democrats lacked many things over the past two years, including the killer instinct. We spent far too much time trying to make nice with people who had no intention of meeting us half-way. I think you are right (and Paul Krugman too) that the Republicans will take the blame in 2012 for the gridlock they are about to put in place. They best enjoy their brief moment in the sun; they may not see it again for quite some time.

  6. Thanks Sarah. You said it elegantly. Sometimes we have to lose to really win. ALL Dems must pull together these next two years and stop all the bickering and “I want it NOW” crybaby shenanigans. President Obama will win in 2012 in a landslide IF and only IF the Democrats stand together and stop the whining.

  7. Sarah Jones you have always been on target. I totally share your view on what happened. This post is the best of the year. It’s too bad it is such a sad and difficult truth. We have been our own worst enemies. All the attacks by the Blue Dog Dems was the beginning of the downfall. They refused to deal which made the Democratic majority a waste. They were simply GOP in disguise. Everyone was ranting about the public option in the midst of an economic crisis that had not been seen in decades and a GOP minority that hated Obama. Then you throw in the media, the pundits, the conservative talk show bigots and racists. And let’s not forget Sarah Barracuda pit bull Palin and her vindictive need to attack the President at every turn. And then came the claims that Limbaugh hoped the new President would fail! Where was the outcry from the base? Silent! All silent! Then Bill Maher started making jokes to the left. However I do appreciate his assistance with Christine O’Donnell and her experience in witchcraft. But all in all he has been very critical. Then Michael Moore began criticizing Obama big time. He waits until a few nights before the election to ask for support for Obama to prevent the GOP wave. Well he had already added too much to it. The DEMS refused to show any spine in dealing with any policy issues except for maybe a handfull. Maybe some were Hillary supporters that never got over the primary. Maybe some of the DEMS had a little underlying racism themselves. And then you have the Black Caucus that believed everything would happen overnight for them particularly. Then John Stewart chimed in. I was hoping the rally for sanity would have been more outspoken about the hypocrisy taking place. I was hoping he would have gathered more support for our democracy and our genuine spirit. I listened closely to President Obama’s press conference today and there was genuine heartfelt humility. There was compassion for those who stood by him and lost their seats after a very difficult fight. There was sadness over being misunderstood by the masses when he had their best interest at heart knowing that the GOP was going to screw main stream America further. Americans want jobs. They are more concerned about jobs than the deficit. They drank the GOP koolaid because they’re scared. All you liberals out there who sat out this election and have been so critical of our new President, he’s still fighting for your rights to the American dream. Are you going to help the GOP and Tea Party to destroy him or are you going to get off your high horses and unite and support the leader who works on your behalf? You don’t have to wait long to see what you have allowed to happen. The GOP now has the power to create real destruction for the middle class and more wealth for the rich!!!!!!!!!! Again I say wake up America before it’s too late! Thanks Sarah Jones for this post. I feel you.

  8. I left the Democratic Party in 2004 after watching John Kerry allow himself to get Swift Boated. My feeling was that if a guy like Kerry could not defend his own war record and his own character, then he sure as hell couldn’t defend me or my interests.

    I’ve never regretted that decision, particularly now. The Democratic Party is by and large a bunch of spineless wusses who think that the proper way to respond to a kick in the nuts is to correct their assailant’s grammar.

    What Democrats do not understand is that Republicans do not want bipartisanship. They do not want to share power. Given the opportunity, they would just as soon destroy the Democratic Party and deliver the nation’s treasure to the stratospherically wealthy.

    Until the Democrats wake up and figure that out, and understand that you can still be a good person and still represent good ideals while — at the same time — stomping the crap out of that person who’s trying to kick you in the nuts…well, until then we all might as well hang it up and watch the nation slowly get swallowed by the snake.

  9. You know, I’m a pretty much Conservative guy. I don’t care too much for the whole liberal/left thing at all.

    But I will say this is a very good message. Well thought out and stated. I’m not sure I agree with everything she says, but I appreciate the thought and the way she says it. Some very sobering thoughts….revelations for the “Left”.

    It IS a sad and unfortunate truth. I just hope not TOO many on your side are as intelligent as you! ;-)

  10. Thank you Sarah! Another great article!


    I might be a worn pin cushion after saying this but I think its almost a good thing that republican’ts got control of congress, they can’t just sit on their thumbs and roadblock this country any longer, 2 years of saying “NO” to every concession we made in attempts to win their approval was getting extremely old.

    Now they will be just as accountable as our guys/gals are, it’s just up to our progressive leaders to push harder than they do and make their efforts more obvious than that of the other side in the next 2 years and for the love of god, get energized, get on a soap box and tell the whole world about everything, your accomplishments, their failures, everything and we need to work on jobs jobs jobs, we absolutely need jobs, if we don’t have it below the lowest level when GeorgiePorgiePie was in office, we’re screwed in 2 years. So I say srew that healthcare crap, it was a P.o.S that President Obama should have been a bit more back-boned about it and vetoed it at least once so it would have forced them to clean it up a bit, (then it wouldn’t have been condescendingly named Obamacare!), my wife doesn’t like the particular language about forcing people to have healthcare or suffer penalty fines (even if it was a back-door to getting healthcare for those that would otherwise be denied coverage – they can’t be forced to be fined by companies, so companies have to cover them, etc. etc. I’m sure some cancer patient somewhere is covered and was even able to change jobs without worry because of it.), Also talking point topics like big biz regulation, wall street reform and green energy initiatives are all “super liberal” topics in casual conservative eyes, that we can not say too loudly over the next couple years, I’m all for them of course but those should be worked on behind the scenes a bit more quietly, stretch it out over a longer period of time so not to be a center topic to steal votes from the center and center-right leaning. NONE of these topics get centrist votes. nobody really gives a crap about Wall St. reform because its a non-issue “today“, but what is an issue today is JOBS, We can do those things full steam in 2 years if/when we get a super majority and get the country heading back into the black and nobody can stop us from fixing the messes then. For now though, it needs to be about power, obtaining it and holding it and answering to the public’s call for our obedience by doing whatever is necessary to create jobs and increase the quality of life – we may need to concede some things, like: We need to all agree to reduce abortions (unnecessary ones), like maybe incentives for newly pregnant moms to go full term and give the child up for adoption, meanwhile protecting these young mothers from Coat-Hanger Abortions (Which I believe was probably the real reason we legalized it in the first place and yet nobody every mentions it!) . Maybe instead of trying to illegalize guns, lets promote more saftey and have government sanctioned hunting saftey and general gun saftey classes. (I actually like to hunt myself. Wife wont let me though! ha ha ha). Also, lets protect religious rights (even if you’re not for religion), they’d love that, put some more clauses in the constitution that both protects peoples rights to religion (meanwhile also protecting my religious freedom from theirs, but don’t put that front and center, hell don’t even mention that part too loudly! lol). If you want to speak with natives, sometimes you have to first speak their language. *wink*

    As to my mention of power earlier, (as in leadership and presence of power), here is a website I suggest you all read and pass it on to anyone you know who is a liberal/progressive leader, knowledge is power and this site is mighty powerful.

    It’s actually about manipulating and persuading people (also good for you salesmen out there) and might sound evil at first thought but if you want to get ahead, you gotta get your hands dirty and learn the tricks they are playing on you and how to counter them, which is stuff also mentioned on this website.

    I couldn’t help but think the other day when I was looking over their pages on Propaganda, how it sounded just like the Republican’s own playbook:

    – Peace be with you,

  11. Thanks, Jamie. I appreciate your willingness to overlook ideology and find something of merit here. We don’t have to agree on how to get there, but we all want what’s best for our country.

  12. Thank you so much, FJoy. I am so glad this touched you. I understand the deep passion that drives the groans and moans, but where’s our leadership, our self-determination, teaching us to be active participants in the change we seek? Too many of us seem to cling to our moral outrage, almost as if the Bush years pushed us into such a cynical place that we can’t see today clearly.

    I will posit that if Bush had been prosecuted, things might be a bit different with the Left– but our country would be more divided. It’s very tough to see injustice of that magnitude and not become bitter.

    I agree with you that we need to make our voices LOUD and clear when someone like Limbaugh says what he said. We’ve been worn down into complacency, and only awoke during the heady first days of Obama. So many wonderful things have changed, so many people’s lives have been impacted by those changes– we have accomplished a lot. That’s the reality. We did the best we could with a horrible situation. But we have an amazing person who defines what it means to have character and integrity at the helm.

  13. Did Krugman say that? I’ve been on set all day and out of touch with the world. They will not play this well or carefully. We will all pay for it. Sad but true.

  14. Great point, CL, re Grayson. There are so many factors at play here, it would be irresponsible to pick one out as the sole cause, but my question is why would the left want a president as ideological as Bush? I am anti-knee jerk reactionary, no matter what side they come from. Let’s have some thinkers, some rational thought, an ability to wait to “decide” until they have information. Worse than the economy, Bush’s crime was the invasion of Iraq based on a lie. I’m not sure this country will ever recover from that. That is the kind of epic price we pay when ideologues are at the helm. Thanks, but no thanks.

  15. Obama ran on the policies he enacted– so why did WE buy the Right’s framing? That is our failure, and our leadership certainly led the way with this one (Obama is exempt from this criticism as no one can turn the Republicans’ framing around with one word like he can when he finally speaks– it’s the WAITING that drives us all mad). I imagine the Democrats are still reeling in shock to find that they had the majority and the Presidency, after 30 years of media framing about how this is a center right country.

  16. Sarah, you know it’s a sad day in America when our President, a man of intelligence, character and integrity is attacked and treated disrespectfully by the media, the GOP, the DEMS, the Tea Party, and the voters while the world watched an unarmed defenseless woman thrown to the ground and then stomped on by a campaign coordinator for Rand Paul. And what happens? Rand Paul’s poll numbers go up and he is elected in the midterms as a new senator to the United States senate for the state of Kentucky. Something is wrong in America.

  17. Unfortunately, Democrats have earned a reputation for timidity, as shown by allowing the far right to set the narrative. They should have realized that the GOP has no intention of bipartisanship, and that they were going to be targeted simply for being Democrats whether they were Blue Dogs or progressives. The way that Obama’s accomplishments should have been framed is that they are investments in this country’s collective well-being and collective future. While I have no love for the Tea Partiers, the fault also lies with otherwise intelligent, common sense people who make sensible decisions affecting their personal lives and understand that instant gratification is not an option when it comes to planning for the best outcomes possible. That kind of thinking needs to be applied to politics and economic solutions for this country, because voting out of pique or to teach someone a lesson (in this case, Democrats) never produces a good outcome. It’s not in anyone’s interest to act as anything but a rational and responsible adult in any area of life.

    Now, we’ll have people in Congress who have made much of their “outsider” status while they campaigned to become the insiders they profess to despise. Just by listening to them, it’s obvious that they don’t have a clue how government operates. And if they do what they have proposed, along with the GOP insiders in Congress who want Obama to fail, they will be snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in 2012. This is a time for progressives to band together by actively pushing our own message and keeping the big picture in mind. Part of that means that progress is not always going to come at the pace we desire.

  18. Shiva, your right about the laying down! Only a little over half voted in cali!!! Now if that happened on a National level, now wonder the gop got voted in the house.
    But we still have the Senate. And GOP tan man will actually have to work, and For the people, we the people not just GOP’rs!
    Its time these idiots put country first not party. They better not start campaigning!
    And the people who didn’t get out and vote better get off their asses…or be prepared to go back in the 1800’s when the corp worked at man to death for $2/day while the boss lived in luxury, child slave labor, unsafe food, unsafe working conditions, no schools….

  19. There is nothing anyone can add to this great article Sarah. You’ve hit the main points so well. I’m afraid Dems/Libs/Progs still don’t get it. I would like to force every Democrat to read this article. So much of the discontent over Obama not fulfilling every promise in the first week in office is still here. It would be a good idea for everyone to go back to government class to see how government is supposed to work. I’m not thrilled with everything Dems have done, but I understand that the President is not a dictator; or a god who can snap his fingers to magically achieve every goal that every group wants. The DADT is an example where a law has to be changed with legislation. I know several in the gay community who are furious that Barack didn’t make a new law allowing same-sex marriage or end DADT. If it were as easy as people seem to think, anyone could do it.

    The only saving grace is that the RWNJ newbies are even more clueless than experienced lawmakers. Nothing will get done and Obama will be blamed again. I see so much anger since Tuesday, but there are no real strategies being offered. We do have some killer activism coming up very soon and hopefully it will be a model for every interest group. But, there is so much “me” involved that even Progressives cannot unite for a common cause. It is depressing and disgusting. Sorry to rant. I don’t suffer being angry just to be angry. We lost. We lost. We lost. There! Now can the left get it together and unite for the good of the country? I certainly hope so, because this isn’t feeling very good and I would like to think we are all on the same side. It just doesn’t feel like it.

    At any rate, an excellent article everyone should have to read. Maybe the President can make a law to force everyone to read this article.

  20. Hahah, thanks Rmuse. That cracks me up — let’s have POTUS mandate reading for everyone, since the Left seems inclined toward him executing signing orders like Bush did. It blows my mind that people actually want him to be a dictator like Bush was. I would rather follow the law and have a POTUS who allows the branches of govt to balance one another as they are supposed to. That is one of the main reasons I support him. We can’t have lawlessness running rampant on either side. Of course we all have issues we’d like to see addressed– but seriously, are we the part of a whole or what?

  21. Great article! I will have to chime in and agree with VMSmith – Democrats need to develop a spine. Perhaps it’s time to rewrite what we believe in and what we will fight for. Then perhaps we can defend it with the passion of the Tea Party.
    We need to get out of the biege zone.
    We don’t have to purify the party, but we do need to agree on what the party is.

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