Keith Olbermann Mocks the New Weeper of the House John Boehner

On his MSNBC program Countdown, Keith Olbermann was recapping some of the stranger moments from last night’s victory and concession speeches when he discussed John Boehner’s leaving his man pants at home and crying at the drop of a hat, “This was set against the context of a Republican campaign filled with demands from conservatives about manliness and manning up. Ladies and gentlemen, the new weeper of the house.”

Here is the video from MSNBC:

Olbermann coined Boehner the Weeper of the House, “If there’s no baseball in governor’s races, we are reminded that there’s no crying in baseball, but apparently it is the new thing in politics. There was a time ask the late Ed Muskie, this would end of your aspirations for high office. It had the right questioning Hillary Clinton’s fitness for the presidency, and not to overdo this, but this was set against the context of a Republican campaign filled with demands from conservatives about manliness and manning up. Ladies and gentlemen, the new weeper of the house.”

Olbermann then highlighted Boehner’s habit of playing the crying game, “You get a pass for this. It was a big night, unless you turned it into a franchise. Mr. Boehner, about Iraq in 2007. Mr. Boehner, demanding republicans vote for the TARP bailout in 2008. Mr. Boehner, crying at the unveiling of a statue of Ronald Reagan. If there were liberal equivalent of John Boehner, town cryer, who would today’s conservatives have called him?”

Olbermann brought up an interesting point. In conservative lore, liberals are always the soft, weak weepy people, but if this is the case, why are Republicans always crying? It is perfectly fine if a conservative like John Boehner wants to cry, but if they are going to get all tearful breakdown over the vote on TARP, then maybe it is time to drop the tough guy act? Between their rampant fear of everything, and constant waterworks, they really aren’t fooling anyone.

Even more fascinating is that fact that this is the year that conservative women like Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell made a habit out of talking about manning up, man pants, and cojones. It is almost like Republican women have sensed the lack of manhood of the male members of the party, and they are calling them out on it. Maybe these women are looking for some real men not corporate owned cowards? Could it be that the women of the Republican Party are the ones who really own the cojones?

As I wrote above, being sensitive is great. Being a hypocrite is not. These Republican men seem to be able to talk the talk, but they can’t walk the walk. It is telling that Boehner never shed a tear over the plight of millions of Americans who are out of work, but he was a sniveling mess when it came to bailing out the big banks and Wall Street. I guess nothing tugs at the heart strings of a Republican more than the thought of a Wall Street CEO losing his golden parachute. Just remember, every time you see John Boehner cry for something, if he gets his way, you will probably end up crying too.

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  1. The GOP Is a nest of cowards!Anyone that doesn’t care about the social welfare of the Elderly,The Sick,The Unemployed and especially Children with preexisting medical conditions isn’t worthy, even of disdain. They shouted loud enough about the “Entitlements”they were going to eliminate,the regulations they were going to eliminate
    and of course the Tax cut extension for the wealthy.I hope they make a huge effort to do these things maybe thats what the US needs to see,the true colors of these vicious cowards and not the acting they get from the Fox Soap Opera.

  2. The day that the United States Congress, Senate and Supreme court
    operates without the men from the ‘Good Old Boys” Club is the day this great
    country will really progress and lead the world again globally. And the women
    who work and study hard to serve the people and civil rights of the United States will
    gain the real power to carry the spirit of freedom we are known for.
    Boehner and the other usual suspects along with the “man up” women who want to be like them are cowards in their deeds. They know “talking points” but they don’t govern for the people. Thanks Jason for the real insight on Boehner, the weeper of the house.

  3. And good! I can’t wait till these Teeidiots get a taste of what they asked for! THE SAD PART? We will all have to suffer right along with their ignoramous selfish idilogical vote :( The sadder part? REPUBS won’t care if they leave ultra millions of seniors youth men and women without a home or food or schools colleges or anything. Because remember, they’re being CONSERVATIVE for you. CONSERVATIVE in the mind of the republican party and their constituents is MORE MONEY MAKING WEALTH FOR THE CORPORATIONS’ ANNUAL MULTI MILLION DOLLAR BONUSES and way way LESS MONEY FOR THE EVERY DAY WORKING CITIZENS. BUT DEFINITELY MORE TAXES FOR US. NOT THE UBER RICH. THATS REPUBLICAN CONSERVATISM FOR YOU. And please take note Teeidiots and constituents..all they’re talking about …Bachmann McConnel Boener…THE NEW LIE AND SCARE TACTIC is how important it is to EXTEND THE BUSH TAX CUTS because we will lose jobs if we don’t!! LIES LIES LIES AND MORE LIES AGAIN …but teeidiots dont mind THE LIES. The trickle down didn’t work for 8 years and thats why we ended up where we did WHAT THE HeL MAKES YOU THINK ITS GONNA WORK NOW? They will incur 700billing to give these tax breaks for themselves and for the rich and YOU WILL END UP PAYING FOR IT! how stupid can we get? Why oh why do these repubs like to TAKE SO MUCH AWAY FROM THE EVERY DAY AMERICAN CITIZENS? AND WHY OH WHY DO THEIR CONSTITUENTS NOT SEE IT OR NOT MIND AT ALL? I’m beside myself as to what is coming from these vicious crazy people. And that is exactly what they are –crazy vicious bigoted folks who want 1776 back for their sake. I have an elderly mohther that could be impacted by these pcychos. The REPUBS DID NOT WIN –THEY STOLE THESE ELECTIONS WITH THEIR THUGS DEPRESSING AND SCARING OFF VOTERS! AS USUAL …NOTHING REPUBS GAIN IS EVER GAINED IN HONESTY! NEVER!

  4. You are so right. The true measure of a country is how it cares =for the citizens with the least. For all their lip service to piety, the Party of No looks at things like Social Security Medicare/Medicaid, infrastructure investments, and health care reform as “entitlements” instead of the investments they are. It is positively obscene that these fat cats sit up in Congress and earn large salaries for doing nothing while insulting the unemployed by implying they are lazy and suggesting they undergo drug testing. Their insulting of welfare recipients, whose benefits are paltry, is another example of insensitivity. But even worse, they enjoy the best health care available in this country but want to deny coverage to countless others by repealing health care reform. They won not only because of short-sighted voters but also due to the saturation of the media with funding from anonymous right-wing businesses. As far as I’m concerned, the role of the Chamber of Commerce is a blatant conflict of interest. I have zero respect for Boehner, because he has already indicated a “my way or the highway” mentality. Obama needs to hold him accountable in every way and not let up on him for a minute. Boehner and others were good at talking big trash, but let’s see him put his money where his mouth is.

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