Republicans Look To Return to the Dark Ages with Climate Science Investigation


Now that Republicans control the House of Representatives, they promise to fulfill their threat to investigate everything in order to obstruct the Obama Administration. Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell, claims their two-fold goal is to repeal the Affordable Health Care legislation, and prevent President Obama from being re-elected to a second term. McConnell has an operative ready to distract Obama’s Administration with investigations into everything from the president’s birthplace, to the world’s leading scientists.

One of the first strikes Darrel Issa (R-CA) has promised is to launch investigations of international climate science data the EPA uses to link greenhouse gas emissions to global climate change. Why is the EPA one of the first targets? Their goal is to curb or end regulations the energy industry doesn’t like. Republicans make no secret that they want to deregulate the oil and coal industry, and it feels like they are repaying the Koch brothers for their campaign contributions. The repayment is tying up the EPA with investigations. The EPA Administrator, Lisa P. Jackson, admitted that an anti-regulatory campaign could hinder EPA work, and that new vehicle-emission rules would be in danger because “its the efforts we’ve seen to take away the agency’s greenhouse gas authority.”

Issa intends to contest worldwide scientific research and data as being unproven and invalid because conservatives don’t believe global climate change is real. Republican congressional committees could put the EPA on the defensive and create political pressure that could cause the Democrats and President Obama to pull back on environmental policy issues out of fear of the 2012 elections.


It is a dirty trick, but it’s normal for Republicans. It is unfathomable that a legislator with no scientific background can challenge climate scientists from around the world, but with conservatives controlling the House, they will be able to keep the EPA on the defensive, and in effect, impotent. Issa is not a climate scientist and according to his bio, not really any kind of scientist (BA in business admin). He is unqualified and couldn’t challenge complex scientific empirical data. His goal is to pander to the oil industry and destroy the EPA along with Obama’s energy policy that does not favor the Koch brothers.

In Virginia, attorney general Ken Cuccinelli attacked climate scientists because he doesn’t believe in global climate change. He does believe in eliminating regulations on the mining industry,  and has been on a campaign to discredit climate science in Virginia through investigations and court cases. Even though a judge blocked Cuccinelli’s case, he filed another suit to discredit the same researcher in hopes of finding a judge who will be sympathetic to the mining industry. Fortunately for science, Cuccinelli himself is under investigation for fraud in his attempts to discredit the climate scientist.

America is ridiculed around the world for clinging to superstition and rejecting science on any number of subjects, but simpletons like Issa and Cuccinelli do not care.  Their baseless opinions and beliefs are above science because of their arrogance, religion, and loyalty to the energy industry. The audacity of investigating scientists from around the world, and questioning their data is absolutely mind-boggling. They don’t question science when it involves medical procedures, and if they were true to their belief that science is bad, they would use home remedies and prayer for massive heart attacks.

The truth is that opportunists like Issa and Cuccinelli only challenge science when it suits their politics. If the oil industry stopped handing out cash to Republicans, investigations into scientists or their data would be lower on the list. Issa and his cohorts are willing to cripple the EPA for money, and not because they love dirty air. Coupled with the oil industry money and the goal of obstructing the Obama Administration, it is simple to understand why they want to investigate scientific data, and any other subject that will disable Obama’s agenda.

Republicans, and Issa in particular, promised there will be investigations into everything to do with Barack Obama for the sole purpose of limiting him to one term as president. Mitch (turtle-boy) McConnell openly says it is his primary goal, along with repealing the Affordable Health Care act, and it guarantees that for two years, America will wallow in investigations and stagnation as Republicans bring the government to a halt. If they can prevent the EPA from enforcing clean air standards along the way, or eliminating the standards all together, that will get them more cash from the Kochs.

America must advance into the 21st century and recognize that science is necessary to a quality life and economic prosperity; in spite of what crazy climate-change deniers say. It is too bad that we have reverted to questioning science like the Church did in the Dark Ages, and appalling that a non-scientist is challenging the world’s leading climate scientists; all to protect the oil industry and limit President Obama to one term. What a waste of time and money.

Many racist Americans support investigating and stopping Obama at any cost. It is counter-productive and not the reason representatives are sent to Washington. Americans have seen conservatives’ vindictiveness for the past 22 months, and we’ll feel it for at least the next two years. Republicans’ constituents should feel cheated by their representatives whose sole intention is not to govern, but to cripple the government out of sheer hatred of a black man in the Oval Office.

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  1. This is so absurd. The Republicans are going to waste our tax dollars spending 2 years campaigning by investigating Democrats, just like they did under Bush and like they did to Clinton. Meanwhile, pocking money from big corporations that benefit from a failure to believe science. Only the GOP is cynical enough to pretend not to believe science.

  2. There was bigger climate changes during the actual Dark Ages then there are now, the sea level changed quite a bit back then and it can’t be blamed on man made pollution. Many people think it is what caused all the migration and famine that led up to the wars. Scientist’s and politicians have not taken into account something as obvious as natural history before promoting their ideas (it’s not scientific)…. After leaving out important data like that I’d say its not only appropriate for them to re-investigate its their obligation.

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