Emboldened by Victories, Republicans Back to Warmongering

Mark Udall, Norm Ornstein, and Lindsey Graham

Emboldened by their midterm victories, Republicans are already back to warmongering. Having invaded and conquered Iraq (where 50,000 U.S. troops remain to buttress the new government) and mired down in an endless war in Afghanistan, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) now wants to attack Iran.

Because attacking Iraq and Afghanistan was such a good idea, right Lindsey?

Speaking at a forum in Halifax, Nova Scotia, he said we need to “neuter” them:

“Instead of a surgical strike on their nuclear infrastructure, I think we’re to the point now that you have to really neuter the regime’s ability to wage war against us and our allies. And that’s a different military scenario. It’s not a ground invasion but it certainly destroys the ability of the regime to strike back.”

You know, leaders have become war criminals for neutering their neighbors, so what makes Lindsey Graham any different?

He’s afraid of Iran’s possible future nuclear capability. Apparently he thinks that because a country that has never attacked us and never threatened to attack us might somebody be a threat, that we should attack them first.

Because this is legal under international law, right Lindsey?

No, it isn’t. It isn’t moral and it isn’t legal.

What Lindsey Graham is suggesting is that the United States become a rogue nation, like other nations who have run around attacking people on a whim. Remember when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Lindsey, because they saw the United States as a future possible threat?  We didn’t like that much did we, Lindsey? We roundly condemned them for it, didn’t we Lindsey? We called it a “Day of Infamy.”

Is illegally attacking Iraq not good enough for you? Then invading Afghanistan? You want a trifecta of infamy? And if some other country might someday pose a threat to the U.S., do you want to attack them to? Where does it end, Lindsey? Is Syria next? Who else is on your list of potential enemies?

Of course, Lindsey says he recognizes the risks: Yes, Iran might retaliate, he says, in Afghanistan or through terrorist attacks, but

“You can expect that. You can expect, for a period of time, all hell to break loose. You must have to almost plan for that. And weigh that against the idea of a nuclear-armed Iran and what that means to the future of the world.”

And it doesn’t hardly enter into it that the United States will see its stock drop still further in the international fraternity of nations.

Is this what you Republicans mean when you say President Obama is apologizing for the U.S.? That if we’re not attacking somebody we’re apologizing? Is that your rationale?

Lindsey thinks President Obama isn’t bold enough because of course, Post-Bush Republicans don’t recognize such a thing as international diplomacy?

Such a policy is at best reckless and at worst, catastrophic. But Lindsey is in a hurry. He wants action now because, he says, “Every day that goes by and we’re indifferent. … then that’s a day lost.”

All I can say is that it is a good thing for America and Iran – and for the world – that Lindsey Graham is not president. We don’t need any more wars right now, thank you, Lindsey. We have oh so many troops to spare.

Senator Mark Udall (D -Colorado) disagreed; pointing out that Lindsey’s plan would have “worldwide repercussions.”

“I’m not willing to put my support behind that step here in a theoretical context, but I think you’ve got to keep every option on the table and let the Iranian regime know that we’re deadly serious, not just as the United States of America, but as a world community.”

And paying for it, Lindsey? If you’re not going to consider the repercussions or the immorality of your proposal, consider the cost. How does balancing the budget and being fiscally responsible and not raising taxes pay for a war? Do you realize what we are still paying everyday for our presence in Iraq, for our war in Afghanistan?

Are you going to jump in a tank or a plane and personally lead the attack, Lindsey? No, you’re going to expect innocent young men and women to die for your irrational and reckless behavior. No surprise; I didn’t notice the Republican leadership or their children jumping at the chance to go overseas and fight and die for their country.

Every day there is no war is another day we can work for peace, and not the peace of the grave. It’s called diplomacy, Lindsey. It’s worked in the past. It can work again.

Give peace a chance.

22 Replies to “Emboldened by Victories, Republicans Back to Warmongering”

  1. Good job, America! Remember WMD? They’re back.

    What short memories we have.

    Just when will Lindsay et al (Palin and the Clown Show) admit they have to reinstate the draft to implement their crazy plans? Cuz, you know, nothing says small government like ordering young people to fight a religious war that we can’t pay for and isn’t legal.

  2. Religious War is right, Sarah, because at it’s heart, that’s exactly what it would be, and all the world needs now is more crusades. I mean, that will teach those Jihadists, right?

  3. Can anyone imagine the new jihadists this would create? These wingnuts and their supporters don’t learn from recent history, which should have clearly shown them that saber-rattling doesn’t work. It plays right into the hands of Al Queda, which wanted McCain to win the last presidential elections because they would have welcomed his bellicose approach.

  4. it’s okay. the republicans will just leave the cost off the national budget again and…oh wait. that didn’t work last time, either.

  5. These pigs make me physically ill. I was no Democrat, but I sure as hell am not a Republican. I’m a Democrat now since they are the only semi sane people out there. $epublicans are corporate whores. Make them go to war!

  6. In addition to the horrible toll in human life that another war would cost, has Graham considered the fiscal side of this? The U.S. is already struggling with the two fiscal black holes that are Iraq and Afghanistan; how on earth does he think we could afford war with a third country?

  7. And I don’t think war should be a Republican/Democrat thing. It’s as if the past 10 years never happened. We’ve been in Afghanistan for longer than we were in Vietnam. We had won both WWI AND WWII in the time it’s taken us to win nothing in Afghanistan, with no end in sight. It’s hard to imagine what people like Graham are thinking.

  8. I suspect Graham doesn’t think too much. I can’t draw any other conclusion from this madness.

  9. Remember how they tried to have their cake and eat it to with their semi-legal shenanigans to pass the Bush tax cuts? Yeah…You can trick the public but you can’t trick the bottom line.

  10. These cretins strain at the gnat of domestic spending that improves the quality of life for millions of Americans and is actually an integral part of national security. Yet, they swallow whole the camel of yet another expensive, endless war that is bleeding the economy along with other things, like outsourcing American jobs. Their rigid ideology, which never changes even when confronted with reality that contradicts its very tenets, has brought a lot of misery to Americans. While Albert Einstein famously made the point that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result, he would have been just as accurate in describing stupidity this way. The fact that they could win in spite of their negativity is an indictment of both the power to buy elections and the short-term thinking of citizens who look for simplistic, quick-fix solutions to complex problems.

  11. Republicans: The party of Reducing Excess Population through their resistance to healthcare reform and support of war. They are bent on destroying this country. I have a hard time believing, though, considering how much jobs and the economy spurred voting decisions this year, that talk about starting a war would gain much traction. Graham needs to go hunting with Palin and get his bloodlust satisfied that way.

  12. What are his religious connections? Is he another who wants to create a rapture?A lot of this rhetoric revolves around a worldwide holacaust .

  13. He’s Southern Baptist and obviously a conservative Christian. I don’t know, but it would not surprise me if this is at play in his mind.

  14. Well said, Anne, and it’s a distressing thought. I just want to ask the American people, “Why did you vote for them?”
    The answer the economy but it was the Republican who destroyed the economy. They say “balanced budget” but the Republicans haven’t done this since 1957 and show no interest in doing so now. Look at Boehner’s economic plan – $3 trillion in debt! So why, America. A real answer this time – admit it was pure and simple ideology that motivated your decision – that or plain stupidity.

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