Palinectomy Not Going Well for GOP

Palinectomy not going well for GOP
Palinectomy not going well for GOP

The GOP’s birther front-runner Sarah Palin is proving quite the problem for the good old boys now that they’ve used her to push the country farther right, thereby handily establishing themselves as the center sane as they begin their domino denouncements of Ms Crazy.

See, the thing is, boys, it’s not going to work like that this time. You used Mama Crazy and now she’s going to ride you all the way to your primary nomination process.

It’s almost sad watching you good old boys gather what’s left of your “cojones” to take to TV to denounce the crazy one, your faces full of presumed superiority as you declare her unfit, a “nightmare” and worse. Sure, this may be giving you a shred of credibility to those with short memories, who do not recall that you cheerfully ran the same person as your VP candidate and played outraged whenever anyone suggested that she may not, in fact, be qualified since she didn’t understand that Africa was a continent and couldn’t name anything she reads.

My question is do you boys read?

It doesn’t seem that you do. How else to explain your inability to see that you are playing her game? You are playing the exact role she needs you to play. The more you criticize her, the more you call her a fool, the more her fans will love her.

I know you boys have never had to be smart, steeped in privilege as you are, but you might want to take a cue from someone who has had to be smart to get where he is. You know, That One. Yeah, That One.

He has a strategy for dealing with Palin that is devastatingly effective and never gives her the persecution she craves. No, I’m not going to tell you what it is. You boys should know this by now and anyway, if you don’t get your Party together and dump this albatross by 2012, I’m not going to help you cope with your frankenmonster. In fact, I can’t wait to write blistering articles about how you all are sexist pigs for coming after her.

See, some of us were paying attention in 2008.

All of this posturing about how you have standards now is cute, but it’s obviously not true and furthermore, it won’t work. If you’re not careful, she’s going to form a third party as she has always secretly wanted to do (AIP thinks it’s best to infiltrate the GOP, but heck, the Tea Party is open and they seem to be utterly lacking in any sort of elitist qualification nonsense) and run against your chosen one. Now, she won’t like that, which will make Todd’s life even more miserable than it already is, but she’ll do it if she has to. God has, after all, chosen her.

Warning shots across the bow are not going to work.

You know what you have to do.

When you all are done pretending that you’ve matured, done repositioning yourselves as sane and moderate, and done denouncing the very person you sold America on when it served your purposes, you know you need to get out the dirt. You did it to John McCain, and he’s still sucking the mud off of your toes, so you know you can. You know you will.

It’s unclear what’s more reprehensible here, your use and abuse of Sarah Palin or your cynical exploitation of America. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Sarah fan. But unlike you all, I do have a heart. And you know she’s too ignorant and too narcissistic to see what’s coming. Your lack of compassion for her mental illness is disheartening.
But not as dismaying as your lack of care for this country.

You will never live down your attempt for two years to shove Sarah Palin down the throats of innocent Americans, using her to sell your extremist obstructionism and then tossing her aside when she outlasted her usefulness. It’s a disgusting game you play.

If she beats you, it will be a tragic moment for America but part of me will smile. After all, you deserve it.

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  1. You know, this Republican not-so-civil Civil War will provide hours of entertainment for us Democrats, and I think O’Donnell is at least right about Republican cannibalism. Democrat disunity hurt us these midterms but I doubt Republicans will have much to laugh about in 2012. And the Democrats weren’t hamstrung by the crazy grizzly killer. It’s just a shame, as you say, that America has to take a back seat to all this.

  2. My sentiments exactly. They created this monster that moved the GOP to the far right, and now, they’ll catch hell trying to keep her from running for the party’s nomination in 2012.

  3. They’re not going about it the right way, currently, but I suppose this is their effort to “rebrand” themselves post-Tea Party, post-George Bush, post last 40 years. They fed her talking points for the last two years and she cheerfully delivered the crazy. They never once spoke up when she was nattering on about Death Panels or birther nonsense.

  4. I keep thinking they have this great big wheelbarrow of crap on her, that they’ll roll-out when the time is right, and they’ll instantly make her the Richard Nixon of politics. At least that’s the dream that wakes ME up, with a massive erection.

  5. I firmly believe that not only Palin, but also the Tea Partiers, will be in for a very rude awakening in the years to come. The GOP elite cynically and ruthlessly used these people to get back into power so they could continue ripping off us Americans as they did under GW. I also think that Palin and the Tea Partiers will not go gently and quietly into the night, and it serves the GOP exactly right because in their quest to win at any cost, they created these Frankensteins. Already, Teanutbag Michele Bachmann is seeking a position of power in the House, and Boehner is not receptive to it. Palin’s inflated sense of intelligence and importance will not allow her to go quietly. Instead, she will use it to fuel her image as wronged victim, which will cement the loyalty her delusional and demented minions have for her. As for any sexism directed her way, I have zero sympathy for her since she couldn’t care less about women’s rights and is in it only for herself. But it’s going to be great free entertainment to see the GOP operating as a house divided among itself. That’s exactly what they deserve. It’s quite a spectacle to see them present themselves as reasonable and sane, when they were more than happy to use these loons for their own political advancement.

  6. Oh, I like this Sarah. I agree that the GOP will eventually attempt to slay the dragon, and she will deserve it. They would do the same to a man if he were up to Ms. Palin’s shenanigans. As you note, they’ve been doing this for a long time.

    My absolute horror and disgust is that we all have to live through their hateful manipulation and rape. Yes, Palin deserves everything she’s going to get and I hope it’s painful (Sorry, my Buddhist master) But damn, along the way we’re getting molested. I guess that’s okay with the GOP though, and if they destroy the working-class and poor in the process, they’ll get more corporate money.

    I’m not proud to be from America any more. I used to. The GOP used that little pig to control the narrative, and if they (GOP) are not careful, just like in Pre-Nazi Germany, that narrative will get away from them and we will all suffer.

    Really nice article.

  7. Thanks, Muse. That’s exactly what I see. The narrative getting away from them and we all suffer even more than we already have. This coupled with her reality tv propaganda is starting to look like something out of control. Sure, her polls are dismal, but Palin could pull of the great American rebrand very easily. All she would need is a successful reality tv show in which she sells herself as a reading, caring mom…….oh, wait…..

  8. This republican party should be ashamed of themselves. They put their own needs above the countries needs and that to me is unforgiveable. I pray this country comes to their senses. If not we will keep going down the drain where we belong because people instant on giving corporations what they want and giving the working people the shaft.

  9. I love this. My only sadness is that I want the hammer to come down on the Palins sooner rather than later.

  10. It reminds me of those scenes in movies/tv when a “normal” criminal has teamed up with a socio/psychopath and, when the latter no longer needs the former, the moment comes (usually with a silencer attached) that the real sicko offs the unsuspecting.

    Question is: Which is which this time? I almost hope she’s the real sicko (in this scenario) because then the “moderate” GOP supporters will flock to vote with us “pathetic liberals.” And…because we need their votes as much as they need shelter…we’ll welcome them with “open” arms. (“Open” because we’re going to squeeze them till it hurts and kiss them on the cheek and say, “I know it was you, Fredo. You broke my heart.” And then we’ll “kill” them with Faux-News KINDNESS.)

  11. You have outdone yourself with this one my friend! I, too, am admittedly enjoying the back-peddling and stammering as they try to put the toothpaste BACK in the tube. I wrote about this 2 years ago and saw it coming like a freight train! LOL

    She WILL run…they WILL regret their stint of playing puppet-masters…and we are OFF!

  12. Great post! Sarah Palin and the GOP reminds me of old story of someone holding a rattlesnake right behind the head: you don’t know whether to throw it down and run or to chop it’s head off. (Figuratively speaking – do NOT mean to advocate violence). They can’t run from her – she won’t go away. They better go for the head. They have the dirt but don’t seem to know when to start shoveling it out to the public. Meanwhile, the monster grows bigger and stronger. I say shovel it now before she gets any stronger because it won’t work when she’s reached her full strength.

    People keep commenting that they’d love to see Palin in primaries where she’s have debate and face reporters. She will not do either. She will make her own rules just like she’s doing now: taking it to twitter, facebook and Fox. In a debate? Just as with VP debate, she’ll flounce out and announce that she won’t answer the questions but that she’ll speak directly to the people. Wink, wink. And the cult will grow. If the GOP has any sense (which I doubt), they’ll get the stories out all at once, hit her with all of her past “crimes” so that she can’t come back. But whaddya I know…
    @ Sharon1943

  13. It’s like you haven’t been on this planet for long, because every one else knows exactly what it’s about. Or, wait for it, you are a Palin bot come to defend the honor of your Sister of the $. So which is it? You an alien or a Palinbot?

  14. I dont know, they did in McCain I am not sure they will have much trouble with Palin. her supporters are obviously mentally challenged and will quickly find another palin to follow. She will screech on her way down but her followers have one problem, that of not remembering who they were following yesterday. I think the GOP will simply ignore her and she will never get the millions in backing she needs to run.

  15. What concerns me more is if the Tea Party will denounce her. The Republicans are courting the Tea Party, and if the Tea Party wants her, I doubt the Republicans will seriously try to denounce her. They’ll back-pedal, sure, claim she doesn’t represent them, all in order to woo the moderate Republican vote. The Tea Party will continue to endorse her and woo the far-right vote. The moderate Tea Partiers will be left voting for obscure 3rd-party candidates once again, but most TPers will likely just vote Republican. I sincerely doubt things will get less crazy between now and 2012.

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