TLC Morphs into Fox News While Visiting Sarah Palin’s Alaska

Every tragedy needs its clown and America’s current political nightmare has its clown in Sarah Palin. Ms. Palin, otherwise known as the great pedophile hunter of America, defamed journalist Joe McGinniss by suggesting he was a pedophile when he rented a house next to her house while he was writing a book titled “Sarah Palin’s Year of Living Dangerously”.

Said book was not intended to be nasty, but Palin took care of that by antagonizing Joe until he received the full wrath of her cult, which could only serve to open his eyes to the true nature of Ms Palin. We must remember all of the good work Ms Palin has done on behalf of children the country wide- why she outed David Letterman as a pedophile when he made a joke about her 18 year old daughter (the one who is selling abstinence after having quite a lot of sex outside of marriage, enough to produce at least one live child).

Joe the writer is now suing Sarah the pedophile hunter, or rather, the network promoting Sarah’s public image as a 2012 candidate, TLC, a subsidiary of the Discovery Channel for invasion of privacy and is demanding to be removed from the reality show over due to “unauthorized videotaped images of Mr. McGinniss which were obtained without his knowledge or consent.” Who can miss the irony of “discovery” in this context? Discovery will be had if TLC doesn’t back down after infringing upon Joe’s privacy rights.

And honestly, TLC knows better. It’s procedure to gather releases from anyone captured on video. In public places, notices are put up that you may be seen on such and such TV show if you walk through this area while they are shooting. The technique of blurring out the face of someone caught on tape without having signed a release is only used when the footage is considered necessary to the narrative of the story. That certainly doesn’t apply to a shot with no one else but Joe in it. They obviously chose this and used it intentionally, intending it to represent Joe the writer, the target of Palin’s wrath.

Why would TLC knowingly insert a shot of Joe reading on his deck, except to appease Sarah’s need for vengeance? They had to know Joe could sue. Perhaps they did this to drum up controversy (read: publicity, read: money) over Sarah’s show, which looks to be popular with the fundie Kate plus 8 crowd they’ve been courting, but lacks wide spread appeal. And by wide-spread, I mean people who read things other than Sarah Palin’s books on herself and Sarah Palin’s tweets…. Perhaps I’ve allowed my hopeful vision of America to color her appeal.

How many more people have watched the teaser now that Joe the Writer is suing? Uh huh. That’s right. Welcome to Discovery Channel’s Fox initiation into politics via money.
Once again, Sarah Palin is the clown in the midst of our national tragedy; a tragedy of Americans so dumbed down by reality TV and sensationalism that they often wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them on the head. Instead, they’ll just keep buying what the man is selling – no matter what side of the aisle the man is on, though the man is more often on the Republican side, by simple virtue of the profit at any cost model so carefully protected by the Right.

And so the winds of discontent now focus again on our national clown. The one running for President in 2012 and using a well-paid gig on TLC to rebrand herself as the all-American mom, who “reads” on her back slab and spends adorable time with her children in the Great Outdoors, now also, too, owned and branded by Sarah Palin.

This is Sarah Palin’s Alaska, just like her slush fund was the “Alaska Fund Trust”. Sarah is Alaska. Alaska is America. Love her. Vote for her. And remember, this is “not political”, even though you will never get to ask Palin any questions about her record or her ideas, because she is running the same campaign of personality she has always run. Her “ideas” are irrelevant. This is about how adorable she is and how hot she is and how you really wish your wife was just like her. It’s all so heart-warming, I can smell the apple pie from my kitchen window.

Not enough people are asking TLC and Discovery why they are selling political propaganda in the form of a “reality” TV show about a former governor who is going to run for President. Not only is she being paid for this publicity, but the state of Alaska funded part of this travesty in the form of rebates. Alaska has an incentive program for productions that spend more than $100,000 in “qualified” purchases that starts with a base of 30%, gets an additional 10% for hiring Alaskan crew and there is 4% more you can get for shooting rurally and in a specific season. “Unlike some incentive programs, we do not have salary caps or project caps. We do not require your company to be domiciled in Alaska, nor do we have minimum requirements for principle photography days or Alaska hire.” How convenient!

TLC really made out on this one, even after paying Sarah. Heck, they may have gotten a rebate even on paying Sarah her millions (depending upon the structure of the tax rebate and what qualifies, but it clearly states there is no cap on salaries) which means at the very least that Alaskans paid for part of this show. Nice work for a “small government” conservative grifter, eh? It’s amusing to note that the Governor’s administration put the finishing touches on this legislation right before she quit to pursue fame.

Government assistance, anyone? I would surmise Palin is also, too, taking advantage of this big government perk for her Wasilla Fox News studio.

Yes, that would be tax payer money going to fund political propaganda for a partisan figure running for the highest office in the land. And Discovery is playing stupid, claiming it’s all ok because they will have bloggers of both sides commenting on the show. As if their show is somehow worthy of such commentary (remember, this is only propaganda, no one can ask questions) and as if the office of our Presidency is some Greatest Race slop competition.

Having bloggers of both sides commenting on your propaganda does nothing to dispel the power of the image they’re broadcasting. It shouldn’t be on the air. She shouldn’t be being paid for it.

Sadly, Americans will eat this up as the Real Sarah, seeing as they’ve been happily doped by Reality TV for years now and still haven’t caught on that it is FICTION. It is written in advance. It is shot multiple times. It is edited. Reality would be unedited reality, when people did not know a camera was exposing them to the eyes of America. If you think people “forget” about the cameras as they are primed for their moment in the sun and set dressing ducks in to “fix” reality, you are sadly mistaken.

The only hope for this country is that this show bores the majority of people who are still somewhat tethered to reality and hence not as likely to be drawn in by a sentimentalist’s soap opera starring Herself as Number One Victim.

Reality TV is truly the dregs of the entertainment business; a Republican corporatist’s dream where no one is paid properly (save big names like Palin), the hours are grueling and the end product is crap. Sure, there are some nice folks in reality TV, but you do not meet the “real” so and so by watching their show. You meet the image who met the brand who sold you a book who is coming out with a line of cookware who hosts a TV show…

You meet the money maker for all of the people behind the scenes. You meet the person they want you to meet so you will buy their crap.

Even if TLC is proudly joining the ranks of Fox PAC TV (and it looks like they are), they certainly shouldn’t be using the power of their network to harass another Palin victim. Shame, shame, TLC. I can think of no lower point for the Discovery Channel than this.

Discovery indeed. Please name Sarah Palin in your suit, Joe. There are many questions Americans have and you may be their only hope. Country first, Joe. If not you, then who?

Update: Palin tweeted today, “Will discuss Fed’s quantitative easing plan(print $ out of thin air)tmrrw@ tools trade assn speech;then edit addl “Sarah Palin’s AK”episodes” about 6 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® . This means that Palin has authority over editing, which makes an even stronger case that TLC handed her the reins to create political propaganda for the American TV audience. There is no reality here. Palin can edit out whatever she doesn’t like. And should Joe feel like suing herself directly, this fact proves a direct relationship between Palin and the final product.

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33 Replies to “TLC Morphs into Fox News While Visiting Sarah Palin’s Alaska”

  1. The Learning Channel forfeits any right to the name by hosting Sarah Palin, who is demonstrably as against learning as any human being can be. The woman celebrates ignorance. TLC is permanently banned on my TV.

  2. Banned from my TV as well. I refused to support anything this woman touches.

    Thanks Sarah for the another insightful article.

  3. People, if President Obama was using tax dollars to get credit for charging TLC millions of dollars for doing a reality TV show on him, do you think we’d be hearing screeches from the Right?????? Investigations? You betcha.

  4. Awesome! Sarah hit the nail on the head with this one! Here’s another factoid. Grizzle’s favorite place to write on her C-ment slab did not exist 3 mos ago! Yes vid from Alaska dispatch proves this:
    And the TLC/Discovery Crew+Sarah several times booked up hotels and restaurants and then stiffed them! We have heard from many Alaskans that this has happened.

  5. I never got into the reality TV thing. The first one I ever watched was Wife Swap and I laughed all the way through, thinking it looked as staged as any Broadway musical. I am amazed that so many people watch reality TV and really seem to believe it’s the ‘rill dill.’

    I haven’t watched TLC in years. There’s nothing there to learn. I’d much rather read a good book or take my grandchildren on nature walks. They are little (7 & 4) and they can identify about 20 species of birds by sight and song. Now THAT’s learning.

    If TLC wants to take on real nature and science programs or historical documentaries, I’ll give them another chance, but “Say Yes to the Dress? I don’t think so. Sarah’s Alaska? Give me a break!

  6. True, TLC/Discovery Channel ought to know better – but it’s Ms. Palin’s repeated insinuations of pedophiliac intent on the part of Joe McGinnis that may constitute slander (the TLC clip) and libel (Palin’s Facebook page, 5.24.10). TLC can excise the clip in question for broadcast, but as noted, thousands have already viewed the first episode preview. Legitimate grounds may exist for legal and/or civil action by McGinnis, against both TLC and Palin.

    “You need to drill a little tiny hole there, a peephole, to let me look through and see where he is.” Palin’s claims of invasion of privacy are laughable, coming from someone surrounded by a camera crew – and who has a FoxPAC studio in her own home!

  7. I learned a long time ago that whatever Palin is accusing others of is what she is doing herself. It’s the Rovian muddy the waters of the debate with preemptive strikes model of getting away with reprehensible behavior. By the time the truth comes out, the public is weary of hearing about the subject and forgets that the Right wing accusation was found to be baseless, so they call it a wash in the ultimate execution of the lazy conflation.

  8. I have a different pet name for this woman each week. (I refuse to call her a lady.)

    This week to honor her in her new hour long political ad, called Sarah Palin’s Alaska. I dubb her Snowfake Sarah.

    And to be raking in dollars for your political horse manure.

    Oh my.


    Lets hope Joe McGinnis adds another delicious chapter to his book, and also makes a bundle from TLC for Sarah Palins obvious and malicious malice aforethought.

    Can’t he sue Snowfake?

  9. The original introduction of The Twilight Zone:
    “You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension, a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You just crossed over into The Twilight Zone.”

    Sarah Palin’s Alaska – with introduction by Rod Serling:
    You enter this door with the key to delusionary imagination. Beyond it is another dimension, a dimension of hypocrisy, a dimension of vacuous vibrations, a dimension of Christianitea’s deterioration of intellectual functions. You’re moving into a land of bullshit and nonsense of things and ideas. You just crossed over into… Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

  10. I permanently banned TLC from my TV when I saw the first preview of this thing one night about two weeks ago. F*** ’em for their willful irresponsibility.
    My one satisfaction is that I know the show will be roundly ignored. I can think of no better example of forcing entertainment where none exists (one definition of Reality TV, IMO). The irony — the subject matter here is a personality who’s herself made a two-year career out of doing the very same thing. And bigger irony yet — this thing is going to be BORING. Watch any 10 minutes of it, and you’ll have pretty much seen the whole series.
    Of course that won’t keep TLC from airing it ad nauseum for the next couple years — with ’round the clock marathons when the Palin Pit-Dog announces her candidacy. All the more reason to keep TLC turned off.

  11. Non-stop commercials for it where I live. On every channel it seems. Nowhere is safe from She Who Is Mantled by God to Make Millions Off Of Rubes.

  12. This is the same woman who hypocritically claims her privacy is being invaded and that she would rather be free in the snow than in politics. She makes the latter statement in her screechy, irritating voice on the advertisements that are on just about every channel here where I live. It is totally disgusting to see the lengths she is willing to go to in order to grift more money. I rarely watch TLC anyway, and now I plan not to watch it at all. She is so vain and narcissistic that she can’t seem to get enough publicity even if it’s negative. But I find it ironic and amusing that the GOP operatives want someone else to be president. I have no sympathy for her or for them, because they painted themselves into a corner by promoting her in the first place.

  13. I banned anything Palin included her new show and Bristol’s show. I have lying Palin fatigue. If they keep it up I’ll my tv all together. Can’t take it much longer.

  14. Yeah, we’ve already seen Palin’s editing skills with her “Runner’s World” spread — the one where she had the flag draped over a barstool while she leaned on it. Her tan support hose, new running shoes, and junior high school concupiscent posing rounded out the visual effect. Didn’t exactly come across as “reality” then either. What a middle-aged goose.

  15. If we lose to this tragedy (your point about Shakespearean clowns in tragedies) we are all screwed. If it were my money paying for this cheap ploy, I’d be in revolt right now.

  16. The fools that elevated moose girl to a Vice Presidental candidate apparently never read Frankenstein.

  17. The really creepy thing is, she dragged the pedophilia thing out again with Joe Miller. What’s going on in that woman’s head. Very high creep factor.

  18. Wouldn’t it be so funny if Joe has a pic of toad drillin’ a hole in the fence??? OMG! LMAO!
    With that episode, its like “grizzle, who is stalking who”?

  19. TLC and Discovery Channel are not removed from my chanel guide. I will not support in any way, shape, or form this “junk” tv or this awful human being Sarah Palin.

  20. Sowah just can NOT let go those whom she feels have crossed her. If someone crossed her on the VP campaign trail, well her attempts to get them in her book was evident. That is why she wrote the book.

    Chances are this “reality show”, is stuffed to the gills with Palin commentary of a summer ruined by Joe.

    She probably has lots of edits to tend too. My guess is the entire show is a get back to Joe.

    In rural Alaska they call her “Sarah HalfTime” while many in the urban areas consider her “Worst Govenor Ever”.

  21. When you hand over the reigns to someone, you’re the king or queen and you’re abdicating. When you’re giving someone else control of the carriage, you’re handing over the reins.

    Small point. Otherwise, the article is spot-on!

  22. well good to see the trash media fan club has nothing better to do than trash palin.The publicity of her name seems to make a good living for these so called writers.Most following the Real time with B.M path of using palins popularity to get heard.Well i hope the 2% hilton crowd enjoys another in a long list of attempts to silence her.(Good Luck).

  23. I’m not a big Sarah Palin fan, but I have to point out that her name is Palin through marriage, so it would be Mrs. Palin, not Ms. Palin. It’s important to remember that someone was dumb enough to marry her.

  24. “The irony — the subject matter here is a personality who’s herself made a two-year career out of doing the very same thing.”

    Are you familiar with the man sitting in the White House?

  25. Sarah Jones, you’re pathetic. Your writing pretty much stinks, too.

    You said, “Perhaps I’ve allowed my hopeful vision of America to color her appeal.”

    Yep, you got it spot on, sister.

    Keep your Sarah Palin hating to yourself. You and your readers need to let it go. Maybe counseling is in order.

    Mind you, this is coming from a guy who thinks very strongly Sarah Palin shouldn’t run for President in 2012. People who are interested in Sarah Palin, or inspired by Sarah Palin, don’t necessarily think she should be president (which is good because she never will be). But just because I don’t think she should be president doesn’t mean I have to spew hate and filth, like you do.

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