Like All Abusers Republicans Blame Their Victims

Republicans are often accused of underhanded tactics to fool the American people and win elections with deceit, fraud, and misplaced blame. Whether Republicans are using tactics like swift-boating, robo-calls with frightening messages, or using foreign money for campaigns, they certainly act like criminals.

Recently, conservative candidates and legislators gave Americans insight into their proclivity toward mean, underhanded, criminal tactics when they openly started blaming victims for being abused. When a Rand Paul (R-KY) manager stomped a woman’s head into a curb, Paul said it was the fault of both sides, and the man said he stomped the woman’s head because his back hurt. It was unbelievable that one man held the woman down while the bigger man stomped on her head, and then the head-stomper demanded an apology from the woman.

Republicans are threatening to shut down the government, and this week Eric Cantor (R-VA) said if there is a government shutdown, it is President Obama’s fault. Apparently, if the president doesn’t follow the orders of abusive Republicans and they defund government operations to shut it down, it is the president’s fault. It sure sounds like the abusive spouse blaming the victim.

Cantor’s remark speaks volumes about the psyche of Republicans, and how similar they are to criminal minds around the world. One often hears that a man who beats his wife to death says it was her fault for not bringing him a beer, or not making dinner on time. There is a mental defect that makes an abuser blame the victim, and Republicans have been abusing the American people for a very long time.

Pedophiles are notorious for blaming little girls at swimming pools for wearing bathing suits that caused the rapists to molest them, and rapists blame women for dressing a certain way as the reason they raped them. Date rapists blame female friends who refuse their advances, and believe they had the right to rape them because they were on a date.

Republican rapists are no different than criminal physical rapists because their attitude is exactly the same. Cantor gives away Republicans’ mindset by blaming the president prior to Republican efforts to shut down the government. The abuser blaming the victim mindset is the result of years of committing abuse and getting away with it. A criminal rapist can always justify their vile actions in their own mind.

Diseased minds like Cantor’s and most Republicans probably doesn’t process normal emotions of guilt when they’ve been abusive. Apparently their minds are programmed to cheat, lie, and steal with impunity of conscience because they are wired like criminals. Republicans solicit and take foreign campaign contributions, support shipping jobs over-seas, and give unfunded tax cuts to the rich; then blame the American people. They stomp a woman’s head into the curb then demand that she apologize that they had to stomp on her head.

Americans expect Republicans to do anything to control the government for corporate America, and some people wonder if their consciences ever haunt them. The answer is probably not at all.  Criminals don’t have consciences, and when someone doesn’t comply with their demands, criminals abuse them and find a reason to blame the victim.

Republicans promise to shut down the government whether Obama follows their orders or not because they want to limit him to one term, and they are very open about that goal. Eric Cantor blaming President Obama for a Republican proposed government shutdown shows that Republicans are so steeped in the criminal mindset that they are assigning blame to a victim prior to the rape.

Americans express outrage when rapists and abusers blame their victims (at least women do); but where is the outrage now? It is covered over with lies, fear mongering, and racist bigotry that is so prevalent in Republican politics. The shame of letting America be controlled by a bunch of greedy rapists, and Mafioso hit men isn’t lost on some Americans, but bigotry clouds many Americans’ sense of decency; because a black man is in the Oval Office.

Eric Cantor knows if the government is shut down, it is not Obama’s fault, but his deceitful criminal mind directs him to preemptively blame the president for abuse Republicans will inflict on Obama, the American people, and the government. But that is what criminals and Republicans do as matter of course; blame the innocent victim.

12 Replies to “Like All Abusers Republicans Blame Their Victims”

  1. Dead on accurate. And the thing most people don’t want to face is that these folks do not feel shame or guilt. Like OJ Simpson, they still think the “slut” deserves it.

  2. The Party of No is full of sociopaths who have no shame in lying or hate-and fear-mongering in order to win. But they would never be able to do what they do if it weren’t for enablers who stupidly vote them in even after they declare their malicious intentions or the anonymous sources who poured money into their dishonest campaigns.

  3. Well, we will not let them get away with it, will we?
    We are the people and they work for US. We need to keep them honest, we need to call them on their lies and make them accountable.
    I get so tired thinking of the up hill battle, but I will not lay done and give up. They will not win.

  4. Right on Diane! We must not let them get away with it. Starting with defending our president and hard working Democrats and any Republican who shows the courage to actually work on problems.

  5. I keep reading a lot of what the GOP thugs do and I am very aware that a peaceful solution to the problem is the best approach,however it’s not working! All I can say is we have the Armed Forces,Police,Etc.To solve Domestic,Foreign and Criminal problems.Who’s solving the problems were having with these so called freedom loving people who are advocating violence ? Fox advocates violence with thinly veiled threats and innuendo, the teabaggers have shown their colors with cowardly attacks,worse Doctors have been killed because of what seems like a conspiracy among zealots from the right.Its time the Govt. does it’s job and calls out those who threaten the Democratic way of life.Needless to say I’m fed up! Lets do something! Any Ideas?Last but not least this post was right on target Rmuse.Thank You!

  6. I think we should organize ourselves into groups like the tea partiers used and put our outrage at the republicans’ policies on full public display. After all, we have the right to be truly outraged, and it’s time to show it. I plan to show up at every one of my new “conservative” republican congressman’s town halls and act out the way the tea partiers did, except I won’t have a gun strapped to my side, and I won’t be threatening anyone. I’ll just be very loud and disruptive. I, too, am sick of republicans claiming the moral high ground when they have no morals to speak of.

  7. As a retired victim advocate, I can agre wholeheartedly that this situation closely parallels the domestic violence analogy. The victims (the middle class), must begin to look at what their own interests are, and to look beyond the rhetoric to the voting records of the politicians. If they have voted against your interest, vote for their opponent! Also, don’t fall for wedge issues, such as same-sex marriage, but sort out who is asking for your vote, and only give your vote to those who work for your self interests!

  8. We definitely need to organize as a counter to their lies and destructive stupidity. We need to be as loud and unrelenting in pushing back against them as they have been in their non-stop campaign of hate and falsehoods.

  9. I’ll see you there! I plan on doing the same thing and writing letters to the editors too. I’m not going to sit here and take the crap this Republican criminal is dishing out. I’m not going to care what anyone else thinks about my behavior, because I know I’m in the right and if I don’t speak up then I am being condoning their raping of the middle class. I started speaking up in this red state the other day, and it felt great. I also told Republicans I work with that they should show respect for the President . You should have seen their faces! LOL. They were embarrassed. I told them I had been raised to respect the President and I didn’t know how they had been raised or what barn they came from. It shut them right up.

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