Sarah Palin Has Crashed This Party a Little Too Long

Unwanted: Palin the Party Crasher
Unwanted: Palin the Party Crasher

Sarah Palin Has Crashed This Party for Far Too Long

So says top McCain campaign media strategist Mark McKinnon. Mark also helped prep Sarah Palin for her infamous debate with Joe Biden after desperate pleas from campaign insiders, a debate he later claimed she pulled off.

I guess Mark is a big fan of winks. He was also George W Bush’s media strategist and sold Bush to America twice, so perhaps Mark is simply used to lowering the expectations of Americans. But suddenly Mark is not so keen on lowered expectations. He went on MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell’s “Last Word” program last night to denounce Sarah Palin as having crashed the Republican Party for too long, “Everyone’s dancing around Sarah Palin… her stock is falling and it’s falling pretty rapidly”. Chalk Mark up as another good Republican soldier trotting out his talking points.

Here’s Mark on Lawrence O’Donnell’s “Last Word”:

Mark McKinnon: I think Sarah Palin’s getting closer to her sell by date. Congratulations on your evolution on the show, by the way. You know, she’s comparing herself to Ronald Reagan. And you know, I didn’t know Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan was not a friend of mine. But I can guarantee you this; Sarah Palin is no Ronald Reagan. She didn’t even get the name of his movie right. She’s comparing herself to a real icon of the party. So I think it’s problematic. I think that the Republican Party is beginning to realize that Sarah Palin’s crashed this party a little too long. And it’s not good for the political party, not good for the prospects of Republican nominee and then win a general election in 2012.

Lawrence O’Donnell: What do you think is going on with guys like Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani who publicly say that she’s qualified, more qualified than Joe Biden and Giuliani the same thing. They pump up Sarah Palined her credentials. Are they just playing to Palin backers hoping that they don’t alienate them for their own future political prospects?

Mark McKinnon: Yeah, that’s the interesting thing about the primary. Everybody is dancing around Sarah Palin. The interesting thing is that they talk about was she as qualified as Barack Obama, but then they turn around and say that Barack Obama is not qualified. That doesn’t square very well. We’re beginning to see as a result of these elections that she put up candidates that really weren’t qualified. They lost, we lost. The republicans could have taken the senate if not for Sarah Palin. Her stock is falling and pretty rapidly now, I think.

Well, listen, Mark, I do so loves it when the party who ran Sarah Palin as Vice President tries to smear Barack Obama as unqualified, because, you know, there is literally no difference between a constitutional lawyer who has been President for two of the toughest years in American history (governing over two wars to boot) and a failed beauty queen who had a recall campaign initiated against her as a mayor and had to hire a city manager because she could not do her job and then quit after her second year as Governor. Yeah, the two are so totally the same!

But I also love how you boys are taking to the tee-vee to denounce Sarah Palin and fact-check her now. How many times do I have to tell you media strategists and Republican smarty-smart pants that criticizing her is not how you stop her? You are doing everything you can to endear her more to her people. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you wanted her to be President. But then, you and I both know that she’s crazy and even you find that unworkable because crazy won’t do as she’s told.

Sarah Palin always runs as the Republican outsider. It’s how she ran for Governor. It’s the game she played as Vice Presidential Maverick Candidate (aka: Rogue, aka: unqualified). The more you criticize, the more fuel for her persecution complex and the more toxic drivel she is forced to deliver from her Facebook bunker of fear about rising grocery costs in the year with the slowest rise in grocery costs since 1968 when the labor department (bad labor department, when Palin is president you will be no more, thuggery!) began keeping track of such things. Sigh.

Also, for you meanies at the Wall Street Journal who corrected Palin, I note that you have just begun to correct her, when for two years you encouraged her to “write” and publish screeds replete with an utter contempt for reality with absolutely no push back – oh, but yes, that was when the Party wanted her to poison the political debate but now that you all are done with your booty call, you are “correcting” her. Yes, that will stop her.

She is laughing at you from her Tea Party White House Palace on dead Lake Lucille, wherein her godly stewardship of our environment is evidenced in the floating dead fish carcasses amid toxic drudge that passes for a “lake” post-Palin as mayor. Yes, I can and yes, I do blame her for God’s creatures screaming deaths of agony. That’s Sarah Palin’s Alaska. And it will be you, too, Mark Meany McKinnon, if you don’t stop fact-checking she who is mantled by God to be President and get free stuff, also too.

So now we have to listen to you festering Republican snake oil salesmen sell us on your new meme: Sarah Palin can’t win in 2012 and she’s also unqualified.

Nice of you to join the rest of the country in noting that her failure to comprehend that Afghanistan is not a neighboring country of ours is not good in a Presidential candidate. But honestly, can we, should we, believe anything that comes out of your mouth?

I remember you selling me on Sarah Palin in 2008, so I think not.

And Mark, just last July, you were quoted in Time magazine telling the world this about Palin: “What she knows, you can’t teach,” says Mark McKinnon, a top strategist for George W. Bush and McCain. “And what she doesn’t know, she can learn — and she’s learning fast.”

And then there was this goody to Time in April of 2008:

““Every day they run a primary campaign, we run a general election campaign,” explained Mark McKinnon, McCain’s senior media adviser, as the campaign bus rolled through Kentucky. “And every day we run a general election campaign is a good day for us.” That was not all. McKinnon, who used to work for George W. Bush, said he saw an historical analogy. The spring of 2008, he claimed, was shaping up to be as fruitful for Republicans as past cycles. “In the Bush campaign we used to say that we won the campaign in 2000 and 2004 between March and June,” McKinnon said later in the day. “And I think the way things are going we could say that McCain won this election between March and June.””

So which side of your mouth should we believe? Inquiring minds want to know.

The lesson today is never listen to a media strategist. They only tell you what their side wants you to know today. Plus, this one sold Bush to us twice.

And he says Palin picks losers. Oh, my.

Sarah Palin has crashed this party for far too long, I couldn’t agree more. But these boys are going to be held accountable for selling us the dangerously ill Sarah Palin in 2008, and it does not matter what they say now unless they apologize for cynically pushing a mentally ill person as qualified to be Vice President in order to win an election and in the process selling America on another Bush, but this one with no manners and no Laura to calm the troubled waters.

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  1. In a roundabout way it doesnt matter what side of his mouth he is talking out of. If he has credibility with the GOP and he says she is croaking, thats all thats needed to start the ball rolling. All the GOP needs is enough people to say it and Sarah is out of the park. Irrelevant as OBL

    I dont have a care how she gets there. Let the GOP rot within itself

  2. You know there have to be oodles of things she has done that would completely destroy her credibility and any hopes of running in 2012. For instance, why do so many people know about the building materials used for the Wasilla arena, that ended up helping to build her house. That must be illegal and yet no one has launched an investigation as far as I know. Rumors about a faked pregnacy; eventually DNA can be used to either confirm or deny the rumor. Intimidation of the citizens of Wasilla, least they talk to the media. No one does this unless there is something to hide.

    I agree that just coming out and denouncing her credentials now won’t do the trick. She has too many willfully ignorant minions who worship her. Time to find the real skeletons and release the kraken.

  3. OMG where did you get the picture???? That has to be the worst picture of her I have ever seen. Yikes.
    Ok enough about appearances- but damn girl that is one ugly picture!

    I really don’t have much else to add you said it all in your post. Good Job as always and Thank you!

  4. OMG she was quite the tacky one. Palin pre facial surgery with the lip tattoo liner. Yikes! I always laugh when men say she’s sexy. Puh-lease. She looks like Dick Cheney with a wig. And then she opens her mouth and you realize she’s George Bush only dumber.

  5. McCain should be prosecuted for treason re: picking Palin. He did what the GOP told him to do. How is that a good thing? Oh yeah I forgot – he was a POW, therefore we must forgive all his sins.

  6. I understand that back in 2008, McCain’s preference was Joe Lieberman for his running mate. I have also read allegations that the GOP operatives nixed that idea, telling him he should not pick an older white man. In their infinite wisdom, they told him he should pick an unconventional candidate to represent “change,” to counter the nomination of Obama on the Democratic side. Then they got stuck with this wackjob that they actually tried to sell to Americans, deliberately lying about her non-existent qualifications. Fortunately, more than enough of us saw her for what she is to keep McCain from being elected. Now that they didn’t win the Senate, they want to throw her under the bus. If she hadn’t been so hateful and so toxic as well as just plain stupid during her moments of fame, I might feel sorry for her. But I don’t have any sympathy either for her or the GOP operatives who tried to force her on us. They have painted themselves into a corner, because they know she’s imminently unqualified, and yet they run the risk of alienating her followers and still losing another presidential election. They are reaping what they have sown, in spades.

  7. Perfect post. Spot on.

    The GOP was happy to let Palin-just be Palin -when they thought she was helpful. But, it seems they lost control of the monster they released on the USA. They need to accept blame for selling this crazy woman as “qualified”

    She really is not a well person. Time to open that closet full of skeletons

  8. Hi Dusty,

    I can’t remember where I found this one, but it was a year or more ago. We can’t see her clothes here and that would tell the story (her own clothes pre-campaign were often an odd, goofy mixture). It is pre-quitting for sure. I’ve come across some real doozies of her. Palin obviously coveted glamor for a long time and made some odd choices trying to achieve it, but in a way, this is a part of her I actually found a tad charming. For whatever it’s worth, she was more “real” pre-make-over. I would have to agree with her that the GOP made a mistake packaging her (as part slick barbie sex toy and part authoritarian dominatrix), but then she has bought into it lock, stock and barrel. If only she weren’t so mean and misinformed….

  9. I giggled and guffawed and then wept a little while I read this. But so spot on, Sarah. What the Repubs are doing is driving more of their looney base to the Tea Party, but still leaving enough room in the lean-to for their crazy types. The Republicans don’t even seem to recognize their role in this dysfunctional family circus. Palin is on the weebles train to a nomination – perhaps not a Republican one, but some party is going to gas up her Barbie car and send it straight to 2012. But by then I predict the Democrats will finally have woken up and learned to talk the issues and make themselves heard.

  10. haha:-) I knew it! Oh, by the way, my latest isn’t aimed at anything you posted bur rather a dangerous foray onto twitter and another forum where they had all decided that Obama was the anti-christ. And they wonder why they have no power.

  11. If the republicans thought she would win against POTUS Obama do you think they would be trashing her?
    They would let her run and figure out how to control her.
    They do not give a damn about you or me or this country. They used her to try and win the election in 08. I don’t like palin, I think she is stupid and I don’t like her politics. She is smart in the sense she knows how to work the system to her advantage.
    The republicans are going to get what they deserve. They cannot control the tea party and govern they way the country wants and needs. They will do nothing for the next 2 years and try and blame Democrats while trying to prevent the extremists from taking over the party or even splitting into a 3rd party.
    I really hope they don’t ask Democrats to help with “their Palin problem”.

  12. Democrats are too smart for that. Notice how they’ve kept their hands clean of the drama queen? No one even acknowledges her except when forced to comment on her by the press. Nope. The GOP is stuck with their Palin Problem.

  13. You are always spot on when it comes to “her”. You read her like a good book. It is scary to think that she will run and scarier to think that there might just be enough followers to get her elected. I want to believe that there are “those” who know enough to stop her, but I do not understand what they are waiting for. Are they waiting to see if she actually announces a run? Even the GOP has to have some love of country, don’t they?

  14. I’m not sure that they do, Marie, but I do recall that McCain’s advisers were wondering how they would diminish Palin’s power were they to win, as they were concerned over her mental health. Now, if you really love your country, I’m not sure that you continue to sell that person as a viable leader. There have been a few who came out from that experience to speak their truth, and I do respect that, but I have to note that they did it AFTER the election. I understand that is their job, but in this sense, they put their party first.

    The fact that they used her as a tool to express lies and gutter trash about the President for two years for purely political purposes does not speak well of them. Now they are trying to ruin her because this also suits them. Politics is a dirty game, but the way the Republicans play it in the Rove era leaves little room for admiration of their patriotism.

    As for what they have on her, the question is where will they start? They have plenty of real things to pick from. I have a guess but I’m hoping I’m wrong, as it would make me personally sick to see it used against her.

  15. Sarah,

    Thank you – you give me and so many others hope. We are ALL Americans and I want to believe that we all love our country equally.

    I am naturally a very compassionate person and sometimes it bothers me the thoughts that I have for this woman, but she really is an evil person.

    As to what the GOP has on her and what, when and where they start, forgive me, but I don’t care what they use as long as they keep her away from our White House. She deserves whatever comes her way.

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