Lame Duck Session Presents the Perfect Opportunity for Democrats

Now that Democrats in Congress are in a lame duck session, they have one more opportunity to take a stand for the American people before Republicans give America to the corporate world. Republicans have been upfront about their intentions to shut down the government and remove safety nets across the board so they can give tax cuts to the rich.

Republicans will spend the next two years attempting to repeal the Affordable Health Care act, financial regulations, and tie up the Obama Administration with 7 new investigations a week for 40 weeks according to the GOP leadership in the House and Senate. The GOP is also proposing cutting or privatizing Social Security and Medicare; not to save money, but to bolster the earnings of investment bankers and Wall Street.

Democrats will certainly face filibusters and blockages during the lame duck session, but if they make a strong effort to help the economy and the American people, Republicans will be exposed as the vindictive corporate shills they really are.  The Democrat’s legislative accomplishments for the past 22 months are remarkable; they saved the American auto industry, averted a depression, passed health care reform, passed financial regulations, and created 3.3 million jobs with the stimulus bill.

If Democrats propose extending the Bush-era tax cuts to every taxpayer except the 2% wealthiest Americans, Republicans will have a difficult time explaining why they deny tax cuts for 98% of Americans. It is an opportunity for Democrats to help American people while showing the disregard Republicans have for our citizens.

There is not enough time for Democrats to craft and pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill, but they can pass the Dream Act. It will be good for immigrants who already live and work in America, and if Republicans block the bill, it will show their disregard for Latinos.

There are millions of unemployed Americans who depend on unemployment benefits to keep them from losing their homes and living on the street, but Republicans refuse to extend benefits. Democrats should extend unemployment benefits to help working Americans who have lost their jobs to outsourcing with Republican support. When Democrats tried to take tax breaks away from corporations who outsourced American jobs, Republicans blocked the legislation showing their disregard for American workers.

It is time for Democrats to show the American people who is looking out for their interests and who is looking out for the corporate world and rich people. Although Republicans will make every attempt to block Democrat’s proposals, it is incumbent on Democrats to show some intestinal fortitude and fight for Americans, and they should make it very vocal.

It is a perfect opportunity to show the mindset of Republicans before they take control of the House. Republicans have no plans for the next two years, and their supporters are in for a rude awakening when they will see the party they put in power waste time and resources with hundreds of investigations meant to overwhelm the Obama Administration with inquiries and obstructive measures. Republicans have done nothing since President Obama took office just like they promised, and now their goal is to undo everything Democrats did accomplish.

At some point, Americans will have to acknowledge that Republicans’ only goal is to obstruct the Black man sitting in the Oval Office. They have offered nothing for the American people except to say no to every single program and legislation Democrats supported that will help Americans and get the economy growing again. Republicans have walked away from bills they sponsored because President Obama supported them.

Democrats have nothing to lose by going forward with strength during the lame duck session and everything to gain. But they need to be strong and stop succumbing to threats from Republicans. What can Republicans do? Say no to a tax increase for 98% of Americans, no to extending unemployment benefits, or no to repealing DADT or the Dream Act? Of course they will say no, but if they do continue saying no to legislation that will benefit the majority of Americans, it will not look good.

Democrats who are leaving Congress may as well vote for the good of the people because they don’t have to worry about electability, and they will leave with a clear conscience knowing they tried to help Americans instead of corporations. If Democrats do stand up for Americans in the lame duck session, it will show their conviction, and show the disregard that Republicans have for the American people.

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  1. Good article, RMuse. You raise some excellent points. As you say, the Democrats have nothing to lose and it would be a fitting broadside in farewell, at once throwing down the gauntlet at the Republicans and saluting the brave Americans who voted them into office to make some very important changes in our government.

  2. Its too late. Obama already caved in. In fact he is considering increasing the tax break to the rich.

    He is off my xmas list.

    However still republicans saying no to everything will give the dems back the congress in time.

  3. That’s sad to hear. I guess Obama doesn’t want to get re-elected in 2012. Or maybe he plans to run as a Republican?

  4. at 4:30 National Hotline is reporting:

    “But in comments to National Journal later in the morning, Axelrod clarified his statement and said the White House is not caving in.

  5. To cave or not to cave. It wasnt long ago that polls said leave the middle class and crank the rich.

    I wonder if polls are the next corrupt item to hit Washington

  6. I heard that wasn’t true. We should research that more because IF he wants to be reelected, he can’t count on us, by doing *that.* I think this can’t be right….

  7. No no, it’s not correct and even if it does happen, the framing is made to sound like we should be outraged. Guess who designed that?

  8. Have any of you asked yourselves this simple question;

    “Do Corporations pay taxes?”

    The answer is NO…. WE DO, when we buy their goods and services. So go ahead and tax them to oblivion and pay more taxes!

    Also all those wonderful programs that have “CHANGED” our nation only work until you run out of other peoples money.

    And to end this, I can’t wait to pay taxes on my Health Insurance that is provided by my employer. Thank you Obama and Democrats, you really are the CHAMPIONS of the Middle Class!

  9. Poll information can be made to say whatever the author wants. If one bit of data doesn’t support your view, there’s another study somehwere else that might. Or you can just sponser a poll yourself, and get what you want directly.

  10. Seriously. Republicans, Democrats…. ugh! We need government without parties. One that has real legal consequences for politicians. As long as we have this “OH God, the other parties in charge now, let’s vote against all their ideas” stuff going on nothings ever going to workout for the boots on the ground. (average citizens) The FACT: Everyone you elect is power hungry. This isn’t hollywood. There’s isn’t a scripted happy ending. The power hungry will tell you what they need to get elected, than do their own thing anyway, often not to your best interest. Obama should let the tax cuts for the rich go, but he should not tax the American people any more. Cut government programs not linked to national security. Government should be smaller but the punishments for broken laws harsher. It’s entrenching on liberties again. Every time this happens in history, people will go against their government. Obama plans to stick my grandchildren with the bailout of this nations largest bank, that’s not going to fly. At some point the American people have to stand up against the Government being in bed with Business. That, is where we fail.

  11. This article (and this site for that matter) make me lol till my sides hurt. I pondered for a minute how such a misinformed bogus site could last, or even make it to the front of Digg. Then I remembered how many misinformed crybaby liberals troll Digg.

  12. I detect sarcasm, so I’ll ask this: Care to provide a solution that covers all US Citizens, despite a portion’s willingness to accept risk, and sorry they did when an event does occur?

  13. And Jim, all the anti-liberal ilk make me facepalm until my sides hurt. Then I remember how easy it is to sit on the side and criticize and offer no real solutions to the standing problem.

    So let’s go ahead keep lobbing these boulders at each other so nothing real gets accomplished.

  14. “Republicans will be exposed as the vindictive corporate shills they really are”

    Sorry- American people are far too stupid/gullible and that will never happen. They’ll happily believe who ever is lying loudest.

  15. “they saved the American auto industry” by subsidizing vehicles that no one wants and making GM and Chrysler execs rich in the meantime. Inefficiency should have been left to die so that efficiency could get back into the auto industry. But that would have mad the unions mad and cost Obama some votes.

    “averted a depression” That is an opinion which cannot be proven. The economy may have corrected itself without the billions of dollars of our money being given away. The only thing certain about this is that it cost taxpayers and their children a lot of money.

    “passed health care reform” Which has already been shown to raise premiums and result in people loosing their insurance. Why should some give up what they are willing and able to pay for just so those who live off the government or choose not to pay can have insurance??? Guess it’s ok as long as it redistributes the wealth and get Dems votes.

    “passed financial regulations” Yeah, and printed $600 billion in cash with nothing to back it up so that the dollar could be devalued and get on the level of money from other companies. More redistribution of our wealth???

    “created 3.3 million jobs” Mostly in the government and non-sustainable without costing taxpayers more money. He raised the salaries of government employees so they make much more than the equivalent job in the private sector. And the private sector job just happens not to cost taxpayers anything – rather puts taxes back into the system.

    The only thing Obama and his cronies have done is make the unions happy and screw the American people. Not saying the Reps are any better, but lets give credit where credit is due – NOWHERE. Need to throw them all out and start over with real people who have had real jobs, had to balance a budget, had to pay for what they have, and aren’t in government service for a career. Term limits – say 1 term ini any elected position then out for good!!!

  16. This is a good idea and all, but do the Democrats in office know this? Maybe this should be sent directly to those Democrats…

  17. Healthcare is not your RIGHT. It’s a benefit and a choice. It’s not my governments job to regulate my choice. If they would get out of the way and let the Insurance Business work across state lines, it would solve a lot of problems about affordability.

  18. The problem is for democrats is that the republicans and tea party are giving solutions, but it moves away from social welfare programs and they yell it down. Then cry that the republicans don’t give any solutions. It’s solutions, just not yours. There have been hundreds of solutions proposed but none taken because it takes the power from the government and men in power will not give up power willingly.

  19. the government does not stop insurance companies from working across state lines. The insurance companies do it in agreement with each other. That would not affect affordability at all. There is no competition within the healthcare industry.

  20. the Republicans are not giving any solutions, they are going back to a form of government that got us to where we are today. In debt. For the last two years there have been no Republican solutions. Just obstruction. the Tea party has no idea what it is for and against. All it is trying to do is ignore the fact that we owe a tremendous debt overseas while they want to get rid of taxes. The whole organization behind the tea party is fraudulent

    Do you ever wonder why the so-called socialist countries have the longest life expectancy, the best healthcare and usually top the polls of the nicest places to live?

  21. I thought that the Bush tax cuts would add $700 Billion to America’s Dept, but I could be wrong. For example I did not Know all Americans wanted the Bush tax cuts.

    Is that true?

  22. Ever lived in a country with socialized medicine? Ever had a close freind wither away and die because she was a “Low priority cancer patient” to the covernment?

  23. People need to face facts. Corporations DO NOT PAY TAXES – PEOPLE DO. If you tax the corporations, the corporations pass the tax on to the consumers; so you get to pay your income tax, then you get to pay higher prices on everything so that the corporations can pay the taxes. They will not reduce their profits by the amount of tax they are charged. Just look at gasoline now – you pay the tax on top of all the other taxes you pay. Get with it people. Do away with all taxes on income and the
    IRS. Institute a national sales tax and outlaw all other taxes.

  24. Corporations do pay taxes on their revenue. In fact, many are taxed twice.
    There are many types of corporations, and these days most are being formed as L.L.C.s or L.L.P.s or L.P.s or L.C.s which are taxed as partnerships and thus only once, with optimal deductions, but the majority of huge corporations, or those we think of as “Big X” (“Big Auto” “Big Wall Street” “Big Medicine”, et al.) are Incorporated, and thus are taxed twice. Not to mention all the fines and fees various government agencies require in order to comply with mandatory regulations and whatnot.

  25. Just to comment on your response to “passed financial regulations”:

    The Fed is nonpartisan. If you are going to rail against it, don’t rail against Democrats or Republicans who put the chairman in power, because that would be erroneous and ill-placed blame. Instead, rail against the economic policy being used. Keynesian economic policy is what the Fed is following now, which has seen a resurgence in popularity since the “great recession” came about at the end of George W. Bush’s presidency.

    However, the Fed’s decision to print $600 billion is totally separate and independent of the POTUS or Congress, and was done regardless of who was in power. It wasn’t an accomplishment/fault of any party. The Federal Reserve chairman position is for 12 years, enough time to see two to three presidents, and any number of Congresses. This further cements their position as independent of the government.

  26. Woaha… Tea Party is a movement… not a party. It’s about limiting the Governments power to over tax it’s citizens, something a lot of republicans and democrats agree on. This goes back to the foundations why this nation was founded. Over taxation cause the colonies to revolt in the first place.

  27. Honestly this whole article must be a joke…right? No one with even 5% of their remaining brain capacity (after drugs, alcohol, sniffing glue, etc.) could believe this drivel…right?

    If it’s a way to show how stupid and crazy the left is it does an excellent job.

  28. “take a stand for the American people before Republicans give America to the corporate world”

    No human being capable of using a computer could possibly be this disconnected and stupid. The author of this article is clearly a troll.

  29. Can I have some of what you’re smoking?

    “Inefficiency should have been left to die so that efficiency could get back into the auto industry. But that would have mad the unions mad and cost Obama some votes.”

    Oh. boy. Just what the economy needs…tens of thousands MORE people out of work. Don’t you understand the destruction that closing huge businesses causes? Do you know that unions are the way workers bargain with the corporate fat cats? Without losing their jobs?

    “Which has already been shown to raise premiums and result in people loosing (sic)their insurance.”

    Why should your life be a crap shoot with an insurance company? What does the middle man do except to add a layer of cost? VA isn’t perfect, but people seem to like Medicare. Which is health care without the insurance. Because you pay for it with your taxes. Instead of paying for some earmark somewhere.
    “More redistribution of our wealth???”
    Must be nice to be rich. Our money went to pay corporations for the privilege of serving them.

    “He raised the salaries of government employees so they make much more than the equivalent job in the private sector. And the private sector job just happens not to cost taxpayers anything – rather puts taxes back into the system.”

    Oh, no! He raised the standard of living of government servants as a challenge to poverty wages we’re getting paid. Those civil servants are there to protect US from rapacious contractors and corruption.

    The private sector job costs you more than you realize. They use our roads, utilities, services, and safety programs, but they don’t bear the cost. You do. “Tax credits” means that the cost is shifted to taxpayers. You.

    Shelter, food, transportation health care – you pay all those labor costs, and businesses get a tax break if they shoulder even part of that burden.

    Every dollar businesses don’t pay in taxes is services and infrastructure that you, your children and grandchildren will never have.
    Money debts can be re-negotiated. Lost infrastructure can’t.

    A crumbling highway or collapsed levee is just one more thing stolen from your children. We’ve lived off WPA projects long enough. Our time to step up to the plate.

    And create a bunch of well paying jobs doing it. Gee whiz. How awful. They are government workers. A fixed cost. As opposed to contractors, who are an uncontrolled cost that can hold you hostage.

    Wanna try to deploy Armed forces without Halliburton?

  30. Several of us got together and created a petition concerning the bills that we would like the Dems to pass during the Lame Duck Session. Please take a few moments to read it (edit it to your taste), sign it and share it with others. We need 5000 signatures total before it’s sent out on November 25th. Thanks!

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