President Obama Screwed You. Wait, No He Didn’t

Here's the man we can't stop talking about
Here's the man we can't stop talking about

Obama Screwed You – Wait, No He Didn’t

All the rage, all the buzz, is how Obama screwed us all and no one, and I mean no one, likes him anymore! Hey, Obama, you suck! Give us the permanent tax cuts or else, and do not give them to anyone else. We mean it! Cut to the quiet clarification in the afternoon that all of the hysteria was for naught. No need to kill ourselves yet. Oh, is it too late? Gee, sorry. It was for a good cause; the “Republican come back” and also too some extra clicks.

At 4:31 this afternoon, the National Journal is reporting:

“Michael Steel, spokesman for the putative next House speaker, John Boehner, didn’t miss the chance to take a shot at the White House: He sent out an e-mail celebrating that Axelrod was finally seeing things the Right way.
But in comments to National Journal later in the morning, Axelrod clarified his statement and said the White House is not caving in.
“We’re willing to discuss how we move forward,” Axelrod said in an e-mail to National Journal, “but we believe that it’s imperative to extend the tax cuts for the middle class, and don’t believe we can afford a permanent extension of tax cuts for the wealthy.” It’s a notion that the president raised as far back as his interview with National Journal in October.”

The article further explains, however, “If you polled all American economists and gave the median thinker plenipotentiary powers, he or she would likely say its best to leave tax rates where they are for the next year or two and then raise them.”

So the National Journal is setting the stage for a possible two year extension given that economists apparently suggest this. However, neither the National Journal, the Huffington Post nor John Boehner are your President. In other words, they are all guessing what he’s going to do, and jacking you up righteously in the mean time.

And Washington Post explains, “The question remains, though, whether the White House will hold fast to Obama’s demand last week that the extension of the tax cuts for the middle class remain permanent while extending the high end ones temporarily. The main sticking point is that Republicans won’t allow the two categories to be extended for different durations, because that would force them to push for just an extension of the cuts for the rich later.”

And by the way everyone – the Deficit Commission making all of these recommendations has NO power. They are only recommending things. This won’t be finalized until December. Even if the tax cuts for the rich stay in place to appease the economic recovery, they will only be extended for two years. Yes, I know this hurts us all to see that rich people will not be suffering, but you might feel better once you remember that rich people rarely pay taxes at all, so their “rate” is rather irrelevant. Now, if we were talking about changing tax dodges for corporations, that would be another story.

As for Republicans nattering on about tax cuts and permanency, first of all, there are NO permanent tax cuts and second of all, when did the Republicans last tell you the truth? They are the ones who jumped on this and claimed Obama was “coming around”. Now why would anyone believe John Boehner over President Obama? Hello????

I marvel at the American public who still hasn’t learned to double-check what they read and are still so eager to fall out of love with their own President that they jump on any excuse, regardless of how flimsy it is and how little they know about the issue, to express their superiority and disgust. Oh, and to make matters worse, the talking point of outrage usually begins with a nugget from a Republican whose agenda it is to get you all riled up.

My, my people. I thought we all knew better than to listen to Republicans by now.

Comfort yourselves with this: If Obama does screw you, you will know about it from a verified source and you won’t be wasting all of this energy hyperventilating over something that isn’t even real courtesy of the weeping elephant you’ve invited into your mind for permanent residence. Please stop smoking the GOPPER crack and stop reacting to every half-baked piece of “news” designed to enrage you.

Do you really care what happens with the Bush tax cuts? Or is this about not letting the Republicans think they control things, because it looks to me like they control the liberal Democrats just fine without any help from President Obama, since ya’ll can’t stop sucking on the stale ends of their sound bites.

Hey, they found WMD in Iraq, too.

Reject the liars. If you are going to get screwed (and I don’t see where letting the rich continue to not pay taxes screws anyone but the federal deficit and hence the Republicans) you will know it soon enough, but wouldn’t you rather hear it from a trusted source than a trickle down Republican talking point? Man up, my hearty liberals. This fight has just begun and this is no way to start it.

18 Replies to “President Obama Screwed You. Wait, No He Didn’t”

  1. That’s true. The rich don’t pay taxes anyway what with all of the write offs and tax dodges. And when did the Bush deficit become the issue for liberals. Talk about buying into the right wing frame. I think this is more Democratic upset over the election. I support the president and I believe his heart is in the right place. Well we will find out soon enough what his plans are but remember the Republicans wont pass any tax cuts for the middle class unless they also include tax cuts for the rich.

  2. Ok NOW I know what you were referring to :)

    There are various places on the net where you can send emails to Dem senators (you can only email your own representatives). I suggest that Jason make them part of the blog roll for people to grab as soon as they read something here. This is an ideal issue to start firing off emails. Twitter dont cut it

  3. Ms. Jones, I congratulate you on writing this piece, but there is a fundamental truth in all of this: they are not going to listen, and this will happen repeatedly, until liberals implode the very political infrastructure they had yet to begin the scaffolding.

    I have no expectation or illusion that this advice will ever be heeded by the people who need to follow it the most. I just find it ironic that we can acknowledge on one hand just how undependable the information that comes out of right-wing sources like National Journal or Politico, yet not discern any of it when the Huffington Post flashes up a big headline on its page, and off the cliff liberals go.

    12 years ago, we called this the “vast, right-wing conspiracy,” when it applied to President and First Lady Clinton. Today, when it applies to the current president, some on the left have coupled the right-wing conspiracy, openly emasculate this president, and jump ship at every little item posted somewhere. The biggest irony of all is that the majority of these same people jumped all over the White House in July, over Andrew Brietbart’s shafting of Shirley Sherrod through similar, shady claims.

    We’re not ready for this fight, and we won’t reject the liars, because too many of them are connected to each other, and too many liberals will believe any kind of crap that comes out about this president because of it.

  4. I’ll suggest it to him. That’s a great idea:-) Jason is usually against political activism in general, however I see he’s trying to rig the Jon Stewart pol on Time back in favor of Jon where it started, so….:-)

    I think we need to man up along with our Representatives. The one thing I can’t stand is seeing our own people sucking up Republican talking points, which are basically media talking points, and have been for quite a while now. After WMD, you would think people would stop and think but it seems like they think that was a one-off.

  5. Thanks so much, Vent. Your comment helped me feel that I’m not the only one who sees the great betrayal from within. I have very little faith that anything anyone says will change this, but I can’t help myself from trying. I’ve never seen this party in such willing submission to the Right wing’s framing of every single issue. ACORN alone told me this. The Right screams and the Left complies and then they get mad when their representatives do the same thing. I begin to think it’s projection that hurts the most.

    If this is what we’re made of, we don’t deserve this President or power and we might as well prepare for President Palin or Huckabee.

  6. Way to pep talk my panties out of a bunch. Thank you misses Jones-misses-Jo-ooo-owns-ta da tada ta dada dada….

  7. The issue with the Nation of Islam is their doctrine.
    Simple stated the Koran has this as their doctrine.
    Make no friends with a Christian or a Jew for they are your enemies.
    This was their doctrine at 911, and continues to be their doctrine.
    Consider Fort hood. Their outcry was to kill those 13 soldiers.
    Obama is a Muslim, he has stated that publicly. He is just being true to his Koran,
    to eliminate America and all jews.

  8. No, Sarah and Vent, you did change me. Seriously. And there are probably thousands and thousands of people like me who are awakening to the need to listen, critically listen, analyze, and take a deep breath before wailing and frothing at the mouth. The blogosphere is an awesome world. Yes, it can lead one down a rabbit hole of confusion and lies, but it can also shed some light on the various truths out there. Sadly, yes, lots of conservatives, liberals and libertarians want to stay in that cozy rabbit hole.

  9. Otherwise there is a link that will take you to a site that will tell you who your representatives are, which would also be helpful.

  10. In the third pillar it states those of the book (Jews, Christans, Sabane) keep to you faith as you book is the word of Allah as is the Quan. So Danny Wanny just like the muslim extremist your an idiot.

  11. You just made writing this worth while:-) Interestingly, after I published this, Jon Stewart was on Rachel Maddow talking about the same thing (much more eloquently, of course). The media has an agenda to sell us outrage in order to get us to watch, click, etc. We need to remember that and be discerning purveyors. Yesterday, as I watched the melt-down on twitter, I took two seconds to google it and found out it hadn’t happened. There is always time for outrage, and there is plenty of time to write our representatives in the meantime. No, I’m not suggesting that they will listen to us. The Democrats suffer from our inability to support them properly and live in fear of the next right wing attack because of it. Isn’t it funny listening to liberals denounce their representatives as wussies when they are the first to abandon ship? Where’s the courage, fortitude and staying power of the Democratic base?

  12. You are absolutely right! Obama is not responsible for anything. Every idea has been suggested by someone else.

  13. Don’t talk like we are circling the drain. It’s people like you who must rally the troops and keep hope alive. I know it’s hard, but you must continue the good fight These same “cliff liberals” helped elect this President 2 years ago and they are the only ones who can help change things now. During Clinton’s second term the Republicans learned that if they screamed louder, they were perceived as right. Basically they intimidate, they are bullies. Our unsure liberal democrats are as a whole, are cowards. Help our cowards grow some balls.

  14. Whom much is given, much is expected. Who is rich. The rich is going do what most rich do take more, it is human nature greed.

  15. Just what part of I am a Christian, don’t you understand. Obama has attended Christian church, and is a Christian. Why can’t you just get that?

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