Disapproval of Sarah Palin Reaches an All Time High

It is just days before TLC’s heavily hyped Sarah Palin’s Alaska debuts, and Gallup released a new poll today which showed that 52% of Americans have a negative view of Palin. She has a negative rating of 83% among Democrats and 53% with Independents. Republicans gave Palin an 80% approval rating, but it is awfully tough to be president or even a reality TV star, when over half of America hates you.

According to Gallup, Palin tied her lowest ever measured, at least by their measure, approval rating at 40%, but she has managed to gain popularity among Republicans, where her approval rating has gone from 76% in July to 80% in November. The problem for Palin is that she is only popular within the Republican Party. She has a favorable rating of 35% with Independents, and a 15% approval rating with Democrats. As Palin’s approval rating has gone up with Republicans, she lost 8 points with Independents, and 3 points with Democrats.

Lydia Saad of Gallup noted that the perception of Palin went consistently negative in July of 2009 and has stayed there ever since, “Palin’s image has consistently tilted negative since July 2009, and was nearly as negative in October 2009 as it is today. Public views on her were also more negative than positive just before the 2008 election, in which President Obama handily defeated the Republican ticket. By contrast, Americans’ initial reactions to Palin after her debut at the Republican National Convention that year were mostly favorable.”

The more Palin forces the spotlight to stay on her, the more her popularity grows with Republicans and decreases with the rest of the country. I suspect that no amount of reality television or book tours will be able to rehabilitate her image. Non Republican America decided long ago that they don’t care for Sarah Palin, yet she continues to shove herself down their throats. It is not surprising that Democrats can’t stand Palin, but she has held consistently high negatives with Independents, and this is where she has become a real problem for the Republican Party.

Sarah Palin’s near universal popularity with Republicans makes her one of the favorites for the 2012 Republican nomination. Palin is vastly more popular within her party than any other potential 2012 GOP contender. The 2010 election demonstrated that the right will vote with their hearts over their heads, even if it ends up costing them the General Election. I don’t believe that this emotion over logic movement is going to dissipate within the Republican primary base before 2012.

The doomsday scenario that Karl Rove and others in the Republican establishment are trying to prevent is one where Republican primary voters vote with their hearts and nominate Sarah Palin, who then goes on to get absolutely crushed by Barack Obama in the November election. Palin will energize not only Republicans, but also Democrats and Independents to come out and vote against her. Instead of 2012 being the referendum on Obama that Republicans crave, it could turn into an anti-Palin energized Democratic landslide that costs Republicans not just the White House, but also control of the House.

The Republican establishment may see this freight train coming, but they could be absolutely powerless to stop it. Sarah Palin could be the Democrats greatest asset for 2012. Republicans know that all the voters who stayed home in 2010 will be back out in force to support Obama in 2012. Unseating an incumbent president is difficult enough without the additional burden of a nominee who is the least popular politician in America. If Palin’s popularity with Republicans continues to grow, Barack Obama will have little to worry about in 2012.

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  1. Ok, here is the takeaway from this information: We have a crisis situation in this country! 15% of DEMOCRATS approve of Sarah Palin.

    Uh, WTF?! LOL.

  2. I have it on good authority that those 15% were forced into republican re-education camps.

    That shocked me too. 15% of dems like her? Are you out of your freaking bleeding skulls?

    M Moore just said on Larry King that the Republicans had a president for 8 years that wasn’t too smart. Thats why Sarah appeals to them now. She isnt too smart.

    BUT! We know the republicans are going to kill the economy. If they can truly get it down and make it look like Obama did it, well there goes the ball game.

  3. If palin were to run, then she needs to answer questions for all media, not just fox, she needs to give policy proposals and her record from Alaska needs to examined.
    She needs to be held accountable.
    If the republicans want her to run, fine. But she needs to be as accountable to the US as the Democratic nominee. No excuses allowed from her. No hiding behind twitter and Face book.
    Tell us how you will make this country better instead of complaining all the time.

    Anybody can complain. You don’t even need a college degree. But in order to run for POTUS, you need ideas, passion and be able to follow through on your ideas.
    Palin has shown us none of this. Just a reality show and a half term as Gov. and a few twitters

  4. The longer Palin keeps herself in the limelight, the more apparent and glaring her deficits are to most Americans. Since 2008, she has done everything that bolsters her image as petty, vindictive, ill-informed about this country and the world, and willing to sell herself to the highest bidders for money. She not only has a high unfavorable rating in the United States, but also worldwide. She is a laughingstock outside this country, and if people think America’s image suffered under GW, the world’s judgment of us would be severe and inescapable under her. In addition to her other serious character flaws, she is tiresomely and gratituously confrontational, with an us-against-them mentality that always serves a presidency poorly. The GOP is realizing belatedly that she hurts their image as well, although that image is bad even without her help. They don’t want her to run, but they have a small and vocal base that does. So, they are damned if they let her run, and also damned if they don’t. They are stuck in a morass of their own making.

  5. Laugh all you want, Libtards!!

    Sarah Palin is the true messiah sent from God to save America from liberals, communists, elitists, homosexuals, unions, terrorists, socialists, the educated, government, news readers, militia haters, people who didn’t vote for Bristol on DWTS, informed voters, journalists, COMEDY CENTRAL, teleprompters, and organizations unwilling to pay her at least $200,000 per 27-minute appearance.

    And if she chooses either Michelle Bachman or Christine O’Donnell as her running mate, Obama bin Biden is sunk come 2012!

  6. Isn’t politics just a reflection of the people. Does anything in the last 30 years indicate intelligent people are running the country?

  7. No, Its not his fault because he cannot control the House. But yes, he must kill the tax cuts. In my opinion for everyone not just the rich

  8. Very funny!! I almost spit out my coffee laughing at this post. Thank you for giving me my first morning laugh.

  9. Ah, the sweet tick, tick, tick of the final seconds in Palin’s eternal 15 minutes of fame. It’s long overdue. America wakes from the after-hours party that is Sarah Palin and sees the strewn garbage and used Sharpie markers, empty bottles and flexy straws, broken furniture and the sorry excuse of a lying, uneducated, incompetent half-term governor and political porn star.

    Let’s move on.

  10. It’s funny knowing that the GOP blames Palin for the loss of the Senate, with all the fruitcakes she endorsed.

  11. “Conservative Heart” – thanks so much for the laughs! For a minute there I was saying: “HUH”????? Great Post! I’m still laughing.

  12. Recap here…….she lied in 2008 about so many things.. Just a few – the bridge to nowhere, the pipeline and the backroom deals she made, the lobbyist and the pork barrel projects, the pregancy (that lie is still by far the most shocking and revolting of all of them), the reason she walked off her job as gov., the truth about todd’s membership in a very anti-american organization, her backroom deals and support of the organization, Trooper Wooten and her hostility and misuse of the governors office to ruin him, trade missions with Russia that never happened, her attempt to make rape victims pay for the rape kits, charging the state per diem while she worked in her own home instead of gov. mansion, her son’s legal trouble and why he joined the service, her daughter’s reason for leaving school (we all know she was pregant at the time with trig), the millions of debt she left in her wake both as mayor and governor, the improper assoc with the sports complex builder and that huge perk that doubled the size of her house, the money she charged the state to fly her kids on Alaska’s dime and her need to charge the state for 5 star accomadations in the process, the lie about the jet she claimed to have sold on e-bay and the truth of who really bought it and the great “deal” she gave the “friend” that bought it, the incident with the request to ban books….oh yes, that really happened…..the money she fleeced the RNC for over 200K in clothing she never returned and later lied about, the birth certificate she said she produced on Trigg, the truth about Track’s biological father and what later happened to him, lies about Levi and how he wasnt’ there for the birth of his son…..LIAR…he was there…..lied about him living at their house, lied about her speaking fees and how she donates them back to the cause, lied about death squads on the health reform – actually endorsed a very similar program while gov for the state of alaska, lied about Obama’s assoc with “terrorists” but hey…we know where she came up with that big ole lie….don’t we sarah? Ask Todd …..I think that organization todd and you belonged to is what one would define as terrorists if you look up who and what they were – they HATED the USA. She lies to all those poor, naive and lost followers that have been praying for a hero and she led them down the path like sheep…so sad….while she fleeces them for every dime she can grab out of their praying hands – they deserve a hero and she gave them an illusion of honor, trust, family values and the heart of an american patriot ….What she’s done is so beyond cruel and vile……I pray so many of her followers find the TRUTH and God finally shines His light to expose her empty heart and evil, lying soul….along with the rest of her trashy family. Grifters.. All of them.

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