The Republican Leopard And the Myth of Conservative Change

The Republicans in Congress are putting on a display of what it means to be conservative, and disenfranchised voters who put them in control of the House are evidence that they indeed want the country going backwards. Either the voters have short memories and have forgotten the Bush policies that put us in the situation we find ourselves, or they truly want the country to fall further into an economic abyss.

The midterm elections were a rejection of Democratic policies that protect working Americans from big business and banking that nearly caused a depression during the conservative Bush years. For the past two years, Republicans have blocked legislation to control the damage banks and Wall Street caused, and they tricked their supporters into protesting regulations as an intrusion into their private lives.

Republicans promised change and policies that would move America forward, but their Pledge to America was a rehash of Bush’s failed policies.  Republicans played the “Socialist” card that infuriated teabaggers so they supported Republicans who promised to get government out of their personal lives, and they blocked legislation that protected taxpayers from corporate rapists like banks and big oil.

The GOP did nothing to protect Americans, and everything to ensure that corporate takeover of America’s government moved forward; and they accomplished their goal using fear and lies. Republicans were falsely contrite to fool voters by saying they made mistakes and screwed up, but that they learned their lesson. Eric Cantor said in an interview that Republicans knew they made mistakes, were fired in 2006 and 2008, and then went on to enumerate the Bush years’ policies they would implement when they took over Congress.

Since the midterms, nothing has changed and Republicans plan to continue obstructing Democrats to limit President Obama to one term by promising to repeal every piece of legislation Democrats passed. Republicans want to repeal legislation that promises better health care for millions of Americans, financial regulations that protect consumers from unfair charges, and any law that does not protect corporations and big oil.

Voters who want to return to Bush-era policies are like an abused spouse who keeps going back to their abuser; knowing they will continue beating them. At some point, one has to wonder if Republicans’ supporters suffer from Stockholm syndrome where a prisoner defends their captors and abusers. Or do conservatives really think Republicans will help them?

Conservatives’ supporters have been labeled stupid and it’s a realistic assessment based on their tendency to vote against their own self-interests, but it doesn’t explain why Democrats stayed away from the ballot box. Perhaps it’s short term memory loss, or the slow economic recovery that has failed to produce jobs in sufficient numbers.

One thing is certain though, if Republicans, teabaggers and apathetic Democrats believe there is going to be a change in GOP policy, they are sadly misinformed. Republicans will not change, and intend to continue the policies of deregulation for corporations, tax breaks for the rich, and cuts in social programs. Republicans’ claims of following the will of the people are lies, and yet, they fooled ignorant Americans into voting to return to policies that will sink America.

European conservatives are astounded that Americans voted for idiots who caused a world-wide recession and have turned to the East for solutions to the world’s problems. Republicans use the American exceptionalism meme to justify their failed policies, and conservative leaning, ignorant Americans believe that as long as America’s corporations are successful, the country will prosper; because America is exceptional.

Republicans will bring about change, but it is a change from government looking out for citizens to government protection for the corporate world. It is the kind of change only big oil and big business can believe in, and it comes at the expense of America’s economic security.

Change and progress are against conservative ideology, and one would think that Americans would look back at the past 10 years and recognize the disastrous policies that put us in the perilous situation we find ourselves in. But that would entail cognition and memory. America has made progress in two years, but it was only a change from all-out protection of corporatism to protection for citizens, and Republicans obstructed it at every turn.

Change is frightening for people who like the way things are, and protecting consumers and citizens frightens the corporate world and richest Americans because they will lose unrestricted economic gains. Republicans are frightened that Americans will realize that the changes since 2008 are for the benefit of the majority of Americans and not just the privileged.

Republicans only notion of change is to remove policies that help working Americans, and they resort to lies, fear mongering, and obstructionist tactics to achieve a corporatist agenda in return for unrestricted campaign contributions. Conservatives never change, and if Americans had memories, they would see the only change Republicans have in store for America is change in Democracy. Republicans want to change America from a pseudo-democracy to a Board of Directors based oligarchy, and they have fooled Americans into helping them facilitate that change.

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  1. The morons who vote for these people think “unrestricted financial gain” will be theirs. It’s typical of abused people to side with their abuser, but unfair to the rest of the world. What a sham the Rethuglicans ran on the voters!

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