Fox News Steals Another Obama Idea on Earmarks

GOP Victory is Adopting President Obama's Ideas for Their Own!
GOP Victory is Adopting President Obama's Ideas for Their Own!

Fox News Denies Reality to Sell GOP as Driving Obama Regarding Earmarks

This morning on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends”, the erstwhile “news” brothers and sisters at RNC PAC/Fox News are pretending that President Obama is the earmark bogey man and that they will be the driving force in getting him to support banning earmarks. This would be a great sale of baloney if only reading people the country wide didn’t already know that the President has been attempting to get earmarks killed for oh, ever since he was a Senator.

And a Senator is kinda more important than being a Representative in the House, just like being President is actually more important than making up phony narratives for Fox PAC, but still, who are we to ruin the Great GOPPER Dream of 2010? Kill the earmarks, gentlemen!

And please, while you are at it, start with your districts! Yes, go home and tell your constituents that the reason you’re not bringing home the bacon is because you are a revirginized fiscal conservative, and that you would have rejected all of that pork last year if only that evil socialist didn’t force you to take it!

Here’s the Republican PAC’s objective take on the earmark situation courtesy of Media Matters, special props for their school boy excitement that “something will finally get done!” as if it were not the Republicans who had been blocking things from getting done for the past two years. So cute!

Did ya’ miss the narrative? Huh? Did ya’? How could you!? We report and you decide! It was right there in text on the screen for you, you flippin’ goofball! The Republicans are rushing in as the Cavalry of Fiscal Conservatism to Save America! Captains America are played by the white guys and they drive the African American president who likes to spend, spend, spend to their side, thereby saving the world, no, the universe!

Media Matters reports: ” Carlson stated during the November 16 edition of Fox News’ Fox & Friends: “The big onus will fall on the president, because let’s say that this bill comes to his desk to ban earmarks. Will he veto it, or will he sign it? That will be the interesting test.” Fox & Friends suggests Obama’s support for earmark reform came after McConnell’s newfound support of it.”

Yes, yes, yes! The White Man Calvary is saving the country! Without them, where would Obama be? Perhaps a nice man, no, we aren’t birthers today (that was before the election, you slowpoke!) – today we are playing the reasonable people who think the President is a nice guy, but just not that bright when it comes to money. Money is sort of a white man thing, since you know, the white guys have had it longer and know what to do with it! No insult intended here, of course.

In order to believe this fantasy, one must be ever so careful to never go beyond the reaches of Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, lest one trip over reality!

Media Matters reports a brief recounting of reality, which all GOP PAC viewers had best ignore since it is funded by George Soros, the evil empire man funding Sarah Palin’s advisers. Oh, wait, I was supposed to leave that part out. OK, well, please ignore the following:

“On October 15, 2008, Obama stated: “Earmarks account for 0.5 percent of the total federal budget. There’s no doubt that the system needs reform and there are a lot of screwy things that we end up spending money on, and they need to be eliminated. But it’s not going to solve the problem” of reducing the deficit.”

Ouch. But, but the Republicans are making a Big Show of this, President Obama! Don’t ruin the show with facts about the deficit! After all, only a Republican knows how to drive the deficit up after a surplus and hand over trillions of dollars of unpaid for debt to the next guy and then put on the Big Show about being fiscally responsible!

“During the September 26, 2008, presidential debate, Obama said: “[A]bsolutely, we need earmark reform. And when I’m president, I will go line by line to make sure that we are not spending money unwisely. But the fact is that eliminating earmarks alone is not a recipe for how we’re going to get the middle class back on track.””

Again with the reality thing, Mr President? Reality is so boring. George Soros, George Soros, George Soros! Na-na, na-na! Please join me in collectively sticking your tongue out in what we call “debate”!

“In March 2009, Obama called for ending earmark abuses.” And called on CONGRESS to act, “Now I’m calling on Congress to enact these reforms as the appropriation process moves forward this year. Neither I nor the American people will accept anything less.”

Well, so, this is still the Republicans moment, right? I mean, they’re sort of driving him. Well, OK, they’re hopping on his bus, but still. At least they get to ride in the front.

“Obama dedicated his November 13 weekly address to earmark reform, saying:
As a Senator, I helped eliminate anonymous earmarks and created new measures of transparency so Americans can better follow how their tax dollars are being spent. As President, time and again, I’ve called for new limitations on earmarks. We’ve reduced the cost of earmarks by over $3 billion. And we’ve put in place higher standards of transparency by putting as much information as possible on In fact, this week, we updated the site with more information about where last year’s earmarks were actually spent, and made it easier to look up Members of Congress and the earmarks they fought for.””

Why, you can’t have put earmarks on the web, that was our idea! I mean, we were gonna, if we got elected. We just never got around to it under Bush and besides, the interwebs can be confusing. It’s about the narrative, not the DOING, Mr President! George Soros, George Soros, George Soros! Na-na, na-na!

“In a November 16 article, The Washington Post reported that “Obama also has supported an earmark moratorium and has encountered similar resistance from veteran Democratic lawmakers, who like McConnell are former appropriators.”
Obama commends “McConnell’s decision to join me and members of both parties who support cracking down on wasteful earmark spending.”

Er, flip flop McConnell? Isn’t he a Republican? Can we move on? This so doesn’t fit with our narrative.

Just to be safe, should we check out the scale of money going to Republicans versus Democrats in 2009 when Democrats were in power, which would usually indicate they would get more money? Um, darn it, I’m not seeing Republicans turning down millions of earmarks. Oh, reality, why have you forsaken me? Shhhh, petulant reality, we are all to believe that Republicans will get responsible now that they are in power, which is sort of like a teenager promising they wouldn’t drive drunk if only you would trust them first.

While nuance does not a good sound bite make, good policy it does. Doing away with earmarks all together during a recession is probably not a wise idea. Please, reality, you are such a flippin’ downer! Cut to the White Guy Cavalry saving the day!

Gosh, if I didn’t know better, I’d think the GOP has a hard time with the backseat of the bus, especially when their driver is not white or Republican. How else to explain the GOP adopting President Obama’s ideas as their own and then claiming victory for driving the President to their side? When just days before they were doing the pretend governing, and voting no on their own ideas, now they claim the President’s ideas as their own! Dizzy, I am!

Go, Cavalry! Save the day from your House of Little Power Representatives!

8 Replies to “Fox News Steals Another Obama Idea on Earmarks”

  1. I have a feeling that during the next 2 years to come, the Party of No and their Teabagging sidekicks will end up shooting themselves in their collective feet. It becomes more obvious each day that they are not about governing, but about perpetually campaigning and posturing.

  2. I couldn’t agree more but watching them suddenly change their tune is nauseating. Is the American public really THIS stupid? Really? Sometimes I just want to bury my head in the sand.

  3. And Obama keeps letting them….take credit for all he does. THIS WHOLE MESS IS HIS FAULT even 9/11 when he wasn’t even President! According to the right ..that is.

  4. While I understand the problem of not having super-majorities in both Houses and the Exec Branch, I don’t think I ever expected to see a GOP that literally did anything it could to rob the middle class. The transfer of wealth from the poor/middle class to the wealthy has been horrendous and it will begin to have disastrous consequences if it continues.
    The USofA has always been not only a melting pot, but a country that traditionally has attempted to construct safety nets for it’s neediest people, the poor, the elderly and the ill.
    The GOP has obviously made a decision that no matter how bad it is for the American people, they simply cannot knowingly tolerate a black man in the White House so they will try to obstruct everything he does. This hurts Obama but it hurts all of the American people even more.
    Unemployment: Mr. Obama will always have a job. On the other hand, the 99ers – screw ’em. If they suffer enough, they will buy into the GOP crap.
    Tax Breaks: They are now refusing to vote for tax breaks for the low/middle class only (uncoupling). Indeed, they are heading on a trajectory to totally shut down the government – and Mr. Obama will be blamed (because Americans have their heads up their a**es with this one.
    Repeal of DADT: Won’t talk about it. Afraid of showering with “homos” (although apparently 3/4 of the GOP is GAY and very tightly closeted).

    I don’t understand why people vote for individuals with these mindsets. Homes are still being lost – as are jobs. People are pouring onto the food stamp rolls. And still the GOP is not satisfied. They want you DEAD – if you disagree with them.

    Sorry – we aren’t done with the morons yet. It’s going to get worse – and people are going to die from the resulting lack of food/health care. And still the GOP won’t be satisfied.

  5. In south Carolina home of the uber Rethuglicans, people are starving and the governor told them to pray and they still voted Rethuglican. The people are morons hell bent on taking us all down with them. There doesn’t seem to be any safe place from the moronic real murkins.

  6. These conservatives rewrite the script daily. I can’t keep up. For two years, they’ll distract the President with this kind of nonsense – and people who support them are so easily distracted and led by Fox. My ideal world? At the end of these two years, people realize that not only did little get accomplished to make people’s lives better, but the Republicans were to blame for it. How does change happen when its servants are so hell bent on destroying and dismantling?

  7. That was the one “upside” about them winning in Congress. They now have two years to show their idiocy and make sure Obama stays in office.

    “Is the American public really THIS stupid?”
    Sadly, yes. Yes they are.

  8. Although I tend to agree with you, your point would have more merit if then Senator Obama hadn’t requested over $700 million in earmarks in his three years there.

    And while the quotes above show the President has talked often about reforming earmarks, he’s done precious little to actually affect the outcome of earmark spending.

    We can belittle the GOP for adopting the President’s stance on earmarks (stealing is a bit much, the idea of eliminating earmarks wasn’t a novel idea in 2008) but it’s still a step in the right direction, regardless of it’s possible effect on the budget.

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