John McCain’s Eternal War Against Gays At Home and American Soldiers Abroad

John McCain is a war hero, and advocates permanent wars regardless the cost in lives and drain on the economy. He also knows that allowing gays to serve in the military is wrong, regardless that a majority of Americans, the Pentagon, and service members support repealing DADT. McCain also doesn’t want an end to the war in Afghanistan because he has gross memory loss regarding the Iraq war.

McCain supports continuing the Afghanistan war even though the economic cost is crippling America and destroying the lives of soldiers and innocent Afghan people. For a man who claims to champion fiscal responsibility and follow the will of the American people, McCain’s support for a permanent state of war does not make any sense.

Last week, McCain said “we cannot leave Afghanistan until we achieve total victory, and then the soldiers can come home; just like President Bush did in Iraq.” Senator McCain has a distorted view of the Iraq war, and must be ignorant of the history behind the withdrawal of combat forces.

President Bush signed an agreement with the Iraqi leadership that set a firm date for getting the combat troops out of the country. If McCain calls that victory, and if he thinks our troops are gone from Iraq, he is deluded. There are still thousands of troops in Iraq, and there are an equal number of private security contractors in the country, so McCain’s notion that we won the war and brought our soldiers home is an epic mystery.

There is still violence in Iraq, and if we did win the war, there would be no need to have troops in the country. Iraq continues to be a financial drain on the economy and we spend billions of dollars every month for, according to McCain, a war we already won, and withdrew our troops.

The war in Afghanistan continues to drain America’s human and economic resources, and as long as there is an insurgency in the country, the war will continue with no end in sight. That is what McCain proposes, staying in Afghanistan until there is a victory. The problem with McCain is that he changes the standards of measure to fit his martial tendencies, and that is a dangerous position for our economy and our soldiers.

The debate over repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is an example of McCain changing the requirements to get his support. He keeps changing the conditions so he will never have to support the repeal, and he will never support withdrawing troops from any war, or any country. His statement that we should stay in Afghanistan until we are victorious shows his preference of keeping the country in a state of permanent war.  In 2008 McCain tried to make a case for starting a war with Iran, and he put his belief in song with his “bomb, bomb, bomb Iran” chant set to a Beach Boys melody.

For people like John McCain, there is a belief that most of the country’s assets should be spent on defense. He opposes cuts in defense spending, and wants increases every year regardless the state of the economy. America spends more on defense than every other industrialized country in the world combined, including our allies.

At what point will McCain comprehend that a great portion of America’s debt is due to wars and the belief that America must have armies in every country in the world? Without a cessation of war, and withdrawal of our troops from countries that are our allies, America will continue its economic spiral. America will never be rid of warmongers like John McCain, or his militaristic mindset that is borne of “American Exceptionalism” that is causing the country to fall behind the rest of the world.

John McCain may be a war hero, and he has served the country with devotion, but his memory and understanding of the world is stuck in 1950. He doesn’t remember the reason combat troops left Iraq, and it may be that his PTSD has finally gotten the better of him.

Whatever his excuse, McCain is ill-equipped to give recommendations or opinions about getting out of Afghanistan, repealing DADT, or continuing America’s imperialism. America is involved in two wars, has military bases in our allies’ countries, and John McCain wants to bomb Iran; it is time for the warmonger and homophobe McCain to go home, sit down, and shut up.

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  1. there is no doubt in my mind that John McCain must resign. It’s time for him to go out and enjoy the rest of his life in a pasture, pretending he is a war.

    It wasn’t that long ago he was saying we are all God’s children when referring to illegal immigrants. He doesn’t seem to have the same feeling for people who are homosexual simply because it’s just not the conservative way this week. he has backtracked on this so many times it’s enough to make you sick. and quite frankly anymore John McCain make me sick

    Even Sarah Palen is calling for doubling the defense budget and attacking Iran. And then she’s talking about government spending. We may be able to take out Iran’s nuclear efforts which is very doubtful if we don’t have a land war, but who has to stay in prop up the government until five years from now when the people can decide what kind of government they want as opposed to what kind of government we are telling them they can have. We have other Republicans stating that Obama would find a lot of support for war against Iran. this is very sad

  2. What do you suppose Sen. McCain did to his wife Cindy to get her to reverse her pro-gay stand? In the new gay rights anti-bullying video, Cindy McCaine said that politicains are treating gay youth like “second-class citizens” and that the government should repeal the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell law. Ethic soup has a good post on this:

  3. @SheldonKaye I would hope somone would choose their marriage and family over gay rights. What bothers me is how people vilify McCain because of his opinion. He has a right to voice his opinion and it has more weight since he actually served

  4. The fact that McCain is a veteran does nothing to alter the fact that his votes are often inimical to the interests of soldiers or veterans. He has earned his reputation as one who substitutes bumper sticker slogans for positive votes on actual things that benefit veterans. Back in 2008, he got a D from a group called the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, while Obama got a B+. This same group gave D and F grades to 142 Congressional Republicans and 12 to Democratic ones. In addition, the Disabled Vets of America gave McCain a 20% and Obama an 80% for commitment to veterans’ issues during the same year. Now, he is opposed to cutting the defense budget, and is for staying in the war in Afghanistan, in spite of the fact that it is bleeding this country of money and lives. There is a big difference between BEING a veteran and being FOR other veterans. McCain is Exhibit#A of that kind of mentality.

  5. Fine ,but the fact is it’s still his opinion. He may be wrong that open gays will hurt the military but it’s his opinion. Personally I don’t understand why would someone sexual orientation would even come up while in boot camp or on deployment. My first reaction if a guy walks up to another guy just to tell him he is gay is that he is flirting with him. Thats my opinion and I could be wrong but i don’t think i should be vilified because I spoke what i really felt. That was point on McCain. As for his wife I guess like I said she cares more about her marriage and family then gay rights which she should.

  6. the problem with John McCain is, one minute he’s for it the next minute he’s against it. He has required the military to do things and then said that he would abide by them, and when they do it he just says now you gotta do this and that. He is just jerking people around.

    But I will totally agree with you on gays in the military. First of all gays should have every single right that anyone else has(including marriage). But if you are in the military you have a job to do. If you want to run around flaunting the fact that you’re gay then you should probably be kicked out. What you do on your own time is fine whether you are heterosexual or homosexual.

  7. The big idea is that if you are a professional soldier, you’re mature enough not to be threatened by people who are different from you.
    McCain has merely shifted from hating women in the military to gays. Or perhaps he’s too addled to know the difference anymore.

    Jon Stewart’s brilliant riff on “it gets worse, Senator” is spot on.

    The world is not here to make you comfy, Senator. And you’ve run out of gimmie’s with your POW status. You are a fool.

  8. No one is vilifying you, at least I’m not. All I’m doing is pointing out how McCain goes whichever way the wind blows. Ever since 2008, he seems to have shed any honor he ever had. At one time, he was for ending DADT, but now he’s against it. In addition, there is a big inconstency between his bumper sticker rhetoric in support of vets and his actual voting record on veterans’ issues.

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