Willow’s Facebook Outburst Blows the Lid off Sarah Palin’s TLC Propaganda

Sarah Palin in political garb selling wholesome family values
Sarah Palin in political garb selling wholesome family values

It didn’t escape your erstwhile politico that Sarah Palin is all over the news this morning, topping the Alexa hotlinks with stories about how liberals hate it that she’s happy while other sites are reporting on her two daughters’ rather revealing attacks on another young person’s Facebook page. “Faggot” “fat” “low-life loser” are lobbed at the boy who wrote on his own Facebook page that he thought “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” was failing. Clearly, such a dark sin can not be ignored, but were he a Palin, certainly his first amendment rights would have already been violated when at first he was criticized for speaking his mind.

As for the family’s claim that neither daughter normally talks like this, I read Bristol’s 2008 MySpace page before it was scrubbed and um, yes she did and much worse. However, the most salient note regarding Willow and Bristol Palin’s Facebook slurs being outted is the awkward timing of reality, rearing his mean little head and directly conflicting with the carefully crafted image of angelic wholesome Northern Barbie Family who like to shoot and pray together so cheerfully sold to us on Palin’s reality TV show.

And even more revealing and more important than slurring teenage language, was the Palin girls’ constant refrain that everyone is jealous of their success and that is why they dare to have negative opinions regarding the family’s TV show.

Willow Palin wrote: “Sorry that all you guys are jealous of my families (sic) success and you guys aren’t goin to go anywhere with your lives.”

Indeed. Jealousy is the problem here. Next time Palin calls out Rahm Emanuel for using the word “retarded”, please shout her down with claims that she is jealous that he is still employed as a politician and never quit his job. Not only is this intended insult a strawman, but reveals Palin’s perpetual parental failure to take responsibility for consistent messages and values.

These are the sad, inevitable beliefs of children of narcissists, where every perceived criticism is attacked with a vengeance, and yet the narcissist (and children of said narcissist) fail to take responsibility for their own wicked, cruel attacks and hence feel even more victimized when others take offense at being called fat losers for daring to state that they dislike a TV show. I am forced to ask if “retarded” is bad, why is “faggot” ok? Mom? Anyone?

Deep within this distasteful debacle is the root of Palin’s success.

Palin pre-emptively strikes at all criticism from her safe havens of Facebook, Twitter and Fox PAC. She slyly suggests males who dare not to worship her are impotent and or pedophiles, thereby rendering them speechless; So unrelated and bizarre a charge is used with malice aforethought as shock and awe against the enemy. The media duly reports such accusations and before you know it, we have America’s foremost martyr on our hands.

Which is just like Christ, don’t you know, except Christ didn’t antagonize others until they had to fight back to preserve any scraps of their own reputation and dignity. But still. This part escapes the media and the public. That unknowing public who still find Palin “stupid” but fail to see the cunning little rabid creature willfully destroying everyone in her path.

And so we are left today with the notion that it is liberals’ fault that Bristol and Willow took to Facebook (following Mommy’s footsteps) to denounce the slightest of criticism with a wrathful vengeance best left for World Wars. Do you know why this is liberals’ fault? Because apparently we are jealous that Bristol is winning “Dancing With the Stars”.

Yes. That’s right. TMZ and Huffington Post are simmering in jealousy over the Palins’ train wreck fame. Or, in reality, happily using the family who has offered themselves up as reality TV stars as ….reality TV stars. But the Palins will hide beneath cover of being politicians when it suits them, demanding the same privacy afforded to other politicians’ families, never acknowledging that other politicians do not offer their families up for unfettered American consumption in order to sell a phony narrative.

The Palin childrens’ Facebook slumming reveals a side of the Palins obviously not covered in their reality TV show; Most celebrities learn how to behave within months of becoming famous, and the children are taught how to protect themselves from this level of engagement. Why don’t the celebrity chasing Palin parents take care of their celebrity children? Because they are using them as political props in several reality TV shows. The fact that the children will be exposed to scrutiny and cruelty is obviously written off as the cost of the selling the Palin myth propaganda and then blamed on the liberal media. It’s a win win for the ultimate martyr, who never takes responsibility for her own children let alone her choices regarding them.

What’s the problem here? Why bother reporting on this at all?

Because what you’re witnessing here is the final merger between entertainment and politics. The deathblow to reason. The ultimate rock and a hard place, if one is to believe Palin when she cries on her reality TV show about invasion of privacy and then preens on Fox Business’ “Freedom Watch” that she is using her show to “get a message to the people” about politics.

Danger lurks, people. This is propaganda at its most pervasive and insidious self and it will kill anything that gets in its way.

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  1. Rahm did quit his job, but he’s going to run for another one. But the point remains that it’s not the same thing as what The Quittah did.

  2. PDS here.
    Go find out why Obama is spending tax payer money like a drunken sailor.See how may of his radical friends are on his payroll.Find out who’s on the payroll and not working.
    Ask him why so many Gov workers have been given raises over 150k.
    Ask him why so many Radical Czars. Do your Job,LD.

  3. It is absolutely disgusting the level of vulgarity that the Palin family spews, and appears acceptable to the minions of fans that worship her as well as the main stream media. Does anyone else think their behaviour is low-class?

    To SP the media must be made to submit to her highness. You must portray my family as perfect and never criticize. However; if criticized, bring on the P-bots and behold our wrath. These people are way too thin skinned to be in the public eye. My opinion is that they are not educated enough to realize the character and responsibility it takes to become respected national celebrities.

    This family is a poor excuse of a role model to millions of other families watching them. They prove their hypocracy just about every time they open their mouths. Bristol tries to justify her mothers’ ‘bots rigging the vote, by saying look how many people hate my mother. The people who hate her mother might just have lives that don’t revolve around rigging a vote for some half-wit, hypocrital celebrity daughter. By the way, if Bristol is in fact pregnant again, how can she still be credible as an abstinence only advocate and where are the family values for having numerous children out of wedlock?

  4. True, technically he quit one job to pursue another in the same field, but not to pursue fame and because he couldn’t handle criticism. Palin quit her job that she swore to uphold because she couldn’t handle bloggers criticizing her or Republicans lodging ethics complaints against her, and to keep the money from her ruled to be illegal trust fund. One ran away from their responsibility, the other stepped down to pursue similar responsibility.

  5. Ask yourself why you can’t discuss Palin and her record and behavior without changing the subject.

  6. I read the article on the website that says that she was pregnant again. I don’t buy into it. You don’t have sex and then minutes later and know you are pregnant.

    The big thing is going to be the day after so to speak. What is Sarah going to do? Right now you can bet that there are two little girls that are getting their butts paddled in a manner of speaking. She either has to come out and deplore what her daughters did, or all she has to do an end run and try to cover it up somehow by talking about dancing with the stars. This is going to be a momentous moment. I haven’t looked around at today to see if she has said anything but it’s going to be really interesting to see how she handles it. Knowing how she is handled things in the past I am going for the second option. It’s not Willows fault.

    If you remember when that teacher accosted Sarah next of those fishing boats, Willow was the one who spoke up when the teacher accused her mother of quitting and made the comment that her mother now represents the country not just Alaska. It was a snide remark and obviously arrogant. It doesn’t surprise me that will do this because she is not in view of the country like her sister is. I think that’s where the jealousy is. But to see Bristol doing it is kind of surprising.

    On another note I think that because her show Alaska was actually political that the company and network that put it on should be required to give every candidate equal time.

  7. I think that our friend is upset because Obama is spending money on America and on America’s infrastructure which is falling apart, or as his Lord and Master Pres. Cheney only spent money that he hid on war. It’s got to be tough to know that the money Cheney he hid it is now in the budget and in the open. But we’ve seen the last of him anyways

  8. I couldn’t agree more re equal time, however I doubt that any other candidate would want to be seen in this light nor would they succeed in this way, because this only works if you are selling a myth to people who do not fact check you. And there is a limited audience for that special kind of talking down to.

    As for Palin paddling them, I wouldn’t lay odds on that. This behavior is ENCOURAGED in the Palin household. The statement the family gave out was the “baby bear protecting the Mama Grizzly”. Sarah Palin herself talks like this and encourages her entourage/family to bring out the snakes in retaliation of any perceived damage to Herself’s image. We just aren’t exposed to those moments courtesy of the “liberal” media.

    To wit, I give you her laughing as radio host calls her female Republican enemy a “fat cancer”, when the woman had breast cancer. And Sarah giggled with pleasure, never once correcting him. There are numerous other examples of this kind of behavior.

  9. Leave the children alone and let them grow up! Guess next will be the truth about what’s in Trip’s diaper? Go investigate something that will make a difference, maybe Rangel, Soros, Pelosi THEY have a voice.

  10. Rangel is guilty as sin, Soros has done nothing wrong and Pelosi is going to be the minority leader. Are you trying to find something she has done wrong? Why don’t you investigate John Boehner who spends all night after five o’clock in a bar? don’t you agree that Republicans should be investigated the same as Democrats? Don’t you agree that the Koch brothers should be investigated for funding radical groups?

  11. Her followers talk trash like that I bet they are very proud of the palin girls standing up for themselves like that, also, too.

  12. Tell that to Sara Palin, you fool. She’s the one who put them in the spotlight. You can’t have it both ways unless you’re a Koolaid drinking cultist.

  13. Her followers are the same mentality as her children. LOL. These people give trailer trash a bad name. I have relatives who talk like this, but they aren’t running for President or a celebrity! (They hunt for real and happen to think Palin is a poser). Role model much Mrs Palin?

  14. Respectfully, Jeff — I don’t claim to be either a Christian or a role model for millions of other Christians, but I have raised two children; one is 17 years old and the other is 25 years old. They have NEVER used the homophobic, racist and vicious language these Palin girls used on Facebook, not to mention their filthy swearing. I taught them what is appropriate and what is not. This issue doesn’t have much to do with “letting them grow up,” it has to do with mature parental skills, including transferring morals, standards, and sensitivity to your children.

    Sarah Palin as a “good Christian mother” is a grotesque joke. You just haven’t seen the truth yet — and, frankly, the gross denial and rationalization present in Mrs. Palin’s fans would indicate that the eventuality of an epiphany of this truth is remote.

  15. I have plenty of friends with young children who most decidedly DO NOT speak like this and some whose children even use “Yes, ma’am” and “No, sir” when addressing adults. But at the very least, shouldn’t every single parent have sat down with their children to discuss the bullying of gay children and damaging consequences of using words like “faggot” given the recent numerous suicides of bullied gay children?

  16. This Palin family is worse then the gum stuck under my shoes, you removed it but the residue keeps reminding you that it was there. If everyone would just stop talking about them maybe, just maybe they will go back to the state of alaska where they say the worst criminals in the US go to hide. Makes sense to me, that is why the Palin family is there and should stay there out of our hair. All they are is TRASH with capital T, that keeps trying to hide behind this GOD they keep speaking of.

  17. Perhaps you should investigate Eric Cantor who admitted to treason by siding with a foreign country; (Logan Act). He has a voice and is using it against our country. Guess treason is only bad if you’re a democrate eh?

    BTW, not really interested in what’s in Tripp’s diaper. Kind of weird of you to bring it up though.

  18. Children reflect and repeat what is taught in the home. To be sure. Palin Todd and their kids are very good looking kids. BUT they’re all clueless like their mom and dad. NONE will go to college. NONE will ever be open and accepting of those who have less than them OR of another race color or religion. NONE will ever really know God as they are the epitomy of shame in God’s eyes. With all the vicious lies that sarah condones and now her kids repeat every single day of their rich monetary lives–which as the Bible says….and we can see that MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL! BUT they also have ABSOLUTELY NO CLASS WHATSOEVER these kids. AND thats a sign of their UNeducated selves. They clearly have no clue. They’re ALL UNDEREDUCATED. Imagine them in the WH?? OH my…..animal heads everywhere! JUST DISGUSTING THIS FAMILY and why they want to world to see how embarassaing they are is just beyond me. This whole thing is gettin suspicious. NO ONE BUT NO ONE WOULD COVER THIS WOMAN UNLESS THEY KNOW THEY HAVE IT IN THE BAG…with corporations as people and getting rid of all the latinos and blacks..that IS what they’ve been doing to get the vote..and they did. BUT OUR PEOPLE WILL COME OUT IN NUMBERS IN COLORS ALL OVER FOR PRESIDENT OBAMA. This woman and her tailer park family really need to give it a rest already. She IS psycho AND vicious AND money hungry AND a fake mother AND an IDIOT! So she knows how to con you out of your money THAT DOES NOT MAKE FOR PRESIDENT MATERIAL!

  19. Thanks for speaking for me because you said it in a way I couldn’t have. I really do think she is a terrible person, as unchristian as it gets and her family is so embarrassing it makes me cringe to think of them in our white house. George Bush was nothing like these people and I think he’s a war criminal, but still, he had class. and class has nothing to do with money. i’ve seen some of the worst people in the world with tons of money and no class just like some people with money have an air of class about them. the palins are trash and not because of their hunting or their political beliefs. they’re just trash as people.

  20. Really!? The hatred that so many have directed at the Palin family is despicable!
    If someone attacked your family like that, what would you do? I have never in my life seen such ugliness over the success of another. The public obviously likes her or she wouldn’t still be there. You are all acting like children who are pitching a fit because they didn’t win. Grow Up

  21. The treatment of the Palin family is despicable!! You are all behaving like children who are angry and jealous because they did not win. Obviously the public likes Bristol or she wouldn’t be there. As for Sarah, to call her stupid with all of the success she has achieved is moronic. I’m not saying you don’t have the right to disagree with Sarah politically or morally but to viciously attack the Palin family shows how little character YOU have. Grow up!!

  22. Please…….explain what makes them trash, I would love to hear truthful specifics. Is it because she chose to give birth to a mentally challenged child? Is it because she doesn’t agree with you politically? Really….. what is it? How can you hate someone you don’t even know?!?!

  23. He wasn’t elected to do that job; running for elected office implies a covenant with those whose vote you seek.

  24. People don’t attack my family because I don’t push them into the spotlight and pretend I’m something I’m not and my family and I treat people with respect and kindness.

    I express my opinion on what I see and hear. I am still entilted to that. At least as long as Palin isn’t president. Are you related to her? Why does it matter to you what I say about the Palin’s? I think they are vulgar and rude. My opinion. You are entitled to yours as well and I respect that.

    BTW, you could apply that last sentence to the Palin’s.

  25. Just a quick couple of points:

    First, while Willow might only be 16, Bristol is 20 yrs old.

    Second, these are the daughters of a woman who referred to the media as CORRUPT BASTARDS on TV 2 weeks ago. (one of many inappropriate comments as we all know)

  26. Well the list of trashy behaviour is long; let’s just begin with the McCain campaign aid who “described the Palin family shopping spree to Newsweek as ‘Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast’ ” .. that’s a good start :)

  27. I guess you haven’t seen the vicious attacks ON SARAH’s FB site about the First Lady? Sarah’s site is heavily moderated, so the comments ‘allowed’ to remain there speak for her, dear. She can’t distance herself from them by claiming her fans have freedom of speech, because there is no such thing on her FB page.

    If Sarah doesn’t like it, it’s deleted; what remains is what Sarah approves of.

    I have seen comments of a sexual nature there about the Obama girls, outrageous comments about Mr Obama….

    I have seen her ‘fans’ post the pslam that encourages others to Pray for the DEATH of the President ….

    So please, don’t even start with the holier than thou attitude.

  28. So if some lunatic posts negative comments about Obama and his children, then it’s ok to do the same to others? I detest all of it! Obama is not my president of choice, but I respect that he is our president and would not say or post hateful things about him. Don’t you see all of this as being wrong. Express your opinion don’t be hateful.

  29. When you put yourself in the spotlight, i.e. reality t.v. shows, you open yourself to comment. When you right ignorant slurs on facebook, you open yourself to comment. When you have a baby as a teenager while preaching abstinence, you open yourself to comment.

  30. Sarah Palin is a filthy piece of white trash. Tragically, her children are following suit and mama loves it. Imagine THAT in the White House.

  31. That person’s point is a good one, that Palin monitors her Facebook page and chooses to leave up hateful and racist comments about the first lady.

  32. How dare you assume this has anything to do with Trig. She’s the one who calls Trig “the retard”. Get off your persecution complex. What have they done? How about being married to a secessionist? How about lying about the President? How about being a birther? How about being a tyrant in Alaska? How about it?

    I guess your idea of christian behavior is the kind of low life language of Sarah and her family. Calling people “asinine” and “impotent” — yeah, that’s classy. Whatever. You are deranged.

  33. And as for the source of wasilla hillbillies, why don’t you get out and read some? everyone knows who said that.

  34. Playing the victim, inability to accept blame, gas lighting (engineering the discrediting of others), lying, feeling they are deserving of special favors, rules are for others but not for them, and using others, including family, as tools. These are some of the characteristics of sociopaths enumerated in “the sociopath next door: The Ruthless Versus the Rest of Us,” by Martha Stoudt, Ph.D., Crown Publishing, 2005 (hardcover); Broadway Books, 2006 (paper).
    You nailed it, Sarah. Appears to be a strong narcissistic component also.

  35. sorry, but what is with the cleavage in that segment.
    Amygdala, everyone. sex+violence. that is what she sells, and she is making a pretty penny doing so.

  36. McCain should be horse whipped for bringing this trashy disgusting family out into the general public. They make me gag.

  37. Sarah Palin is responsible for an attack on this country from within. She got a taste of big fame, power and riches and she’s been on the attack every since. The power of an attractive woman with a gun to the American public is frightening but obviously appealing to millions. She’s uneducated and proud of it. And it seems like the rest of the family support that concept. Never before would an uneducated, unwed teenage mom, who’s the daughter of a prominent political figure, be paraded on TV to millions as a teen role model in a popular dancing contest. It’s a lot easier to be a teenage mom when your mother has made millions off the American people. You can afford to hire a nanny to care for your child while entering a lengthy, long and hard popularity contest called DWTS. Motherhood seems to take second place to fame in this family. Bristol called the father of her baby a “fame whore”. Bristol and Sarah are acting those roles quite well. Bristol attacked one of the professional dancers right b4 judging for the finals. The Palin way is to attack and then play victim to advance further. It’s a formula that has worked extremely well for all the Palins and their tea party followers and leaders. That was quite evident in the recent midterm elections. Initially I thought the Palin children and all children should be off limits to political commentary, but Sarah continues to exploit them and now they operate in the same way that she does. There’s an underlying mean spirit that exists at the core of Sarah Palin. She has incited racism, polarization and bigotry in this country. She misinforms and misleads. President Obama is guilty of trying to be the President for all the people. Sarah is not interested in doing that. I’m glad some of the “reality” of the Palin mystique is exposing itself. Hopefully more will reveal itself before it’s too late. Sarah Jones, you always write such refreshing posts on Sarah Palin. Thank you for restoring some sanity and truth in this current environment of madness. It keeps a window of hope open.

  38. To all those that support palin.
    Sarah palin has drawn the line in the sand. And then stands behind it and cries foul when others point out to her that your actions speak louder then your words do.
    She is the one that tells the rest of us that this is a ‘christian country’ and that the Constitution was based on the ten commandments.
    If you say that and expect us a country to live like that, then your behavior, your families behavior needs to reflect what you wish the rest of us to do.
    palin’s unethical behavior, her lying, her quitting does not conform to what she says we as a country should be doing.
    Therefore, she should not complain when others call her out on it.
    If she does not want her children to be held to this high standard, then keep them off the tv, face book and PARENT them. Give them limits, what is acceptable behavior and language in public. Stop inviting the media into your home and your life. Stop carrying your baby around for a prop. It is easy to give birth to a child, but it is so very hard to be a parent.
    palin is the epitome of a person who decides that they know what is best for others, demands that others conform to what they say. But they don’t have to follow the same rules.
    She is exactly what she complains about in others, a hypocrite.

  39. First, it was Bristol who was with her mother when the radio personality (aka drama coach) confronted them. You have the girls mixed up.

    Willow is 16 and frankly I would guess most 16 yr olds would react the same way if they have a strong family base. First reaction is to protect their family. The Palins have endured a lot here in Alaska, the children certainly have taken their fair share and more of jabs and rumors from jealous and vindictive people- primarily “grown-ups” (Letterman comes to mind) and done so on a national stage. It would stand to reason if a peer attacked her family, she would attack in kind.

    Willow is a child, and those of you condemning her for reacting like a child would normally, are nothing but bullies.

  40. Also if you look at her record of governoring as mayor she left that city in debt really bad. I hope and pray people in america will take those rose colored glasses off. If men vote for her because she is pretty than maybe they can get her to turn porno queen and make her movies. She has already pimped herself out way to much. She should take the leap and go on to porno.

  41. Great article Sarah! Palin is the epitome of crybaby martyr. I wish we didn’t have to talk about or hear her voice, but letting her go unchecked is not an option. Keep up the good work. I would write more about her, but I get so angry that it’s not worth a stroke or heart attack. She is using her kids like she uses the stupid American people.

  42. So, when do you ever see an instance of the Obamas parading their family around and pretending they are something they are not? Whatever anyone might think of the Obama presidency, he has basically been devoid of self-pity or malicious lying about others, the way Sarah Palin does. If anything, he has been too accomodating to those who want to see him fail. The people who try to deflect by attributing the same inaccurate criticisms to Obama do this because they are incapable of intelligently defending Palin. There’s no way to defend her glaring shortcomings without looking foolish.

  43. Rahm Emanuel wasn’t elected by the people to any public office. He was a hired administrator, the kind of position people resign every day to move on to other work interests.

  44. Give one example of them publicly blaming and whining like Palin does every single time she opens her moutgh. And by the way, quit changing the subject. We’re talking about Palin, not Obama and the two are not even in the same universe. Palin is a 5 college maybe graduated moron who lost her TV job was recalled against as mayor and quit her job as governor.

  45. it’s so sad but you’re right, someone has to do it or she would do what she did in Alaska with unchecked power.

  46. Willow is a bully who went to someone elses FB page and attacked HIM for saying her mother’s show was lame.

    Children do NOT use homophobic slurs … unless they learn it from their parents and it is acceptable at home. Palin is a horrible parent .. she has shoved her entire family onto the US electorate and then complains when people react.

    Can’t have it both ways. Either she is a celebrity which she apparently wants, or she is a private person.

  47. that would be Steve Schmidt in Game Change I believe.

    She’s total trash – she drinks Bailey’s @ 5:00am on Alaska flights (she has been seen to have 2 for breakfast).

    I don’t really care about that. It is the vapid stupid that spews forth from the filthy mouth.

  48. Jackie, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Neither girl was on the radio with Palin when she laughed at the breast cancer patient being called a fat cancer. Sarah Palin is a grown up and should know better. As for the children, if you had read the post, you will see that I do not condemn them, but rather their parents. I know it’s tough to not take offense at every little thing and not bother to read carefully when you are trained to assume the worst about anyone who thinks differently than you do, but in this case, you are wrong and have not only wasted your umbrage but have corrected me wrongly, only drawing more attention to the fact that Sarah Palin behaves like a mean 16 year old, since you assumed her actions were those of a child — a point I can not blame you for.
    As for what the Palin girls have been through, whose fault is that? Who put them in the spotlight? Who chose to put them on TV over and over and over again? Tell me, did you see Chelsea Clinton on reality TV shows then or now? And she was attacked viciously by the Right – called an ugly dog as a child. I realize this doesn’t fit with the meme you’ve been sold, but this is reality. The Palins are responsible for putting their children in the limelight and using them as props.
    And please tell me just who is responsible for the childrens’ actions if not the parents? Are the parents using this as a teachable moment for other children? Name one thing Sarah Palin has ever taken responsibility for. One. Just one. And it doesn’t need to be her children. Anything will do at this point.

  49. Sarah Palin is not a valid contributor to politics in that her resume, actions, works, philosophies are not the norm here in America. Then, again, the candidates from the Teap Party are not the norm of potential candidates either. I don’t think we can afford to let her entertain us any longer. It’s taking a great toll on real work being done by our government and her interests have certainly been promoted by earning a huge wealth in a very short time. She exploits the political situations for her own benefiand maximizes her gains. Her family are so not right for politics at the level of Presidency of the US that it’s unthinkable to even consider her for this role. She is straight from central casting in Hollywood and playing a part that lends chaos and confusion to our society during a very struggling, economic time. We would so be better off without her constantly in the picture. She has quit early and easily on everything she has ever attempted: changing colleges each year, governorship, leaving “Wasilla and the kids” behind to catch as catch can in the communications with Mom. How do we counter someone who is now making an enormous living in front of the media cameras because one party calls her their darling. I call it extremely harmful destruction with no conscience. The grins are about the celebrity and the deposits to the bank account. We are trapped in someone’s relentless climb to fame and we are all part of the staged set.

  50. The fact that Willow is a “child” is a poor excuse for her actions. My daughter is twelve years old and would NEVER post something like that on Facebook, Myspace, text by phone or any other type of communication public or private, whether it was an attack against her alone or her family. Why? Because she knows better and has learned right from wrong and understands the meaning of consiquence. Most kids learn that around seven or eight years of age. My daughter would handle it in a more adult way than Willow did by bringing it to her mother or myself, or just ignore the source all together. If Willow hasn’t learned that yet, she never will. Sixteen? She’s on the threshold of adulthood so no more excuses for her actions. She needs to be held acountable, the all do.

  51. Who are you corrupt bastards going to stalk next to get another bit of Sarah Palin-related gossip disseminated in the public discourse? Piper?
    Picking on Sarah’s kids is loathsome. Of course, no democrat children need to worry about having this kind of treatment and scrutiny, no matter what they do or say.
    Kerry’s daughter arrested for DUI.
    Biden’s daughter arrested for doing Coke.
    Let’s see (once again) if the mainstream media reports it.

    Nah…that’s just when the Palin daughters do something……..
    You libs are so predictable….LOL

  52. “That unknowing public who still find Palin “stupid” but fail to see the cunning little rabid creature willfully destroying everyone in her path.” I would also add that the unknowing public fails to see that Sarah Palin is just a puppet being manipulated by the Koch brothers/Christian Nationalists, et al. She is the “sacrificial lamb,” as it were. Specifically chosen from central casting and carefully groomed to play the role created especially for her. Thank you, Sarah Jones, for this important, insightful and beautifully articulated piece.

  53. Again, Sarah Palin puts her kids and her family out there by portraying them as something that they are not. When most people know there are problems in their families–which many families have–they have better sense than to portray themselves as paragons of “family values.” Track and Bristol Palin are adults, and are legally accountable for anything they do. Willow Palin is 16 now, but she is still old enough to know better than to do some of the things she’s done. Actually, these young folks are a reflection of their parents, who have obviously done a poor job of preparing them to live in a world that does not see them as either exceptional or entitled. There are many mothers and fathers of different political persuasions who are much better parents, and part of the reason for it is the fact that they do not put their kids out there. Nor do they delude them into thinking they are exceptional.

  54. Jackie, I am so FLIPPIN’ sick to see people give the paylins a free pass on everything! Willow got caught B & E (Breaking & Entering) ringleader of a gang of “KIDS” intent on drugging & having Sex and caused 30-40K in damages to the Morlock home. Yes Morlock as in JEREMY Morlock thrilla killa from wasilla. So what did mama grisly do? She called AST & high ranking officials from Juvie dept and the boyz all got in trouble and all the girls got off…scott free. I guess the possibility that they might end up preggo from their indiscretions was enough punishment for sarah! Now today the NE is reporting Willow pregnancy scare. Is that enough Reality for ya????
    Oh and Willow or Bristol was NOT on the phone when Grissle laughed about a Cancer survivor Lyda Greene but grizzle wrote in her “book” (and I use the term loosely, it is bound after all)that Piper asked if they should pull out her hair????WTF If you really live in AK you must be the ONLY AK’n who gave to SarahPac!LOL!
    Oh I could go on but I won’t, go whine about the poor paylins elsewhere, your prob a paid troll anyway!

  55. Well most R’s are “anal retentive”lol and even on twitter today there is a vid going VIRAL as I write of Gretchen Carlson of Fox news saying Sarah Palin was “Self Defecating”!!!!! What a flippin’ scream!

  56. Hey we are talking palin here not POTUS! And spending $$ like a drunken sailor? Have you seen the FEC report for Sarapac? It is not pretty.

  57. Did you not read above? Did you not see trash talking guttersnipes willow & bristol? Pull your head out of your ass and maybe you will see why snowflake snookie & her clan are Valley Trash!

  58. Another PYHOOYA!
    All the cons are vote for Beefalo! Some aren’t even watching just voting! That’s how stupid ya’ll are.
    I hope you all follow them off the cliff like the lemming your are.

  59. Jackie, what is your obsession with Obama? Keep talking, keep talking eyes are watching.
    We are talking about grifter psycho Palin here. If you can’t join the convo STFU!

  60. No you CONS are so predictable! Whine when caught! Start trying to change the subject.
    We are talking about The Grifter Valley Trash guttersnipe family called Palin. No one else.
    If you can’t join the convo STFU!

  61. Want to see truths? Go to youtube and search for Sarah Palin in Homer and Sarah Palin in the Valdez airport. Bristol yelling obscenities to an older woman who had the audacity to post a sign on her home against Sarah is a real thigh slapper. The assault on the man in the Valdez airport has convinced me this woman needs to be our next President – what a leader! (hack hack hack)

  62. I’m sorry to inform you that you are incorrect about Biden’s daughter being arrested for doing coke.

    “The video purporting to show Vice President Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley snorting cocaine was preplanned by a man trying to get rich selling the tape, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.

    The man, who is apparently a friend of Ashley’s, even bought the cocaine and the hidden camera, our investigation has uncovered. He used a woman who looked like Biden’s daughter. Now, RadarOnline.com has discovered that the woman who is alleged to be Ashley Biden was set up in an elaborate plot by her “friend.” The man bought cocaine and a hidden camera and brought the cocaine to a party.”

    This is what you get for believing Fox News and not bothering to research anything on your own.

    But here’s the real issue: if she were, that would mean he wasn’t abusing his power to protect her whereas Palins’ children have cut the lines on school buses, broken and entered and destroyed a home, and done numerous drugs all with no formal punishment, save Track having to enlist for a year. I kindly left that all out of this article, because what seems to escape your reading comprehension is this is not about the kids. I never made it about them, though I easily could have. Had I wanted to destroy their characters by laying down all of the verifiable evidence of misdeeds, I could have, sir. Apparently you are not compelled by any similar responsibility when it comes to children, as you are repeating lies here about other people’s children — lies a simple google search could have clarified for you.

    You can look on both sides of the aisle and find children misbehaving. What you won’t find any place other than the Palins is politicians serving their children up as red meat to be devoured via turning them into celebrities on TV and not teaching them how to protect themselves and conduct themselves.

    Tell me why you can’t discuss Sarah Palin’s actions without resorting to lying about other people? That’s the real question, sir.

  63. “If you remember when that teacher accosted Sarah next of those fishing boats, Willow was the one who spoke up when the teacher accused her mother of quitting ” by Shiva

    THIS is what I was referring to, Willow was not with her mother, it was Bristol. You all seem far too interested in instructing others to read properly instead of doing the same yourselves. I’m certain you are all raising the perfect politically correct little lambs, but I assure you from working with teens for the past 15 yrs, they are a completely different child when alone with their friends than at the dinner table.

    It’s too bad you will not be mocked on a national platform every time your children cross the line from what they have been taught. Every child at some point does something that causes their parents to cringe and wonder “where did THAT come from?” Despite your protests to the contrary, YOU will be in that situation one day.

  64. Goodness gracious…I have never seen so many comments on this site; didn’t read them, but it took me a minute to get down to the comment box. But, Sarah, you’ve done it again. I have been thinking the very same things you cover in this article. I haven’t watched DWS, the reality show or Fox, but I can still see right through Ms. Palin’s political agenda. It is sickening really…an insult to the political science scholars and hard working community organizers who really do care about their constituents. Keep up the good work.

  65. Aw, look, another professional victim from the Palin camp, what a shocker! Waa waa, get the whambulance, someone else got to speak their mind and you couldn’t change the subject to complain about your President. What do Palinbots do best? WHHHHINNNEEE like their leader.

  66. Re Bristol:

    “talent-deprived” contestants who suffer from “the cult of self-esteem.”

    “No one they have encountered in their lives – from their parents to their teachers to their president – wanted them to feel bad by hearing the truth,” she writes. “So they grew up convinced that they could become big pop stars like Michael Jackson.”

  67. Not a SINGLE person has commented on Trig, nor have they been discussing Palin’s politics. How can one have a conversation when one side refuses to listen? I have NEVER heard a liberal make fun of Palin’s special needs child. That kind of meaness seems to be a trait of conservatives (SEE ANN COULTER, RUSH LIMBOUGH, ETC…) The issue is Palin’s lack of character, dishonesty and ignorance. You know, Sarah Palin, the former HALF-Term governor of Alaska, who QUIT her elected position to promote her book, who dragged her children around like props during her campaign, who was woefully ignorant of the most basic things. And whose children seem to have inherited those traits. And if they are going on reality shows, they’ve lost their right to privacy.

  68. Brilliant!!! I find Palin dangerous for all the reasons noted in the article. Palin is turning freedom of speech into freedom to shut up and follow blindly. Her followers have checked whatever individual thoughts they might have left at the door. Honestly, I had more faith in the American people, and figured at this point she’d be nothing more than a memory of a failed 2008 political campaign (and a great source of material for SNL). I have watched in utter disgust as she seems to be building support, yet she says nothing of substance. Often I can’t even follow her since she talks in half sentences that make no sense at all. I have friends that are far left and far right, I love and welcome all their opinions. Some I agree with, some I don’t but one thing that is consistant is that I respect them because they speak from a place of knowledge and are not babbling sound bites from either side or political cause. To use one of Sarah’s own lines, “man up” I’d like to see her take responsibility for anything instead of pointing the finger. That is what a true patriot would do.

  69. OK, that was Palin’s own words — Just thought a bot might come on by and take offense like they love to do…

  70. Rahm was a member of the House of Representatives, a Congressman, prior to becoming chief of staff for the Obama administration. And yes, a Congressman is an elected official.

  71. This family is nothing more than hillbillies in designer clothing!
    Shame on you, John McCain, for putting Palin in the lime light and giving her a vehicle for her petty rants and hypocritical waffling!

  72. No jackie not a baseless threat. And I didn’t say sit down, just STFU!
    You all sound like chatty kathy’s pull the strings and the same stupid assed phrase’s and words come out, refudiate, sit down and shut up, death panels and bla, bla, bla! MyBirds talk better than you low info voters. Well like they say “you can’t fix stupid” and “you can’t make a silk purse out of a SOW’s ear”
    So true, so true….

  73. If you consider lying, cheating, and being vengeful “winning’ then I guess the Palins are “winners”.

  74. Actually, we did win. Obama was elected President. Palins’ have asked for every negative word against them. Sara lit her own oven when she started presumming on her intellect. And, WE ALASKANS ARE SICK TO DEATH OF THIS WOMAN……and HER “ENDORSEMENTS” MAKE HER FEEL IMPORTANT…and she just isn’t..

  75. Her kids are just parrots…which tells you how that family thinks and how they want their kids to think.
    They are unruly and don’t seem to mind very well either….the younger ones. Neither do the boyfriends who come to her house. When the teenager called that boy up to her room AFTER Sara told him NO BOYS upstairs, showed me the kind of respect they show for their elders……especially on a REALITY show the whole world will see. OW! AND, SARA is never home much anymore to teach them how to behave….so go figure.

  76. Speaking of Bristol…..Don’t ya know Sara has the entire Tea Party voting for her “stiff as a board” dancing daughter so she will win the dance constest. I can’t help think this contest has already been “fixed” for Bristol to get this far.
    If she wins, I am really going to protest.

  77. Yeah — they had an article about that here and a bunch of Palin bots came in and claimed that it’s not cheating to vote 50 times. Spirit of the rules seems to have escaped their tiny minds. Bristol can’t dance. This isn’t an opinion, it’s a fact and it’s super creepy that the teabaggers would be so obsessed with sarah P that they would devote their lives to upvoting bristol palin. Losers much? Good gracious.

  78. Jackie you keep changing the goal posts. Sarah Jones talked about the radio show where Sarah Palin laughed at the cancer patient Lyda Greene. what in the heck does that have to do with the kids? HUH?

    The kids were nowhere near that show. You just brought them up to claim we were victimizing them. My god don’t you people ever get a new whine? And you all lie to do it, too. LIE. You knew what radio show this was and the teacher incident was not even a radio show so what in the heck?

  79. I have come to the conclusion that this Republican Party is the most evil intity on the planet..if not anal. It is an embarresment to those who hold this country dear to their hearts. The image they portray of the American people and our true desires is just a BIG LIE…

  80. Yes! How anyone can vote for these traitors is beyond me. Within the Democratic party we have plenty to chose from — green, conservative, liberal, etc. Have at it – at least Democrats aren’t selling us GWB and SP.

  81. So…WHAT are we decent people going to do about these hypocrites in the extreme Right? ARE WE FED UP OR WHAT??? LEAVE OBAMA ALONE AND LET HIM DO HIS JOB YOU RACISTS!!!!!

  82. A lot of Americans feel that way. Watching Brandy get sent home was heartbreaking, and I never even watch that show. I just saw enough of it to see what a talent she is and then Bristol with her pole dancing and standing there doing nothing, it’s sort of a no brainer.

  83. Your comment made me cry. Even the left have higher expectations of him. No one will leave the man alone to do his job. The racism in this country aimed against this good man shames all of us.

  84. Hi Sarah,
    Though it is quite obvious that you are intelligent your words are bleeding with bias and vitriol against a woman and her family. Sarah Palin has put up with more irrational hatred than, in my not so humble opinion, any other candidate in modern times. Some of the bashing is because of her femininity, some for her principled stand, some for her Godly beliefs and some just because she is apparently happy. Her greatest sin is that she lacks the required “mortal sadness” of liberals. Though I wondered if you are heartless, I decided that you are not, because a bleeding liberal has to have a heart.

    p.s. Did your mom name you after Sarah Palin? If so kudos to her!

  85. Sarah Palin stirs up hatred, so she gets back exactly what she gives. Don’t be taken in by her playing the role of victim, Garland. This is someone who sticks her nose in things that don’t concern her and talks at length on things she knows nothing about. In addition, she has said some pretty hateful things herself. Back in 2008, the U.S. Secret Service blamed her imflammatory rhetoric for the increased threats on then-candidate Barack Obama’s life. As for her family, she needs to stop putting them out there. It’s obvious from the behavior of the older ones that she didn’t do a good job of raising them. No family is perfect, but if my family had all those issues, I would not even think about presenting myself as a poster child for family values.

  86. Garland,

    I don’t often reply to comments like yours, but I have to admit, you gave me a chuckle. I’m not sure you explained why you think I hate Sarah Palin. You give a lot of reasons other people hate her, but none for me. I feel sort of left out.

    Oh, I am biased toward her and her family. Ok, well, if by bias you mean an opinion that comes from being uninformed, then the opposite is true. It is through getting to know Sarah Palin that I lost all respect for her. But if you mean that I do not like her, well, it’s true that I don’t like what she stands for. And you will take that to mean her baby, her church, and her family, but of course, those are ridiculous charges that only the most blunt instrument could absorb and regurgitate.

    Contrary to what you’ve been told, not all liberals hate babies, church, or families. Some of us actually have babies, go to church and also have families.

    Shocking, I know:-)

    Best to you, Garland and no, my mommy did not name me after a governor who quit her job. My mommy loves me much too much to hang that albatross of failure around my neck.

  87. What a great article! What wacky comments from ill-informed Palin supporters.
    I don’t believe that Sarah Palin is a good parent. I’m fairly certain that she’s not a practicing Christian. so perhaps she should back off that whole Christian angle.

    You see, a good parent teaches his/her children that one treats people the way they wish to be treated. They teach their children about consequences, which entails, in part, being held accountable for one’s actions.
    Sarah Palin is incapable of understanding accountability chiefly because she was not taught it by her own parents.
    Now we have to listen to her blame everyone but herself for her behavior and that of her children.
    “It’s your fault for looking for the truth! I can’t help it if you’re sticking to the facts! They’re immaterial because I’m a victim!”

    Well, hot diggity. I’ll be darned.
    I’m not a liberal; I’m an American who is sick to death of this country being dumbed down so the intellectually flaccid can make it through the day.
    Become curious about the truth; not the “truth” found on blogs, but actual research generated truth.
    This article speaks to the lack of integrity of Sarah Palin.
    It speaks to how some of us are willing to believe anything we’re told as long as the package tells us they’re “just like us”.

    Yikes. I don’t want any.
    Here’s the thing: Name calling is not cool. Kindness is.
    I’ve raised 3 kids. They’re in their 20s now and have friends from all walks of life in every color of the rainbow. Why? Because they were raised to love others and treat people with the respect they want for themselves.
    It’s really rather simple.

  88. While we are talking about Palin, let’s examine her influence.

    She backed O’Donnell in Delaware. Loser

    She backed Angle in Nevada. Loser

    She backed the Candidate in Washington. [ can’t remember his name] Loser

    She backed Buck in Colorado . Loser

    She backed Miller in Alaska. Loser

    Write in Candidate Murkowski wins for the first time in almost 60 years.

    Does anyone see a pattern here? Could it be that her constant tirades and off the wall remarks of her and her family have shown the rest of the country what the Palin family is really like?

  89. One more thing; what was the REAL reason she resigned as Governor?

    Was is with regards to the illegal funding?

    Was it with regards to the numerous ethics complaints she had filed against her?

    Could the above have been dominant factors in her only serving a half term?

  90. Congressional seats are vacated when appointments are made or different Offices are being sought. Not the same thing as quitting and sitting on the sidelines as a Monday morning quarterback, and a particularly viscious one at that.

    Article was brilliant and spot on.

  91. Bush didn’t spend money on the war so his kind would get rich? Yes he did! And Bush didn’t pass tax cuts that kept the government from getting money, which is the same as spending money? Yes he did. And what about the economics under Bush: loan whatever you feel like. Who cares if these folks can’t pay it back. I’m a CPA. We’ve been paying the lowest taxes in my lifetime, and that’s pretty long! I’m sick and tired of Republicans blaming this economic mess on Obama. Be honest for once and acknowledge where the problem began! And that it will take more than 2 years, or even 4 years, to solve the problem. omg!

  92. Good post. I would disagree with one point: I don’t see the Palins’ exposure of their children as something they view as the cost of getting what they want. I think narcissistic parents rear children in their own image–and wind up with narcissistic children who the parents think are the greatest kids in the world. I’m sure Sarah sees Bristol’s success on DWTS as proof of how fabulous her daughter is. I’m sure she sees the Facebook rants as justifiable responses to vicious taunting on the part of her fabulous daughters’ jealous schoolmates–ie, sees things exactly as her girls do. Willow and Bristol have too much family pride & self-respect to let their grubby little schoolmates get away with this kind of diss … etc.

    There’s no way to get through to people like this. You simply can’t penetrate the fog of narcissism and entitlement. Nothing that ever happens with these children will lead S&P to look in the mirror and say, Wow. Maybe we done bad.

  93. Garland, I guess you got kicked off of twitter because your link doesn’t work anymore. LOL. Using that big brain of yours to insult people on twitter didn’t go so well or what?

  94. Is it true that Sarah faked her pregnancy and Trig is Bristol child and during the time that Sarah was pregnant Bristol was not seen for 4or 5 months due to Mono?

  95. I don’t mean to say something mean but I wish to say that the impression that I have a Sarah Palin is that she behaves like is an over-glamorized, over-achieving trailer-trash scamp. I would also add to that, her childrens’ behavior, and her own, testify to that. Great piece btw, thanks and cheers.

  96. Many teenagers can show disrespect and use profanity, especially on the internet. However, I am surprised at the Palin adult reaction to their children’s epithets. It seems to be no big deal to them, so it must be ingrained at the home. When a teacher unfurled a banner of “worst governor ever” during a taping of her reality show, the Palin clan confronted the demonstrators, tried to block the taping of Palin’s comments, and the kids referred to the demonstrator, “you’re an asshole” and the now repetitive, “you’re so jealous.” There was no reaction from SP, although the confrontation was otherwise relatively civil.

    The abbreviated video, the editing of which actually makes Palin look better, and cuts much of the Palin anger and the kid’s asshole comment (the full version appears to be off Youtube now):


  97. “Attacking” their family = writing on your own facebook wall that you are watching a TV show you don’t like? Wow. In Palin’s America, will we be allowed to post anything on our own Facebook walls or will that be ruled unconstitutional and she will put the deptarment of law after us?

    Just think, if Obama used the same logic, you would be in jail right now and Sarah Palin would be burning at the stake like the witch she is.

  98. Again, Stephanie, by your own logic, anyone who disagrees with SArah Palin on their own facebook wall or blog should be shut down – is this Palin’s America? Will we be allowed to speak at all?

    If Obama operated like Palin, Sarah Palin would be in jail for treason.

  99. Where I come from, we call her kind the nouveau riche, because money can’t buy class. Class comes from the inside and with good parenting.

  100. TKO Shiva: Equal air-time, yes, though unfortunately not until Palin actually runs for something. Which brings me to Willow’s comment that her mother “represents the nation.” Really? Just which elected office was that? Apparently, she never finished a grade school civics or social studies class where she should have learned what it means to be elected to represent a constituency. Without a doubt, her mother failed that class too.

    The truth is, as we all know, Palin’s nothing more than a opinion spinning pundit, which doesn’t amount to much these days except that it’s a great generator of personal wealth on the backs of the ignorant. Just ask Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh or any other money-grubbing media-whore, who love to jealously decry the myopia of those who actually serve “inside the beltway” while turning a blind eye to how their skillful abuse of misinformation and servitude to greed has indeed hamstrung our government w/ partisan politicking at a time when we all need reasonable governance.

    Today more than ever, populist politics is not about political realities but political beliefs. The war upon the common sense of the American public has made inroads among an under-educated public that no longer knows what it doesn’t know. In an age of information glut, it’s easier to fall back upon what one thinks they already know by virtue of “named” familiarity. The very real power of repetition sets us all free from considering the facts as they are when the label of blame is easier to affix w/out having to understand the details.

    Elected politicians are still beholden to their constituencies. Salaried talking-heads are responsible only to the patronage of their corporate media conglomerates and represent no one but themselves. Greed is after all quite transparent.

  101. Speaking of NouveauRiche…. Sarah got a taste of the real GOP MAMA GRIZZLIE ….

    Go back to Alaska and stay there, said Old Money Barbara Bush.

    Ouch! That’s gotta sting.

    I bet Sarah is too dim to know that when someone like BB says she is ‘beautiful’ it really means “airhead” …. just sayin

  102. No whining English, I’ll leave that to you all.

    Crystal is the poster child for the libs, nothing intelligent to say, so you start flinging the insults. I imagine your birds would be far more interesting to converse with than you.

  103. Govt workers making over $150,000 a year?I was a goverment worker for 15 years and I was lucky to make $40,000 a year with overtime.Most government employees are military,security personel,forrest service,park rangers,postal workers.All jobs that would pay more in the private sector,but these salaries are dictated by congressioal committes and sub committies made up of millionares and carreer polititians.Woe unto thee if you should try to collect on your benefits promised by Uncle Sam.Don’t believe me?Look at the substandard care soldiers get after returning home from overseas.

  104. Really enjoyed this article… but isn’t the phrase “with malice aforethought”, rather than “with malice of foresight”?

  105. GWB deliberately set about to derail the pay of civil servants in his effort to create “small government”. But what they didn’t tell you is that they filled the top posts with their cronies who were unqualified and then shuffled the principled and the efficient to the hall of nothing, still paying them, but keeping them out of the way of the big overtake of government.

    When government lowers the pay standards for civil servants, it trickles to the free market and soon enough, you have employees with no benefits and no job security, thereby creating havoc with the middle class but opening the doors for corporations to make tons of money, unfettered by things like fairness and oversight.

    They myth of “small government” is a ruse sold to justify giving the same money to corporations in no bid contracts, thereby growing government via private contractors and getting around pesky things like oversight. Anyone who suggests civil servants are overpaid has not been paying attention.

  106. For all of the Palinbots on here claiming it isn’t wrong to do what they are doing and that ABC approves you might want to tell ABC:

    “the executive producer of “Dancing with the Stars” insists the show’s security system is catching and expunging all those votes for her (Bristol) that are being cast by people using bogus e-mail addresses to game the voting system. ”

    You guys are such scumbag liars you don’t even understand the spirit of competition and general morality.

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