From The Ashes of Defeat: The Resurrection of Barack Obama

After a tough six months which culminated in Republicans taking control of the US House and picking up Senate seats in the 2010 election, many started to ask if President Barack Obama was destined to be a one termer, but something interesting has happened. Instead of crushing Obama the defeat has resurrected him, and according to the new NBC/WSJ survey, Obama is at his most popular point since May.

The NBC News/WSJ survey revealed that for the first time in six months Obama’s job approval rating is not a net negative. At 47% approval and 47% disapproval, Obama continues to hover closely towards the magic 50% approval rating. America still personally likes Obama. His personal approval rating is at a net plus 10 points, 49%-39%. Obama’s personal approval rating is higher than the Democratic Party (40%), the Republican Party (34%), the Tea Party (30%), and congressional leaders John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid.

The survey also dealt a blow to the idea the 2010 election was a referendum on Barack Obama and his policies. Only 17% of those surveyed said that their vote was cast against the policies of the last two years. A whopping 68% said their vote was cast in the hope of changing some things over the next two years. Even the people who voted for the Republican in their district claimed that their vote was against the Democratic candidate (20%) more than it was a vote against Obama (15%). However, voters aren’t expecting great changes with Republicans in control of the House, as 73% of respondents expected either some change or very little change after the 2010 election.

A majority of respondents wanted to see Democrats and Republicans compromise (47%), but 76% expected a period of division and little willingness to compromise. Sixty seven percent believed that Obama was likely or somewhat likely to work with congressional Republicans, but 53% believed that it was not too likely or not likely at all that Republicans will work with Obama.

The change that people want to see most is an improved economy. While Obama still polls at a net negative 12% on his handling of the economy, optimism that the economy will get better is at its highest point since May, (37%), and 60% believe that the worst of the recession is behind us. Far from being dead and buried, Obama is enjoying a revival. His years of messaging about compromise and working with Republicans, which is something that almost everyone who supported him has complained about at one time or another, is resonating with an electorate that is craving bipartisan compromise.

This notion may strike some as odd, but Obama finds himself in a better political position now that governmental power has been split than he was when Democrats controlled all of Congress. It is becoming apparent that the 2010 election was not a referendum on Obama, but instead a desperation move by an electorate beaten down by years of economic struggles. Voters still like Obama, but when Democrats failed to address the unemployment situation, they paid the price at the polls.

Americans want Democrats and Republicans to work together and they expect Obama to keep extending a hand to the Republicans. The pressure is now on the GOP to find ways to work with Obama. If they continue their agenda of obstruction, even though the electorate isn’t expecting much compromise, they will be held accountable in 2012. The economy is the only issue holding Obama back, and if voters’ expectations are met that the worst really is over, they will happily go to the polls and reelect Barack Obama.

Much like Bill Clinton in 1994, what was supposed to be a crushing defeat is being turned into a rebirth for an American president. Obama now has a new Congress and a clean slate. The partisans on the left and right are already howling about a potential compromise on tax cuts, but it is this very kind of compromise that the American people want to see. While Republicans keep straying to the right, Obama and his message of bi-partisanship have their finger on the pulse of what moderate America wants. As illogical as it might sound, by suffering a defeat in 2010, Obama is in a better position to win reelection in 2012. Barack Obama is one economic recovery away from his political resurrection being complete.

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  1. OK. You’ve outdone yourself here. Best poll article ever; analysis spot on, and a special thank you for pointing out that one thing you know I rail about (Obama’s bi-partisanship is a good thing, even when it’s frustrating). I wonder if we will not all be surprised to see the spine of steel these poll numbers support soon:-) Just sayin’….I can drop my “g”s too.

  2. Americans like nothing more than a good fight or an underdog. We’ve been waiting for Obama to take on the GOP head-on. If he does, I suspect America will get behind the POTUS since most know a) the GOP got us into this mess, and b) the GOP has yet to propose anything to benefit Americans.

  3. The President will be re-elect in 2012, after Americans get another dose of “We don’t care about you-we care about $$$$”. The President will get on Offense- a good Defense is NOT enough!

  4. Bipartisanship can only work if both parties are willing to work together for the good of the country. But what I see from the Party of No is a demand that the president comply with their unreasonable demands. In other words, they want to be the tail that wags the dog. That was the case before the elections, and now they are emboldened by their victories. He needs to find a way to strategize in order to continue accomplishments in spite of them. Although it’s still 2010, their destructive stupidity and infighting have been on display every day since 11-02-10. It is beyond me why anyone would think they would do anything differently from what they have said.

  5. America America America who do you love. Is this country a Christian Nation? As we travel down the road of destruction as so many nations have that leave God. We see the fami-liar signs note the last part (liar). This country has forgot who made it and it was not made by a man. All power is instituted and ordained by God. The president/man is the president for a reason. What the president has done has brought the great late America face to face to who she really is. As we walk/fall down the road to destruction all the part that make her up is being show to the world/ God has know who we are all the time. We are men as all men are. We do not know what is true any more. Sound Doctrine we do not know what truth is anymore. The game for leadership of the nation is a liar debate contest.
    You can not tell the “Truth” and get leadership of this nation. The part that elected the president of this nation and the many parts that you see now let’s you know we are a country divided, along selfish line. We do not care any thing for each other. The Rep. Demo. Tea Party, Indie. or any other part that come to power is all the same because we are all following
    Un-Sound Doctrine A Lie. All need to start with Real Truth. Where do we get that ? The Word of God. Where do you start? You. When you speak you know it to be true or a lie. Who is know? God.

  6. If America wants to bounce back from a Recession , stop whining about not have jobs and go and create one. Better yet stop all this bickering and encourage the GOP and Obama to work together. 2 years in office is not gonna fix 8 years of George W Bush.

  7. The problem is that people like Palin are Christian In Name Only. In addition, the GOP uses religion as a wedge issue to divide people. How can people who support cuts in education, health care, Medicare, and other necessities, but not in defense spending, declare with straight faces that they are following the teachings of Christ or that they truly believe in God? As far as being a Christian nation is concerned, this is a multi-faith, multi-racial society in spite of the desire of people like Palin that it wasn’t so. While it’s true that this society has been coarsened, the blatant hypocrisy of the religious right is even worse.

  8. If the President goes in the offensive, our admiration for him will SOAR! The Republicans will never give in, so he SHOULD NOT either. Go Obama !

  9. OK, so what are your feelings on the Heathcare bill? Immigration? Got some ideas on speeding up the economic recovery?

    Maybe God will help us out? Maybe he is? What do you know about these topics that can help? Can you talk to God? Does God have opinions on these issues? Does prayer help, cause I can guarantee there has been a lot of that since the housing/commodity crashes.
    The Healthcare bill seems a little specific, but I’m certainly open to any ideas that don’t involve giving more cash to the rich while screwing everyone else. I think God (Jesus anyway) was on board with that.
    I think you are being somewhat philosophical where we could probably use practicality. If God has something to say, let’s hear it!

    BTW: there have always been corruption and idiocy and all the bad things that go on today, much worse, in fact. Not sure when we “forgot” anything that was “true”. I think we just have too many people trying to cover their butts to actually get anything done. Even what they know its right (whatever they may). Everyone wants a job and to keep it.

  10. Good post, mcmgrant!! There is no “compromising” with people who have the
    my-way-or-the-highway mentality. They want him to do all the compromising without meeting him halfway. Not only does he have veto power, but he also can issue Executive Orders in some cases, and they wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

  11. Americans need to wake up to the fact that the GOP LITERALLY uses THE SAME TACTICS and propaganda that the Nazis used in pre-WWII Germany, and the GOP is in fact, very much like the Nazi party. In fact, KKKarl Rove made the mistake of having bush give a speech which was word-for-word the same as a speech Hitler gave in regard to homeland security. What does give me hope however, is that the republicans are SO greedy, that they will shoot their own foot off before 2012 in heavily sating themselves at the public trough while ignoring everyday Americans. In doing this, it will be SO obvious that they are only out to help themselves and their ilk, and with that Americans will re-elect President Barack Obama.

  12. Marie, that’s just it, don’t you see? The GOP wants to call ALL the shots! They will NOT compromise or work with President Obama! Not to be a jerk, but where have you been; haven’t you watched the news over the past 2 years???

  13. “A fool is someone who doesn’t believe what he has seen with his own eyes.”

    I didn’t come up with that quote, but I did come up with this one:

    “A fool is someone who states as a matter of fact that which is a matter of faith.”

    Example: “I KNOW I’m going to heaven!”

  14. It’s not just Obama that has to go mano y mano with the Republicans, the House Democrats and the Senate Democrats have to support him – vigorously.
    Regardless of what aberrations the House Republican majority get passed, the Senate can sit on them as long as they wish – there are over 400 bills passed by the current House that still gather dust in the Senate’s End Basket.

  15. Yeah, let’s hope Nancy Pelosi learned from her role and can guide the Dems to support the President more, even though they’re not the majority in the House.

  16. Howdy stranger! Nice to see you here again:-) It’s been a few months- I think during the Wasilla troll week maybe is the last I saw of you!

  17. I really hope that this proves accurate. As a first gen immigrant I realize that the only way that I would even want to stay in the country is if Obama’s and the Dem’s policies are accepted and stay in place. The re-pubs scare me, I’m Swedish and their obvious dislike of progressive policies that help the actual people here in the US make me fidgety and want to move back to Europe.

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