The Inevitable Bursting of Sarah Palin’s Media Bubble

A sneak peak into Palin's 2012 strategy!
A sneak peak into Palin's 2012 strategy!

Sarah Palin’s new book, “America by Heart” has suffered a pre-emptive blow after being leaked by Palingates, a Sarah Palin watchdog site. Palingates, as well as several high profile media outlets, point out that Sarah Palin uses race to attack Michelle Obama, the Obama children, and the President.

Anyone who is surprised by this has not been paying attention. Sarah Palin is the great divider, a lowest common denominator among an already low-brow movement of proud to be ignorant, pseudo-rebellious anarchists who are super angry about the democratic process which renounced them in 2008.

Palin appears to be stuck in 2008.

Ms Palin seems to think the Reverend Wright bit will work magically in 2012, when in fact, it failed in 2008 and will fail again. Ms Palin also brings back the failed inference that the President is not qualified (likening him to a talentless American Idol contestant with too much self-esteem in yet another epic projection), forgetting that President Obama has been the President for two years and therefor has achieved something Palin never will. President Obama has also never quit on an oath to the public he swore to serve, no matter how much we may have antagonized and enticed him to do just that. Ms Palin is also operating under the delusion that she can accuse the First Lady of not being proud of her country (another failed 2008 smear), when it is Sarah Palin who is married to a secessionist.

None of these strategies worked in 2008 and beating these dusty memes only makes Palin look like the emotional retrograde she is, still clinging to her wounds from 2008 and sure that if enough people hear her, they will denounce Obama. Ms Palin is unaware that in real America, blatant racism doesn’t play well. And she is also unaware that our President and his family are too self-disciplined to even acknowledge her embarrassingly juvenile attempts to engage them.

Stuck in 2008 as she is, Palin is failing to take into account the press of 2012.

If she runs, the press will run the video of Palin’s own church, where she not only sat in the pews but was prayed over by a witch doctor whose own history in Africa is much more damaging than anything Reverend Wright ever said. And the press will run the clips of Palin claiming that the war in Iraq is God’s war. Palin will not know what hit her because she is still stuck in 2008, seething with jealousy and outrage that she lost to a black man.

And this is why race will be her “issue”.

Palin is going to run for President, and this is how she will do it. Why? Because she has nothing else. Palin brought the putrid stench of partisanship steeped in accusations best fit for Nazi Germany to a race for mayor of a town of less than 5000 people, leaving Wasillians stunned and gasping for breath at the ferocity of her attacks against her opponent; attacks which took the tone of implying that he was Jewish (yes, this may not be a crime yet, but hold on, my fellow Real Americans) and that he might not really be married to his wife, because her last name was not the same as his.

What of it? Well, gosh golly gee whiz flippin’ common sense heart and the troops, can’t you see how that impacts his ability to do mayor-ish things? I mean, so what if Sarah Palin was forced by the City Council to hire a city manager after a recall campaign was threatened against the newly installed mayor Palin due to her incompetence and heavy-handed and paranoid approach to governing. Surely an unmarried Jewish man could not guide the city of 5,000 like a Christian secessionist.

If this were you and you needed to sell yourself as pro-America, and you had no scruples to get in the way, you would do what Palin does best: the best defense is a good offense. Accuse the other side of your largest weakness. Add a bit of deflection, a hint of martyrdom and an exquisite mixture of doe-eyed, thigh-high skirted claims of victimization and you have yourself a winner. Sarah Palin is the Great White Hope of the far right KKK tied secessionist, anarchist movement, the birthers, the white nationalists, and the pseudo Christians who use Christ to demonize “the Other”.

So Sarah Palin’s campaign has already begun and it will consist of trashy, unspeakable things that will hurt your soul, pain your heart and make you question the sanity of your country. And when no one pushes back hard enough against her outrageous claims (they will debunk the lie, but fail to expose the projection), you will find yourself curling up into a ball of horror at what your country has become. This will be one of her worst moments in history. We can only hope that utter devastation is not unleashed upon our dear country by this power-mad despot of terror. And no, I’m not being hyperbolic.

In 2008, she had McCain (yes, even McCain has values) and the establishment who know how to walk the line without crossing it to rein her in—but at the top of the ticket and guided by no one but her chosen entourage of cultists whose best asset is their willingness to appease the paranoia burning the few remaining live brain cells in Ms Palin’s head, you should expect an unfettered reign of terror.

Palin’s book is yet another example of how she is using the media to craft an image that she will run on, along with her “reality” TV show, her appearances on Fox PAC and her Twitter and Facebook pronouncements of “policy”– the arrogance and silliness of which only prove to reading Americans that you can’t know what you don’t know when you know so little.

In a New York Times Magazine profile that appeared online this week, Palin went out of her way to mention the “exposure” she receives through her job at Fox News, saying, “I’m on television nearly every single day with reporters. … Now granted, that’s mainly through my job at Fox News, and I’m very proud to be associated with them, but I’m not avoiding anything or anybody. I’m on Facebook and Twitter. I want to talk about my record, though.”

Exposure is what celebrities do. It is not the same thing as taking questions and talking policy, in other words, interacting in live time with the fourth estate. Neither Facebook nor Twitter nor Fox are vehicles for the fourth estate to do their job. As a supposed journalism major (in spite of the fact that no one at her last college remembers her and we have not been gifted with proof of her degree), Palin should have at least cursory knowledge of the job of a reporter. Not many on Fox PAC will ever be accused of being a reporter. Twitter is not a reporter. Facebook is not a reporter.

Of course she doesn’t want to talk about her record and of course she is avoiding the press. She might be deluded enough to believe that being on Twitter is the same as taking questions from the press, but her mistake is thinking that we are.

Reasonable people will ask what Palin’s problem is with the media and why she not only avoids them, but lobs her pre-emptive smears until all media is automatically discredited in the eyes of her supporters. More importantly, because Palin’s motives here should be obvious (and as for discussing her record, I’d be happy to, starting with her media blackouts on the press going way back to when she was mayor of a small town), why does the American media allow Palin to get away with this and will they continue?

Every time the media runs after Palin like a lap dog, refusing to dig into her real record and allowing her statements that she is against government intrusion, is a fiscal conservative, and is for small government to stand unchallenged, they lower the bar for the next charismatic pathological liar to use social media, the publishing world and reality TV to sell America a dangerous combination of hubris, arrogance, narcissism and rabid ambition.

Palin is too scared and intimidated to talk with anyone about her record, because her record belies her myth. While the rest of the media sells Palin as a conservative, reality tells quite another story.

Why is it that the press seems uninterested in reality when it comes to Palin? She is the great Teflon deceiver, a raging socialistic populist demagogue who spent like crazy on entitlement and socialist programs, grew the size of government, left Wasilla in long term debt due to staggering incompetence, and left Alaskans with a 70 percent debt to GDP ratio — all fueled by her consistent over-reaching abuse of governmental power. This is none too comforting when you add in her obvious-to-insiders mental imbalance.

But Ms Palin is in for a world of shock. The press of 2008 is not the press of 2012. While they’re still in a dense fog of denial, Palin is making it difficult for them to continue languishing in the land of naive belief that she will just go away when the time is right. When they wake up to the reality that Palin thinks she is qualified to be our President, they will begin some serious vetting.

While they will still miss the larger points, they’ve had time to get to know Palin’s reputation for lies and they will not want to be humiliated again. The press scrutiny of the VP candidate is nothing compared to the scrutiny she will face as the top of the ticket. If Sarah Palin thought the media was cruel to her when they asked her what she read, wait until they ask her why she lied about not having healthcare, about Troopergate, about the AIP connections, about Death Panels, the people who died under her administration or about her belief that Iraq bordered America.

And that’s not even the juicy bits. Welcome to 2012, Ms Palin. If you insist upon bringing your scourge of hate upon this country, don’t think we’re going to sit back and take it like we did in 2008. Buckle up, sweetie. The spotlight is on you, where you’ve always wanted it, but I’m not sure you’re going to like it. Your dreams of stardom may well turn into a nightmare. You are about to learn what it feels like to be attacked for real.

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  1. About Sarah Palin’s witch doctor Thomas Muthee, and the fact that his history and career and statements are far more damaging than anything Rev. Jeremiah Wright ever said, and that Sarah Palin has INSISTED on quoting Rev. Wright (and everyone else she has a grudge against) out of context:

    Two commenters from – “DootDiddyDoot” and “texasgal2009” – pointed out correctly that

    “…some analyzed the whole sermon and realized he was talking about 9/11 and why he felt we were attacked, based on our govt’s holier than thou attitude when it comes to understanding and tolerance of other countries beliefs and religions. Didn’t see this all over of course b/c for some reason the MSM only played that little tiny snippet over and over yet never played the remarks leading up to it or after it.

    I don’t believe the Obamas would attend this church if there were hateful sermons every time they went. The First Lady is far too careful to allow her children to listen to that. They don’t even get to see much TV.”


    “If you find the full video or transcript of that sermon , the context improves it somewhat because he talks about government lies, deceptions to get us into wars, the killing of innocent people, mistreatment of native Americans, etc. The theme of the sermon was governments setting themselves above God’s laws….”

  2. Brilliant piece, Sarah, though I think it’s more her dream, our nightmare…and that it’s only fair that if her dream turns into our nightmare than it turn into her’s as well. But I wholeheartedly embrace your words, and particularly liked how you put your thoughts today: “Buckle up, sweetie. The spotlight is on you, where you’ve always wanted it, but I’m not sure you’re going to like it.”

    That put ninja swords in your hands, Sarah. Bust her wide open.

  3. I love that:-) I actually sense that if she does run, this will be her undoing. A total destruction. But of course, you are right – our nation will suffer right along with her. However, once we put this dog whistle to bed, we might be able to have real dialogue again about important things. In the end, I think Palin will be such a scourge on racists that they will go out of style for a loooong time. A girl can dream, right?

  4. You can dream until they take that right away from you too. They’ll have a Department of Dreams to regulate them along with everything else that goes on in Americans’ bedrooms. Probably tax you too (the rich will dream for free – corporate privilege and all that).

    But I agree. I don’t see how she can survive a catastrophic humiliation in 2012.

  5. Thanks Sarah, for crediting PalinGates – it is indeed unfortunate when a blog from out of the U.S. has to do the work of the MSM in the United States in exposing this fraud and hypocrite. We do appreciate the h/t.
    Sarah has overplayed her hand. Like all vampires, she literally does not stand up to the bright light of day. Instead of recognizing she was becoming WAY too visible and her rhetoric was crossing many lines, she chose to continue to virtually “stalk” the networks with her wholesome (?) family values.
    The incidents with DWTS and now trashing American Idol ranks up there with biting the hand that feeds you. When Willow and Bristol attacked the young man on HIS Facebook account and called him “gay” and a “faggot”, and she obviously chose to not speak about this, it showed what a horrible neglectful parent she is, and what kind of values exist in that family. Children learn from their parents. None of our children use that language, and if they did, they would hear about it! Obviously they learned from their parents that homophobic slurs and attacks are “ok”.
    Sarah is now “overkill”. She has put herself in the media spotlight way too much. She cannot handle it. She can’t even handle her own children. Her obvious racism and jealousy is so obvious that she is turning off all but the most ardent PalinBots.
    Perhaps she will crash and burn soon – we can all hope – but she is coming unhinged and rabid. She’s not a nice person – and she’s showing too much of what she really is to the American public.
    As long as she is portraying herself as a media whore, she will get the attention she is asking for. And we don’t think she will like it.
    Love you guys and warm thanks from a PalinGator!

  6. I think one of the reasons that the press is not interested in Sarah’s past, is simply because they only report the news of the moment. An example would be the other daily reported what her daughter Willow did, but there will not be a follow-up tomorrow on what the resolution to the situation was. That example can be applied to anything that Sarah Palin does as well as Pres. Obama, or congressmen of both parties or really anyone. The news of the moment, what gets me a rating.

    If you ever listened to Rev. Wright and took what he said in context I don’t think it was racist. A black person in this country has every right to say damn the United States for the way it treated our people. It’s easy for Fox news to run without, but it’s easy for any liberal media to not fight back. It’s just as easy for a thinking person to totally understand what Michelle Obama meant and said about being proud of her country. But it’s easy for Fox news and Sarah Palin to grab it and run with it even though it’s a total lie.

    I’m not sure I totally agree with you about the media of 2012 and how much they will vet her. it will be Fox news which is election Central against the rest of the media crying foul if anyone says anything derogatory towards her. She has her machine in place and will be fully capable of saying anything she wants. And if history teaches us anything, it’s that the rest of the media will just set there with it’s thumb in a dark spot. I think that Fox news will beat down anyone who speaks out about her past. they will do it quickly and loudly. There is also a chance however the Fox news will not take her seriously and not do as I outline above.

    she may be very smart about this as she sets up Fox news as their election platform. Her book is obviously a set up to get her digs in early on Obama and his family. When asked a question she can always point to her book and say buy the book. That would be original. Even though I think this woman is a disgusting piece of slime, I think let’s wait for the next year and see what happens with her in the press, and see how much of her past that the press just forgets.we can only hope that her racism rises to the surface again and again. Poor Rev. Wright doesn’t have anything on her

  7. WOW!!! Excellent article on the half-term quitter Governor. One thing missing is her “wild ride” story of birthing Trig which has alot of inconsistencies and variations.
    She faked her pregnancy and has consistently told lie after lie after lie and it’s a never-ending story full of lies. Her parenting skills are nill. Her son Track was forced to join the military after cutting brakes on school buses, Willow was the ringleader of kids breaking and thrashing the Morlock house, Bristol’s pregnancies and all the lies is just absolutely sickening.

  8. Nicely said.

    I think one of her biggest problems will be her overweening sense of invincibility. Clearly she assumes she can get away with almost anything because she has so far. So I agree–she’s not going to know what hit her once she declares. And it will be the GOP that takes her out, not the liberals.

    These book excerpts also reveal a huge weakness. She had a major opportunity here to inspire potential voters with her happy talk and platitudes, but instead she coupled a Hallmark philosophy with her massive sense of grievance and victimology. She’s trying to re-litigate 2008, as if everyone will wake up and realize OMG, we should have elected Sarah Palin president (never mind McCain–he’s just a fuzzy spot in her memory).

    Is there anyone in this country who wants to revisit these tired old nontroversies? Not even the wingnuts, I think. Even her C4P acolytes have said she should ditch the “lamestream media” shtick. The fact that she goes on . . . and on. . . . and on. . . .about meaningless crap shows she has a fool for an adviser–herself.

    So I say, she should keep it up. She makes herself more childish and irrelevant with her inability to let revenge go. One real question from a real journalist, and she’ll collapse faster than her stupid fence.

    Best of all, through this lovely convergence of media–the show, Bristol’s role in the DWTS soap opera, Willow’s flame-out, the book, her Twitter-Tourette’s syndrome–she’s ensuring that most Americans will cringe when they hear the name “Palin.” Not the effect you’re looking for when you want your name on the ballot.

  9. Nice piece. But it is the duty of the real journalist to do more than parrot words. Thinking, critical thinking, and less bowing to Mammon.

    The media have to stop the ‘all entertainment all the time’ mode of operation.

    My one hope is that the House will be such a disaster that the Right is totally deflated. Or outraged at their masters. They’re off to a great start.

    Palin will only succeed as long as the press fails us.

  10. I remember during the week ending November 1, 2008, when Palin resurrected the Reverend Wright issue. This was more than 6 months since Obama had broken with Wright after Wright came here to D.C. and made a fool of himself in front of the press.
    By the time Palin brought it up again, the issue had lost its potency months ago, along with Michelle Obama’s remarks, which had been taken out of context. Needless to say, it was an act of desperation that did not work for McCain-Palin.

    With Palin’s long record of divisiveness and her confrontational stance, I have a feeling that she will one day cross one person too many. With her lack of self-awareness, along with her crassness and propensity for lying, I see her walking recklessly into a minefield of her own making. While FOX has enabled her to get away with her deceptions and her gratuitous attacks on her “enemies,” she can’t get by forever. The fact that she has been rejected by the majority of Alaskans who voted on 11-02-10 for a Republican senator through Joe Miller’s defeat shows that her popularity is not in her own state.

  11. That Palin creature is a disgusting racist maniac and all that is required for evil to prevail is for good men and women to do nothing. This monster that is Sarah Palin must be exposed on every level, 24 hours a day and I applaud all efforts aimed at doing that.

  12. My pleasure:-) PG does great work and I’m more than happy when I can link. We appreciate all of our readers and a special shout out to the Gators for all of their support!

  13. I love your take on the media re the past and corrections and updates– you are so right. That doesn’t sell. You’re absolutely right about the Rev Wright thing — as far as I can tell, he spoke the truth. Was it productive? Maybe not. But he’s entitled to speak his truth like all other Americans. Glenn Beck speaks his, Sarah Palin speaks hers, and he spoke his. But anyone who denies that African Americans have a right to feel that way is simply not smart enough to think contextually and honestly about the situation. If anyone had kidnapped them and their families and separated them and made them work against their will, holding them against their will, treating them cruelly often enough — how would they feel? That may be history, but it’s not gone from our culture and to deny this is almost a double slap in the face.

    I also agree that they won’t vet her the way they should, but given Palin’s persecution complex, she will become unglued when anyone dares to write the truth about anything, and some will. She is no Bush in this regard, because what they all know is that she has no stop mechanism. She doesn’t know how to play the game or what the rules are — partly due to her mental illness, she actually believes the crap she spews and she thinks that if only people heard it, they would all agree with her.

  14. I actually have written about that wild ride before — a long time ago, though. I am not afraid to say that questions need to be asked and that if nothing else, Palin showed her terrible judgment if her story is accurate. It saddens me that the only people who found the courage to speak about it at the time of the 2008 elections were the Canadian news. What kind of VP does something so reckless?

  15. I doubt the press is ever going to be what they were pre-Bush and pre-24 hour cable news. It is up to bloggers and citizen journalists now, it seems. But I do have faith in their desire to not be had again.

  16. You’re correct– she has deluded herself into thinking that being on Fox is the same as taking questions. She must be quite proud of herself for answering “questions” now.

  17. By the way, she’s avoiding the West and East Coasts during her book tour. I guess it is though to take real questions, if you know what I mean. But she’ll be there when she needs money from those “liberal” states.

  18. For two years, I have been told to stop writing about her, but I sensed something dangerous brewing. While most people thought she was going to go away, I felt that prickly sensation up my spine. I knew when we watched her resign that trouble was ahead. I’m most dismayed for my country to be proven correct.

  19. She’s got that handy way of denying reality; she takes from the liberal elite, sucks up to them, begs to be invited to their things, only so she can pretend to be above it all. At the same time, she runs her end game of distraction and discrediting the media pre-emptively by bashing them. But when the parties roll around, who do we see sitting in the window at the see and be seen hot spots? Sarah Palin. And you best get out of her way when swag is offered.

  20. Sarah, you have once again “nailed it” and expressed the dark core of the Palin phenom. I have to admit, though, that I am starting to lose hope that her toxic public regurgitations will ever be stopped. From the day McCain unleashed her onto the national stage, and at every subsequent outrageous spewfest, I have thought … OK, surely the public majority will “get it” now and reject her as the dangerously delusional person that she is. But it never happens. I’ve come to believe that she is just a puppet under the control of the Koch bros and the Christian nationlists, et al – being used as a distraction until no longer needed, never intended for presidential material. Thanks for your tireless efforts on behalf of truth and sanity.

  21. Brilliant piece! Palin is an unholy stew of arrogance and ignorance. It is about time the press stood up to her.

  22. Oh my gosh! I had the same feeling when she resigned! She has made racism politically correct. She is just so nasty, vicious, unpleasant. I am a pro life evangelical Christian and she terrifies me. As a woman, as a Christian, as a human I refudiate this dangerous person.

  23. Welcome to another Christian who is also sane-:) It’s nice to see people speak out against this woman. She is nothing Christian that I was ever taught.

  24. Amen…these fools do not realize that people have been suffering the ugliness of racism all along, but thier KLAN talk and ignorance is taking this country to a new low. Palin did not want to attend college with the Alaskan Natives….I am pretty sure black people are not acceptable to this googly-eyed twit.

  25. Sarah (Jones) is absolutely correct.

    Sarah (Palin) is a danger to the USA; not only because she doesn’t have the intellect or knowledge to be a leader though. The danger is that she does connect with people who are ‘low information’ and who just don’t understand complex issues. I don’t mean that to sound elitist either, because I don’t understand them either, but at least I KNOW that there are no simple solutions to the Economy, Foreign Issues (including 2 expensive, non-winnable wars)

    The press, as Sarah (Jones) said, doesn’t have the inclination/desire/interest to put Sarah (Palin) through a thorough vetting. It is left to bloggers, and sadly, it’s FOREIGN blogs who are doing the best job of digging out the details. Palingates being the one that has the tenacity to go through the Disclosure statements of her SarahScamPAC … following up who gets that money etc….

    As far as the Trig story goes, at the time, it was so unbelievable that anyone would even THINK of pulling this off, that the Press just never took it seriously. However, since then, as we have come to know Sarah (Palin) and her total disconnect from reality, her feeling of entitlement to be believed no matter what she says and her delusional mindset, it IS time for serious journalists to check out this story. It will take someone with resources and connections to dig out the truth.

    Where is this generation’s Woodward and Bernstein?

  26. There you are! We were all enjoying your “palin would put the white house on wheels” comment the other day. just wanted to say thanks!

  27. I’ve come to look fwd to every article by you Sarah.

    PS ahh the R in srjones is Reese! I’ve gotta stop seeing as SenorJones hehe.

    Bet the tweetname format would be diff if named Carol Olivia. ;)

  28. Hi Sarah, another brilliant article. What is your take on where and how she’ll find advisors she can trust (her requirement) to guide her through the minefield of a primary run? She seems to blow people close to her out of the water within a very short span of time. Why would anyone worth their salt sign on to a potential exploratory committee, much less her campaign staff?

    It’s obvious, given her public relations record of the past 18 months, that she is unreliable, irascible, temperamental, and would probably unwittingly undermine any organization set up to help her progress in a real way toward a nomination.

  29. Hahah, yes, one hopes I would have been clever enough to NOT do that, though that is a beautiful name!

  30. That’s an excellent question and the subject of much debate around here. As you already know, she is paranoid and her requirement for advisers is not that they are good or honest with her, but loyal to her. Most of the top establishment folks are already taken and let’s face it, after she went rogue, many of them would not want to work for her.

    She’s going to run a small staff of insiders, people close and intimate to her. I’m not sure she can even get a field organization going in the primary states, but I wouldn’t put it past her to use the Tea Party for this and we all know that will not go well.

    She can’t get delegates unless she runs in the primaries, so while I see her doing the reluctant called to serve routine, she’ll have to actually campaign at some point. I was picturing the primary debates just today and I imagine she will be able to pull this off without making an epic joke of herself simply due to the fact that they won’t do follow ups and she can recite her talking points which have no relation to the question, and people will be so awed that she is not looking at her hand, they’ll deem her a success. Sigh.

    The only good news to come out of this is her branding of the GOP as the party of mediocrity and hypocrisy. And certainly, they deserve it.

  31. This is my prediction. (I vote democrat)

    Palin will put in a bid with the Republican Party. The Republican Party will not support her and instead vote her out counting on her to Run as a independent/teaparty/something, and through this the smear campaign will begin.

    The Republican will focus on two things. How little they think the Democrats have done in 4 years (true or not true). And what a nut-job Sarah Palin is.

    If their plan works, people will be so afraid of Sarah Palin and so frustrated with the Democrats that they will win.

    We’ll see in 2012

  32. Well said, Sarah Jones. Major characteristics of sociopaths are playing the victim, inability to accept blame, gas lighting (engineering the discrediting of others), lying, feeling they are deserving of special favors, that rules are for others, but not for them; and using others, including family, as tools. See “the sociopath next door: The Ruthless Versus the Rest of Us,” by Martha Stoudt, Ph.D., Crown Publishing, 2005 (hardcover); Broadway Publishing, 2006 (paperback).

  33. She and her minions will surely destroy the country. Their homophobia, anti black, anti Latino, anti Muslim, and anti book learnins will be our demise.

    Her one for you……..”Sarah Palin is soooo stupid” “How stupid is she?” “She is so stupid she thought I-raq was a place where optometrists keep their glass eyes.”

  34. Sarah loves the Second Amendment. Perhaps what America needs is a Second Amendment remedy for Sarah Palin.

  35. Wow a nice tolerant leftist website. You’re all so sure SP will run when she hasn’t said she will. How can you be so smart? For the record I am no SP fan, but your hatred is no different than what you accuse her or her fans of. Of course it’s different because you’re looking out for the less fortunate right? Lol. You elitists have so many double standards it’s funny. And Sarah how can you say Palin will “never” be president? Time machine? Clairvoyant? Just like they used to say man will never walk on the moon or a black man will never be president…. so sad the places digg takes me to.

  36. I’m going to prance out on a limb here and suggest Palin has no intention of ever occupying an elected office. I think her strategy (and it’s a good* one) is simply to be influential and famous. People capable of acting like inspiring centrists during a campaign tend to draw votes from the center Independents. You don’t win unless you can do this, and even She Who Must Not Be Named must realize this by now (you may say “she’s not smart enough to know this,” but I think that would be a dangerous assumption given the facility with which she has manipulated lonely right-wingers).

    This is why she pulled the ejection lever on her governorship, when doing a decent job there was the only way she could ever have proven she has executive chops. No, she left knowing full well what it meant: it meant she was destined to survive quite well without being accountable to anyone but the slim base that would fawn over every platitiude, sound bite and irrational proclamation she could dream up. And by “fawn over,” I mean a) pay cash money to hear, and b) worship with unshakeable faith, and c) … hmm. There is no c).

    And for the record, O’Donnell is precisely the same. It’s not necessary to win an election to obtain the power, fame and riches lonely extremists are willing to grant any idol that appeals to their insecurities.

    *By good, I do not mean admirable. I mean “effective.”

  37. I feel this way too. I cringe when I see her speaking and can’t even stand her voice. But, I think she’s a puppet of some higher game master. Right now the Republicans are using her to further their own ends, but soon they’ll have to get rid of her as they know running her in 2012 will be a disaster. They will probably do away with her themselves, somehow.

  38. Personally, I don’t believe she’ll run. I think her ego loves pretending she will, just for the applause from her minion base and the thrill of controversy. The fact that she’d have to go beyond her censored facebook page and fox is a deal breaker. She won’t even tour ‘Blue States’ to promote her books. The critque of the “lamestream media” would unleash a meltdown of biblical proportions. Palin was introduced to the US on 8/29/08 and was heavily protected by the McCain campaign, yet she’s still fuming about being asked “what she reads”. It may be hard to believe now that Caribou Barbie’s 15 minutes will ever end, but it will. It’s the natural ebb and flow of things.

  39. I don’t know what is worse, the thought that Sarah Palin could even be considered for president, or that our current president Obama, keeps Bernanke and his banking buddies in power to loot and steal from the American people. God help us all. Somebody please tell me WHY Obama kept all the same banksters once he became president.. WTF kind of change is that??

  40. JW, if you think this is elitist talk then you must be some sort of bottom feeder looking up and, naturally enough, your language proves it.

  41. Well Donovan it’s the difference between ODS and PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome), to paraphrase Einstein : The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has it’s limits.

  42. Great article. I would love nothing more than to not see her name anymore but I doubt that’s going to happen. She’s desperately unqualified to be a president and I think she’s taking the celebrity route to win popularity votes. You nailed it in your argument that she avoids exposing her lack of substance with empty tweets and other propaganda. Palin is a gold mine for the media and they will ride that wave as long as they can. TV news is purely non-fiction entertainment designed to sell commercials. The last credible news sources are read, not watched.

  43. LOL Hey Everybody knows that women run the world .Men just like to act like they do . When President Palin is in office She will be loved by the majority of this country . the country is and will always be conservative . She will surround herself with the best and brighest conservatives to turn this country around and steer us in the right direction like our beloved Ronald Reagan did

  44. Royal K, can I have some of what you’ve been smoking for 30 odd years? Seems like it’s really good stuff to get you so deluded.

  45. It’s not about Palin’s being a woman. It’s about her lacking class, dignity, intelligence, and common sense. The qualities attributed to women who “run the world” are totally absent in Palin. For one thing, she is not a consensus builder, but is dangerously divisive. Another thing is that women who “run the world” are intelligent and open to learning. Palin is willfully ignorant, and she is delusional in thinking there’s anything charming in that, especially in a middle-aged woman who thinks she could run the most powerful country on earth. Being able to “run the world” means not picking juvenile and pointless fights about stupid issues. Palin is thin-skinned and petty as well as confrontational, and that would be disastrous in dealing with allies around the globe. As far as her being “beloved by the majority in this country,” her unfavorable ratings have continued to increase the more the public is exposed to her. There are even conservatives who don’t like her any better than liberals do, and she has never in 2 years been able to extend her appeal beyond her followers. In addition, the GOP establishment is trying to find a way to abort her chances of even being their nominee. It’s a joke to compare her to Reagan. Although I didn’t like his policies, he was not a quitter and he also was not venomous like Palin. In fact, he enacted a lot of policies in the 1980’s that would be anathema to the Party of No. So much for the prospect of “President Palin!”

  46. “I’m not palin fan but…” i just so happen to be one of the 30 of this country who think she should be president and i have the moronic post to prove it.

  47. Except that rr would not approve of sarah palin and his economic advisers would not and do not approve of the entire GOP right now, so you don’t know anything about real problems or ideas or solutions, you just want to have sex with Sarah Palin and for some reason that makes your big brain think you should also vote for her to be president. Tell me again who are the stupid ones?

  48. You are absolutely right, Bobbi. I spent the first 18 years of my life living under segregation in this country, and the racism has never stopped. What makes it even worse is the fact that Ive lived in GA my entire life and have had to put up with the ignorance of many people here who think that all African Americans, no matter what they achieve or what contributions they make to this society are not deserving of being treated like human beings and Americans. It is this attitude some “conservatives” have toward President Obama that Palin and the other corporatists have honed in on and ridden to electoral victory in the House in the midterm elections. They know Obama is a much better president that GWB, and that he has accomplished quite a bit in less than 2 years, but their ingrained prejudices will not allow them to acknowledge this, so they use his race to put a chink in his armor. That so many Americans have bought into this narrative is so depressing for me. I thought that as the years passed race relations were getting better, until McCain introduced the ignorant, race bating Palin to the low information voters in our country. Palin is a very unethical person who will do anything to win, even to the point of tearing this country apart. After the damage is done, she retreats to Wasilla and prepares for her next attack in her family’s “Fortress of Shame,” where she can enjoy the fruits of the millions her gullible followers have bestowed upon her through their ignorance of exactly what/who she is.

  49. Why don’t you stop listening to talking points and familiarize yourself with reality? More change has taken place under Obama than most people even know because they don’t bother to read legislation or even the White House blog. He kept those people in place because we were in the middle of a huge economic disaster and upheaval would not have been smart. Also, no matter what anyone tells you, those guys did actually know a thing or two. You can’t get outsiders to run the store in the middle of a disaster. Ever try that in your own business?

  50. There’s nothing wrong with being a conservative, if being a conservative means being like President Teddy Roosevelt, President Lincoln, and/or President Dwight Eisenhower. If these republican presidents are the standard bearers for what being a conservative means that would be great. If you and other conservatives in present-day America believe that Palin and the other republicans are like these republicans of the past in any way, you’re very delusional. Roosevelt fought for the middle class and opposed monopolies/trusts, Lincoln sought to preserve the Union and to prevent having the country torn apart for any reason, and President Eisenhower warned of the danger of the military-industrial complex.

    None of the present crop of conservative “leaders” or voters embrace any of these traditional, truly conservative values. Roosevelt would have been one of the key conservative leaders pushing for policies which would have preserved/protected our environment and would have approved of climate change legislation. Lincoln would have approved of card check because he understood the importance of workers in the American economy, and Eisenhower would have gotten rid of Blackwater faster that one could ask, “Black what?”

    The problem with today’s crop of conservative and their followers is that they don’t know squat about the history of this country or of the actions/beliefs of leading conservatives of the past. Buckley, the founder of The Weekly Standard would have eaten the breakfasts, lunches, and dinners of Palin, DeMented, McConnell, Boehner, Cantor, Kyl, etc in one sitting. In the past, being a conservative did not mean denying reality, abandoning the middle class, or allowing corporatists to run our government as it generally does today. If America follows the path of today’s current crop of conservatives, it will surely mean our downfall.

  51. The country is not conservative as you define it, or how else did “the most liberal senator in America” win by a landslide? Oh, maybe because he is not in fact the most liberal senator in America. But you can’t have it both ways. If America were conservative (as you mean it, which is pro-stupidity, pro-corporation, pro-Palin, who is not a conservative by any stretch of the imagination and you can verify this for yourself on conservative websites, but I mean real conservatives, not the flag waving demagogues who march to the orders of their leaders who lie to them), then the GOP would have won the Senate back and they did not. They lost. Furthermore, no one has lower approval ratings than the Republicans in office. Their ratings are lower than the Democrats and far lower than the President’s. Thems the breaks, pal — don’t come here and spit out talking points that aren’t factual. You are only fooling yourself, not anyone else here.

    I guess you didn’t read the article, or you would have at least googled Palin’s actual fiscal records and found out for yourself that I did not mislead you, and she is in fact, not a conservative. When you all get serious about your ideology, let us know so we can have a real debate. Until then, you simply appear as you are — people hiding racism and rage at losing under the false banner of Christianity and conservatism. Sarah Palin is to Christianity what George Bush was to fiscal conservatism; the destroyer of all inherent principles and values. But you don’t have to listen to me. Your own party knows of what I speak and they will take care of this soon enough. If I were playing political games or had an agenda to advance Democrats, I would never write a bad word about Sarah Palin. She will destroy the GOP if they don’t find a way to stop her. You should be thanking me for doing the GOP’s dirty work, but you’re too misinformed to know it.

  52. There seems to be nothing admirable about any of this family. The mother is a racist who appears to be ignorant in subjects taught in high school. She thought Africa was a country, said Iraq attacked us on 9/11, could not name any major supreme court decisions, didn’t know “why their are 2 Koreas”, makes up her own words, writes on her hand, nad mostly gives that idiotic smile stare thingy when she has no idea what is being asked.
    Bristol has allowed people to cheat her way through a dancing competition when she knows she is the worst dancer, cusses like a sailor on facebook, said people are jealous of her family because they are rich, (she leaves out the fact that they had to fleece Alaska and take advantage of the very simple minded to be rich), going around preaching to kids to abstain, talking about how she “made the choice” to have her baby as her idiotic mother tries to take that choice from everyone else.
    Willow the homophobe…..and the baggers try to excuse her anti-gay tirade by saying she was defending an attack on her mother. Funny though…that was the first thing that came to mind. Where do you suppose she hears those vile words?
    With all the racist crap her mother has written by Michelle Obama, it is just a matter of time before Willow is using THAT word on facebook.
    I wish they would just go away. They are a stain on this country, and integrity as a whole.

  53. Love this blog!!! Very intelligent comments for the most part. Thanks so much for being here. You give me hope for this country.


    Jeanabella from Boston

  54. It never ceases to amaze me, the ignorance of the Tea Baggers.
    They actually thnk it acceptable behavior to tout racism, religious biases, gay bashing, social segregation, (they really hate smart people), and try to push their phony religulous beliefs on all of us. I do not want to burn in hell with these “good christians.”

  55. I think it is time for the sane people to take OUR country back…don’t you?
    Debunk their ignorance and racism with education and tolerance, and re-enforce the ideals that all people, regardless of race, economic status, or sexual orientation are valued in this country.
    Are we socialist? YES! It is their bible that commands us to be socialists. We are suppose to take care of the less fortunate, and be kind to everyone. We are commanded by the bible to sacrifice a little ourselves to help others.

    I AM a socialist liberal….and proud of it.

  56. We’re glad to have you and look forward to your comments:-) And thank you for the encouragement — that is always appreciated.

  57. One thing that really bothers me is that if Palin were elected, (not that I think this will ever happen), how in the world could she govern, given her penchant for only standing up for people who think as narrow-mindedly as she does. How can she give me a voice? She not only believes in everything I abhorr, but she tries to anhilate anyone who disagress with her. How can you represent ALL of the people, when you only side with the lunatic fringe?

    Can you see it now? Gays are outlawed, blacks segregated again, muslims attacked, latinos deported, poor put in work camps and forced to work for whatever their corporate conservatives masters deem fair. If you speak out against her, her worshipers will berate and besige you with their misspelled threats. Maybe I’m a little dramatic, but her hateful, racist rants and lack of empathy for the people in need, have not shown her in a favorable and compassion manner.

    If the p-blots think I am unfair to their queen, they could show me where she has ever shown any humility and/or humanity. She is the antithesis of christian values and behaviour.

  58. Has anyone considered that a Palin nomination in 2012 would pretty much guarantee a second term for Obama? I mean come on, think of what the debates alone would be like. It would be the Harvard Law professor versus the high school cheerleader. Hopefully voters won’t be so far gone with the Palinpropaganda machine that they couldn’t see how obvious that is. Which is why I’m sure the Republican powers that be will make sure that Palin won’t make it to first base in the nom process, not when there are a lot of much more viable Republican challengers to Obama out there.

  59. majji, My daughter’s years in this horrid little town in Indiana were a nightmare. I was a single mother working as a waitress/bartender to pay rent, buy food, and pay utilities. I could not afford to move, and when I say we were on our own, I mean it absolute. I had 2 sons from a bad marriage and a bi-racial daughter from a very bad relationship.
    My daughter’s school years were so heart breaking. She had things thrown at her in the hallways, told her skin looked dirty, was called the N word, (the girl that called her that in front of about 50 kids was not punished. My daughter that had been attacked, and attacked back was suspended for 3 days.
    She liked to walk to school because she wanted to get some exercise. She was walking home from school one day,and the rest of the story came from the witness that helped her. There was a pickup truck with 3 boys and a confederate flag that began circling her. She tried to move around them as they called her the foulest names. The passenger door opened, and 2 of the boys hopped out….this is so hard to relive, I still can not stop the tears. The witness said my daughter threw her books and started running wildly toward the street. Thank God for this witness that took my daughter into her car. She told me that my daughter was unable to talk. It was not until sometime later that I found out the foul things they had said to her.
    My daughter did graduate high school with academic honors, and went on to IU to pursue a double major in journalism / political science. She won 8 awards while in college fro her articles. But, she was so terribly damaged. She went to see a therapist about her depression, and he put her on medication that made things so much worse. She attempted suicide twice, and began acting so bizaare and half crazed. She told her therapist about it, and he put her on 2 more medications. Things went from bad to worse. She DID graduate college, but last August after she walked out in the middle of traffic trying to get hit, I brought her home for awhile so I could tend to her. She stopped the medication and she is doing much better….but, she will not leave the house.
    I really believe she has PTS. She went through so much.
    I tried to fight for her by attending school board meetings, consulting an attorney, and fighting the school. I had a co-worker threatening to burn a cross in my yard, was told I should not have moved to this white town with a black child, and told that my daughter was a liar. I knew better. She would come home from school and close herself in her room all night.

  60. Please forgive my typos. I grew up in the time before computers. My son bought me a laptop and is teaching me new things every day. I have great kids. My oldest son will be arriving in Iraq the 29th of this month. He is the father of two of the most beautiful babies in the world, Hunter ( 2 year old daughter) and Sven (1 month old son) His wife was also in the USAF when they met. My grandchildren are bi-racial, and I would kill for them. They will be living in Turkey while Daddy is in Iraq. I miss them so much!! : (

  61. Best wishes for you and your family, Bobbi. That is a heart-breaking story and but I’m glad you shared it as it serves to remind us all what is at stake.

    Thank your son and daughter for their service and look into Skype on your computer so you can see them no matter where they are:-)

  62. Thanks for that breakdown; that was a great reminder of the core tells of a narcissistic sociopath.

  63. I know you are riffing on Angle’s crazy, but please don’t say things like that here in the future. Thank you:-)

  64. You’re forgetting something, she’s now the “leader” of a powerful political movement that unfortunately is not going away. People discounted, mocked and laughed at the rascist Hitler in the 20s and look what happened not just to Germany, but also Europe and the rest of the world. We can also count on the media to continue to look the other way and promote and stump for her right all the way into the White House in 2012.

    The fact that she now has her own TV show and a new book does not bode well for the future of our nation. I hate to bring up Hitler again, but does anyone remember Mein Kampf?

  65. You had me until you invoked the Nazis.

    I stopped right there. I read no more of the article, nor any other comments — and don’t intend to. Hopefully other commentors are as incensed as I am.

    Sarah Palin may be many unsavory things, but invoking the “Nazi reference” is so clichéd, so hyper-divisive and so incredibly wrong, that I had to turn away.

    The reality is that the actions of the Nazis led to the deaths of millions of men, women and children in concentration camps. I don’t care now “right” Palin is, or how “left” this blog is, belittling that disgusting and heinous atrocity by using it to describe the speech or actions of Sarah Palin is insulting to those millions of dead, and is insensitive beyond measure. Some might even call it “just plain stupidity.”

    At worst, Palin’s actions and remarks rise to the level of the common (though putrid and hateful) language used in the South at height of the Civil Right Movement. Even so, I’m pretty sure even Sarah Palin, and her secessionist husband would both be appalled by the lynching of any African-American, much less the President of the United States. The hundreds (that many? more?) of Saturday-night “tie-parties” perpetrated by white supremacists in the ’50s and ’60s is a far-cry from the systematic genocide perpetrated by the Nazis. Though each and every death resulting from hate and intolerance is beyond inexcusable, the Nazis hold a unique and especially contemptible place in the pantheon of “haters.”

    So, Sarah may very well be a bigoted hater, but she’s no Nazi.

    If you’re going to pretend to report the news, or to comment on the news, complete with a little spin to the left, then let’s try to keep the hyperbole to a respectful, and historically-grounded, din.

    I came here from a news aggregation site and am sure I’ll never come back. If the editors and/or moderators allow ridiculous hyperbole of this magnitude, there’s nothing more this site has to offer me.


  66. True enough, I’ve never used that phrase before for the reasons you cited. Sadly, she was often called “Nazi-esque” by the Wasilla media. You can google this and find tons of references to it, and that is why I used it here. However, I should have sourced that.

  67. I think the chances of her being properly investigated and vetted by the American press (as has yet to happen) will rise quickly once the European and most especially the British press take her on. Surely the NYT will not allow the Guardian to scoop them. And thus far, it seems that the more liberal of Palin’s “lamestream” media have been the most accommodating. I know I’ll never forget the cover of Newsweek adorned by Palin’s cheesecake, flag-and-flirt photo. The essay above btw, is the most astute and succinct description I’ve read vis-a-vis where we are with respect to where Palin is leading her “flock”. She’ll happily take them right over the cliff.

  68. exactly…..problem is that corporatist controlled right media I’m afraid is the equivalent of an irreversible chemical reaction. The manifestation of their destruction is mind boggling. We see it every day both in terms of how even some of the fair minded folks (Stewart et al)(Olbermann excepted), misread the “fair and balanced”
    paradigm, and how shameless the right is and the resulting voting patterns and baffling poll revelations.

  69. Tom,

    I’m not sure you read the Nazi comment in context; I’d highly recommend you review it. Sarah is specifically highlighting the kind of accusations made during the election as being similar to those raised in Nazi Germany – and to that point, I must agree without hesitation.

    When the question “Is my opponent even remotely Jewish, even by distant and partial ancestry” is raised, I think a reference to the politics during the rise of the Nazi party in Germany are wholly appropriate.

  70. I couldn’t agree more. Many people in Wasilla were not happy with Palin’s tactics. Raising being Jewish as a problem to make him untrustworthy is exactly like what the Nazis did in pre-war Germany and it takes guts to come out and say that in this climate but the truth should prevail.

  71. > President Obama has also never quit on an oath to the public he swore to serve

    Actually, Obama quit the senate. You can argue that is was a promotion, but the people of Illinois voted him as a senator and he quit, halfway through. Yes, I know this about Palin, but your statement is inaccurate.

  72. So you are trying to say the two are the same? How desperate are you? Most politicians who ever advance do it by leaving the post they have when they get elected to another one. It’s sort of science, dude, since there’s only one of them. Sarah Palin didn’t leave to go to any office. She left because she was in hot water over her graft fund. Oh, and to be on TV.

  73. Wow that was great. Site your source for the 30 please. Was my post moronic because it drew in the morons to respond?

    I don’t think Palin should be president or think it’s likely that she’ll even declare and run.

    You can go back to your hate now. Have a nice day.

  74. Bobbi youre a racist too. See how easy that was.

    You are however not a proofreader. Might want to spend some time on that endeavor.

  75. Youre right about Palin’s lack of qualifications, but Obama is hardly qualified. Speaking well doesnt mean you can run a country.

    And lets have a lst of “The last credible news sources are read, not watched”.

    This site on the list?

  76. Your post is just as hateful as anything you accuse anyone else of doing.
    Google tea bagger and see what it really means.
    You apparently by all of your comments think its ok to bash those that think differently than you. I have to wonder, do you count yourself in the “smart people you claim the “tea baggers” hate?

    So if a person has a college degree, a Mensa scored exceptional IQ, and a professional career, but is conservative, are they one of the “smart people” haters?

    The only “good Christian” was Jesus. Everyone else is just a sinner. Since you’re “smart people” you can hate on those folks though and it’s ok, right?

  77. “so sad the places digg takes me to.”

    You mean you didn’t have a choice? All this free speech bothering you?

  78. “You can go back to your hate now.”

    LOL Someone like Palin can’t make me hate–hate is a strong emotion that only harms the hater. It’s not liberals who are harming themselves and others with hate.

  79. Oh JW … maybe YOU should google the term ‘teabagging’ and ‘teabagger’ and you would find that THEY THEMSELVES coined the term .. another ironic example of how clueless they are.

    In you google travels you’ll no doubt come across that now iconic picture of the silly woman in the red capris with her sign, proudly proclaiming that she is ‘teabagging for Jesus’ .. now, seriously, do you expect ANYONE not to latch onto that?? It was hilarious on SO MANY LEVELS, you know? So, please, don’t accuse ‘the left’ of demeaning those people when all we did was see the humour in it.

    As for Mensa level intellect, nobody with one of those is fooled by Sarah Palin– and certainly she has no supporters sitting around the round table discussing her ‘ideas’.

  80. Actually Nazism/Fascism is the extreme right of the political spectrum. Palin fits right in there. The methods of conquest really have nothing to do with the political belief. You just didn’t want to hear how far right some of these people are. Add the backing of corporations and you have a perfect storm.

  81. Palin has become quite the money making machine, hasn’t she? A far cry from “real” America where the middle class is in its final death throes. And yet the MSM just gives her more coverage.
    It is very petty of Palin to show her jealousy of Mrs. Obama. She doesn’t have the education nor the smarts to even stand toe to toe with Mrs. Obama. I haven’t a clue what she thinks she will accomplish by this stunt.

  82. Hi…this is a great site, and I am so glad I found it. I am a conservative Republican who absolutely despises the lunatic Sarah Palin. I liked her at first, but after doing a lot of searching for articles about her on the internet, my opinion completely changed. Not sure if you know this, but she is not just married to a secessionist…she belonged to that same secessionist group. I don’t know if the video is still on the internet, but there is a video of one of that group speaking to others like they are at a town meeting, and the speaker says…..”our own Sarah Palin, who as you well know, was a member of this group until she became mayor of Wasilla.” Believe me, I was so shocked, and her belonging to this group never came out in the mainstream media. except for McCain saying she did not belong. I do not understand why this did not become public knowledge. She also made rape victims pay for their own rape kits, adding more insult to already traumatized women. I have close friends and family who are Sarah Palin lemmings and they refuse to hear anything negative about her. They only listen to Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage, etc. One of my own daughters only voted for her because Palin says she is pro-life. Nothing else matters..her lies, her stupidity, her over-sized ego, her lack of control over her children. This just about drives me nuts that so many people are so dense about Palin!

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