A Fox News Fairy Tale: Sarah Palin Will Clean Obama’s Clock in 2012

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Yet another example of how Fox News is revving up their Republican campaign machine for Sarah Palin occurred on Hannity last night when Sean Hannity claimed that, “I think Gov. Palin, if they keep up with this radical agenda will clean Obama’s clock.” That’s a nice fairy tale for Sean Hannity to spin, but let’s take a look at what will really happen if Barack Obama meets up with Sarah Palin in 2012.

Here is the video of Hannity courtesy of Media Matters:

Hannity said, “I think Gov. Palin, if they keep up with this radical agenda, will clean Obama’s clock.” When pressed, Hannity couldn’t name a single state that Palin would carry that McCain didn’t in 2008. He chose to back up his argument with that old Republican standard, “It’s a whole different environment. Here is the problem. Barack Obama lost. There was a 20 point swing among Independent voters in this country…At the end of the day, you’re forgetting something. We had the biggest midterm repudiation in 70 years two weeks ago.

Hannity later undercut his support of Palin by claiming that anybody could beat Obama, “It’s going to be very interesting. Here you have a guy that was reading a teleprompter. We find out he’s distant, a little unhinged. He’s ineffective. He doesn’t have the ability to pivot and compromise. He’s tone deaf to the American people. He keeps this up for two more years, any, I could beat him, which says a lot.”

In Fox News fantasy land it is so easy to beat an incumbent president that anyone should be able to do it, even Sarah Palin. I hate to go and spoil a perfectly fine right wing dream sequence with facts, but there is a reason why only four incumbent presidents have lost their reelection bids since 1900. Incumbent presidents are nearly impossible to defeat even when they face a credible challenger, much less the least popular politician in America. Sean Hannity relies on the false assumption that Independents will vote for Sarah Palin in 2012, because Independents swung Republican in 2010. The problem is that fewer Independents voted in 2010 than in 2008.

The bigger problem for Republicans is that Independents hate Sarah Palin. Palin is currently carrying a 53% disapproval rating with Independents. Palin’s terrible poll numbers simply don’t match up with what Hannity is trying to sell. The myth truly crumbles when you realize that Obama’s approval ratings have gone up since he was “repudiated” two weeks ago. Palin has consistently been the poorest performing Republican when polls run their hypothetical 2012 match ups, and she consistently trails Obama by double digits. There is zero evidence that Sarah Palin would do anything other than be convincing trounced by Obama.

Despite employing almost the entire roster of potential 2012 candidates for the Republican presidential nomination, minus Mitt Romney, Fox News is increasingly putting their weight behind Sarah Palin. It doesn’t seem to matter that Palin’s track record in national politics is that of a born loser. Palin, Fox News, Hannity, and others have convinced themselves that the 2010 election was about Obama, not jobs and the economy, and that Sarah Palin will lead them to the promise land in 2012.

Sean Hannity was selling a story to the true believers, and snake oil to the gullible. Obama will win reelection and the wide eyed child like viewers of Fox News will tune in every weeknight at 9 PM to hear Sean Hannity spin the tale of how Sarah Palin should have been president.

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  1. So great:-) They will be fuming about ACORN and frothing at the mouth about the anti-christ, the tinfoil on their heads reaching up to the heavens where they also believe they will end up. And then reality spoke.

  2. Oh, please run with this Fox Propaganda. The more you give this story legitimacy, the easier it’s going to be to retake Congress and hold the Executive branch in 2012.

  3. I still don’t see a radical agenda. I actually think the administrations wasn’t progressive enough. Does anyone know Hannity’s success rate for his idiotic predictions? I have a feeling he doesn’t have a very high rate of accuracy.

    My opinion is that the only reason Obama has been perceived as failing is that the repubs block every bit of progress at every turn. How can you turn this country around if you aren’t allowed to change direction? And it’s naive to think we can reverse all of the damage Bush did in his eight years in only two years.

    The next two years will be very enlightening and I have a feeling the low-information voters that elected a republican house will get a dose of reality soon.

  4. I’m a fairly recent member of your audience, it is hard to find intelligently written articles about american politics when you are not in America. Id just like to say thanks for posting clips and articles like this.

  5. Where will they find anyone to vote for her, I wonder? They can’t disenfranchise enough voters to get her into the White House

  6. I agree with craigtamy. The problem with Barack Obama is his tonedeafness to his own party. His supporters do NOT want him to be centrist, we want Progressive movement. Palin would be like going back to the late 1700’s.
    She can’t win – she has way way too many skeletons.

    If Mr. Obama loses in 2012, he will have only himself to blame. The #GOP will not beat him. It is his race to lose. He does not listen to his own supporters.

  7. Hannity cannot tell the truth. if he did he wouldnt be on Fox News. But yes, its time fore Obama to take the shoe and throw it back at the audience. Call the reps’ bluff on every single turn.

    They want to kill birth citizenship? Why doesnt Obama stand up and laugh at that? Right to the press. He knows any such bill has to come to him. Be a man for gods sake

  8. They must mean his centrist policies or his skin color. I’m at a loss over which one it could be./s

  9. Sean Hannity has started this new theme of President Obama is “unhinged, is only interested in ESPN & Basketball, the Clintons’ hate him, Biden hates him” and a lot of other crap the other night. He says he has a source in the White House.

    Here’s a great clip of just how accurate Hannity is, it’s from 2008 and he is so rude to a guest that if I had been the guy in that seat, I’d have punched him. He sat there denying the economy was having any problems and said he didn’t know anyone with any problems. How many days after that did the shit hit the fan? He said the Democrats were pulling this crap about the economy because they had no other way to win. It shows just how horrible Hannity truly is. He’s still talking in the same manner and I’m surprised that nobody ever writes about just what a jerk he is! He could easily make me shoot my TV. I think the best clip is him running like a little boy because a group of people were calling him out on his behavior. He was by himself but there was no cocky mannerisms or smirking at any of them. I’ll wager he doesn’t walk the streets without a bodyguard or two. He actually defended McClain’s leaving his first wife for Cindy because he said they had been separated for years while he was in Vietnam and we don’t know how bad their marriage was prior to him going to Vietnam. He leaves out the fact, conveniently thinking nobody in his audience knows any different, that McClain came back from Vietnam to his first wife and they lived together with their children as a family for almost 7 years before he left her for Cindy. He is such a piece of lowlife scum. I honestly find him more nauseating than Beck although he and Limbaugh are neck and neck for lowlife of the century.


  10. Obama’s agenda needs to be more progressive, you’re absolutely right. The popularity of the HCR bill would have far exceeded their expectations if they had pushed for the public option. Instead, I didn’t see my President on TV talking about it, they just gave up without giving it a try. If they had tried and failed, we would have handled it but they didn’t. Instead, we have a bill that does NOT control insurance costs. Litigation reform and interstate insurance sales isn’t going to have any impact on costs despite the GOP pushing it as one of their idiotic talking points.

    Gibbs has been a failure as far as a getting the message out. If they are not talking up the accomplishments of the administration, then he’s not conveying them or he’s not adept at handling the press any longer. It’s time for someone new in that position. Someone who is forceful enough to deal with them who can get the message out.

    It’s time for Obama to let the GOP know he’s done with their crap. I love their idea of compromise as far as the tax cuts go, it’s not compromise at all. Their talking points are outright lies but they are not being countered by the Democrats. How are they expecting their party members to know what is going on if they don’t convey what they are doing and what they want to accomplish? It’s so frustrating! I knew President Obama couldn’t clean up Bush’s mess in two years but I didn’t think he’d let the GOP get away with their nonsense for so long, either.

    I was a Hillary supporter and felt that they would have made a great duo with her at the top of the ticket. Bill would have been behind the scenes but it wouldn’t have been such a growing experience for a new administration at such a difficult time in our nation’s history. I know there’s nothing that can be done now but I have to wonder how many of those idiots in Congress who said they wre going to support Hillary to her face and turned on her behind her back are regretting it now? She could have had 8 years with Obama stepping in and ready to do the job for the next 8 years.

  11. I agree with novenator – let this Fox fantasy continue and by 2012, the silent majority will be well out of their stupor and at the polls to make sure Palin doesn’t even have a home state to go back to. Obama needs to change his messaging team and advisors and stop letting the right paint the landscape red.

  12. OMG. You liberals are so predictable. Nice picture of the future vp Sarah up there. First of Mitt Romney will be the one running against BO and Sarah will be his VP. Victory is assured, and as i have been predicting all along, you can thank this congress and your savior BO for ushering in the next 20 years of conservative dominance. You liberals cant handle power and when you have it you blow it as can be seen by the failure of the last two years. A broken health care bill that ultimately will be canceled and a president who fails to even satisfy his most ravenous supporters. BO is the Godsend. Sarah is a viable threat and that is why you liberals go ballistic every time you hear her name. Her reality show was the highest rated show of the week! People love Sarah and more importantly the country agrees with her conservative agenda. Finally, the country is fundamentally conservative which means that your opinions and voices dont matter. You can be heard of course, and cause some delays in the inevitable but eventually you will be forced to acknowledge that our numbers and voting power are just to much for the liberals to overcome. Our agenda will move forward and get approved while everything the liberals have passed is taken out piece by piece. This will make this country stronger and safer. Meanwhile, you people can remain hysterical and continue fluffing one anothers egos on sites like media matters. What joke you people are. Uninformed and unimportant.

  13. I actually think the Republican wins in November will HELP Obama get re-elected. Once these newbie wingnuts get in office and shut down anything resembling progress in Congress, people will get so fed up that they’ll start to reflect on the first two years of the Obama adminstration and see things actually were done and things did improve and vote the idiots out again.
    I’d like to see Sean Hannity run for President. That’d be very amusing……

  14. Couldn’t agree more. Only sad part is watching American destroyed by the lies and sheer sociopathic agenda disguised as political ambition.

  15. Fox will come up with a new season of 24 next year. Sarah will star as Jackie Bauer defending Christian America from dark skinned people everywhere.


    Current update of family status: I have been placed on Involuntary Medical Leave of Absence, pending termination by my employer because of my disability of being blind. I have also been denied both unemployment and company Long Term Disability benefits, because I have a history of cancer. I am financially below ground zero with 6 mouths to feed…
    What else to do but Praise, Pray and Follow??

    Thanx for your time and Happy Holidays!

  17. He’s tone deaf to the American people. He keeps this up for two more years, any, I could beat him, which says a lot.” Sean Hannity
    Sean ALSO said water boarding was no big deal and he wouldn’t break under that form of torture.
    AS WANDA SYKES said: Sean, I could break you with the middle seat in coach!

  18. But Hannity was too chicken to be water-boarded when someone offered to give $100,000 to a vets group if he did. Hannity is nothing but talk, no walk.

  19. Do not underestimate Sarah Palin and her followers. They have enthusiasm behind them which we seem to lack at this point. Obama does not create much enthusiasm when he forever wants to work with the GOP while they want to get rid of him. Just look at Bristol Palin. The republicans with their family values have made a star out of her.

  20. I don’t underestimate their enthusiasm, but she still after 2 years has been unable to win over anyone who didn’t already like her. In fact, she has even managed to alienate some Republicans, if the recent senatorial election is any indication.

  21. If it’s so easy to beat Obama why would the republicans run Palin? She lost against him as VP candidate and hasn’t done anything in the political arena since except to quit as govemor. They would be better off to run someone more experienced.

  22. Well, most of you convinced me that Sarah Palin could not win against Obama. Thanks for that, because she really scares me. At 72 I have been around a while and I did not think that GW could win a second term. By the way, just found this website by accident and I like it.

  23. Anyone who thinks Sarah Palin is qualified to lead this country probably shares her lack of “intellectual curiosity”. But you probably thought that was a compliment though since you only regurgitate what you hear on a FoxNews and don’t bother to think. Anyway, to a layman like yourself it means she’s dumb.

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