American Pariah: Why the Founding Fathers Would Reject the GOP

Republican lawmakers, pundits, and Tea Party patriots all claim a desire to return to the Founding Father’s view of America and a strict constitutional interpretation of governance in America. The problem is that the Founders had a very different idea of America than these new constitutionalists, and they would reject the philosophy that the rich and industrialists should have the power to control the government.

Republicans and conservatives in general lean heavily toward and support corporations and financial institutions’ domination of America and its citizens. The Founding Fathers believed that people should be the first priority of the government, and some of our most famous constitutionalists believed that banking and corporate monopolies were a pariah on America.

Conservatives believe in free market capitalism without restriction or regulation regardless of the drain on the economy, and keep working Americans in near poverty in order to maximize profits. When they cannot beat down workers in America, they lobby legislators to get tax breaks for moving jobs out of the country where they find the cheapest possible labor. When Democrats tried to take the tax breaks and incentives away for moving jobs overseas, Republicans blocked their efforts and insured that Americans stayed unemployed; just so corporations could keep their tax breaks, cheap labor, and no regulatory oversight.

Republicans also made every attempt to block financial reforms so banks and the rich could continue reaping profits at the expense of workers. It seems that conservatives believe banks, corporations, and the wealthy are privileged, and work tirelessly to allow them unrestricted control and wealth at the expense of working people. The founding fathers did not, and would not approve of the mindset and practices of conservatives regarding big business and the banking industry.

The man responsible for writing the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, said in 1816 that, “I sincerely believe that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies.” Jefferson was prophetic in warning that banking establishments could do more damage to America than an army, and if he were alive today, he would certainly see his words come to fruition as the banking industry and financial institutions have had a major role in creating the deep recession the country and the world is in today.

Benjamin Franklin stated that, “No man ought to own more property than needed for his livelihood; the rest, by right, belonged to the state.” Franklin would not approve of corporate America owning and controlling America or its workforce, much less controlling the government.

The second President of the United States, John Adams, said in 1765 that, “Property monopolized or in possession of a few is a curse to mankind.” Adams knew that too much power in the hands of a wealthy powerful few would be detrimental to mankind, and in America today, the curse to mankind is the few monopolizing the resources of the majority.

The Founders would not approve of the tyranny of corporate-industrial power in America, and yet conservatives claim to want to return to the original intent of the Founders. Either Republicans and Conservatives are ignorant of the original intent of the Founders, or they know and ignore it for the campaign contributions the banking and corporate industries provide them. The framers of the Constitution were concerned that what is happening today would be a detriment to freedom and stability; they were correct.

Republicans have enabled class warfare between the wealthy and the working class, and they give every advantage to the extremely wealthy over working people. Even some conscientious wealthy Americans realize there is too much advantage given to the rich at the expense of the working class, and know it is not fair.

Warren Buffett, one of the worlds’ richest men knows there is class war in America and realizes the rich get all the advantages at the expense of the middle class and the poor. Buffett said that, “It’s class warfare, my class is winning, but they shouldn’t be.”  Buffett has been outspoken about the disadvantage the poor and working class are put in and knows it is wrong.

When Republicans, Teabags, and conservative groups claim they want the original intent of the Constitution and the Founding Fathers, they should first learn what their intent was for America. However, conservatives only use catch-phrases that sound noble, and Americans fall for their lies and deceit every time. Why else would Americans vote for people who act contrary to the intent of the Founders? Because they are lazy, ignorant, and think that because a group says what they want to hear, they will look out for their interests.

The Founders were quite explicit that America should be governed by a representational legislature, and warned against banks and monopolies getting too powerful. Conservatives have taken the Founders’ intent as what not to do, and have given power to the banks and corporations at the expense of working Americans. The founders were concerned about tyranny of the wealthy and tried to warn us about the danger, but it just served as a model for conservatives to allow the tyranny of corporate banking to control the government. This is not the America the Founding Fathers envisioned, and the blame lies at the feet of Republicans and their conservative money masters.

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  1. It’s absolutely crazy-making to watch the Orwellian spin the Right puts on “freedom” and “liberty”, as they now stand for corporate agenda with no consequences. There have always been the Poujadist type masses, easily manipulated by the state via the opium of the church and/or jingoistic nationalism. It’s no wonder the Right is anti-education. If the people could think for themselves, the Right would never get elected these days, seeing as they stand for nothing but lining their own pocketbooks with the hard work of the average American, along with their pension and life savings. Drill, baby, drill = Epic fail.

  2. Seriously. The only Founding Father I can find who at all would agree with the Republican Party (and that on religious grounds) is Patrick Henry, the demagogue who so opposed Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, the two men so instrumental in the drafting of our two most important documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution/Bill of Rights respectively.

  3. my opinion of the new constitutionalists is that they do not exist. Once in power the Constitution will have absolutely nothing to do with how things are run. I think the people in the tea party may believe that they are constitutionalists, but I do not believe for an instant that the money behind the tea party wants anything to do with the Constitution.

    Conservatives are a special brand of people. I agree with Sarah and her thoughts about what Republicans and conservatives are like. They remind me of brutish people who are afraid of education and afraid of someone being educated past their own abilities.

    In my mind, the Constitution is a very socially minded document. It does not take away from the government the right to regulate out of control or corrupt corporations. if it were not for the Democrats on this government, the river in Ohio would still be on fire. this country would be in ecological disaster of the first-order. It’s funny how they keep saying that freedom is not free, yet the free market should always be free. I have said it before, now the most of the corporate world here is global to have no need to depend on the American worker for their incomes. And they are going to see to it that the American people do not take huge wage cuts they will not be working in time. The children they keep speaking about in our future are not going to have very much

    I think if our founding fathers were here to see the Republican and conservative party of today they would immediately move to France.

  4. Some telling examples of your viewpoint of the people Sarah. “If the people could think for themselves” is a nice way to judge your fellow Americans. Since we can’t I guess it’s good youre here to help us?

    So what is it youre here to do? Youre not trying to make money or anything like that right? You don’t have a capitalist bone in your body right? The Google ads are just to broaden our minds right?

    Left wing blogger rail on about the right being money centric and how they just want to get rich, and yet they monetize their blogs. Hypocrite much?

    Most of the loudest on left are just as rich as the right you complain about, but we don see anything about how George Soros do we. Why aren’t you complaining about how he has lined his pocketbook with others hard work? Are Maddow and Olberman poor folk?
    Getting rich is bad unless its you doing it. Thats what you keep saying.

  5. You have probably never heard of George Soros until you started watching Glen Beck. And while Olberman and Maddow may not be poor, I doubt that their net worth is 303 million dollars like Issa from California.

  6. JW, I write here. I don’t make a penny. I do it because I love it, and to inform and hopefully, to educate, to broaden horizons and to have mine broadened. Don’t suppose everyone thinks like you apparently do, in terms of dollars.

  7. And one most Republican candidates seem at best ill-informed about, and at worst, completely ignorant of.

  8. The Constitution is a much better example of the viewpoint of the FFs than a few random quotes.

    On the contrary. The Constitution was the product of negotiation and compromise among a variety of political forces. It does not purely represent the views of any one individual or group of individuals. If you want to know just what any one person believed about any given topic, you’re better off seeking out examples of what he said about it when he wasn’t subject to such constraints.

    Does anyone really think that the Founders imagined anything like the mighty, centralized kleptocracy of today, or that if they did, they would have endorsed the present Republican party’s efforts to further enrich and empower it?

  9. I think the founders count see the future as you note, but I also think they felt the constitution was document that would always be in flux to some degree.

    And no, they would never support what the republicans of today are doing.

  10. Brilliant and elegant post, Rmuse.

    “The man responsible for writing the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, said in 1816 that, ‘I sincerely believe that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies.’ ”

    October 2008 — hedge funds; derivatives; mortgage-backed securities; credit default swaps; high-flying gambling/betting with the stock market; frozen credit; millions of worker layoffs — disaster upon disaster. We are our own worst enemies, and Bin Laden and his ilk are laughing their asses off.

    Thomas Jefferson was right.

  11. @RMuse:

    On top of all you have mentioned, the Founding Fathers would have been appalled at the far right’s attempts at voter intimidation.

  12. Oh how nice for you. Do you go to your job be cause of the above points or for money? The latter I bet.

    If this site’s purpose is to enlighten then why the ads?

  13. Your guesses about anything else I know are probably going to be just as wrong. Been a good 20 years since I first heard of Soros. Nice guess though.

    So rich people on the left are ok but not the right?

  14. Who tried to disenfranchise voters in Michigan and Ohio who had lost their homes due to foreclosures during 2008? Who destroyed ACORN with lies and exaggerations, aided and abetted by some Democrats? None other than the GOP, and the 3 ragtag “Black Panthers” in Philadelphia who stupidly went out on their own are nothing compared to the well-known and well-documented efforts of the Party of No. In 2000, Jeb Bush was told in no uncertain terms to deliver Florida to the GOP, which he did through disenfranchising voters.
    There is a pattern of that kind of behavior on the part of the GOP.

  15. Seriously though … how many politicians, republican or otherwise, even come close to supporting the people and not the special interests or companies. Really, show them to me … I have a hard time finding any.

  16. It’s so easy to try to find select quotes from our founding fathers, yet omitting ones that inconveniently disagree with your point of view. How about this for ole TJ?

    A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned – this is the sum of good government.
    Thomas Jefferson

    Obviously leaving free men to regulate their own pursuits requires the government to regulate?

    Class dismissed…mmmmkay?

  17. There’s really only two things you need to know to understand the Modern Republican: one, full citizenship is only available to cash, not people, and liberty is the freedom to do what you damn please with your money; and two, they make an exception for the kind of hysterical calvinism that passes among the Christian fundamentalists for Christianity. From Wall Street and Randians, you get the religion of Mammon, and from the “Christians,” you get the public policy of evolution deniers. A very toxic blend.

  18. Yeah, card check is totally legit. I mean, having your union bosses come up and have to watch the way you vote…I mean, that’s all above board. They would NEVER hold a grudge right?

    I mean, unions are SOOOOO awesome!

  19. You made my point for me. Thanks very much (sincerely) That was what I was trying to say. When speaking of FF as a whole it’s best to look to the Constitution to see what they intended. When your looking at individual quotes youre only talking one person.

  20. That still doesn’t alter the fact that the Party of No wins first prize. In addition, the buying of elections this cycle with some of the money from countries that some corporations have outsourced American jobs to was another factor. It’s no coincidence that the GOP in Congress blocked legislation that would have prevented this outsourcing. This dwarfs anything the unions have done.

  21. ACORN is so above reproach…not.

    So now the Panthers in Philly were on their own? That’s a good one.

    Since the efforts in 200 are so “well-known and well-documented ” would you please post a link for us. Thanks.

  22. This is comical. This ‘fact’ has been widely ‘refutiated'( see what I did thar? ).

    But, assuming for a second it was actually true( site references please ), are you so quick to forget the Chinese donations to the Clinton campaign?

    I understand you think the Democrats are pure. They wouldn’t be persuaded by special interests like Big Labor, big Pharma, or any other big industry. They are CERTAINLY above reproach( Big Green? ).

    Let me live, just for one day, Pollyanna.

  23. Dishonesty? You conveniently chopped half of a sentence out of a one-sentence quote to make it support an overarching narrative that the quoted man clearly opposes.

    Your version of Thomas Jefferson:

    “And I sincerely believe, with you, that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies.” (Note the lack of ellipsis at the end of your “quote”)

    Thomas Jefferson’s version of Thomas Jefferson:

    “And I sincerely believe, with you, that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies; and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity in the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale.”

    Now, the entirety of the quote is certainly open to interpretation, but one thing is clear: Thomas Jefferson would NOT favor deficit spending in the name of anything, at all, including social justice.

    Looking at the entire quote in context with the time period, I suspect that Jefferson was speaking of centralized banking institutions, with the power to print and spend money it didn’t have and stick future generations with the tab.

  24. Well, and this:

    I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.
    Thomas Jefferson

  25. Or, dare I quote?

    It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world.
    Thomas Jefferson

  26. Well, I don’t read that. I read personal responsibility. Once you start pandering to the incapable, you shackle prosperous.

  27. Yes, they were on their own. The main BP Party disavowed their actions. While there were problems in ACORN, their goal was about registering voters and nothing more. What they were accused of turned out to be exaggerations and distortions. Destroying it was another form of voter disenfranchisement by the Party of No.

    As for Democrats being “pure,” no one is. But at this point in time, the bulk of voter disenfranchisement is on the part of the GOP.
    What’s even worse is that the Chamber of Commerce came down on the side of the Party of No, which looks like a flagrant conflict of interest from a government agency. There is simply no way to refute that the right’s argument about small government is a smoke screen designed to hide the fact that they like big government when it suits their purposes.

  28. A thought on one point — that sending jobs overseas is a major cause of the current high rate of unemployment. At you’ll see a chart of “non-farm payrolls” since 1940. As you might guess, this counts everyone working who isn’t on a farm (very small number these days) who is paid for work. Note that the only time it falls is during recessions, and the 2007-09 was the worst since the Great Depression (not show in this data). Unless outsourcing started with the financial system almost collapsed in 2008, the idea that our employment problems are caused by it doesn’t fit the facts. Also, note that employment is four times what it was in 1940. Yes, more than four times as many Americans are working today than in 1940.

    A thought on a related point — in spite of common perceptions, incomes, properly adjusted for inflation and benefits, are rising as well. Here’s a good paper on this point: .

  29. Not to call you ignorant, but you’re ignorant.

    From the Chamber of Commerce’s website:

    About the U.S. Chamber of Commerce
    Representing your ideas—and interests—in Washington for nearly a century.

    The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the world’s largest business federation representing the interests of more than 3 million businesses of all sizes, sectors, and regions, as well as state and local chambers and industry associations. More than 96% of U.S. Chamber members are small businesses with 100 employees or fewer.

    As the voice of business, the Chamber’s core purpose is to fight for free enterprise before Congress, the White House, regulatory agencies, the courts, the court of public opinion, and governments around the world.

    So, it’s a business confederation, NOT a government agency( thankfully ).

    Please, at least try to keep your comments even accidentally relevant.

  30. I don’t disagree with anything you’ve said. To me, “wasting the labors of the people” = taking their money.

  31. The biggest problem is that we have no real option. The founders would be just as sick of the ideas found on the “Liberal” left. First, the founders would puke at the idea of leftists calling themselves liberals or progressives. The Democrat left wants to socialize, regulate or legislate nearly everything. Their motto is, if it moves tax it. If it doesn’t move regulate it. The founders valued personal liberty over the state. They wanted strong state governments to counter the power of the federal government. They wanted a limited government run by a citizen legislature, not the permanent political class we have today.

    The founders would probably recommend a second Revolution.

  32. The only thing that is constant is change. We all have the power to change and influence one another, even if the change we provoke is opposite of the change we desire. The only things we can trust and count as true are those true friends and family around us. This world is not going to improve on it’s own, and it’s never going to improve with the type of political games in place right now.

    When it comes to the judicial system, throw fair trial out the window in 90% of court rooms across the country. Those with money and power are innocent until they’re out of one or both, and then they might be guilty. Those of us who work a normal job, are subject to the laws and normally are subject to more than the lightest punishment suited for the crime unless we get a lawyer.

    Anyways, my rant is this. If you want change, then unify. The internet is a great tool for social networking, but it’s a lot easier to speak than it is to act, and it allows those with a lack of discipline and follow through to preach, but never practice.

    Get your community, friends, family, neighbors, schools, etc. all involved. Be a part of a community, and not just a “person” who lives in it. The interactions and knowledge we have of our own neighbors and neighborhood is pretty much absent for most. We will stay strong in numbers, and if we act as one to make our voices heard we will overcome the few with disposable income to dump into the political and judicial system which allow them to rule the country, rather than the laws and morals ruling them.

  33. Although, Anne, I think you hit on a key point( despite your rather obvious misrepresentations )….

    The republicans DO believe in big government when it suits them. That, my dear, is why I’m not a Republican.

    More government debt? No thanks.

    Prescription drugs for seniors? No, I think the fact my kids, kids, kids are paying for that already is not appropriate.

    So, you ARE right, the OLD Republicans are as bad as the Democrats. This is why I pin my hopes on the Tea Party Republicans. If they do what they say, they will truly have embraced their Libertarian roots.

  34. Ugh, this is completely against the ‘rugged American individualist’ spirit.

    Why not just become a ‘Community organizer’ and run for office?

    Oh, right, that’s been done.

  35. I suppose you have an explanation on how you are going to avoid the 3/5th of a person when “returning to the Constitutional roots”?

  36. Your bumper sticker is cool, but unapplied. How about showing some difficult examples that you will have to navigate?

    Life is easy if you simplify life so you don’t have to deal with the tricky stuff, and just look the other way.

  37. JW,

    I’m not sure if you understand how the Internet works. You pay for hosting, and if your website is popular, you need to pay for higher bandwidth. Many sites that do not turn a profit or much of one, have ads in order to pay for web hosting fees. There can also be other recurring costs, like paying a web designer or a system administrator, depending on the set up.

  38. “And I sincerely believe, with you, that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies; and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity in the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale.”

    By any chance, did you gripe when Bush/Cheney was doing this? If you cannot remember, I will help you with a quote from Cheney: “Deficits do not matter.”

    Now, please show me the video of you screaming your bloody head off at Cheney’s free spending days …

  39. And you have offered what?

    Oh, right, somewhat less than pithy commentary.

    As a ‘Independent’, yes, I would repeal the official ‘Health Insurance Profits Ad Infinitum’ Bill passed as health care reform. Yeah, I would also repeal the prescription drug benefits.

    I would cut programs until THIS generation can pay for it’s currents deficits. Piling our debt on subsequent generations is immoral.

    What would you do? Raise taxes in an era of globalization? I’d like to see how that works ;)

  40. Well, we Libertarians and REAL conservatives have been against this forever…please see ‘The Tea Party’.

  41. Why the ads? You must be one of those people who think the Internet is free. So long as you pay your cable company a hefty $39.99, you can download anything and everything you want to your hearts content. Servers cost money, the 300Kb of content you downloaded to read the article and post your inane, uneducated, completely off-topic comments, costs money. In short JW, educating people like you costs money.

    Oh… and you know probably nothing about those “ads” either. I suspect they make enough money on those ads to possibly keep the coffee fund from dipping into the red. I mean… it’s not like there’s enough to buy a tank of gas or take a family of four to the movies once a month.

    Educate yourself before you begin insulting people.

  42. Look I agree with you but it’s not juts the GOP and the tea party.

    Which party is forcing everyone to buy insurance and pad the pockets of the evil insurance agencies? Explain to me why the average salary for the 2000+ workers in CARB is well over $1,000,000. Which party followed the GOP in bailing out the banks?

    What the founding fathers intended is that individuals shouldn’t have their lives defined by the government that rules over them. Both parties are to blame and an inability to see that shows the kind of one sided journalism that hurts our country more than helps it.

  43. Technically, they don’t ‘force’ you can opt to pay a fee of $750 to opt out….how generous of them.

  44. That is exactly right, and some of these folks who voted for the GOP are in for a rude awakening, especially because they seem perfectly intent on doing what they say they want to do. It’s quite funny to see the tension between the Tea Partiers and the GOP establishment. The Tea Partiers are getting ready to see just how they’ve been conveniently used. They like to talk about taking the country back, and I want to say: Back to what,or from what? They talk about “freedom,” when there are Republicans who say they want to hold investigations on the “hoax” of climate change among other things. Where’s the “freedom” in denying reality? I’m quite sure that the anti-intellectualism behind ideas like that would have been anathema to the Founding Fathers.

    Although the Founding Fathers never could have visualized the multiracial, multifaith, and tech-savvy country this one has become, what the GOP has become would surely appall them today. They fought against a monarchy and for the religious freedom some would deny today to those who are not
    “Christian.” I would say that they would disapprove of the unlimited free rein that a lot of corporations seem to think they are entitled to even at the expense of Americans. In fact, the GOP used to stand for something, but has become something totally different from what it was during, say, Eisenhower’s time.

  45. I stopped reading here:

    “they would reject the philosophy that the rich and industrialists should have the power to control the government.”

    These are the same guys that made voting contingent on land ownership. Who do you think owned land?

  46. other Jefferson Quotes..

    [A] wise and frugal government… shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government.

    Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address, March 4, 1801

    But with respect to future debt; would it not be wise and just for that nation to declare in the constitution they are forming that neither the legislature, nor the nation itself can validly contract more debt, than they may pay within their own age, or within the term of 19 years.

    Thomas Jefferson, September 6, 1789

    If our country, when pressed with wrongs at the point of the bayonet, had been governed by its heads instead of its hearts, where should we have been now? Hanging on a gallows as high as Haman’s.

    Thomas Jefferson, letter to Maria Cosway, 1786

  47. The opening here drives me crazy…”philosophy that the rich and industrialists should have the power to control the government.” The founding fathers were men of principle and I believe at the heart of the tea party movement those principles were the driving force. Fox media and others (Sarah Palin) have twisted this into something different. This country is meant to be governed by professionals doctors, scientists, teachers people that know how things really work, not professional politicians born with a silver spoon shoved up their arse.

  48. There are some fundamental problems with your assumptions. “Republicans and conservatives in general lean heavily toward and support corporations and financial institutions’ domination” – “Conservatives believe in free market capitalism without restriction or regulation regardless of the drain on the economy”.

    1. Corporations with special rights and protections under the law are counter to free market capitalism.

    2. Free market capitalism, far from being a drain on the economy – IS the economy. Government is the parasite which feeds off of the private economy.

  49. Wow Anne, despite all evidence to the contrary, and a complete lack of any facts, you try to press your point of view.

    I have to admire your tenacity.

  50. It’s almost comical the way people on this site rant for the left or right. If you are a republican OR a democrat, you are an idiot!!!

    Partisan politics has destroyed this once great nation. There is only one politician that I even remotely trust with my future, and that is Dr. Ron Paul. A true libertarian and a true American.

  51. I don’t recall “screaming my bloody head off” at anyone other than the author of this post and Thomas Jefferson.

    My point is simple: Thomas Jefferson was not some progressive warrior that would loathe Marco Rubio and love Nancy Pelosi. He’d have left 100 years ago to find some new colonies.

    I’m a Republican with enough intellectual honesty to recognize that our founders would disapprove of how our nation is governed even when the people I like are the ones governing.

  52. The Foundings Fathers despised huge governments.
    They did not want a large and standing military during peace time.
    The idea that the Supreme Court would be the final arbitrator of the Constitution was repugnant and barely discussed.

    By the original ideas, the Senate was designed to only represent States. Not people. And the House of Representatives is designed to represent people.

    Taxes were intended to be locally administered. Not federally. Do you actually believe that the IRS was in their construct?

    The Constitution was intended to be simple, written in plain text. Short and available to everybody to understand. The alternative was the British Constitution which was designed by courts.

    If any of the Founding Fathers came back today, they couldn’t recognize the present interpretations of the Constitution. They would probably laugh and suggest that we have copied the British Constitution.

    A perfect example is the supposed separation of the church and state. We had states that directly supported churches well into the 1820’s. With full support of Congress and the Supreme Court.

    To suggest that one party is worse than another is silly and directly misses the point. The Constitution was drafted with a small limited government in mind.

    Further, if you lived in the US upto 1920 and made a middle class wage, it would be about $10,000 in todays money. The US was a little backwater place. We were mostly uneducated farmers. Now it seems that we are mostly overeducated idiots who can’t grow a stalk of corn without checking the Internet. Yes, that expensive tool that is used for communication. Imagine spending 2 days wages sending a telegraph to someone for help on growing corn.

    We now live in a country where if you don’t spend 7 years and $140,000 you can’t practice LAW. Imagine Lincoln making a decision against becoming a lawyer due to the costs and time.

    I would suggest this article pushing blame is pointless. And only makes one person act like a fool.

    Please read the history of the Constitution. It is amazing in the construct. The discussions were intense. There were lots of frayed nerves. A few representatives even discussed patching things up with England when the Articles of Confederation was on the brink of complete failure.

    There were a few discussions about even the current text being too complex and up for reinterpretation. Go figure…….

    I’m one of those people who really wishes that it would be a requirement that Federal Senators are considered State Employees. Subject to the wages, benefits and rules as other state level elected officials.

    I also wish that Federal Senators and Federal members of Representatives were equally subject to the same recall/impeachment as state members.

    Further I wish that the Federal House of Representatives would expand to drop the normalized representation from 1:900,000 to 1:200,000. That would actually allow me to see or talk to my representative. (The Constution mentions 1:30,000)

    And for a last wish, I want states to fund the office staff for each of their Federal Senators and Federal Representatives. It should be up to the state limit or expand the staff.

    These three simple changes would just be a start at bringing the Government back to the original Fathers hopes and desires.

  53. There are plenty of examples of voter intimidation by the GOP, and your accusation that I am not “factual” does nothing to alter that truth. If you don’t believe it, I suggest you google the information yourself. As for their policies, I am going by exactly what they have said they’ll do for the next 2 years, as well as their own well-documented record of blocking important legislation. Some of the things they did included an apology to BP
    in spite of its criminal negligence (Joe Barton); blocking extension of unemployment benefits (Bunning); and trying to derail the health care legislation to bring about Obama’s “Waterloo” (Jim
    DeMint). Just recently, Senate minority leader McConnell said he wants to ensure that Obama is a one-term president. These are people who are only out for political gain, regardless of who gets hurt as a result. That’s on top of the “investigations” they promise, which would be expensive as well as time-consuming.
    They are about anything but what they claim to be for, and in spite of their habit of invoking the Founding Fathers, they are extremely anti-democratic.
    They appeal to the extreme individualism and selfishness of many Americans, and that makes them dangerous.

  54. Jefferson died leaving his family with a ton of his personal debt. That doesn’t seem like a guy who was concerned about living within one’s means. He liked his aristocratic lifestyle as much as anyone, even if he couldn’t afford it.

    Look, the fact is that anyone can find quotes from our founding fathers to fit their own views all they want. But who cares? It was over 200 years ago. They thought slavery was OK (well most of them). They thought only white, land-owning men should vote.

    Our FF had lots of great ideas, but we should not be blindly putting them or their ideas up on this pedestal. It’s time for people to think for themselves, not constantly be thinking: “What would the almighty Founding Fathers Do?”

  55. To me, the case is really, really simple. The polity of a sustainable democratic republic can’t be chumps. And the tea partiers are nothing if not chumps, jingoes, and fall guys.

    Large numbers of the most visible tea partiers took to the streets with signs decrying the upcoming increase in their taxes, in spite of the fact that their taxes were about to go down. They would, if they could, down Obama; the one guy who understands that Bush’s biggest socioeconomic sin was that he left these very folks high and dry, blithely willing to let the system “eat its own.” And these “patriots” bray and neigh and bleat against the one guy who’s willing to undo this horrendous mistake and get things back on track to solvency and sustainability.

    Think about it: If the Republican’s actually gave a damn about America, they’d realize this and undertake a simple, sane program: To soberly, rationally inform these errant hordes that their taxes were about to go down. But the teabagger idiots are politically useful, and so guidance toward sanity, while socially healthy in the long term, is like political crack; a habit that’s impossible to break.

    The founders understood that an America of chumps couldn’t be America for long. They’re right, of course. And so I anticipate the immanent fall of the Great Satan.

  56. Left and right are just labels, the problem is it’s the only choice we have. Our political opinions have been reduced to two choices, neither reprisenting our wishes.

    Let’s find things we agree on, but the politicians aren’t doing, and then pressure them for it or do it ourselves.

    Many conservatives value small business and resiliance, and many liberals are opposed to globalization. Let’s encourage thriving local towns! Proper town markets for real “free market capatalism” and at the same time bringing back local communities.

    Many liberals are concerned about climate change and the environment, and many conservatives value activities like hunting and fishing. Great, lets have more national parks with well managed hunting and fishing.

    There must be millions of issues we all agree on, and on which we can make progress. We may hate the stereo types, but we all love our country, and hate the economic-political system that’s wrecking it (both sides). Start a local pressure group, find and issue and get others on board. Lets take control.

  57. The Tea Party only popped up after a black man was elected President. Before that it wasn’t even the barest blip on the radar.

    So please, don’t even try to give us that “we’ve been against it forever” crap.

  58. Nice article, I agree with most of it but I’d like to know your opinions about the Democrats as well. I honestly don’t like what the dems. have been doing and I think it’s just as backwards in respect to the constitution as what the republicans are doing. I don’t think there should be complete lack of regulation over business but the government shouldn’t go overboard either. Do some research on who funds the democrats and you’ll find the same thing, big business. It’s not just the Republicans. The fact of the matter is both sides are out of touch and out of control. They no longer care about the American people and are in it for the money and power. What is the average net worth of our politicians? Who is the wealthiest?
    You’ll see that 7 out of the top ten on this list are Dems. If you want to talk class warfare don’t forget that our politicians are also coming out on top.

  59. @ JW

    You’re bashing Sarah for saying that Republicans and the like are keeping Americans uneducated so they can’t think for themselves.

    I do believe that you are one of the uneducated that she speaks of. You posted your comment in a way to sound educated, but when read, it’s laughable at best.

    A simple apostrophe in some of your words, and correcting grammar in general, may make your argument more compelling when read.

    Just saying.

  60. You leap to the black and white argument. If a liberal is opposed to corporate corruption and unstoppable power, you assert that they should not earn a living, however modest. One will certainly not ‘get rich’ from some ad hosting nor from most of the occupations that the overwhelming majority of the American people work at. I think that if you were to stop and consider your arguments, you would find that you are boxing yourself in to an inarguable position.

  61. personally, I suspect that the man behind that convenient video camera was none other than the infamous mr. o’keefe.

  62. This article uses very poor logic. Overgeneralization, shallow argument to reach a flawed conclusion. The only purpose of this is to fan the flames to those who already believe in its premise. One must learn to separate the Truth from what one wishes the Truth to be. Recognize bias and seek objectivity.

  63. How can people who claim separation of church and state and abortion is from the constitution but the right to carry and bear arms is not, claim to support the constitution?

  64. So I suppose that the founding fathers would throw their full unquestionable support behind a political structure that passes such legislation that empowers citizens by making them financial wards of the government. I am loyal to neither party 100% of the time. However, like it or not, the world runs on money. I know its a sad fact of life for those that write such articles. We have freedoms, but most people today are not willing to work for their fair share, instead depending on the government for generations for financial assistance at the expense of those of us that do work. But writers, such as this one seems to live with his head in the clouds.

  65. There seems to some confusion here in the comments. As in nobody has ever taken the time to read the letters and papers of the founding fathers, it seems to be that both sides take quotes that seem to back their opinion on the matter at hand. Even if the quote is taken out of context, all of you need to read more. An example is Jefferson was for a small Federal government and strong states to hold the Fed in check Washington and Adams wanted a strong central federal government that would unite the states and control matters outside our borders. In this one example we can see the rifts between the founding fathers themselves so who the hell our any of you to be experts on what they wanted when they did not know what they wanted!

  66. Wow. Hey, it would improve your credibility it you’d take an economics course or two. Actually listening to what conservatives believe would help to, instead of blasting them with the “tea bag” joke and calling it a debate.

  67. Those of us who’ve escaped thought control are already painfully aware of the motivation and tactics.

    The question is, since these new so-called conservatives are not going to be convinced of their assertions’ incongruence with reality, what is to be done? Bashing them repeatedly is only going to cause them to fight out of desperation to maintain their mental construct. In other words, they really believe what they’re saying, and like a really skilled lawyer, will always be able to find a rational explanation or justification, because they’re coming from the opposite direction in conclusion formation… i.e., they decide on a conclusion they like and then build a case around it. (just as a lawyer does their best to argue whatever side they’re on, regardless of its actual truth, as if it were the truth).

    Again, what is to be done? Rational argumentation and pointing out reality does not make much of a difference with these people.

  68. If you knew anything about these “Ads” you’d know they help defray the cost of keeping the site up. They certainly are not, in most cases, money makers. And your point is moot anyway – no one is agianst capitalism in general or in making money – the problem is turning the country over to money-making machines with no regard for worker, environment, or even the country they hope to rape of its raw materials.

  69. You cannot admit you have a total bias and that it is being shown again and again by the more thoughtful commentators here to be wrong. So you result to insults, something the Republicans have perfected so well. Well it cuts both ways – Vote Democratic if you Think, Vote Republican if Critical Thought is Alien to Your Nature (translate: dummies vote Republican).

  70. JeffersonFan – You have the wrong bad-guys in the wrong camp. Big Pharma is a corporation and firmly on the side of the Right. Unions may have once had clout, but since they basically did what they were supposed to, levelled the playing field, they have lose some power. They NEVER had the money the corporations had, and now the Right Wing SCOTUS have given corporations – even foriegn ones – the right to buy elections.

  71. Cut the military to its Constitutional Limits and all social programs could be supported AND a tax cut be given to all.

  72. You are right, Anne, and they KNOW it. They are continuing the lies and misrepresentations as they are taught to do. They learn how to disconnect their critical thought processes and just plug along – they have evidence that if they repeat their lies enough they become accepted as truth.

  73. The Rpublicans always complained that Democrats liked to “Tax and Spend.” How were they different? They BORROW and spend. They LOVE borrowing – it is part of a healthy market-based economy. It was Bush BORROWING from China to finance his illegal wars that almost killed our economy! Don’t try all that deficit spending is the Democrats fault crap – the Bank bailouts were Bush’s – and they worked and payed us a profit. The Automobile bailouts were Obama’s and unfortunately necessary – and they paid off and are paying the people a profit. Don’t forget that, despite the rights’ attempts to obsfucate, that G.W. Bush took over a governorship his predecessor left with economic strength and a budget surplus, and he squandered it and left the state broke and in debt, just as he did when he took over Bill Clinton’s legacy of economic strength and budget surplus.

  74. No, regulation of non-entity corporations is what we call for. Telling mining corps, “No, you can’t just blow the top of a mountain off and leave that crap in the next valley”, or coal-fired power corps, “No, you can just burn the cheapest, coal in your plant, dump the waste in the river and the mercury in the air”, or the oil corps, “No, you can’t just build a road through here, drill, and leave behind your slag and spills”.

    We wouldn’t need to regulate if they were willing to be personally responsible for their actions (another Con mantra that is merely smoke-and-mirrors). Your rights don’t include harming others and regulations see to that you don’t.

    I don’t see where this is a Bad Thing.

  75. The Left didn’t want to force you to do that. That was a the wet dream of the Right. Them Dem’s went along with it in order to get everyone covered and to force those same corps to stop screwing folks.

    The Left wanted a full-blown, government (i.e. not-for-profit, no bloated CEO salaries needed) managed health insurance program.

  76. By using logic.

    The first amendment bans the state from making any laws that favor or promote religion; add to that the equal protection amendment and we bring that on into the state gov’s as well.

    Abortion isn’t in the Constitution, but we do have rights to privacy and abortion is a medical procedure and thus simply between a woman and her doctor.

    The right to bear arms is in the second amendment, but it is qualified by the need for a militia. Since no longer need a militia (standing army and national guard) that right is made moot. That is, the second amendment reads as an “if…then..” statement; since the “if…” is not met, you never get to the “then…”.

    But even *if* we believe Scallia that the qualifier is met because, back in 1780 the words “militia” and “citizen” were synonyms (?!) then why aren’t we stuck with “arms” being just “flintlocks, muskets, and knives”? Well, because Scallia’s a massive hypocrite of Humpty Dumpty proportions—words only mean what *he* wants them to mean.

  77. well. Sarah is right. The founding fathers made us a republic vs a pure democracy for that reason. Not really that they can’t think for themselves, is that we need to put the good of the nation ahead of our own needs, and that’s hard to get the masses to do.

    Pure democracy is when 2 wolves and a sheep decide what is for lunch.

  78. The only question I have, and this is sincere: why do the rights of the mother supersede the most basic right of her unborn baby – to live? I really don’t understand that.

    Please tell me.

  79. This is demon cracy (not democracy) and should say By the rich people, for the rich people and off the poor people.

  80. Simple solution: Amend the constitution that th0se who pay income taxes and can vote in an election alone can elect their represenatives. Shadows are not allowed. Corporation and banks do not pay income tax and don’t go to pooling booth to vote.

  81. Speaking about what the Founding Fathers would want or do or think is like proving a point using the bible. Anyone can do it no matter what side they are on. I find it funny that Jefferson is so loved by the Right when he was so radically on the left. Even going so far as to promote the idea that the laws should be done away with every 20 years or so. So that the ideas of the old gen. would not bind the new gen. He also said things such as “I fear it [the constitution] may prove a breach in our revolutionary principles though which the forces of reaction may pour forth.”
    All I am trying to say is that we try to link our ideas with the ideas of the Founding Fathers b/c if we can do that then we must be right. I like the Founding Fathers but they were human, and disagreed with each other a lot and over huge ideas. So tying ourselves to them does not really make our ideas any better or worse. Also I feel that if we could really talk to each other (one side to another) we could maybe get somewhere. Instead of arguing over who is stupid and who isn’t. I will say that I am on the left and normally vote Democrat but I don’t agree with everything the party does, I just agree more with it then the Republicans. So my last thought here is that we should talk about pacific ideas that “we” agree with and not ideas that our party likes or the other party doesn’t.

  82. Please tell me how, exactly, the Tea Party, which vociferously exclaims its grassroots organization, is any different from “Community organizer.”

    If you cannot do that, your statements about the legitimacy of the Tea Party cannot be taken seriously as you so happily decry community organization.

  83. Uh… okay… that’s your interpretation. What did the FF say about it?

    Posting ambiguous quotes of the Constitution’s drafters does not amount to analysis of their views.

  84. Take a look into history. The American middle class was at its strongest, by far, when labor unions were at their strongest. I.e. following WWII up into the 1970s. Since Nixon (and his boy, Supreme Court Justice Powell), conservatives have waged all-out war on labor unions and labor in general. The stated motivations of the conservative movement (since Powell issued his infamous memo) has been to organize business and political clout to undermine the integrity of labor unions and the individual rights of people to sue businesses for redress of grievances.

  85. At this time in history we are a product of the world financial systems. Far more than we are a product of the constitution. To go back to the constitution as it stood when originally signed is out of the question as it doesn’t benefit the banks in any way.

    The republicans live for (and as a result of) the financial systems and global money. For the tea party to think they will carry them back to the constitution is absolutely insane. There never was nor will be an “intent” to take anyone back to anything unless it benefits the money.

  86. I think you’re missing the point – you’re discrediting them because they didn’t do as they said.

    If they did as they said, they would be better role models.
    The point isn’t “well, they didn’t follow their own advice, therefore their words are meaningless” it’s “he screwed up by not following his own advice, which we could learn from.”

  87. So, when you get a woman pregnant are you willing to die if the baby will kill the mother in order to save the baby?
    the mere fact that you would ask this question is disgusting. Even the bible didn’t think a fetus was a person until a few months after it was born but you want women to give up their lives, care for their other children, to save a fetus. You best hope the same thought doesn’t get applied to your sperm ejaculation or you will end up in jail for reckless abandonment of pre-baby material.

  88. I’m not arguing on behalf of Republicans, but on context.

    Thomas Jefferson hated banks because he was badly in debt (as were most slaveholders because slaves cost more than crops could ever bring in.) When he died, his daughter and son-in-law had to sell off most of his belongings to pay off his creditors.

    Ben Franklin always stressed (and mostly lived) a relatively frugal life of hard work. He also disliked the state. He hated Britain for ridiculing him in the king’s court. He hated the Penn family (the pre-Revolution “state”) BECAUSE they owned so much land. He severed ties with his illegitimate son when he became Governor of NJ because he had become the “state.” And you have to remember the guy was a satirist and most of what he said was said with a grin and a wink. Also, I can’t find the above quote in any actual texts on Franklin. It only exists on agenda websites.

    John Adams’s quote is related to France and the excesses of the nobility and church. Jefferson liked France too much to be too critical of them.

  89. Yes Anne. “They” know it and so does everyone else….The trilateral commission, the Libby Commission and everyone else who “Knows”.

    Trust me, those black helicopters your hear are so totally real!

  90. Of COURSE they couldn’t Anne..which is why they wrote the constitution!!!

    You know, that immutable document that has never been changed!

    They were such simpletons!!!! If only they had your immense insight…can you imagine how smart they would have been?!

  91. And uh…this original article didn’t do the same, which provoked this response?

    It’s good you’re catching up, albeit late.

  92. So, you condone the idea ‘Too Big To Fail’.

    Thus allowing businesses to gamble and pay huge returns to executives, but when they bust, the American taxpayer is on the line.


  93. Sure, I’ll be happy to clarify for you…although I thought it was obvious.

    Grassroots implies that there is no central authority ( ever see a ‘tree’ of grass….not unless yer a damn nasty hippie ).

    That describes the Tea Party exactly. For better or worse, there is no ‘leader’. There are just different clumps, but all with the same idea, if different general views.

    There are the small government types…Libertaritans. There are the social conservatives/small government (religious right )….and finally, there are just the fiscally responsible who are tired of passing their debt to future generations.

    I’m very happy to educate you though…I feel my very existence validated.

  94. Oh, you’re sooooo right. I mean, the republicans totally had a Majority…er…a minor majority…er…a filibusterer majority….er…

    Wait, I guess they didn’t have anything.

    You are SOOOO right though…it’s those damn nasty Republicans. I hate those guys!

  95. Ant’ny, I rather doubt you are an NPR guy.

    But, if you’d indulge me.

    Go the the NPR website…and find the podcast…wait, I’ll find it for you since you’re likely a pot smoking hippy….you can totally thank me later.

    Listen to this episode..and tell me HOW awesome union are. I mean, it’s SOOO cool protecting the union members that are high and drunk on duty….

    You are sooooooo right. Unions are the BESTEST!

  96. While I agree most Republicans today hold views quite different from those of the Founding Fathers, painting the problems as red vs blue helps no one. The goal is to have a government which merely protects private property. Beyond that, it’s up to each individual to take care of him or herself and those they care about. Charity is wonderful – and necessary – but it cannot be forced. To look to either side to champion your cause misses the point entirely.

    You say, “when they cannot beat down workers in America, they lobby legislators to get tax breaks for moving jobs out of the country where they find the cheapest possible labor.” Why do you not see this as a problem with government? This is certainly not the free market at work – not capitalism run amok.

    You say, “however, conservatives only use catch-phrases that sound noble, and Americans fall for their lies and deceit every time. Why else would Americans vote for people who act contrary to the intent of the Founders? Because they are lazy, ignorant, and think that because a group says what they want to hear, they will look out for their interests.” I think one could throw this criticism at the left as well, and I think the Founding Fathers would warn against trusting anyone in power to have your best interest at heart.


  97. JW-

    That is such a straw-man argument – no one here has said they’re against Capitalism, or against making money. The arguments I see are against rapacious greed and the concentration of wealth in too few hands. Saying this means that these people hate Capitalism is like saying that people who are against drunk driving hate cars.

    As for George Soros, he supports causes that are actually against his own self-interest, and he supports those causes openly – if you want to know what Soros is up to it’s all quite open, and he has given numerous interviews. Contrast that with people like the Koch brothers who support causes that directly benefit their business (i.e. repeal of environmental laws) through fake-grass-roots organizations with little transparency. And good luck trying to find an interview with them.

  98. Conservatism is all relative to the time frame as is Liberalism. The rolls of Libs to Conservs, were reversed once the Constitution was written. Before the Constitution Conservatives were less likely to brake from the kings rule making them less likely to the change to what our forefathers were proposing. The forefathers were considered Radical in their views making them the Liberals. However once signed into law and making every American Free, Conservatives adopted the Constitution for what it stated that it was an everlasting document of freedom and liberty. The Liberals have progressively tried to move further past ever since. The fact that the Liberal establishment claims to be the proprietors of the Document cannot be argued, nor can the Conservatives stance on protecting the everlasting document.

  99. The following axioms should be accepted before any reasonble evaluation of this article can be made; 1) This is the greatest country man has ever known. 2) No form of government has ever been established by man where the working class was not enslaved by the wealthy: to date we have seen 2 choices; be enslaved by corporations and the banking industry; or be enslaved by your government.

    While this article does expose the weaknesses in our current system, it does nothing to address the real issue or offer solutions. We know by looking at the landscape of the world and through the study of history that entrusting the government with your salvation only leads to tyranny and oppression.

    The solution to our current problems are as simplistic as the identification of the problems themselves. Centralized power held by any group is dangerous to the prosperity of any nation. The founders main focus in the creation of this country was to de-centralize power and the state level in order to reduce the risk of an elite cround enslaving the rest of us. We have failed to carry on that tradition. True, globalization, the world bank, and corporations are a danger to prosperity; but a centralized government with over-reaching regulatory power is more dangerous.

    Before knocking what we have here in America, please propose a new system of government that doesn’t take us down the road of Socialism; which has doomed nation after nation.

  100. What an incredibly stupid article.

    The founding fathers didn’t believe in an income tax or an estate tax. Rand Paul, who’s huge with the tea party, is against these as well, and was against the $700 billion corporate hand out to the banks.

    The Democrats supported the bank bailout, and get significant contributions from Wall Street. 3 out of 5 of Obama’s biggest campaign contributors were Wall Street firms.

  101. If, as they article reads “The Founders were quite explicit that America should be governed by a representational legislature” why did they not allow the public to vote for Senators? It seems that they weren’t as black and white/conservative or liberal as you libs and tea baggers might want everyone to believe. Remember the Boston Tea Party and the “No taxation without representation” mantra? Those weren’t exactly arguments by people who think the government should tax its people into the ground to support program after program they feel the public isn’t smart enough to deal with on their own. Those were arguments by people who wanted to keep more of their own money to do with as they please.
    This is why I’m no longer a Dem. The “Whoah is the poor” argument sounds really good. It seems to come from the heart by people who want to better the lives of others. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Let me explain. (If you’re one of the lucky people in a right-to-work state as I was for 30 years you might not get the full effect of this.) Libs who whine and moan for everyone else to pay for all their wishes to come true make some compelling arguments for taxing the crap out of people to support programs that are supposed to “help” specifically targeted groups of people (mentally ill, undereducated, underpaid, etc.). In actuality the impetus behind these efforts to create more and more programs are labor unions that couldn’t give a you-know-what about the poor but are only trying to create more dues-paying jobs so that they can line their pockets (most union bosses pull salaries well over those of their workers) and the pockets of their lobbyist cronies. Sounds like those spearheading the efforts to “help” the underprivileged are engaged in the same money-hoarding behaviors as those “rich Republicans” they thrive on bashing. Well, you say, at least they are employing people! But remember, that was never the reason to create these programs. States like California (where I now live) are sinking under the weight of unnecessary union jobs and more ominously the pensions carried with them. (I’m a public school teacher so this affects me) Therefore the tax money we pay to support the “poor” never really makes it to its intended purpose it instead goes to “administering” these programs and much of it gets siphoned off by the unions who use it to create more government jobs to create more programs to create more union jobs to take more dues etc… This is why companies and individuals are fleeing California in droves because they no longer wish to bear the burden of ever increasing taxes and regulations that come with an increase in these needless programs and agencies.
    For those of you in one of the 22 right-to-work states, consider yourself lucky. The only thing worse than one bureaucracy (your employer) making horrible decisions affecting you and your family are two bureaucracies (the union) making horrible decisions affecting you and your family. I deal with this on a daily basis. You might think teachers’ unions only keep teachers paid and keep them from being unlawfully terminated. Actually, at my school the faculty can’t even vote on when we would like to have our meetings or even how many keys our school can have on hand, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Not exactly money and jobs now is it? When unions “organize” a workplace they essentially take over the entire operation thus repurposing the organization into a place that now exists only to employ people as opposed to (in my case) teach students or make widgets or whatever.
    Where Dems fail miserably is that they are owned completely by labor unions, they are literally one-in-the-same. You might think unions are there to protect your job and your salary but they are not. They are there to maximize the amount of dues they collect so they can grab more and more power. What’s more is that instead of fighting for you they completely disrespect you by assuming that you can’t possibly have a mind of your own or the ability to speak for yourself and by taking your money without showing you the minimum amount of respect by merely asking for it. You don’t necessarily have to be a member, but you do have to pay (which is all they really want in the first place).
    Republicans on the other hand expect you as an individual to be able to act and behave in your own best interest. If your own best interest means giving to a charity that’s awesome, and you shouldn’t be disrespected by those who think they can spend your money better than you can. People who act in their own best interest have a better shot at starting their own businesses and thus employing others. These people will want to operate in an environment free of government interference and taxes which makes the Democratic policies of taxing everyone into the ground to create unnecessary programs completely unworkable. Like our nation is right now.

  102. But by saying government’s job is to “merely protect private property” you are immediately tilting the playing field towards the ownership class and against the working class. It implies that government should NOT be protecting unionization, should not be protecting “the commons” from the deprivations of the corporations, should not be protecting individual rights from being overwhelmed by industrial corporate “rights”.

  103. Great quote “mystery”. I love freedom and democracy but take democracy with a LOT of salt…. I don’t think the majority can vote away the rights of the minority.

    BTW: VOTE RON PAUL (sorry… I jsut had to go there.)

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