Meet the New Enemies of Glenn Beck: Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert

Poor Glenn Beck just can’t let go of his jealousy of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Today on his Fox News program, Beck went on the attack against Stewart and Colbert by claiming that they keep people in denial. He said, “What better way to keep people sheep then making sure that people get their news from a comedian?….Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, that’s not news. That’s a monologue. That’s jokes.”

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

In response to a comment from a member of a studio audience who claimed that people don’t get it because they get their news from popular shows, Beck said, “You know, I figured this thing recently. What better way to keep people sheep than making sure, and I’m part of this, keeping sure, making sure that people get their news from a comedian. At least, I’m giving it in context. I’m trying to make the news entertaining to bring people in. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, that’s not news. That’s a monologue. That’s jokes.” Beck’s guest Dr. Keith Ablow expressed the opinions that jokes were like drugs, and they kept people in denial.

Notice how Beck is trying to have it both ways. He claiming to be both a comedian and a trusted source of news, but this is part of what has becomes Glenn Beck’s modus operendi. Beck was not content with being the exclusive source of news and truth for his audience, so he used his 8/28 rally to become their spiritual advisor. Now he wants to move beyond even that realm and become the Oprah for the teabagger’s soul. It was kind of hard to miss how Beck has transformed his “news” show into an Oprah clone complete with studio audience, and his very own teabagging Dr. Phil. Glenn Beck is not only his audiences’ source of “truth” but he also is their connection to God, and now he is their therapist.

The problem is that Glenn Beck’s ego can’t accept the fact that Jon Stewart is more popular and influential than he is, so he has to not only discredit Stewart and Colbert, but he has now labeled them as a dangerous drug to the minds and souls of their viewers. Beck is portraying himself as the noble warrior who is fighting to wake up America from their sleep brought on by Stewart and Colbert. This is an elaborate false construct designed to keep his audience in the dark, and if you watched today’s show, you would know that his viewers are hopelessly clueless.

The success of the Rally to Restore Sanity has lead Beck to make Stewart and Colbert a part of his delusional holy war narrative. The reality is that it is Glenn Beck, not a couple of Comedy Central hosts, who is creating a flock of deluded sheep, who stay high on the drug of fearful crusade which Beck doles out in a dosage which is just enough to keep the junkie hooked, like any good pusher should. Beck is still smarting over the humiliation that Stewart and Colbert put on him, and now he is poised to unleash his Kool-Aid in the direction of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

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  1. You cannot only get your news from Jon Stewart and still get the show. You have to go into the show with a basic knowledge of what is actually going on in the country or you simply will not get the jokes. When people say that they get their news from Stewart, they don’t actually mean it’s the only place they get their news, it’s just the most consistent place they get a discussion of the news.

  2. Beck thinks he is part comedian? Yeah, we laugh at him – but not for the reason he wants. I look forward to the day that his mug is not on the TeeVee or his voice on the Radio. A total waste of airwaves.

  3. Glenn Beck is a DJ he files taxes as a DJ in the entertainment industry.
    He has a web site for prayer and he is a mormon.
    He has a Glenn Beck University and he is not a teacher.
    But he gets rich off his own kool aid.
    I think that his disease as caused mental impairment

  4. I guess what Glenn Beck is really saying is that Jon Stuart and Colbert are really doing a much better job than he is. he is trying to set himself up as that weak little voice in the desert

    I think he is just unconsciously wishing he was in their class is all. Maybe inside he wishes he could tell the truth like Stewart does

    Glenn Beck is disgusting

  5. It appears that a lot of people are dismissing Beck and Palin as lunatics, yet I believe that they are quite dangerous. They really know how to hook some people. Often Beck will start his show with something profound (like Gandhi is his hero and we should learn about him) and then slowly will veer off into some nonsense, yet a lot of people will get hooked.
    For that matter look at Palin, she is about everywhere and quite a number of media outlets are taking her seriously.

  6. you are of course absolutely correct. Palin has an extreme lack of knowledge about the right things that she needs to be a politician, but she is not stupid in terms of media. At least the people who are pushing her are not stupid. And that makes her just plain dangerous as you say.

    Glenn Beck is not stupid either. He grabbed onto the gravy train called the tea party and now he is just making absolutely asinine statements and conspiracies. There is no way you can be a lunatic and make 32 million a year. and it absolutely boggles my mind that people go along with what he says.

    Both of these people are dangerous to this country. And disgusting

  7. Beck will never live down the fact that he is not a college graduate. I think its eating at him every day. Plus, if he is a comedian, I don’t think he is funny … at all.

  8. The fact that anyone can take Glen Beck seriously terrifies me. He is funny though. The interview he did with Sarah Palin was as good as any Saturday Night Live skit. “I wrote about you in my journal.” Even the brainless Sara Palin had the good sense to look scared.

  9. I think what is most telling is how our society perceives the “news”

    * accepts the Fox reactionary narrative as indicative of a popular majority
    * the “main stream” portrays “liberals” as weak, ineffectual or effeminate (in the pejorative sense)
    * the only place perceived as “safe” to tell the truth is on a “comedy” show.

    To me these are all signs of a much larger problem.

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