Rush Limbaugh Wants The TSA To Grope Obama’s 9 Year Old Daughter

On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh suggested that President Barack Obama prove that the new TSA screening procedures are safe by taking his daughter to the airport and, “How about Obama take his daughter to the airport, and have a TSA groper go through the exact routine for Obama’s daughter that everybody else’s daughter goes through?”

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

Limbaugh said, “How about, you remember when Obama went swimming in the Gulf with his daughter to show everybody it was safe during the oil spill? How about Obama take his daughter to the airport, and have a TSA groper go through the exact routine for Obama’s daughter that everybody else’s daughter goes through? Just to show it safe for everybody, like he did in the Gulf for the oil spill, hmmm?”

The incident that Rush Limbaugh is referring to occurred in August when President Obama took his nine year old daughter swimming in the Gulf after the oil spill. Yep, Rush Limbaugh wants the TSA to “grope” a nine year old girl. By the way, I have not heard anyone argue that the TSA screenings are unsafe. Most complaints center around the notion that they are an excessive invasion of privacy, but I have not heard the search procedures referred to as unsafe before.

When Limbaugh talks about putting Obama’s daughter through the same security screen that everyone else goes through, he means everybody but him. “Common man” Rush Limbaugh has no first hand idea of what the screening procedures are like because, the uber rich, like Limbaugh, don’t fly commercial. Limbaugh’s attempt to discredit Obama as being out of touch with the hassle that Americans who fly would have a lot more credibility if Limbaugh flew commercial at all…..ever.

There is the story out there from last year about the TSA patting down a three year old girl, so excessive searches can and do happen to kids, but the larger question here is why is it fine for the right to drag Obama’s children into their warped fantasies, but even the mention of Sarah Palin’s children in anything but the most flattering and angelic terms results in howls of anguish and anger?

There is something sick and pedophilic about Rush Limbaugh’s desire to see President Obama’s nine year old daughter groped. Where is the outraged tweet and Facebook post from the Mama Grizzly on this? You can bet that there won’t be one, because the right has never had an issue with attacking the children of Democratic politicians, but heaven forbid that anyone dare to point out that Sarah Palin’s adult no talent oaf of a daughter doesn’t belong on Dancing With The Stars, a show which she voluntarily appeared on and put herself in the public eye for, and all hell breaks loose.

It speaks volumes about the true morals and values of the right that they not only condone, but they also embrace Rush Limbaugh’s child molester fantasies about President Obama’s daughter, but I guess the family values end when the children involved belong to Democrats or the TLC cameras stop rolling.

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  1. And interestingly, Palin accuses anyone who even exists while not worshiping her of being a pedophile, and yet, this is clearly a pedophile-esque thing to suggest and advocate. It is a disgusting sexualization (“groping”) of very young girls. It’s hard to take any of their “values” seriously when they are obviously only used for warfare against ideas which are better than theirs.

  2. If you only knew about Rush, you’d understand why he said this. It’s a classic case of projection. Do you think the only reason he takes a private plane to the Dominican Republic is to feed his illicit drug habit(OxyContin and whatever else)?

  3. And we’re all supposed to be horrified by his comment? I’m not a Rush Limbaugh fan, but what exactly is wrong with that statement? Other kids have to go through full-body feel-ups from the TSA if they set off the detectors, why not President Obama’s kids? Oh, I forgot the fact that the President and all members of congress don’t have to undergo screenings. Sorry.

    Here’s one kid who had to undergo a full body search:

  4. I know what and who he was with on that trip….and I couldn’t agree more. No wonder he can’t stay married.

  5. Not horrified, but why is it that the Right gets a pass, but Palin’s kids are sacred? If Limbaugh would have made the point that no child should have to go through this, there would be no problem, but instead of advocating for less screenings, he tried to make a cheap political point and encourage more of them. Think about this, Limbaugh wants kids to be screened. In this context, there are a whole lot of things wrong with his comments.

  6. Obviously, he picking on the president because:

    a) Obama’s a Democrat
    b) Rush Limbaugh is a racist.
    c) It’s our government that allowed these idiotic security measures that provide the illusion of security without any real security. And, that’s great fodder for talk shows.

    But none of the above negates the legitimacy of Limbaugh’s statement. If Hitler stated that two plus two equals four, it’s still accurate.

    So, let’s have congress and the president go through these invasive pat downs, then let’s see how long our TSA administrator, John Pistole, keeps his job. In the meantime, perhaps someone might like to study how Israel handles airport security. They have been dealing with this issue a bit longer than we have.—israelification-high-security-little-bother

  7. not quite sure here what his point is about being safe. A patdown is absolutely safe.

    Is it conscionable? necessary? No. But Rush certainly makes no point at all about it being safe or unsafe and he never intended to make that point. He just wants to throw the president up against the wall again because Rush has been so totally ineffective of recent

    Of course it’s the same old tired thing, if we didn’t do it and someone got through with a bomb that would be Obama’s fault in reverse

  8. The mistake..the pig made fun of starving children…it just does’t get any worse or sicker or pathetic than that..and he makes MILLIONS a year!!! He made fun of starving children….calling them dumpster divers. i actually cried reading it. Do you recall? GOD FORGIVE ME but I hate this person with a passion. As I recall he got married shortly after. What kind of woman marries a man…no… a FILTHYGREDDYSICKPIG like that??????

  9. His statement about the daughter has no “legitimacy”. If he had said, as you did, that all members of Congress and the President go through it I would agree totally with him. I think the whole thing is against our rights.

  10. C’mon. Its legitimacy is based in the fact that the kids of non-privileged citizens have to go through these searches. So Limbaugh’s taking it to that same place with the president, realizing full well that anyone’s children are their most precious possession.

  11. Too bad the GOP upheld the appointment of the head of TSA security for two years. The head of the 25,000-member Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, Jon Adler, said the TSA “cannot continue to operate on autopilot.” Things might have been a bit smoother without GOP obstructionism playing havoc with our safety in order to score political points, since most Americans are unaware that the TSA has been operating without a chief and therefor any problems are chalked up to Obama’s fault, killing two birds with one stone for the GOP. Rush is just playing into this narrative with all of the vile he usually musters up.

    The GOP didn’t want the other two nominees – they wanted this guy. Now his draconian measures are Obama’s fault. LOL. What a joke.

  12. Don’t forget Jason, Odumbo’s daughters go to a mostly white private school to protect them from the fatherless welfare thugs that their daddy created with liberal laws.

    Just sayin’.

  13. You mean all of those white trash daddies who don’t pay child support in the south, whose children we are all paying for? Yes, I know it sucks, but you can’t expect the President’s child to mingle with white trash.

  14. PWNED. Obama’s lovely children shouldn’t be anywhere near the likes of Smarg, Limbaugh, Palin and the rest of the white trash coalition of big bucks on wheels. Speaking of which, let’s cut off all welfare to white people in the south since they’re so damn concerned about black people getting any. Just cut it all off, but start with the whites who are always going on about pulling themselves up by their boot straps.

  15. I see he didn’t have a response for you. Allergic to reality again, as usual. Great job, GOP. keep up the super work.

  16. The Republicans on here rush in and defend Limbaugh. However, I dont care what these losers say, I will go with the idea that Rush is a sick pedophile who probably would get a cheap thrill watching them getting patted down. Heck, he’d even get a cheap thrill watching them play in a sandbox! Dirty scum. He’s not worth defending. I respect real Republicans like Frederick Douglass. But these uninformed Republicans have no brains and bow down to and worship clowns.

  17. Or many white children get to go to school with the children of the President.

    Just letting you know how a non-racist would see this.

  18. Smarg,

    In point of fact, the Obama children attend a Friends school. Private school tends to have a diverse population of children, often from many from other countries, so an African American would not stand out. If anything, in private schools like that, differentiation is made based upon class and wealth, as the children are exposed to people of diverse backgrounds as a matter of course and therefore not prone to racism as you suggest (rather, a Palin would be ridiculed in a private school like this, for example, for lacking protocol, manners and speaking like the worst of reality TV). Furthermore, children who go to school in DC are surrounded by diplomats’ children and these people grew up around diverse cultures. You might try getting out some more:-)

    The parents of the children who attend the same school as the Obama children are excited to be around the President’s children and hope to be included in their social circle:

    “Some of the school’s highly motivated parents are rumoured to be hoping that their children might provide them with access to the First Family’s social circle.”

    Racism like you suggest is singularly the last refuge of the less sophisticated and those prone to want to blame their poor circumstances on anything but their own failures.

  19. I think Rush is still bummed over the St Louis Rams thing. Hey Rashbo, good news, I just read a boys under 16 soccer team in the Dominican Republic needs a sponsor….interested?

  20. How could any adult standby while their child is groped? I can’t stand the guy, but he has a point. Obama is not sacred, he’s fair game like anyone else!

    Most of your arguments attack Rush while ignoring the larger issue. No one is elected King in this country!

  21. Against angry white bigots who claim all black people are on welfare? You bet. What’s wrong with that? It’s only OK if the white people say it? I happen to be white, so bite me.

    And anyway, you protest too much.

  22. What? Are you high or were you also advocating that the Bush girls or Palin girls get groped? The man is the President and he doesn’t fly commercial for obvious security reasons. Are you a total moron or just a racist?

  23. There’s no defense for what he said at all. This is not about safety, but also about making fun of the child of someone he disagrees with ideologically.
    Lowlife Limbaugh has not only made fun of starving children, but he also referred to Chelsea Clinton as one of the White House pets. He is a drugged out loudmouth and a coward, to boot. I live for the day when he goes too far even for his lemmings, and gets consigned permanently to the oblivion he deserves.

  24. Hmmmm….

    If some random guy groped one of *my* daughters, no, that is not my definition of “safe.”

    And, I’m not a follower of Limbaugh’s: for a long time, I thought his name was “Russ” (where do you get a name like “Rush”)?

    Back under the Shrub, I was glad to see the liberals standing up for civil liberties against the Cheney fascists.

    But, now that one of their own is in the Big House, liberals seem to have forgotten all about the Bill of Rights.

  25. irspast,

    The fascists (and I include most liberals and the mainstream conservatives alike) are really frightened: a large fraction of the American people are actually claiming to have certain inalienable rights (outlandish rights like the right to be secure against unreasonable searches!) not granted by the government.

    The fascists are frightened: just remember, a cornered animal can be dangerous. Let’s see how they lash out now.

  26. Speaking as somebody from the Northernmost Southern State (that being North Dakota), I object to your comment _only_ because white trash daddies who don’t pay child support are up north too.

    Sadly, I am related to some of them.

  27. Amusing watching the left and right whine about each other getting ‘passes’ when they both use each others kids to hide the fact that there is no difference between them on things that really matter.
    republicans and democrats: same shit, different piles.

  28. The larger issue is that conservatives are for the profiling. Rush just missed the bus.

    2nd why would anyone say the presidents daughters need to be patted down? Where did that come from? Only someone like Rush would come up with that and quite frankly his need to see them groped to know the pat down is safe is absurd.

  29. Lets see, is he above the law because he hasn’t taken his girls to get groped or because he doesn’t fly commercial?

    Education again, severely lacking in trolldom today

  30. Not sure where you get that liberals have forgotten the bill of rights from. All I said was a pat down is safe. How unsafe could pat down be? Do they put nukes in their gloves?

    That said, I am against the pat downs and the back scatter machines because there are totally unobtrusive machines that could be used.

    nice try. Liberals were also against the tea party and conservatives who are trying to shred the Bill of Rights

  31. as a libertarian I no longer listen to Rush. Still I wish you could think straight. Your comments are illogical.

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