Sarah Palin Trips Over the Meaning of Enemy Centric

Ya Don't Need to Know What You're Talking About to be President!
Ya Don't Need to Know What You're Talking About to be President!

Surprise! Sarah Palin Trips Over the Meaning of Enemy Centric

In Sarah Palin’s second book (also known as propaganda; a fact Palin herself admitted on Fox last night, albeit unknowingly- as she seems to do just about everything), “America by Heart,” she accuses the President of having an “enemy centric foreign policy” and reveals that she is spectacularly clueless about what an enemy centric foreign policy is.

Media Matters reports on Palin’s book:

“A prominent Czech official has called America’s current foreign policy “enemy-centric,” and I think he’s on to something. An enemy-centric foreign policy is one that seems more interested in coddling adversaries (in Washington, they call this “outreach” or “resetting relations”) and apologizing than in standing up to enemies and sticking by principles — among which are friendship and support for our fellow democracies. The current foreign policy is one that values the opinion of European elites more than the freedom of Iranian democrats. [Page 263]”

Perhaps Sarah is unaware that she’s quoting Alexandr Vondra, a European elite. It’s easy to understand how this fact escaped her, seeing as she is probably still unaware that the Czech Republic joined the EU in 2004. So, she is quoting a European elite while accusing Obama of catering to the opinions of the European elite. Yes, Dorothy, this person is going to run for Barbie President of her Barbie World and if you object, you are an evil elitist. Please, grab your American exceptionalism and follow Sarah Palin as she redefines exceptionalism to mean securing the rights of those whining Nouveau Riche Right wing elitists to sell their mediocre books and TV shows to the even more mediocre without ever being called out on their distortions, fabrications and utter lack of merit. Exceptionalism is also apparently unrelated to accountability, which does seem to mesh perfectly with Palin’s own enemy engagement strategy.

But most offensive is Palin’s utter failure to comprehend what “enemy centric” means. “Enemy centric” is not a foreign policy term; it’s a military term. The Center for a New American Security reported that on March 3, 2010, “Adm. Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, offered the first set of criteria for using military force since Gen. Colin Powell held Mullen’s job nearly 20 years ago. And Mullen’s inchoate offerings provide something of an update — and something of a refutation — to Powell’s advice. Mullen, the first chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to embrace the theorist-practitioners of counterinsurgency:

“Force should, to the maximum extent possible, be applied in a precise and principled way,” Mullen said, because the contemporary battlefield is “in the minds of the people.” That’s the first time a chairman has embraced the concept of “population-centric” warfare, a departure from the “enemy-centric” focus of doctrines like Powell’s, with its focus on applying “overwhelming force” to vanquish an adversary.””

The Czech elite who used it admitted it was strong language and pointed out that this is why he spent several years in jail. “Vondra, who is now a senator in the Czech legislature, acknowledged that he was using strong language in the hopes of getting Washington’s attention. “I was always speaking loudly,” he joked. “That’s why I was put into jail in the ’80s.””

I can only assume that if Sarah Palin wrote this book in 1980’s Czech, there would be a lot more happy Americans today, for viewing her behind bars for sedition or inciting violence or just plain willful desire to destroy this country would be tantamount to finally seeing Rove arrested. A girl can dream.

Palin took a term from one realm and misapplied it to another — or copied it from someone else who knew they were doing that, but assumed everyone else would know this and get the intended jab. Vondra didn’t count on the ignorance of Sarah Palin. And this is another stunning example of why, contrary to the Poujadist cries of exalting ordinariness and PTA moms being automatically qualified for the highest office in the land (this is now second on the list of Palin’s experience that makes her more qualified to be President than our current Summa Cum Laude Harvard Law President), a modicum of intellect matters in your president.

So we get that enemy centric strategy is inherent in the Bush Doctrine, which may explain Palin’s failure to communicate coherently on this subject, since she made it clear that she has no idea what the Bush Doctrine is and I highly doubt she’s wasted valuable pop culture infiltration time studying up on icky things like ideas.

Here’s a clue for the Hawkish Mama Grizzly: We were an enemy-centric force in Afghanistan until we began to implement McChrystal’s population-centric COIN strategy. But truthfully, the very definition of foreign policy should have clued Palin in to her failure to grasp the issue at hand: “Diplomacy is the tool of foreign policy, and war, alliances, and international trade may all be manifestations of it.” Perhaps the word diplomacy needs to be explained, very slowly, to Ms Palin, as it’s clear this is something of which she will never be accused.

But here’s a hint, Sarah: The way you deal with enemies in your own life and the way you advocate the US deal with her enemies is in fact the “enemy centric” policy of engagement. The Obama foreign policy is not focused on using overwhelming force to vanquish an adversary as is implied by Palin’s “book”; that would be Palin’s foreign policy she’s unknowingly criticizing.

The minefield of Palin’s mind and the resulting dizzying maze of perversion often leaves one panting, tenuously holding onto the nearest piece of solid earth they can find, so precarious is a trip down the Palin rabbit hole. See, I almost got lost in her accusations of appeasement – because that is what she meant. Instead, she ended up accusing Obama of her own weakness (once again) and also, too, revealing her supreme incompetence and unworthiness to the office she aspires.

In reality, President Obama’s military strategy as a sub-discipline of his foreign policy strategy is a repudiation of the Bush Doctrine; instead of stressing the power of enemy engagement, it stresses the limitations of military force. And clearly, in the same manner, President Obama’s foreign policy is not “enemy centric.” This ranks right up with Palin’s (pre-Death Panels) 2008 claims that she and McCain were for healthcare reform because it would shore up jobs. At what point are we allowed to scream?

But one would have to know the definition of enemy centric in order to grasp that they were wrong, something Palin and her screen-writing ghost-writer obviously do not know. Again, this is the result of Palin’s paranoid refusal to consult with real experts; her policy of rejecting expertise as a matter of course, allowing her to fall victim to the delusion that she is engaging in reasonable dialogue when in fact, she doesn’t know what she doesn’t know. We can call this trickle-down ignorance. Cue the rabid Palinbots screeching about enemy centric foreign policies, to which you can respond, “I’m glad you’re finally on board, you ignorant, low-information rube.” Or not. That might be sort of enemy centric and goodness knows we don’t want to kill our enemies.

Whoopsie daisy, President Palin meant appease. Is it too late? Sarah Palin’s lack of intellect is a national security risk.

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  1. Sarah Palin flunked her first course in diplomacy at any level when she accepted the telephone call from the (fake) President of France while campaigning as a VP candidate in 2008.

    Obviously she should never have taken the call in the first place, but since she did, she should have realized a foreign leader would not be calling the VP candidate, but rather the presidential candidate. Secondly, she should have realized it was a huge faux pas to accept such a telephone call during a political campaign.

    The story is that one of her personal aides accepted the call, not one of the McCain (experienced) aides, thus emphasizing that Palin’s ongoing dependence on people she “trusts” rather than people who can actually help her going forward will be her downfall.

  2. What a harridan! Does she have to take medication for this condition? She should. I’m going to have to rely on interpretations of her book because I value my sanity (and my pocket book) far too highly to pay for expensively bound toilet paper, so I hope Media Matters and others continue to enlighten us about this woman’s obtuse and vapid intellect.

  3. I couldn’t believe the media didn’t make more of that and the way she giggled when he mentioned seeing her porn movie. What a total loser she is.

  4. Trust me, we’ll be inundated with the lies just like the last time. The debunking went on forever, as well as the lawsuits threatened. Sarah spreads manure of hate everywhere she goes and everything she touches!

  5. I know! I thought “Oh yeah, this is her downfall.” Didn’t happen. Can you imagine if it was Biden getting the call and acting like she did? WTF!

  6. No, the media would have eaten him alive and yet Palin still whines endlessly about the mean old media. What better way to keep them defensive about covering her at all?

  7. Last night, I started to watch Lawrence O’Donnell’s “The Last Word” at 10 p.m. on
    MSNBC. He immediately started discussing Palin and her book “America By Heart.”
    Since I’ve already read enough about it to know that it is full of distortions and attacking people as usual, I turned to another channel. Palin doesn’t need to say even
    ONE MORE thing for me to know how clueless she is. In her zeal to attack the president, she plunges head on and recklessly into her usual misstatements and outright lies. Sarah, this is one thing that should be one of the nails in the coffin of her political ambitions. Her anti-intellictualism and disdain for experts are truly dangerous. Palin’s undeserved ascendancy is the natural end result of the GOP,
    which was so intent on winning at any cost that they would embrace any moron they thought would help them, especially a photogenic one.

  8. Obviously, Sarah Palin didn’t write this book. She can barely read books.

    So, does anyone know who the ghostwriter is?

  9. Oh my gosh! Trickle-down ignornance. That is my favorite word for the week! I assume this is the first round of a long list of corrections that will need to be addressed in her little hate-fest of rabid attacks against anyone she thinks crossed her.

    How embarassaing to show the world your intense jealousy of the President. SP, it’s not 2008. You lost. For goodness sakes, even Sharron Angle went away. If only you would get a hint.

  10. Ghostwriter is Jonah Goldberg’s wife, Jessica Gavora. And either Goldberg helped with the book or his wife is ghostwriting for him too, Media Matters found a passage in the book using a line from the movie “The Incredibles” to a similar comparson Goldberg made in one of his columns.

  11. Sarah Palin will be president and not because she is voted into office. Not because she is qualified and not because Americans lack the fortitude to oppose her. She will become President because the owner’s of our world want to send a loud but hidden message that “we the people” are a relic of the past, when we actually did have a Bill of Rights.
    The 11th Amendment has insured our owner’s of complete control over us. Get with it people. Voting is a stage show.

  12. excellent post Sarah. What can you add to a woman who is already so disgusting that it is almost past description?

  13. Last night Lawrence show comes on and some clown immediately starts hyping screech! 5 seconds before I changed the channel!
    If I have to listen to that Bitch it will be on my terms I won’t have her crammed down my throat!
    Oh and Congratulations on USA,USA giving Her & Bristol the finger on DWTS!

  14. “I can’t wait to give the world a big fat middle finger, serves the haters right for hating me and my mom.” What a bunch of white trash.

  15. what a pity that a young woman who is so beautiful was raised by a mother who is so incredibly ugly inside. You can only hope that someday she understands that it wasn’t about her, it was about her mother making this political

  16. ” This ranks right up with Palin’s (pre-Death Panels) 2008 claims that she and McCain were for healthcare reform because it would shore up jobs. At what point are we allowed to scream?”

    It’s like screaming at a brick wall. I’ve noticed many situations in present-day politics like this. The result is that I’m usually left speechless and dumbfounded.

    Great article Sara. Reading this assures me others are on the similar wave length.

  17. “Sarah [Jones] graduated Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa with a double major in Psychology and Latin. She has a background in TV/Film and has written and produced award winning documentaries.”

    So, would it be safe to say, you actually have no academic studies, nor work experience, in foreign policy, military history, or international affairs?

  18. No it wouldn’t be safe to say but you said it anyway because you’re so desperate to discredit the author since you can’t “refudiate” the truth she wrote. Or are you suggesting that the military leaders quoted are wrong and Sarah Palin is right? hahahah! You Palin people aren’t even worth responding to. Don’t worry, son, the GOP will take care of Palin soon enough. It isn’t the liberals who are your problem. We want her to run.

  19. This screw-up is far more important than Palin’s likely SOTT about North Korea. It should have gotten more press, since it’s a genuine error of description. However, what is truly disturbing about Sarah’s response to the latter: her repulsive Thanksgiving Day (!) message which starts with a pastiche of Obama’s faux pas. No big deal in other contexts to just mention for comparison, but: Thanksgiving Day, crikey – then she lies that she had mentioned SK before in the discussion, then that she corrected herself (see transcript from : she only talked about NK before making flub, and then a host corrected her.)

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