Sarah Palin Doesn’t Know the Difference Between North and South Korea

North Korea, South Korea what's the difference? Stop picking on me!
North Korea, South Korea what's the difference? Stop picking on me!

While you were at the store this morning, standing in line with Real Americans after a fight over the last turkey in the meat department, our Lady of Liberty of the North took a break from mean-tweeting about her daughter Bristol’s DWTS defeat and hawking her second ode to enemy centric strategy against any and all of ’em enemies of La Palin to call into Glenn Beck’s radio show, where she shared her deep concern over our White House’s national security weakness with our allies, the North Koreans.

Yes, while the rest of the Right beats the hawkish drum of warfare against North Korea (yet another war we should be in! Paid for with extending Bush tax cuts for the rich, of course), Sarah Palin doesn’t know the difference between North and South Korea. But hark! Her angel of education, Glenn Beck’s co-host, is here to save her.

The Right must love America a teeny, tiny bit, enough at least to educate Palin that there is a difference between North and South Korea. We here in Real America thank the Glenn Beck College, where you might be a college drop out but they still expect you to know that the North Koreans are not our allies.

Palin’s second public pratfall over foreign policy this week occurred while Palin was busy explaining that the TSA needs to “profile the bad guys” and just search them (not Real Americans, you silly President!) instead of the Big Government intrusion of scanners at the airport! Now how would we know who is a terrorist when Sarah Palin doesn’t even know who the allies of America are?

Of course Sarah Palin hasn’t flown commercial in quite a while apparently, and can’t know what the average American goes through regarding TSA, but she’s sure our rights are being violated. Head’s up to all on the Left who are beating this drum, this meme was brought to you courtesy of some folks with an agenda about big government; whether you agree with how they’re doing it or not, you’re helping them carry their water and soon enough, you will see the third TSA chief nominee drummed out of office and once again, we will be without a TSA chief courtesy of the Right. They’ve only allowed us to have one for months, after all but then most Americans aren’t aware of this because the Senate Republicans placed a Secret Hold on our TSA chief nominee. For almost two years. National security first, unless it means the chance to push for the failure of the Obama administration. Because nothing says patriotism like putting Americans at risk in order to destroy the opposing party’s President.

Having just been groped and scanned myself, I can tell you that I’d rather be groped and scanned by TSA than listen to Sarah Palin talk. Who will stand up for my freedoms?

Also, Palin doesn’t let a chance to expose us to her toxic view of the world where all people are pedophiles pass her by. In the most innocuous of circumstances, Palin has seen sexual perversion in which her children are the preferred sexual object. This is, in fact, her go to argument against pretty much everything she doesn’t like. Psychologists the country wide sense trouble but we are all too busy pretending Palin is a viable candidate for President lest we also be accused of pedophilia to note how bizarre her fixation on this subject is.

Palin is careful to note that she doesn’t want those TSA people looking at naked pictures of her daughters, assuming they are all pedophiles who would be sexually turned on by her young daughter (though it is of course OK to suggest that TSA grope the President’s 9 year old girl). I can only wonder why Palin seeks to limit her daughters’ exposure now? Perhaps her real objection is the failure of TSA to pay her for this intrusion. Not to worry, charming as they are, I’ve seen enough of her daughters, as I suspect has Real America. A head’s up to TSA, you will soon be harassed by angry Tea Partiers who believe you are all pedophiles, saving images of the Palin children to pour over late at night when you’re done groping unwilling Americans, as if there would naturally be no other more enticing victims than a Palin. So it goes in PalinLand.

Listen to your Reality TV Pop Culture Infusion President explain that Obama is weak on national security because we need to stand with our North Korean allies, courtesy of Think Progress:

Transcript from Think Progress:

CO-HOST: How would you handle a situation like the one that just developed in North Korea? […]
PALIN: But obviously, we’ve got to stand with our North Korean allies. We’re bound to by treaty –
CO-HOST: South Korean.
PALIN: Eh, Yeah. And we’re also bound by prudence to stand with our South Korean allies, yes.

Eh, yeah, whatever, co-host Pat Grey, pick pick! You sexist. I suppose this will lead to more of the lame stream media pickin’ on our Lady of Liberty! Typical libertard elites. Like it matters. North South. Whatever.

Palin also wants us to remind North (or South) Korea that contrary to how she runs her family and her professional life, we are not going to “reward bad behavior”, such as giving a middle finger to America if you win Dancing with the Stars or quitting on your state to pursue the love of Hollywood elites you pretend to despise. And remember, North or South Korea, Palin can see you from her kitchen window on a clear day. Russia, Korea. Whatever!

Lest you be choking on your T-day preparations, your heart palpitating at the thought of this person in your White House conducting meetings with head’s of states, tripping over the meaning of enemy centric, the Bush Doctrine, and exactly who are allies are and are not, let me remind you that it doesn’t matter what your President knows. It matters if you would like to have a beer with them. It matters how many flag pins they wear and it matters that they talk a lot about God, even if their mentions of God are only fleeting cursory brushes meant to excuse their own poor behavior and their rabid ambitions to rule the world.

So far, Palin has tried to start a war with Russia, Iran and now South Korea. Countdown to World War courtesy of Our Lady of Liberty, our Great Frozen Dictator of the North…..

Lest you forget, peeps, this is the GOP’s best and brightest. Their own frankenmonster that just months ago they were selling as more qualified than Obama. Uh huh. And you believe them about anything?

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  1. Thanks Dusty! If you see Santa, please tell him that all I want for Christmas is for the media to stop bowing down to Sarah Palin. She’s more scared of them than they should be of her:-)

  2. I dscovered this site a few days ago. I really enjoy Sarah Jones articles. She brings much more depth and insight to a subject than I ever could!

  3. Sarah,
    Another great article – keep them coming! Someday, hopefully soon, the “LSM” will open both barrels on this has-been, wanna-be, ever so hateful person.

  4. The latest and greatest excuse for Ms Palin is that everyone “slips up”. As if this were a verbal slip and not one in a thousand examples that Ms Palin does not know anything about real policy, either domestic or foreign. This is the person who had to write down her three ideas for America on her hand and had crossed out “tax cuts” and written “budget cuts”, exemplifying her failure (like entire party) to grasp difference between cutting taxes and cutting spending. This is the person they want us to believe had simply a “slip of the tongue”. Riiiight.

  5. I wonder where Obama is not standing up with Korea? South Korea I mean. What is he not doing? I have seen a few RWNJ’s advocating nuclear war with North Korea totally forgetting what radiation does. Of course while they hate the rest of America they will then be more than happy to clean up the radioactive offal and rebuild North Korea

    as far as I’m concerned her little slip today was just a slip. But in reading a link that I found off twitter today about McCain’s advisers trying to educate her I was shocked. She knew nothing about any of the wars we were in going back as far as World War I all the way up to Iraq, and didn’t even know who her son was fighting in Iraq. This woman is totally dangerous.


  6. Hi Sarah, I just wanted to tell you that I am so glad that I came upon your site a few days ago. You’re writings and articles are so true and on the mark. Keep up the good work!!!!


  7. Not a slip. Nope. This woman went into a catatonic stupor trying to prepare for a debate. She said she didn’t know anything about Iraq because it had nothing to do with Alaska. She did not know difference between Iraq and Iran. Trust me, I would have given her benefit of the doubt if I thought it was as slip. And this is why I write about her, because Americans have no idea just how ignorant she is. They do not believe it when you try to tell them because it is incomprehensible that she would have been that close to WH. She thought Africa was a country and that John McCain was stood for regulations WHILE she was running with him.

  8. Thanks so much, Rod:-) That’s so inspiring! We are lucky to have a stable of good writers here, and I’m honored to be a part of them. Welcome!

  9. The howlers about Korea and Africa are only the ones we know about. I am quite sure there are other instances of her ignorance of geography that have not yet surfaced. It’s incomprehensible that after all her demonstrations of ignorance, anyone still thinks of her as a viable candidate for the presidency or any other elective office.

  10. Most people will believe the Palin spin that the girls are sweet and Sarah knows at least the names of other countries and she’s happily married and you know. But she’s a pathological liar. Odds of the truth coming out of her mouth slim! Remember she lied about the weather in her first book! She just can’t tell the truth when her stories sound so great.
    My favorite Palin moment as her email demanding that McCain lie for her about AIP.

  11. Sarah, what is your middle name? I get a wave of nausea whenever I type “Sarah”. LOL. Seriously, Sarah Palin is a blithering idiot. I see her hitting the skids here pretty soon. The tragedy is that her children are getting the brunt of her ignorance and lack of motherly attention. It’s too late for Track and Bristol, getting pretty late for Willow, so that leaves little Piper. But then again, she was photographed shooting the middle finger during the 2008 campaign so perhaps it’s too late for her as well. Go back in time and try to remember just one President who entered the White House with this “class” of children. I’ve been around a while and I can’t name one.

  12. I too, am fairly new to this site but I love coming here and have bookmarked it for easy access, and Sarah Jones, YOU ROCK!!!!!!!! when I cant find your commentary I go ballastic. You are always spot on. I especially liked your commentary on how the GOP will dismiss Sarah Palin after the Mid-term elections as they will have no need for her now. Keep writing Sarah Jones I NEED It

  13. It is simply amazing how news can be diseminated so quickly. Back in Linoln’s day, it woul have taken months for such a slip-up to have become common knowledge. Today, you say something stupid and whamo! It’s viral. I truly think she just slipped up. I do not really think she believes North Korea is our ally…God, I hope not!

  14. So you’re suggesting that when there is a pattern of ignorance, we pretend it was a slip just in case this is the one time it was? Let’s see. How many times has Palin shown her ignorance of foreign affairs? Almost as many times as she showed her ignorance of energy and economic issues. Almost. We have our allies in our “bordering country” of Iraq. We have Iran is Iraq. We have she didn’t know there was a North Korea and a South Korea (see: Game Change in 2008). We have she didn’t know who Sarkozy was. We have she thought Africa was country. We have “I can see Russia from my house”. She didn’t know WHO we were at war with when she was tapped even though her son had to go there to fight after he was caught vandalizing school buses. But this time, even though we know she didn’t know there was a North and South Korea, this time we should all look the other way to be nice.

    Yes, we should all be quiet and defer to her just in case this person who is running for President knew what she meant this one time. This could be the time she made a verbal slip! That would be best for our country. Let’s all bury our heads in the sand and let her say ignorant things without calling her out. Better that than we are mean to her. If she’s that thin skinned maybe she’s in the wrong business. That’s right, she already quit twice. Hell, she even quit her Thanksgiving run last year.

  15. I think this might just have been a slip. If she new about China’s amicable relationship with, and mentioned sanctions on North Korea, it’s impossible that she would think North Korea is an ally of the US. She also mentions all this before the slip-up. Tell me a mistake like this hasn’t happened to you before.

    She’s still a complete idiot.

  16. Quite simply, you’re an ass. What forced drivel. Paragraphs made up over a single sentence comment, misspoken no doubt.

  17. During the McCain debacle with her as VP, she didnt know there was a North and South Korea. His handlers had to teach her. There is strong indication this was no slip, it was just a blank mind

  18. The Palin bots (paid trolls) have arrive with their message of “it’s just a slip”. What took you so long? It’s kind of sad reading their comments. They actually believe that Palin made one slip and they are also too ashamed of being in her cult to admit it. They’re all disowning her before defending her like that makes them sound reasonable. She’s a frigging clown. Get over it!

  19. Guess all that other stuff was over your head but you sure showed your intellect with “you’re an ass”. Points for using proper grammar we don’t see that much in Palinbots.

  20. Yes what a way to debate the validly of the article by calling the author an ass, wow like your false idol you worship you know nothing and spout the nothing at the top of your lungs.

  21. Her “adviser” Todd who did not go to college googled Korea and North Korea before she went on TV and told her what to say. She had to memorize it at the last minute because she didn’t know the history or the difference between the two and that’s why she “slipped”.

  22. Not saying anything because Palin set up a “they’re out to get me” is cowardly. She’s going to whine about the media no matter what. She whined when they let her off of Troopergate for god’s sake! No one should lie or not speak out just because Palin is a professional victim.

  23. “I’d rather be groped and scanned by TSA than listen to Sarah Palin talk”

    Unfortunately, we don’t get the choice.

  24. Palin’s defenders also like to run the “57 states” remark by Obama, in order to try establishing a false equivalency between him and Palin. I’d like to see how they try to spin this major blunder of Palin’s. It’s incredible that a potential presidential candidate has such a limited knowledge of basic geography. It was one of those moments when she was slamming the administration without knowing what she was talking about.

  25. Sarah – you are the typical liberal. Selectively tuning out data and focusing on the irrelevant. Shame on you. It’s a pity this passes for journalism as you write nothing of the sort.

  26. You have refuted nothing but slandered someone for being a liberal, based on nothing but your opinion and then accusing them of being biased. What a joke! Explain why knowledge of North Korea versus South Korea is irrelevant.

  27. Game Change:

    “She knew nothing. She had to be taken through World War I, World War II, the Cold War, and Palin was not aware there was a difference between North and South Korea. She continued to insist that Iraq was behind 9/11; and when her son was being sent off to Iraq, she couldn’t describe who we were fighting. “

  28. If it had been a one time verbal slip, nobody would make a big deal out of it as that can happen to anyone. However, when it is previously reported she didn’t know why there was a South and North Korea, didn’t know Africa was a continent, didn’t know what countries were participating in NAFTA, all of which is geography and history you should know by the time you’re in high school. Although, Sarah was heard to remark, when being taught geography & world history, “this stuff is great, I should have paid attention in school.” Considering the number of slips and the number of people who have commented on them after being around her at the time they were made, you can’t just laugh them off when you’re talking about someone who wants to be the leader of our country.

    Yes, President Obama did say 57 states but if you listen to the video, it’s easy to see it was a mistake made at the end of a day of campaigning. Snopes is the best place to listen. When it comes to Sarah Palin, I’ve read enough about her when she was Mayor & Governor to know that intellectual curiosity or interest in the world around her was not on her list of things to do. What’s worse is that she has taken to speaking of someone with an education as if there is a problem with it, calling them an elitist, as if declaring them unfit to be in a position of leadership. What it boils down to is her own inferiority complex due to her hopscotching among colleges in order to get a four year degree. She hates the fact that she hasn’t had more education, but she’s too lazy to do anything about it. She was advised to educate herself on foreign and domestic policy after the 2008 election, govern wisely and quietly, run for a second term and then come 2016, she’d be in a better position to step onto the national stage. Sarah wasn’t willing to wait. She wanted it all and she wanted it on her terms and timetable. It’s not going to happen as while she has a following, it has been greatly exxagerated by the media’s all consuming desire to keep Palin on the front page because she’s good for their botton line. Once that is no longer true and it will happen, sooner rather than later, we will no longer be suffering from Palin 24/7. I can’t wait for the day to come and it can’t come too soon for the majority of the country.

  29. I do not think he had to sugarcoat anything. He was not debating the validity of the article. I think what he was stating that the author of this article fluffed up a lot about Sarah Palin’s misspoken sentence. I believe she deserves the benefit of the doubt.

    “Well, you know, that’s one of the dangers of assuming power. And you know, when you’re campaigning, I think you’re liberated to say things without thinking about, ‘OK, how am I going to actually practically implement this?'” – Barack Obama

    Let us analyze this.

  30. Yeah, there’s something to debate here because a two year quitted governor who failed a Katie Couric interview is kinda like a President only NOT. Get real.

  31. Sarah Palin is classless wannabe white trash proud of her stupidity. She’s not in same realm as President Obama. It’s just the people who are stupid themselves who can’t see it — can’t comprehend intelligence because they don’t possess it.

  32. Get that piece of trailer trash out of my party.

    I’d like all of Sarah Palin’s fans who aren’t liberals trying to boost her so they can slaughter us to riddle me this (from Andrew Sullivan’s blog):

    “So if Palin wants the President to spend more money on Defense, how much comes from Social Security and Medicare if the goal is to reduce federal spending?

    In fact if you look at the recent polling demographics, most Tea Partiers are over 55 years old. So in a year that marks the beginning of the baby boom retirement explosion and the increased demands on Social Security and Medicare, the biggest protesters about government spending are those who will rely on it the most in the coming years.

    So when Sarah Palin or anyone else stands before you and says government needs to provide more military equipment, more social security checks and more Medicare coverage without significantly raising taxes or accumulating more debt, they are being dishonest.”

    Dishonest or stupid. It’s your choice.

  33. I meant Andrew Halcro. And that’s what we call a slip. Notice I knew it myself didn’t need anyone else to point it out to me:-)

  34. PALIN: But obviously, we’ve got to stand with our North Korean allies. We’re bound to by treaty –

    CO-HOST: South Korean.

    PALIN: Eh, Yeah. And we’re also bound by prudence to stand with our South Korean allies, yes.

    So she didn’t correct herself. Notice she said “also bound by prudence” (wtf? prudence?). ALSO as in, bound to both countries.

    Where’s she been? What a goofy little creature. She should stick with reality TV.

  35. NO I am tried of the name calling I am tired of the yelling people like Les need to craw back under the rock from whence they came. I do not care if you disagree with the author but even you could not muster up a point on the debate.

  36. Vapid and vindictive and intolerant of others? You betcha. Sarah Palin is a cornered alley cat pretending she’s not stupid. You can take the girl out of Wasilla but you can’t take the meth out of …..

  37. And of course the author doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt- only your sainted sarah palin deserves that against all odds.

  38. “57 states” was clearly a slip because President Obama has always come across as an intelligent person. I was even ready to give ex-Gov Palin the benefit of the doubt in this case (because even willfully ignorant people can make verbal gaffes/slips).

    However, when I read the transcript and saw that the interviewer actually corrected her and then read what followed, I’m not so sure. I can’t read Palinese so I really don’t know what she meant, but I do think that most people when engaging (key word, here) in a conversation would, after they had a slip like this pointed out to them, smile and say something like, “Yes. Thanks. Of course, I meant South Korea.” And then continue. In addition, I think most people would be humble enough to even look a little embarrassed. Instead, she just rambles on like a 4th grader who has memorized a book report and can’t be interrupted because she’ll forget what she memorized.

    So, maybe it was a slip but I wouldn’t bet on it.

  39. I’m a libertarian — so your liberal bias is a bit annoying in this article. However, I agree that Sarah Palin is an idiot… and a fame whore. The media needs more Ron Paul — a true intellectual.

  40. We are a liberal site. It says so at the top of the page, so we are going to have our bias on our sleeve out there in the open for everyone to see. Using Sarah Palin’s name with Ron Paul’s in the same sentence is a sin. Paul is the only Republican, even though I disagree with him on some things, who is willing to think. I respect Dr. Paul’s willingness to take on the brain dead Republican establishment as typified by Sarah Palin.

  41. I think it’s even more annoying when as a person with different beliefs you just throw out I am a xxxx and you are annoying.

    it’s helpful if you can document where you disagree.

  42. Where’s the bias? You just accuse but don’t discuss or even point out a specific. Just because someone is a liberal doesn’t mean they’re not accurate. In fact, reality has a liberal bias given the Right’s refusal to deal with basic fact as such.

  43. I love my President. However, when Mr. Obama slips up, I am the first to recognize that I don’t agree with him. I do not try to justify every single thing he does. Although comparing the mistakes between Obama and Palin is just ridiculous. She is in a constant state of ignornace and not even aware of just how un-informed she is.

    Let me ask the bots this. Has Sarah Palin EVER been wrong? EVER? Because I have never heard her once admit to being wrong about anything. EVER! Who on this earth has ever been perfect? OK well maybe there was one, but is it SP? The bots who make it their full-time job to defend her need to see her as she is. You can still adore her and realize she is not the smartest bulb in the box.

  44. Yes, while the rest of the Right beats the hawkish drum of warfare against North Korea (yet another war we should be in! Paid for with extending Bush tax cuts for the rich, of course)…………
    Ok First of all we have been in a state of War with North Korea lot longer then ANY of the Bush’s were even thinking about office. Dude You are just talking out of your ass. Second of all I have done several tours in Korea and the North is just asking for attention. They are blowing smoke up everyones ass, if we give these guys what they want why dont we just do that to every other country too? Look you fucking Liberals are destroying our country with your stance of, lets not interfere. UMMMM lets be a little open we have tried that and everyone elese keeps dragging us in, (9/11)

  45. First of all Im not rolling and nor am I a Pain supporter. I am saying the writer of the Aritcle and the rest of you jack asses don’t listen (by the way your responses prove my point thank you), because I was refering mainly about the remark the writer made about Bush paying for the “war” in Korea. So on that point keep hating and vote another idiot like Obama into office (vote for Palin) cause Obama didnt even know how many states are in the United States!!! So is your choice any better LOL!!! Come on guys Your just as bad as the Pain Drones!!!

  46. OK so your telling me that Palin is so bad but our current president who doesnt even know how many states we have, isnt? First of all Im not a supporter of Palin. Second our you still trying to say that the idiot who wrote the article didnt do his research about the Korean Conflict? But thanks for proving my point by confirming you don’t listen (YOUR COMMENTS PROVE THAT)

  47. The author referred to the war that Sarah Palin wants in Korea, paid for obviously by the lack of funds due to the Bush tax cuts. Not the Korean war.

    Sometimes its better if you are smarter than your keyboard. You failed on that test.

  48. You are a pain supporter, just reading your total lack of intelligence posts is painful.

    Just saying, Happy Thanksgiving to you.

    Oh sorry, “LOL”

  49. An analysis wouldn’t be necessary if you had critical thinking skills. Candidate Obama was clearly speaking about the difference between being a candidate and holding the office one aspires to. It was clear when Obama was running for office that he had a well thought out plan for the things he’d like to accomplish, and it was clear by this statement that he considered his plans to be a work in progress. He allows for brainstorming, comes up with an idea, and tries to visualize/imagine how easy/difficult it would be to implement the idea. We all do this everyday, so what you consider a flaw in Candidate Obama is a flaw we all share, including yourself.

    Palin, on the other hand, hasn’t proposed one original idea for governing, so it would be impossible for her to even make a statement such as the one Obama uses in your post. Her tactic for winning elections and governing is not to float/develop ideas before a team of qualified individuals, but to constantly attack the efforts of someone else while presenting no ideas of her own.

    Rove and Senator Murkowski are 100% correct when they say that Palin is intellectually incurious and is not qualified to be POTUS, and Sarah J. is correct when she points out that Palin is definitely qualified to be POTUS if you’re looking for someone you think you’d like to sit down and have a beer with, listen to as she perverts the words of God/Jesus, watch her wave the flag while she throws out her own brand of unhinged BS. Palin in the WH would be more dangerous than having GWB in the WH. He at least had the commonsense to realize when Cheney was going too far when he refused to pardon Scooter Libby. Palin doesn’t have 1/1,000,000 of the commonsense that I think GWB had/has. Even GWB and his wife don’t think Palin is presidential material, and Babs thinks she should go back to Alaska. I agree.

  50. Liberals destroying the country? In what way? They will if they extend the Bush tax cuts but other than that they are doing pretty good given what they were dealt.

    I am not sure what you’re advocating here. what you may have noticed that the Bush and Dick Cheney theory of foreign-policy never came close to working. President Obama has already confirmed to Korea that we will stand by them and provide whatever help is required. There is no “lets not interfere” as you try so hard to say there is. However you are obviously siding with Palin saying that we need war. War is an alternative, one that is not desirable and that does not work. So while you are not clear about what you are saying, it was interesting watching you spout your neat little language which you think somehow makes you think you got your point across.

    given that you supposedly did tours in South Korea, you might have some understanding for the condition of our military that is still into theaters.I have to say I really don’t think you know what you’re talking about.


  51. Palin is wrong plenty of times, but this sort of nitpicking for her to slip is embarrassing to read. I get it, you don’t like her, but find something worth criticizing to write about. Everybody has verbal slips sooner or later.

  52. As someone who taught geography for many years, I must say that having someone running for the most difficult job in the country/world who doesn’t understand foreign policy, geography, and/or international relations is a major embarrassment. The next greatest embarrassment is having Americans like yourself who are willing to consciously overlook the fact that politicians like Palin are not qualified to be POTUS. This doesn’t say much about the ability of some Americans to place the interests of our country over partisan politics. I want our presidents and other politicians to know geography, foreign policy, international relations, diplomacy, and other important subjects including history, religion, and philosophy, to name just a few. As someone who knows/understands these subjects and how important they are to understanding our own country, and other countries, I always wonder when I see/hear someone defend Palin as she fails to grasp complex issues whether those who defend her suffer from the same educational inadequacies as she does. Only someone who doesn’t know/understand how tenuous foreign relations can be could even begin to let any politician this uninformed into the WH for any reason other than as a visitor. Neither Kim Jung Il nor any other leader of a foreign country would ever take anything Palin says seriously, yet, millions of Americans are willing to place their fates and the fate of our country into her hands. IMHO, this is the major reason America has lost, and continues to lose, its’ status as the best country in the world: there are too many Americans who are willing to let emotions steer their votes rather than facts and competency.

    And, if knowing things means being a liberal, I definitely qualify. I have no shame when it comes to being a liberal because I don’t allow others to define me. Contrary to the popular meme, being a liberal doesn’t mean one is amoral, loves to kill babies, is a coward, fails to face responsibilities, doesn’t love/take care of their families, doesn’t work, isn’t a Christian, etc. For me, being a liberal means, among other things, using one’s brain and critical thinking skills instead of emotions/beliefs to solve problems and facing reality.

  53. If liberals are so bad when it comes to foreign policy and international relations, why wouldn’t Kim Jung Il allow GWB or some other republican to come to North Korea and negotiate for the release of our two citizens who were being held captive? The answer is simply: most republicans don’t have any respect for others, including some Americans.

  54. Did you ever consider the possibility it was a slip of the tongue?

    If you want to be objective here, you should remove the fact it’s Sarah Palin speaking, and then judge based on the facts and what makes the most sense.

    Right before talking about South Korea, she said we have to sanction North Korea, so first off, in this situation it would make no sense for someone to say we have to sanction and “stand with” the very same country.

    And then when she is saying we have to stand with our ally because we’re bound by treaty and by prudence – she is interrupted mid-way – she actually (the second time) correctly names the ally as being South Korea.

    And I bet the argument that she really thought North Korea is ally to the U.S. would be blown out of the water even more if we heard the whole interview. I bet somewhere before this clip the hosts mention that North Korea attacked South Korea. So even if she wasn’t educated or aware of the international situation before the radio show, I’m sure she was educated by listening to what the hosts had to say, before she spoke in this clip.

    So come on. If this is all the evidence you got that Sarah Palin is uninformed or stupid, then you’re only hurting your own argument. Find better clips, I’m sure there are others. Simply really wanting this to be an example of someone’s stupidity doesn’t make it so. It’s clear to anyone that listens to it, if you’re fair about it, that it was a slip of the tongue. But of course you don’t want to be fair. And that’s the problem.

    If you want to go on about how stupid or uninformed Sarah Palin is, and it’s apparently so incredibly obvious, then actually construct a good argument and actually show the good video clips, not the ones like these, and then maybe you’ll win more people over. This only turns people off your cause, cause it’s clear you’re being unfair.

  55. Wow, holy mother of fucking cowboy shit, she made a slip of the tongue, most likely! Seriously dude, I think Palin sucks as much as anyone else who might want wank over her but certainly would not want to vote for her and I’m hoping, not praying because I’m atheist, that on one glorious day it will be my dick’s turn to excavate that slippery upper orifice of hers but come on pull the other one. Can’t you find something more substantial to criticise her on? This BS only serves to make you look as full of shit when making political comment as she is.

  56. Did I say batman?

    Palin’s clown, I agree, a bit of an embarrassment to her nation even. Makes the whole US political scene look like a friggin clown parade. But you’re a clown also. Do you really think I am paid to do this? I don’t know about the others, but I’m not. That argument looks like a total a reach around to me. In fact, it’s a total troll if not totally schizo. I’m sure it happens here and there but not in every blog like the one of you that there is in every such goddamn blog claims. I posted without reading the comments. Then I read them to see many were the same. Do you think the pattern means it must be a conspiracy of paid posters? To me all it means is we’re all seeing the same thing, the same fallacy. It’s certainly possible it isn’t a slip of the tongue, and I don’t dispute that Palin is good for nothing but keeping my dick warm at night. Irrelevant because my dick’s not doing the typing. The whole basis of this article, the video it revolves around and the incident in it is totally petty and inconclusive. It’s the smallest, tiniest transgression. For the author to factually claim that it was not a slip of the tongue, that is a foul.

    Here’s a conspiracy theory for you, these authors are secretly in league with Palin, producing arguments and criticism of a questionable nature to undermine the image of others who like to point out her real and relevant faults using substantial evidence or not crying out “it’s a fact, YO”. Intentional or not that is the net result.

  57. The only reason they can spin the “57 states” comment is by yanking it from its real world context. He meant that he had visited some states multiple times.

    Sarah, on the other hand, skips states. Mostly on the coasts. You know, where people who don’t think pardoning a turkey in front of a turkey having its neck slit is a good idea.

  58. What is the matter with you? Paid for with tax cuts for the rich- you don’t understand that or maybe you aren’t aware that GB left the war off of the budget altogether.

    You’re a fool and a rude one at that.

  59. It’s about the role of government and her attempt to say that TSA is big government. TSA was Bush’s baby but Palin doesn’t even know this. It shows her utter ignorance about policy which is why it’s related to her thinking there’s no difference between North and South Korea.

  60. Or in her case, every time she opens her mouth and yet you still excuse it which is why you are such the perfect mark for the con-artist grifter!

  61. This was no slip, she really doesn’t know anything about other countries.
    Leave it to this dummy and if she were ever President she would send the
    bombs to South Korea. She is as dumb as dirt.
    She has no knowledge of anything. Heck on some occassions she calls Iraq
    Iran. She doesn’t know what country we are fighting. Time to send her
    packing back to Alaska and sitting on her front porch.

  62. What a sight. The retarded condemning the retarded.

    Are you saying whether or not she should be president is contingent on entirely on whether this is a slip of the tongue or not? Whether she is a mindless hyper-nationalistic naive faith nut hinges on if at this exact juncture she she made as verbal mistake or a cognitive mistake?

    You dipshit. I wank for you.

  63. You leave a comment like that and you dare to call someone else retarded? You’re sad little thing.

  64. She made a simple mistake and said North Korean allies instead of South Korean. Take a chill pill website/author of this article. Clearly she is human and makes mistakes.

  65. First, saying you wank for her is a high complement to her. Certainly you find her attractive

    2nd, she gave a plethora of reasons. You just couldn’t read them :)

    When they send trolls, they forget to educate them

  66. ShenDai
    I think you are the typical bot, that would be PALINBOT! Screech has just put a fb page with every gaffe she could find from POTUS.
    Real Klassy those paylins.
    The problem is when Obama make a mistake he will apologize and screech plays victim! But No bother, it has gone VIRAL INTERNATIONAL she is a laughingstock…AGAIN, not POTUS HER!
    Screech STFU~

  67. sure
    You sir really are thinking with your little head.
    To even suggest this site is in with palin is a fucking halloween joke. Dude, we know palin has secret shell companies to launder $ and hire bloggers like yourself.
    We are not stupid although you RWNJ think we are. FAIL, YOU FAIL!

  68. You write as if we don’t all have the capacity to see what you write at C4P. We do. We know that this is the story you want out there “it was a slip”. You all give yourselves away because every comment uses the exact same words. Your lack of creativity gives you away. Oh, and we’ve seen the marching orders to come over here and leave comments, so you’re not fooling anyone.

  69. 95 comments! 95 comments! Of course you libtards turn out in force and go nuts against the Sarah Messiah!

    Palin is absolutely right that we have to stand with our North Korean allies. Sarah knows North Korea is our ally because, much like Russia, she can see North Korea from her kitchen window.

    She can totally see if they’re friendly or not! So go ahead, libtards…flame away!

    But I for one trust the Messiah ordained by God to be president in 2012; I trust the one person who can see North Korea from her house.

    You liberals are dumb.

  70. You know how bad a risk she would be as POTUS, when kids are better informed than she is about basic geography. At the Thanksgiving dinner table, which included 4 generations of family, I mentioned her remarks. Everyone was dumbfounded, including my 14-year-old grandson, who knows perfectly well that North Korea is not an ally but an adversary.

    What’s even worse is that Palin is a puppet for people who definitely do not have this country’s interests at heart. Why else would they continue to promote the ridiculous meme that smarts and knowledge don’t matter, and try to promote “regular,” knowledge-challenged folks? We saw what happened under a man people said they felt they could have a beer with. He ran this country into the ground. He was actually a member of the elite who happened to be out of his depth. Now, there are folks who would willingly hand the reins of power to a woman they claim is “hot,” totally disregarding her extensive record of proudly displayed ignorance as well as a penchant for lying and combativeness. I am a liberal who knows of many conservatives who find Palin a major embarrassment to their party, especially women.

  71. She’s an idiot! We can all agree to that!
    Not fit to be a leader of anyone or anything.
    She has no class whatsoever!
    She meant North because she doesn’t know the South from the North!
    Or East from the West!
    Ask her to point to the sun and she will point away from it.
    Whatcha gonna do Palin is just what she is dumb and classless!

  72. I hate Palin as much as anybody else. In fact every time I hear her speak I get a sudden urge to defecate. That’s why I can’t believe that I am about to defend her. It was a slip up folks! Yeah we all have them from time to time. Now I wish she would have another slip up and step in front of a speeding bus.

  73. I have voted democrat in elections 4 times. Sarah Palin is an idiot. I do agree with Rpublicans on the TSA issue though. There is no need to search 80 year old grandma’s from Nebraska and the businessman from Chicago. We know who is the threat, we know who the hijackers are, we know what countries they come from and what religious beliefs are, profile them not every American. 4th Amendment, there is no probably cause to search the middle class American from Idaho but there is for the Islamic Jihadist. Isreal profiles, its not a bad word in this contect. We are not talking about searching someone of color in east LA we are talking about profiling and searching those who commit Hijacking and destructive types of acts at Airports. Remember the show bomber? What was his religious affiliation? The 911 hijackers? There were numerous phones calls from flight 93 and they identified their hijackers as “arabic” types in origin. Profile them not evey single person who wants to fly. Its stupid and ridiculous trying to pretend everyone is the problem. Everyone is not the problem. We know who it is.

  74. A retarded website. Pouncing on a verbal slip? Really? Get a life!!
    It’s not what you say so much as what you do and what the current administration is doing will destroy this country bit by bit, while you all cheer.
    If you ever discover the error of your ways it will probably be much too late.

  75. It is not a complement. It is to imply that being a semi attractive female which is something that is not abnormal outside of political campaigns with some exception for her age is about the only thing she has going for her. It is a long running joke. Check out the video.

    I don’t disagree that there are plenty of reasons not to vote for her. I wouldn’t vote for her and I wouldn’t advise anyone else to vote for her.

    Here is something to think about. If all of use who wish to give her the benefit of the doubt in this case and attribute this to a slip of the tongue are some kind of army of pro-Palin spam bots. How is it that so few of us have anything nice to say about her? The argument has little to do with politics and more to do with journalistic integrity.

    I understand your fear of Palin’s rise to power and agree with it. I understand the need to convince others that she is not a viable candidate for president. Picking up on this kind of thing is not the way to do it. It is hateful mockery of her vocal clumsiness and shows a pathological obsession with finding fault in her.

    However I see that either way you get your advertising revenue so you win.

  76. And this is the woman that was ALMOST elected as vice president… If she ever gets elected as president, I’m moving my ass to South Korea! You know, our ALLIES… SMH…

  77. This definetely was not a slip… I mean, the interviewer even threw her a lifering!!! She knew what she was talking about(or not)…
    I agree with you!

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